AP Government Post #1

What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

This post will close on January  12, at 5:00 PM

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  1. Too big and spend too much.
    Solution? Stop spending as much money and let private institutions handle some of the load.
    This will create more jobs outside the government and less inside, making it smaller.

    • I agree that the government needs to rethink the allocation of funds. How do you propose that the private sector take care of various industries usually subsidized by the government? Also, could you elaborate on what you mean in regards to the government being too big, and is their a particular reason that this is a bad thing?

  2. Currently, Donald Trump said that he would sign legislation to extend DACA protections for undocumented young people in exchange for increased border security measures on tuesday morning. He wouldnt sign the deal until congressional leaders found a solution.

  3. The decision the President is making to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program- and the fact that a CA judge blocked his plan to end it. The solution is that Trump needs to work with other members of the government to come to a form of DACA that he can agree with, while still letting the Dreamers keep their lives here in the U.S. There should be several meetings to resolve this issue in the future.

    • This is definitely a very pressing problem since it affects so many people’s lives. The biggest fear for many people is not knowing what will happen next. I think if Trump does come to the conclusion with other members of the government of ending the DACA program and going through with implementing a different course of action, then there should be adequate time given to the people whose lives are being affected to alter their plans and prepare for the big change.

  4. Problem: President Trump’s activity on Twitter is only making people more angry at everything the government does.
    Solution: The President should only be allowed to tweet on the official white house account just like how Obama did. This way the tweets are monitored.

  5. Gerrymandering, like what has happened in North Carolina, is a huge problem as it makes elections less representative of the will of the people. Congressional districts should be redrawn impartially and more often.

  6. Problem: The Trump Administration and Congress stop funding or shut down programs like Obamacare and DACA without a replacement, a plan to fix it, or thought on how it will affect thousands of lives.

    Solution: The people in the government learn to compromise and have plans of action for after they stop a government program. They also need to learn that the programs aren’t words on paper and affect real peoples lives. The citizens themselves need to educate themselves on the problems facing their country and speak out.

    • I agree that the programs and bills being discussed should be looked at with the knowledge of their effects on people’s lives. How do you think they could do this? By possibly testing smaller groups before applying to the entire country or only with theoretical outcomes?

      • That would be interesting to have test groups to see if policies work. It would be hard for large scale policies I think.

  7. A huge problem the government has right now is healthcare. We spend more money per capita on healthcare than most nations do. Costs are rising, but health is not improving at the same rate. The president wants to replace Obamacare, but without a stable backup plan, costs will continue to rise. A solution would be to focus more on keeping people healthy in the first place rather than subsidizing the costs after people are already ill. This would reduce the need for healthcare and make it more affordable.

  8. Problem: Immigration and the fact that children
    of illegal immigrants are born in the U.S., which asks the question whether or not they are U.S. citizens.

    Solution: The government should address this issue with an official law that settles the question once and for all instead of allowing more and more questions to be asked and having the situation becoming increasingly complicated.

  9. One of the main problems facing the U.S. government right now is the misuse of social media by this nation’s leaders, particularly Donald Trump. His continuous, informal use of Twitter has caused a lot of controversy, and has put a lot of the country on edge, especially with his comments back and forth with foreign leaders regarding access to weapons. To solve this problem, the government should limit the president’s use of the site, review his statements before being posted, and supervise the responses to ensure that the next post made will not contain the same errors that the last may have had.

    • I agree that he should not have direct access to twitter. There needs to be some form of review to make sure what he says is appropriate.

  10. I believe that one of the major problems facing the United States government today is the overall division of the public and politicians. While everyone is entitled to have their own personal beliefs, the expression of these beliefs have become incredibly hostile. In a civic sense, I mean various extremist groups essentially committing domestic terrorism. For example, the Charlottesville riots in 2017 involved white nationalists rallying. During this rally, the nationalists attacked counter protesters, resulting in 3 deaths and 34 injured. In a more political sense, the comments made by political leaders like our president, and his morose posts on social media stir up the emotions of the public and fellow politicians alike. This in turn, causes more dissatisfaction of the government and less productive communication between the government and the citizens that live here.

    A very simple solution would be to know your audience. If our political leaders understood that rash comments are just as influential as thought out comments, then potentially, they would think before they speak. This same solution applies to the general public. If people could at the very least tolerate others without trying to dismantle their political views then maybe a dialogue can be started.

  11. I think a big issue in the government is the problematic nature of Donald Trump. He is impulsive and it seems like he thrives off of reactions from the public. To fix this, everything he says should be written and approved by a large group of people. His twitter should also be heavily monitored.

  12. One of the problems facing the government today is the misuse of social media, particularly on Twitter. Official governmental business should be promoted through the official presidential or White House accounts, not through Donald Trump’s personal account. President Trump uses this social media site as a device for malice and for his inappropriate personal statements or opinions. One solution to this problem would be to limit the use or access to Twitter and to review the tweet before it is posted online.

  13. One of the major problems with United States government today is the President’s use of social media. Donald Trump‘s separation from the official White House’s Twitter account for his own use is juvenile. Donald Trump‘s personal account does nothing, but display an immature side of The leader of our country. To correct this problem I would say that during his message saying his personal Twitter account should not be used to instill turmoil and antagonize the people of the country, but he should use the official White House Twitter account for announcements to the people.

  14. An ongoing situation with the government is taxation. Should they increases taxes on citizens who are wealthy? How about increase or decrease tax rate on corporations? This lies on the problematic economic side of government. So far, Trump has kept the economy is a desirable position but when will the recession fall into place? There is no easy solution but we could try to contain inflation and cut taxes accordingly.

  15. I think that the biggest problem facing the government right now is that the people running it seem to refuse to make policies based on objective truths. Lawmakers argue over issues that very often have an objectively preferable solution. I think that the things clouding the truth range from personal bias to deeply held societal misconceptions. (I apologize if this is too controversial)For example, I believe that Marijuana should be legalized. This is not based in a personal desire to use the drug, as I cannot use any substances that would cloud my judgement for medical reasons. I believe that if lawmakers stripped away personal biases and misconceptions, they would see that it is essentially harmless and at the very least, less harmful than alcohol. The American government is also seems to be losing credibility with its citizens as a result of it’s habit of propagating and defending empirically false claims.

    The prompt asks for possible solutions. If I knew how to realistically get the people running the country to abandon their biases and work to objectively help the citizens then I don’t think I would be hiding my revelation on a school chat site. My unrealistic solution would be to implement a governing body like the people of “The Oubliette” in the sci-fi novel The Quantum Prince. Long story short they are governed by “The Voice”, an objective collection of the subconscious thoughts of every citizen. The Oubliette are essentially able to work together and solve problems in the most democratic way possible without even knowing it. (granted I haven’t finished the book so this might go terribly wrong)

  16. I think the biggest issue the government is having right now is the inability to create an efficient health care system. Since other countries have seemed to set up a nice arrangement, observing their health care programs and creating a similar version to fit our country’s needs would possibly help.

  17. I believe that the biggest problem currently plaguing the government as well as endangering our citizens is the uncensored and rash actions of the president, Donald Trump on social media specifically. Trump has been virtually unrestricted in his commentary on national and worldwide events, which has led to widespread misinformation, immature behavior, and most recently the endangerment of every citizen in the United States. Donald Trump’s social media postings about the size of “his nuclear button” versus North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un’s, after a clear explanation that North Korea would not begin nuclear warfare without instigation, caused many citizens to fear for their lives and question the motives and intentions of the President. This is a problem that I believe needs to be addressed immediately so that citizens may retain some semblance of trust and respect for the government as a while. I suggest the regulation of Trump’s Twitter account be the first step. President Obama’s postings during his presidency were all conducted through the official White House page, meaning that anything that was put out to the public came under review first. While the freedom of speech is in the first amendment of the Constitution, as a public figure and world leader, if the president cannot censor and control himself, I believe it is vital to the nation that someone else does this for him. I think this would also aide in decreasing the tension in our own country; between the press, differing political parties, even celebrities, and Donald Trump.

  18. I think that one of the biggest issues that the government is currently facing is the people’s animosity towards immigration due to the number of jobs being taken by the immigrants. This was one of Trump’s major points during his campaign. I believe a possible solution to this is that instead of increasing the restrictions on immigration, the governemnt should instead focus on increasing the amount of jobs visa advocating new industries or improving the ones that are declining but has the potential to improve the country as a whole. Another possible solution wud be to focus more on improving the education system (more money instead of taking it away), that would allow the less illiterate or those who did not have a chance can acquire the necessary knowledge to help them compete against foreigners for jobs, which would in turn also help the economy.

  19. I believe the greatest problem facing government would have to be the actions of President Trump. Although he has done some great things to help the country, he does not work with the other branches of government well. His words during conferences and what he tweets are often offensive in a way. This can lead to others unwilling to cooperate with him to make choices together. Therefore, he needs to clean up his act. (She said in a nice way)

  20. A problem facing the government right now is that we’re going to have a government shut down on the 19th, this is because they can’t decide on a budget for the future. A way to avoid this would be coming to a compromise on what the budget should be.

  21. One of the main problems the government is facing currently is avoiding a government shut down. The government is due to shut down on the 19th of January and we have yet to come up woth solutions for ongoing problems such as DACA and military expenses
    There’s no easy solution to this because both parties priorities are on different solutions. The only way to fix this is to compromise on bothe ends.

  22. I think the largest problem facing the government today is the war on drugs. The government poors over 500 billion dollars of aid into the war on drugs, but there is a rising opioid epidemic, and there are more incarceration for drug abusers than ever before. A solution I think that might work is to decriminalize drugs and treat addiction as a mental illness rather than a crime, which may help lessen overdoses and fear of being sent to jail.

  23. I believe one of the biggest problems facing our government today is how divided our country is. Of course everyone is always going to have different opinions on how issues should be dealt with but even the parties can’t agree on what to do. The time we are in is full of so much chaos and hatred. I think the solution is for people to come together and stand up for what they believe in and try to make positive change because hatred and negativity only sets us back. I also think before the next election the parties need to come together and figure out what direction they want to go in and what they want to believe in and stand for.

  24. The president is our biggest problem the way he is expressing his feelings and his thoughts through social media is immature. Calling other countries inappropriate names and calling out leaders by insulting them is not how feelings and emotions should be expressed, he needs to stop acting like a child and trying to one up North Korea, and actually try to help this country by not making us look childish.

    • I conquer with your statement because inappropriate actions lead to further conflict and a misconstrue of the nation’s intentions. In order to resolve an issue of this immensity our leaders must utilize the unity of our nation and ensure that they hold the best interest of the people.

  25. The main issue facing our government right now is the readiness to resolve an issue without present conflict. Although in a presidency where the house and senate is mainly the same party as the President there are still some barriers. Furthermore, there is an issue of representation as many citizens do not believe that their government speaks for them and expressed their interests. Because of this upheaval the media has strengthened this conflict and broken down the unity of our nation.

  26. The biggest issue facing America right now is the excessive usage of unmonitored social media by President Trump. There are many other issues but this one is one that could be easily fixed by no longer allowing him to post on a whim but it is also one of the bigger ones because he does not think about what he is saying before posting it. He may have forgotten but if you post things on social media, everything can see it, and it is not only offending Americans but also people from other countries. A solution to this is banning him from using social media or have another person monitor him to make sure he doesn’t post anything offense it controversial.

  27. The main problem with our government today is with congress being more “no don’t talk your dumb” and it would go back and forth just like that making them look quite childish

  28. I️ think a big problem in government is the POTUS not being held to certain standards that he should be held to to do his job right

  29. I think the biggest issue the government is currently dealing with revolves around the Affordable Health Care Act because it is not right to force people to purchase health care. Whether or not they can afford health care or just choose to opt out of it should be their decision, not forced by the government. The quickest solution to this issue is to repeal the act and give the choice back to the people.

  30. One of the biggest problems facing the government is Health care. I️ think a solution would be to listen to what the people want.

    • I do agree that health care is a big issue that the untied states deals with, many health care companies aren’t necessarily helping the community more than they are trying to help themselves by making high interest rates and collecting the money of the american citizens. Good Point!

  31. I think a big problem with the government right now is the president and his use of social media. The solution to this problem is to have a supervisor read his tweets and make sure they are appropriate to publish to the public.

  32. The government is not supporting social issues to its fullest capacity. The government does not speak out for the justice of equality or any civil matter. I feel as if I️t is our governments duty to talk about certain things on the agenda rather than hiding away from issues that they are afraid could be faced with adversity. The people feel as if they are not making an effort to help the society grow and the people become closer together.

  33. I think that the biggest problem with our current government is the division between parties. It cause unnecessary conflicts because people of opposing parties are stubborn and unwilling to compromise or listen to the perspective of the other party. I think in order for this to be resolved people need to be more open minded and accepting of other people’s opinion and at least try and see things from their stand point. If people do this they will be more able to compromise on issues and it would reduce some of the hate and conflict in the government centered around political beliefs.

  34. The main problem with today’s government is the fact that we only want the people who are financially stable enough to have access to things such as health care, insurance, etc. we could fix this situation by finding companies or businesses who are willing to help out and benefit the lower class by helping them out. We are all part of one country, shouldn’t the country want everyone to have the same benefits??

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