AP Government Post #4

The federal government has stepped up surveillance of citizens in the name of combating  a […]

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How did Nationalism contribute to the causes of the two world wars? This post will […]

AP World Post #9

In both the Haitian and Latin American Independence movements outside factors influenced leaders, followers and […]

AP Government Post #3

Has the American mass media become too powerful?  Is the media’s impact on public opinion […]

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Why was Industrial Revolution able to start in England and not anywhere else in the […]

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The French Revolution began as a movement to establish a constitutional monarchy on the model […]

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What was the number one factor that led to the decline of the Islamic empires […]

AP Government Post #2

government To receive full credit, use the rubric provided.  This discussion post will close on […]

AP Government Post #1

1What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it […]

AP World Post #5

What was the impact of Zheng He in post-classical China?  Be sure to include specific […]