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The Constitution was ratified in 1789.  Since 1791 it has been changed only 17 times.  Is the Constitution outdated?  Should it be changed?  Should it stay the same?  Is there anything that needs to be added?  What are the most important principles outlined in the Constitution?

If you are not sure of what exactly is in the Constitution, you may read it here.  United States Constitution

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  1. I do not think that the Constitution is outdated, because the basic guidelines that it provides are logical and are practically immune to the passage of time. It should stay the same, unchanged, until there comes a point where the people of the United States deem it so that it needs to be changed. The most important principles outlined in the Constitution are the freedoms of speech, religion, and press found in the first Amendment.

    • I completely agree that those first amendments are extremely important, and that’s probably why there are so many cases and controversies revolving around them.

      • I agree, you cannot make too specific of clauses because then people will use them against what they were oroginally meant to protect, which could lead to more issues than there are today.

    • Yes. The first amendment is one of the most important amendments because it provides people with confidence that they can live their lives how they choose to.

    • I agree that those are the most important principles outlined in the Constitution. I agree that the Constitution is not outdated, however, I do not agree that it should remain unchanged. The constitution needs to evolve alongside our ever-changing country.

      • I didn’t necessarily think that the constitution is outdated because it meets people’s basic needs when it comes to their protection. The constitution can be adjusted for the situation.

    • I partially agree with you because while there are elements that can stand the test of time there are others that just have no relation to life today. The constitution needs to evolve with the ever changing society that we live in today.

    • I agree there should be a basic guideline we base all of our laws and regulations off of. I should be left how it is.

  2. The constitution is not outdated and is doing a pretty good job. With my extensive government knowledge there is nothing that I can think of that needs to be added. The most important are the first two amendments, namely freedom of speech and guns…. lots and lots of guns.

    • I agree, and don’t forget freedom of press! This allows the media to share whatever they decide to- regardless of who believes it to be fake news.

    • I agree that the first and second amendments are the most important. Maybe not 100% because of guns, but the basic necessities in life are addressed, which is important

    • Do you think that if the second Continental Congress were aware of the future iterations of guns, i.e. semi-automatic and automatic assault rifles and other relatively high-power guns, they would have kept the second amendment exactly the same?

      In my opinion, I feel that the sheer strength of some guns places them in different categories. I think that the founding fathers would not have been so keen on a blanket statement for all guns.

      However, I do acknowledge that there may be a flaw in my logic, as allowing certain guns, and not others can quite easily create a slippery slope to corruption and dishonesty with gun labeling, or what restrictions can ethically be imposed.

      Despite this, I still feel like, at the time, the would never imagine the absolute raw power that guns today will hold, and how civilian lives can be affected by such things.

      • I agree with aedan that we should reconsider our gun laws, however it will be very difficult because of all the Deep South people with underground gun bunkers haha

      • i agree with aedan, I do not beleive that the founders of the constitution knew what the future brought dealing with guns. I do believe that we have the right to own a gun, but to a certain extent.

  3. The constitution can very easily be considered outdated but the ability to create amendments and changes to it provides a structure that can evolve and change as the United States changes itself. The only real reason I could see to alter or create a new constitution would be to remove the association the many creators had with slave owning. I also believe the entire voting system could possibly change as the electoral college can feel unfair at times but that doesn’t mean the entire constitution needs to be changed. The most important principles outlined again is the concept of a changing constitution through the passing of amendments.

    • We shouldn’t remove association or censor the fact that we had presidents who did indecent things such as slave-owning, because we need to accept the fact that our country had an ugly history regarding slavery, and learn from it to prevent anything like that from happening again. If we censor those who did wrong, we can’t learn.

    • If the constitution was outdated then it would be removed and a new draft would be written. This is not the case. The amendments being added are what keep it up to date.

    • I agree that the electoral college is an odd and unfair system. It feels undemocratic that a majority of voters can choose one candidate and not win the election (as has happened 4 times in US history).

    • I agree that the ability to create amendments and changes to the Constitution provides a structure that can evolve and change with the United States. However, I disagree that the most important principle outlined is the concept of a changing constitution through the passing of amendments.

    • While I agree that the ability to alter the amendments allows the Constitution to keep up with the times, I fail to see the point of creating a whole new Constitution because some framers may have had slaves. The Constitution is not racist and racism is prohibited in the US now anyway so drafting a new Constitution to eliminate this aspect wouldn’t make any sense.

    • I agree that we need to change the way we vote because it is so unfair and complicated. The constitution could also be updated to be clearer so it is not so vague in some parts

  4. I don’t believe that the constitution is outdated because the basic and most important rights of American citizens are mentioned. The constitution doesn’t need to change because each amendment can be adjusted to fit any situation. The most important principles addressed are in the first amendment and the second amendment because they give people the assurance about their lives.

  5. The I do not believe that The Constitution is outdated, because the basic rights that it outlines as well as the laws, have not changed. Now I do not think that some of the contents of The Constitution still apply today, so yes, an update should be in order. Some of the most important principles in the Constitution are in the first two amendments, these are basic rights.

    • I agree that the Constitution should not be changed. It protects the basic rights of every citizen, which is its purpose.

    • I agree with what you are saying. What they had written so many years ago still apply today. If they still apply there would be no need for changing it.

    • I agree because all the amendments right now help keep balance to the people of the United States

  6. The constitution is not out dated and that is what makes America (arguably) the greatest country. A document over 200 years old is still in use today. No other modern country has kept the same government for that long. The current process of adding amendments over time perfectly keeps the document up to date. The most important part of the constitution is the establishment of checks and balances. This keeps the government from becoming too powerful.

    • I agree that the constitution is still relevant today, and that it is astounding that it has maintained the United States for over 200 years. However the actual greatest country is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Only a country with a true dedication to its people could hold such a name.

    • By that same logic Braden, we should still be using horses for transport, as they had worked since before the Roman Empire. Age does not equal accuracy or ability. However, it’s age is a factor. The fact that the age and function of it are relatively intertwined does add to the ability of the constitution to stand the test of time.

  7. I believe the constitution is outdated. In our modern society, we have technologies that the founding fathers could never have dreamed of. We have guns that are more powerful than entire militias, automated robots that can produce millions upon millions of products in a fraction of the time than an entire ensemble of human workers could, and so many other facets of modern society the constitution never took into account. The constitution does a good job, probably 80% of the time, but for certain objects that are more current issues, such as gun violence and a global economy, and even future issues, such as the ethics or natural rights of artificial intelligence, or how near-instant lie-detecting technology may violate the fourth and fifth amendment (both things which are in testing, and are poised to come to fruition in the next 30 to 50 years.)

    However, despite the outdated nature of the constitution, the amendment system arguably allows for it to transform to fit societies current and modern needs. Just because the constitution may be decidedly outdated NOW, the amendments allow it to change that aspect.

    • I agree with your aspect completely. The constitution does face set backs because of the technology. I think the issue with the amendments is that they are too vague and don’t allow for extensive rules.

    • I agree with this, if the founding fathers wrote the constitution today with all the technology we have at hand, I believe it would be much different to be accurate in today’s world.

    • I agree with this. It would be a waste of time to rewrite the entire constitution when we can use the amendment system to adjust it to life in this century instead of life in the century it was written in.

    • I would have to disagree that it should be changed. I think that the constitution was more of a foundation and we are able to build upon it with laws and regulations. We have systems in place for when the constitution isn’t clear enough. Though, I understand your point completely.

  8. What about the other principles stated in the constitution that are outdated due to the fact our founding fathers couldn’t see into the future? Things have changed with business, technology, who can marry who, and etc. Along with the fact they didn’t expect the population to vary as much as they do now from state to state. The constitution was written based on times where everyone lived a short life of about 40. I’m not saying its completely outdated but it could use some modernization. Especially since the society is still growing.

  9. I do not believe that the Constitution is outdated. I believe that the principles it was based on are still pertinent to today’s society. However, there are some things that should change due to the technological progress the United States has made since the original drafting of the Constitution. The most important principles outlined are freedom of speech and freedom of religion

    • I agree, that while most of the basic rights are still valid and important today, there could be some changes regarding the technicalities of other rights, such as the second amendment, like Aedan was saying. The concept of guns have changes drastically over time, and perhaps the rules constituting their use should be changed as well.

    • I agree. The Constitution was built mostly for the generation it was made. Times have changed and so did the way we run the country. We should be able to apply what was said back then to today.

  10. The U.S. Constitution is not outdated because it outlines all of the basic rights to a citizen to live the life they want to live. It should not be changed because it protects the rights of every citizen, and as far as I am concerned, that is its purpose. I believe that there is not anything that needs to be added because the Constitution addresses all of the basic aspects of life and it didn’t leave anything out. The most important principles are freedom of speech, religion, and press. They allow our opinions to be heard which is crucial in a free society.

    • I disagree with your statement that the Constitution doesn’t need amending. Although you didn’t specify whether you meant in the short or long term, there are examples for both. Firstly, in the likely event that sentient artificial intelligence is eventually developed, will such individuals be able to vote? If they achieve independence, preventing them from voting is discrimination. In fact, they would almost certainly be capable of more rational decision making than humans. This is an issue that will need to be addressed in the Constitution.
      In the short term, there are multiple bills being proposed in states across the country that raise constitutional concerns. For example, a bill informally known as the “license to discriminate” bill has been proposed in Kentucky. How does this stand with regards to the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution? Obviously these are only two small examples of issues that the Constitution could be amended to address. Overall, such a definitive statement (that the Constitution should never be amended again) is too absolute to be true.

      • I agree with Katie that the founders of the constitution had no way of knowing what kind of technological advances we would have today and I think that that means we need to edit this document in order to fit our society better

  11. The Constitution is not outdated because it is the basic guidelines that created the country. However I do believe that the way it is read and how it is interpreted is outdated. It needs to be taken into account the technological advancements and other developments that have happened over the century, but the Constitution itself is still fine. The most important principles outlined in the Constitution is checks and balances.

    • I agree that there could be minor changes in the Costitution, but the right thing to do would be to leave it be.

    • I agree that minor changes in the constitution are needed. We are in a new age of acceptance and some parts of the Constitution do not fit our ideals today.

    • I also believe that the Constitution seems outdated due to our society’s advancement in things such as technology. The Constitution itself is not outdated but should be able to apply itself to modern times.

  12. The constitution is not outdated though it seems to have some blind spots, such as political parties. Thankfully the constitution is amendable, which will help it to better represent the people at any time. The most important principles of the constitution are the amendments as they (mostly) represent the current will of the people.

  13. I believe the constitution is extremely outdated. Though the same basic principles do persist there needs to be more regulation. Many things said in the constitution can come across as vague and needs to have more guidelines. As time continues, the Constitution continues to be more and more outdated because it does not relate and pertain to the people of today as much as it should.

    • I agree with you that the Constitution is vague in places. However, there comes a point where it would be easier and more appropriate to address such concerns through legislature rather than the Constitution itself. Adding new amendments and / or laws is much simpler and safer than trying to rewrite or make a new Constitution.

  14. Although the constitution doesn’t need to change radically, I do feel that some points could be clarified and reworded in a way so people don’t abuse it. Like saying it’s freedom of speech when you bully someone

  15. I dont think the constitution is out dated. It gives the baseline guidelines to be followed in the United States. Laws and regulations are based off of the consititions so changing the consitution would be pointless because we need it to base our laws off of. However, there could be minor changes to fit our day and age such as technology. Everything we follow is based off the Consitution and should not be touched.

  16. I believe the Constitution was well planned for future years as well as when it was made. Many if not all of what is on the Constitution can be used today. Therefore, it should stay the same. If in the future something must be added then it can be. All of the Constitution is important, but the most important is our freedom. If we don’t have freedom, we don’t have anything.

    • I completely agree that freedom is fundamental to the constitution and country as a whole. The constitution does seem very well-planned but I sometimes wonder how different the world was when the constitution was written and what kind of mindsets the founding fathers had.

  17. I don’t believe the constitution is out of date, the constitution sets out a good basis of humans rights that set up grounds for other laws and regulations, and for what we can and can’t do. The only thing from the constitution that I believe should be changed is that they didn’t expect the future of technology that we have now with stuff like phones and bigger and better weapons, so even though it is a good ground for rights I think it could be changed to better fit into today’s society. I think the most important principles are the right of freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial, these help to make sure that everyone can live a life they want and to help stop unfair trials and persecution of citizens.

    • While they couldn’t have ever predicted how far humanity would advance in such a short time, I do believe the framers of the Constitution understood that mankind would advance as it always has. I think that they not only developed a well written set of rules, but by making it amendable made sure it would last for centuries. I also believe that the implications of nuclear warfare and such don’t need a place within the Constitution because the Constitution is only a basic set of rules for the operation of our country.

  18. I don’t think the Constitution is outdated because the ideas and regulations brought about within are based on political science and psychology which will be relevant for the remainder of the life of man. Humanity has advanced much since the framing of the constitution, but the way we think has not changed drastically. Also, one of the great things about the Constitution is that it can be amended if there is a change that must be made. As of right now it doesn’t seem to me that anything needs to be ratified in the Constitution. It seems to me that the most important principles outlined within the Constitution is the formation and rules for our government’s operation.

  19. I believe that the constitution is not outdated, but rather vague in certain aspects. There can’t be any fault to the writers because at the time the amendments werent as susceptible to misinterpretations as there are today, such as controversial opinions on the gun power that should be allowed for citizen consumption. The constitution in my opinion needs a little fine tuning to past amendments but I don’t consider it completely outdated especially since we can add new amendments to fit current times.

    • I can see how the constitution is vague in certain aspects. With society constantly advancing, these concepts may seem outdated but they laid the foundation for government and the citizens.

    • The Constitution is definitely vague, which I think is why there have been so many different interpretations of its meaning. What Amendments or changes do you think should be added to make it more applicable to our society today?

    • I think that the effect of time on the constitution has brought some misconceptions and arguements, the constitution has set a good basis of rules and I agree it does need to be touched up but the overall set of rules don’t need to be changed

    • Do you think the constitution itself needs to be altered itself or do you think laws and regulations passed could make up for what it lacks?

      • I believe that it depends on how necessary the concept is. If the government wants it to be something that is abided by all states, I think that’s when we should add an amendment.

  20. I think for being so old, the constitution is doing very well for itself and isn’t outdated. It gives the basic principles of living and being free in America. One ammendment that may need looking into is the second ammendment. This may need to be changed in the future due to how accessible and dangerous guns are becoming.

  21. I believe that as time passes and our knowledge, resources, and society evolves, our government needs to adapt and evolve with it. By this thought process, I do think that the Constitution is outdated.
    The same rules and regulations that were satisfactory for the Founding Fathers can no longer encompass the spectrum of diversity and technology we have become accustomed to. For example, the second ammendmant gives US citizens the “right to bear arms.” At the conception of the Bill of Rights the United States did not have to account for fully automatic weapons or gun enhancements such as bump stocks (that have been used in many of the recent mass shootings). In addition, there is increasing ambiguity with the ethical leeway given by the Constitution with regards to the current use of phone tapping and drone recognizance.
    The basis of the Constitution and the rights laid out in it stay sound centuries later, but I think it is unreasonable to believe that rights conceived decades ago can cover the growth of our modern country. All voting laws and the freedoms expressed in the First Ammendment are vital to our individuality and the well-being of the society as a whole, but I think the government needs to further examine the advancements we have made and what, if any, other regulations need to be created to ensure the liberties and safety of Americans.

    • I do agree with you that our society has changed drastically from when the Constitution was conceived and that some of the points can be interpreted as outdated and unrealistic, like the 2nd Amendment as you mentioned, but I don’t think they require such a huge process as changing the Constitution. Rather regulations or more focused background screening should be conducted before guns are allowed to be sold to citizens, but taking away most guns or guns entirely may have a negative affect on parts of our society as well.

      • I think you’re right in that changing 2nd amendment isn’t necessarily the best of course of action for merely regulating types of weaponry and attachments. I absolutely believe that their need to be strict regulations to which one can own a gun or gun attachments. For example, I think that one must be at least 21 to own a weapon and at least 25 to have a concealed weapon permit. The leniency on our gun regulations have been the a major cause of gun violence in America.

  22. The last time the constitution was ratified was in 1992, much has changed economically and socially. We pride ourselves on being an open and accepting country yet we still descriminate against non ‘natural born citizen’ to run for president. About 13% of the population are now legalized citizens yet they are not allowed to be represented in presidential office, how can we say the constitution is for the people if a large group is restricited from participation.

    • I didn’t even know that much of the population was born elsewhere. I feel like it is hypocritical to make use of our international society (cheap labour, shared research, etc.) and yet pretend that someone must be born in america to have the country’s best interests at heart.

  23. The constitution does not need any alterations because it has laid the foundation for the community and government. If anything, our society has progress into a different state of mind which led to additions to the constitution. As our society continues to advance, the need to revise would be at hand. Keeping concepts such as the separation of powers would be ideal.

  24. I do not think the US Constitution is outdated because of its ability to be interpreted in different ways. The words of the Constitution have not changed drastically because people have just changed their interpretations of it and its meaning. A couple of the most important principles of the US Constitution is the establishment of checks and balances between the different branches of the government and the freedoms of speech and religion. I can’t think of anything that needs to be added to the Constitution, it seems to be pretty effective as it is.

  25. The constitution is not outdated because it still has the basic guidelines to the United States with the amendments that are in place.

  26. I think that the Constitution was what was needed at the time it was made. It’s remarkable that it has upheld for this long. However, it’s quite vague in many sections and that seems to start most of the uproar within communities. Though from how I see it, the Constitution states and protects what rights we have. I don’t know if necessarily needs to change as we have laws and regulations that have and are being passed in order to fill in for the gaps that are left. We have court cases decide whether something goes with or against it. If an individual feels that their rights have been violated, then there is a system in place to judge whether they have or not. There isn’t really a need to change the entire document.

    • I agree that there is not reason to change the entire Constitution. The fact that there is the ability to make changes helps keep the Constitution updated and if there was really a need to change it in the future, we would be able to make amendments.

    • Yes, it’s much easier to change the way we interpret certain parts of the Constitution through the courts or through new laws than to replace the Constitution.

    • I agree with your statement of the constitution was what was needed at the time. This world is constantly evolving for better or worse, so there will always be new things that the original constitution didn’t (and couldn’t) include that we have to add.

    • I think there is a need to change it because it is so outdated. I think there needs to be a lot more interpretation and details to each section of the constitution. I agree that it is remarkable that it has held up but the vagueness accounts for the disarray of many communities.

  27. I don’t believe the constitution is outdated as a whole but there are aspects of it that could use some updating. The constitution does it’s job of explaining and detailing how our government should be run. At the same time life when it was first written was very different from life today. While the constitution does its basic duties it’s not equipped to be the supreme law of a land that the writers didn’t envision or imagine would come to be. The parts that could use the use the most updating are the amendments. Amendments reguarding the technology we have access to today need to be added and other, older amendments like the 2nd need to adjusted so it takes public safety into consideration but still keeps their rights intact.

  28. I do not believe that the constitution is outdated. It has been changed when necessary, which happens to be very few times. I cannot say what should be added considering my lack of knowledge concerning a majority of the country’s affairs. The most important part of the constitution in my opinion is the detailed set up of the government’s structure.

    • I agree with you on how it is important that the Constitution has such a detailed layout of how we should run the government. This acts as a basis for pretty much everything that goes on politics-wise.

  29. I believe that with the current situation there isn’t a need to make a change to the Constitution. Also, considering the variety of problems that have come up since 1791, I believe that 17 changes are a small number. This shows us just how effective the Constitution is in keeping order and helping run the country. The Constitution is not outdated. In fact, it is a lot more effective compared to what other countries use to run themselves. I think the most important part of the Constitution is how it allowed for the people a way to change the law if it ever infringes upon their rights.

    • I agree with you on how it isn’t outdated and since the Constitution allows for people to make small changes if need be, as you pointed out, it could still be tweaked a little without having to replace the entire Constitution.

    • I do agree with your statement that our countries constitution is greater when compared to others. However I do believe our country needs to adapt to the changes in our society.

  30. Any country’s constitution needs change as the world around it does and I don’t believe america’s constitution has done than. to I believe the constitution is a good document, but that anericans often put it on a pedestal and become incenced when it it criticized. People who believe it is not outdated confuse me because they concede that the overtly racist and sexist parts were good to take out, but that for some reason everything in it’s iteration is infallible.

    Take article one, section 2, clause 3:
    “[stuff about counting population]…including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.“

    The same men who wrote that slaves and tax paying indians were worth 3/5ths of a person also wrote every other part of the constitution. I don’t believe that all of it should be scrapped, just that we should be more open to viewing it as an imperfect document that we should, and are able to, change.

    • (This doesn’t count as one of my replied) to clarify, I don’t mean just examining the big stuff like the second amendment, I mean why do we assume 6 is the perfect number of years for a senator to serve? Why does the president need to be 35 and why do they need to have been born in America? That was written in fear of british loyalist becomig president and I feel it has evolved into an outdated excuse for xenophobia.

    • I was one of those people who said it was not outdated and I must admit you have a very fair point. I personally did not think much while writing my discussion and now feel extremely terrible. Thank you for pointing out this fact.

      • That makes me really relieved! I didn’t want to make people who disagreed upset because I don’t think that this should be a devisive issue. Like I said, we just need to be more open to viewing it critically, I’m not even talking about the controversial parts.

  31. I personally believe that the constitution at its foundation, is a good representation of how our government should regulate themselves. The last amendment was ratified in 1992, 26 years ago, and this change was in regards to pay salary for elected officials. On some level this demonstrates the practicality of our constitution. However, if something would to change, I would recommend it would be the wording of the constitution. I think that one of the problems in our government is the interpretation/misinterpretation of the constitution. One example of this in particular is our 2nd amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This kind of language has sparked some debate about the regulation of guns. One side of the argument sees the portion that talks about the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and insinuates that it is an individuals right to bear guns. On the other side, people see the “A well regulated militia” and infer that this portion was written to deter our congress taking away a states right for self defense. This is one example of how elliptical writing has sparked massive controversy and thus division in our country.

  32. I do not think that the Constitution is outdated because its basic principles and ideas are still relevant today. However, I don’t think that it should remain unchanged. As society changes, our government needs to change and adapt along with it. This is why we have amendments, as well as the ability to make new laws. We don’t have to change the entire document; we just have to clarify some parts or add others. I think the most important aspect of the Constitution is how checks and balances are set up so one branch does not have all the power.

    • I agree with the points you made. I believe our society is constantly changing and if our country wants to survive we need to change with it.

  33. I believe that the constitution hold the fundamental foundations of our country and how we operate. That being said I do think tweaks need to be made here and their with how different the world is since the constitution was written. Our society is always changing especially our countries society. We as a country need to adapt to our society which is constantly changing.

    • Changing the constitution to fit the country’s changing society is very important, what aspect do you think would need to be changed the most?

  34. While there are certain things that I wish had been addressed when the Constitution was written, such as westward expansion, I believe that the Constitution has served the US well. While it is likely that more amendments will have to be implemented, at the current time most major problems in the US cannot be easily solved by writing a single new law. Issues like abortion rights, immigration, income inequality, and race relations, which I consider the most pressing social conflicts of the present, do not have objective solutions. I can almost guarantee that if you take any stance on any of these issues, you will still be wrong somehow. This is why little to no progress is being made to solve these issues. Because nobody can wholly agree about what to do to solve America’s problems and amending the Constitution requires bipartisan teamwork, I honestly don’t think that the Constitution will receive a further update for at least a good 30-50 years.

  35. As of right now i don’t think there needs to be changes to the U.S constitution. One of the important things in the Constitution is the 1st amendment. Because of this, it allowed people to be free to chose what religion they wanted, the freedom to peacefully assemble,and to petition to be a part of their government.

    • I agree that the constitution does not in fact need to be changed. In my opinion the constitution is the foundation of our government. We make laws and regulations based on whether or not the law benefits the people and if they are in their constitutional rights.

  36. Some of the content of the Constitution, such as the electoral college, can be considered outdated. However, as a whole the ability to amend the Constitution has worked well to keep it functional in modern times. There will always be more things to be added as society develops, some things we can’t even predict. The most important principles in the Constitution are those in the Bill of Rights, as many of my peers have said. The freedom of speech, press, and peaceful assembly are the most important in my opinion, as well as civil rights (amendments 14 and 19).

  37. I don’t believe that the constitution should be change nor is it out of date. The basic outlines of our society have been implemented into the constitution. We as the untied states create laws based on the constitution and the rights of the people.

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