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The French Revolution began as a movement to establish a constitutional monarchy on the model of the English Revolution of 1688, but ultimately became even more radical and violent than the American Revolution.  Why did this happen?

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  1. This happened due to the corruption of the government to begin with. Marie-Antoinette contributed even more to this by spending extensive amounts of money on material items while the citizens suffered in poverty and starvation. Once a small amount of anger surfaced, more followed, and soon figures like Rose-Pierre led a rage-fueled revolution that escalated with each passing minute.

    • I agree, Marie Antoinette was a perfect example of what made the revolution so bloody and personal. Like you said, they spent ridiculous amounts of money while the poor lives in poverty.

    • I agree, Marie-Antoinette was too immature for power and her poor choices almost killed the Frence common people. Her life revolved around the nobility and not the lower class.

    • I totally agree; They basically only cared about themselves but claimed they wanted things to change. The queen was truly immature as she did spend various amounts of money instead of helping the people going insane due to poverty.

    • I agree with you; she definitely contributed to the rage of the masses and was an easy target for angry citizens. She escalated the situation a lot, proving how unfit her and her husband were to rule.

    • I agree she was blind to everything going around her. I think her being so young and self-absorbed at such an age was one factor.

    • I agree that Marie-Antoinette contributed to the French Revolution. However, I think Louis XVI’s incompetence greatly affected the French Revolution. Also, the French were in debt after helping America in the American Revolution. This sparked an outcry with the people.

    • I agree. Most every citizen had suffered from hunger and din’t like that so they decided to start a civil war to make a point about the greediness of the government.

    • I agree with this completely but another reason they were different could be the intentions of the revolutions because American they wanted independence and French they wanted to overthrow basically.

    • I agree, Marie-Antoinette contributed even more if s reason for the French government to corrupt with her buying luxurious material items and hosting parties while the rest of the citizens were suffering and in poverty.

    • I agree, the way they had wasted the money and not used it for beneficial things like helping out the lower class did make the revolution more bloody since the people were filled with more rage.

    • I agree about Marie Antoinette being the face of the revolution. I agree that the poverty was a main reason of the revolution being more violent.

  2. The lower peasant class was being taken advantage of by the aristocrats and the government making the gap between rich and poor enormous. The poor started to starve and be neglected while the wealthy held extravagant parties and spent money carelessly. Unsurprisingly, this created widespread rage and bloodlust towards the government making the revolution more personal, which in turn, made it more bloody and violent

    • I agree with how you said the lower classes were being taken advantage of by the aristocrats. This did make them starve and suffer which did lead to widespread anger throughout the people. The bloodlust towards the government also made it more violent because it made it more personal.

    • I liked howyou made a point to say that the lower classes were taken advantage of because that is the sheer truth and was one of the main reasons there was so much anger amongst them.

    • I agree with you when you said how the peasants were taken advantage of. This statement is true because they endured lots of pain from the higher classes and they were never given a chance to use their skills. The treatment of the peasants was one of many reasons the French revolution was more violent than the American revolution.

    • I completely agree with what you are saying about the peseants suffering while the aristocrats were living well and luxurious. And it definitely makes sense that it led to a revolution. Because of how people were treated.

  3. The American Revolution had a consistent goal throughout the war– emancipation from England. However, the French people never had an end goal; they just wanted a reform. The American’s also had a strong leader, George Washington, who led the country after the war, and always kept the people in mind. The French Revolution had a lot of leaders, and never had ONE person who led– it was mostly the people rioting.

    • I agree, the revolution in France was based off bloodlust and revenge of the people more then the search for reform unlike America that had an end goal to build up its own government

    • I like how you talked about the contrasting goals between the two because it was a key in their differences. I also liked how you used the word reform as opposed to Washington’s pedantic standpoint

    • I agree; the French did not think about anyone but themselves, all they wanted was revenge. And like you said, the American Revolution was more organized because they had a leader and because they they kept their people in mind, instead if just rioting

    • I agree, you summarized the main difference between the two revolutions perfectly. The French never had one leader and they also did not have one main enemy, but instead different enemies to the French public.

    • I agree with your comment on the fact that with regards to the French People, instead of having one end goal in sight they sought reform, creating a larger span of possibilities that could erupt from their revolution; hence a more radical one.

    • I liked how you pointed out the differences and what you said is absolutely true. The people of France basically wanted to reform and their anger is what drove them to make this revolution much bloodier than the American revolution.

    • I fully agree and I liked how you compared and contrast them even woh the leaders may or may not have been helping

    • I did not think of that but I agree. The French were more focused on a scapegoat and a reform rather than a straight forward goal. This definitely made it a bloodier war. I also agree with the lack of a solitary leader which affected the French Revolution.

  4. This happened because of the conditions of the people, it became more and more violent because the government had ignored them and they were starving, they lacked food and most were in poverty. So when the revolution began everyone was angrey and then it became a very violent revolution

    • I completely agree and think that if the conditions of the people were intitially better their anger towards the government may have been more controlled and civilized. This would allow for a slightly more peaceful and civilized revolution.

    • I agree with this because the government did ignored the third estate and in the conferences they were always outnumber so really had no say.

    • I agree with you as well. The people were angered due to years of neglect. Because of this the revolution became much bloodier and violent then the American revolution.

    • I agree with the fact that you said the people were ignored which would cause them to be angry.

  5. The French Revolution was mostly people rioting against the government. The poor were starving and suffering heavily, and the higher classes and the aristocrats were buying everything and taking advantage of the peasants. These actions led to widespread rage throughout the common people and led to revolt.

  6. The French Revolution became more radical and violent because the government did not seem to care about the common people, all they did was spend all the money that they had because the rulers were young and truly did not know what they were doing. Since the government did not know what they were doing this led to the common people having to struggle because they had no money or food.

    • I completely agree with you. The government had little knowledge on how to run a nation which led to their struggle.

    • I agree with you. There were greater complications surrounding the French Revolution than the American Revolution, making one much more intense than the other.

  7. The French Revolution was bloodier and more violent than the American Revolution because the French were against people who one can easily pinpoint. The French common people has specific enemies within their country, but the colonial people were fighting against the whole of England. The American fight was due to taxation without representation, which is not a fight that should be fought with violence. The French were starving due to the immature actions of fifteen and fourteen year old monarchs, causing the poor leadership to affect the common people’s physical well-being. It was a riot that escalated into a revolution. The American Revolution was a complaint that grew into physical altercations.

    • I would have to agree with you completely! I did like that you had not only facts from the french revolution but also the american revolution. I was a little unclear about all the specific facts and you cleared it up a little for me!

    • I agree that it was more violent and bloody because the French were against people that we’re easily pinpointed.

    • i agree with you that it began from the anger of absolute monarchy and the starvation. The anger caused violence, which made the French Revolution more violent then American Revolution.

  8. The government had a spending problem which eventually led to the suffering of common peoples. Lower class citizens were beginning to starve all because the government didn’t know how to run the nation. This caused many to revolt against the government and take out their anger which ended up being extremely violent.

    • I agree the government’s spending problem was a major factor in why the revolution was so bloody, because of the starvation it caused.

  9. The French Revolution began with the corruption of the government dating back to Marie-Antoinette. During her rule as queen, she had purchased many materialistic products and hosted elegant partys I’m which had many funds. While Marie-Antoiette was living her life to the fullest, citizens were suffering from starvation and poverty. Thus increasing the spark of change and enlightens which lead towards the French Revolution.

    • I agree with how on how Marie was a reason the French revolution was more radical than the American Revolution. She also wasn’t the only one. Her husband lui the 16th caused debt in their country. They are both at fault of how the French revolution was.

      • I liked how you mentioned Marie Antoinette as she had an impact on the corruption. Her excessive spending and rumored infidelities while the French people could barely afford bread and were living in poverty caused her to be executed during the French Revolution.

  10. The French Revolution ended up being more radical and violent than the American Revolution. After the rejection of the ancien regime the french started a revolution. French had many war debts and tax revenue. The French had to pay for the damage of the French and Indian war. They also helped America out with money, and this made them lose a lot of money. As America did not want to give French their money back, the French struggled financially during their revolution.

    • I like your explanation of both revolutions. They show that you know both histories well, and understand how they both began.

    • I liked how you went into dept with this. I totally agree that there was a lot of money lost and some what helped out.

  11. The reason that the French Revolution was more violent was because the people did not have a leading force behind the revolution. In the case of the American Revolution, it started with the organization of the government within each colony. Together they joined forces and remained with a reliable organization of leaders. However in the French Revolution the people were completely overthrowing the government which caused there to be no established organization but rather a loose and quickly put together committe. This therefore caused the people to act in more violent manners because there was really no one that was able to stop them.

    • I agree with Liam while people were starving and at war rulers did not bother to help and money was scarce to everyone but not the king and queen they were selfish and took it for themselves.

      • I agree that because their was no leading force behind the revolution, it caused chaos and more violence than if there was a leader organizing the rebellions.

      • I really liked how you put in the end how the people acted out in violently because there was no one to stop them. Also, how you compared the French Revolution and how it was disastrous compared to how the American Revolution was quite successful. You spoke on what make it disastrous and what made the other successful and i thought that was quite insightful.

    • I agree with that completely but I think it also has to do with the way the monarchy was acting taxation wise and how the people had no representation with the Estates because they had 1/3 of the “power” and the nobles and the elite had a much larger voice although there were more people in the third estate. But overall I do think it was that they didn’t have a clear voice in their revolution

    • I really liked how you put in the end how the people acted out in violently because there was no one to stop them. Also, how you compared the French Revolution and how it was disastrous compared to how the American Revolution was quite successful. You spoke on what make it disastrous and what made the other successful and i thought that was quite insightful.

    • I completely agree. The French Revolution basically began out of rage and eventually people such as Robespierre came to help lead, but not until after a lot of violence had happened, and much more continued to occur. This led to much more violence in the French Revolution than in the American. As you said, the Americans did indeed have “the organization of the government within each colony”. The French people did not have a leading force, so there was no one, as you stated above, to stop them.

    • I agree with Liam because he points out how the French Revolution was a much more agressive attacking on the government because of the lack of acknowledgement.

    • I like tour point on how the American revolution started out organized with the 13 colonies. Whereas in France it was just a mob a anger men and women how hated there government and had no plan to change the government. I like how you talk about how in the French revolution the people were determined to change the government and also that the had numbers over the French soldiers. I like all the points you make stating why the French revolution was bloodier than the American revolution.

    • I completely agree. The people of France had no leader, unlike the American. The people just wanted change, and didn’t care how they accomplished it. That’s why it was so bloody and violent compared to the American Revolution.

    • This exemplifies the carelessness of the aristocrats that eventually collapsed onto itself. I agree there. The French army consisted of the same peasants as 98% of the population, so defense was feeble in itself compared to the British.

  12. It happened due to the corruption of the government. Marie Antoinette contributed to this by buying expensive jewelry, clothes, doing ironic hairstyles and just material things that were not necessary. A small amount of anger started the revolution that escalated with The time as it passed by.

  13. I have to say that this started with the corruption of France. First of all, the King was not prepared to rule and he couldn’t take care of his people the way he should have. Marie Antoinette’s extravangant fashion styles also caused big problems- she was spending a lot of money that placed the country further in dept. Another big problem was the taxation and that the people were starving to begin with and the taxing on them made it even worse because they were fighting among each other for food. This would then start a very bloody revolution because people were tired of the way things were for them.

    • I agree with you that it started with the corruption of France, since the America was functioning way better then France before the revolution.

    • I agreed and also I like how you mentioned some of the back story from the revolution with the king and queen cause many problems and leading the people to later violently rebel.

  14. The French Revolution was far more violent than the American Revolution because though the Americans were being taxed, they were not being neglected to the point of starvation. The French Revolution was violent because the poor were severely neglected, and given no representation in society. The privileged took advantage of the lower class, and it was not helpful that their king was a inexperienced teenager, who knew nothing of how to take on the responsibility of being a king.Violence also took precedence over peaceful protests because violence drew the attention of the king and nobility which was vital to make progress. The French government was clearly unaware of the state of France, which was portrayed by Marie Antoinette spending extensive amounts of money which only fueled the revolts. The Enlightenment also fueled the revolution because it allowed people to think that they should have a say in how their government is run. Outspoken thinkers and writers like Rose Pierre helped influence that a revolution would bring the result the French people desperately needed.

    • I like how you mentioned the difference between the American revolution and the French revolution. I agree that the government was inexperienced and the fact that the nation was run by a teenager was definitely a factor on the downfall of the state.

    • I agree with you because the French monarches did neglect the poor and caused the poverty and starvation because of the heavy taxes they put on the food. I also liked how you stated that the kind was too young and unfit to rule.

  15. What made the French Revolution became so violent because of the taxes on food, which was a necessity to the people of France.The lack of food made them extremely angry and with anger comes violence. Of course this is not the only reason as the government was corrupt and the king was not prepared.

    • I agree with you; the decrease production of food led to many starving populations which fueled a revolution as a way to actually survive and live.

  16. The French Revolution began because the lower class was producing and manufacturing for the whole county but were being taken advantage of and made to work under unfair conditions. The government was lacking in money from the american revolution and could not afford to provide for the people. They began raising their daily prices and this angered the poor because they knew the government was aware they could not afford that. Not to mention while the government was in a crisis, Marie Antoinette was spending all the available money on unnecessary luxury items. This angered the people and made them revolt more aggressively than other countries because they demanded change and would not stop until the were all treat equal and they had a solid government that would put the people first.

    • I agree with you entirely that the French Revolution was more of a life and death scenario, let alone a effort for respect, and was more about survival than the American Revolution that was focused on the wrongful representation of the people.

    • I agree the treatment of the lower class was vital in the beginnings of the French Revolution, they worked for the country but got stepped down on by the wealthy in return.

  17. A main reason that the French Revolution was more violent and aggressive was due to the actual leaders and not necessarily the monarchy. The country had two teenagers running it with barely and political experience and a whole lot of immaturity. With the American Revolution people had straight forward ideals and goals that they wanted to change from the more capable English government while in France the people were starving under the rule of a monarch that cared more about food than his own wife. To conclude and to put it simply, the American Revolution was about the freedom of choice and self governing while the French Revolution was about surviving starvation and not dying.

  18. The French Revolution ultimately became more radical and violent than the American Revolution due to the complete corruption of the government. The American’s were all fighting as one unit and were not being starved. In the French Revolution, the lower classes were completely neglected by the upper ones. The lower classes had little food or money to survive and could barely live. What little money the French government did have was spent by the aristocrats and upper classmen. It definitely did not help the King Louis the XVI was still a teenager and did not want to even be king. His wife continued to spend extensive amounts of money on her own pleasures, which should have gone to aiding their country. What set the lower classmen into their rage and violence is when the king raised the price of their only food source, bread. By that time, the people had nothing else to live for, so they all joined together and began an extremely violent revolution. They also had writers such as Robespierre and Jean-Paul Marat who continuously fueled the peoples rage and pushed for revolution. The American’s had been fighting for freedom away from their English government, but the French people were fighting for a completely new form of government and had nothing to lose.

    • I like the points you make on how the French government fell to a revolution by its people. I like how you talk about the amount of food that France had and how they we running out of food to supply its ever growing population. I also like how you talk about louis the XVI and how he failed to help the French people and actually ended up hurting the nation. You make some key points on why France experienced a revolution over the monarchy.

    • I agree with what you said about how the corruption in France played a role in the violence that took place. Especially since you compared it to the American revolution. However, i feel as though there was parge amounts of corruption that occured during the American revolution. In this case, it was the parlement and monarch of England who through questionable reasons removed rights towards the colonists.

  19. The French Revolution spiraled out of control due to the reason that no one truly knew what they were doing. Even the king said himself that he was too young for the job and he was unprepared. Also, his wife was too young as well as she spent various amounts of money on dresses and things to make her look pretty. They repeatedly kept on saying how they wanted things to change but did nothing to help. While they worried about matters that were obviously not as important, Rose brought even more anger and feelings of abandonment to the people in poverty… Which lead to the destruction of Bastille.

    • The king was a young man at the time, and even we as students struggle to manage to do homework and keep track of tests, much less take care of an entire country. They tried but failed. Yet because of this France grew stronger. No one in charge knew what they were doing but, that’s a good thing that the working class had stepped up and claimed the wrongs that were occurring.

  20. The French Revolution was very out of control because of the “young king.” Also his partner spent lots of money for her too look good and only worried about themselves. Not thinking about the poor and having them starve while the higher classes were also taking advantage of the lower classes. The king was very unprepared to take controll which caused the Revolution.

    • I agree that King Louis XVI was too young to have such a high power and how he and Marie were very selfish and materialistic while people were starving.

  21. the French happened due to the incapable king and queen, both were young and not fit to rule France. citizens were enraged by the things the queen and king did for example, the queen spent on an excessive amount of unnecessary items, and as for the king he was just clearly unfit for the jobs and did not want to be king. This enraged the citizens even more which lead them to become a more violent and a revolution filled with much more rage

    • I agree as well as to see someone benefiting from no hard work and, to work hard but not receive a reward is not right.

    • I agree with you on how you said both, the king and queen, were unfit to the throne because one cared about themselves while the other was just not interested.

  22. The reason the French revolution was more radical and violent than the american revolution was because while the americans wanted to creates it’s own individual country, the French people wanted to completely overthrow the entire government which created a civil war. Also there was a difference in violence because it took so much work for the Britain’s to get to north America while the French people were already there.

    • Sure. Entirely within boundaries of the war zone. Considering how a minuscule amount of the population were French soldiers as well as non-existent military direction from King Louis XIV made it quite simple, in comparison to America, to overthrow the government.

  23. The French Revolution was more radical and violent then the Americas Revolution because the government was corrupted. The French Monarches were uncapable of leading the country. They pushed the country further into debt and starvation’s because they only cared about what happened to them and not their people. They spent excessive amounts of money on luxury items for themselves and the other rich and taxed the food so the citizens would have to give the monarches more money to survive. This sparked the citizens into rebellions and then they would try to take over and take the Monarchy out of France.

    • I agree with your statement. The government was being selfish with things that they didn’t need at all. The government also wasn’t taking care of the citizens that are under them. Also, the citizens had suffered from starvation, and they didn’t like that so they caused a civil war.

    • You bring a really great point. The government was corrupt and because of that the people were enraged because they knew that they could get a better govn’t but it would take change. Although they were trying to not be violent at first they soon thought that violence was needed.

    • I agree with your point and it completely makes sense. The French monarchs weren’t capable of leading the country and were selfish with their use of money and put taxes of their people so they can continue with their selfish ways.

  24. The French Revolution was more brutal, because the civilians wanted new foundation for laws based on equality- compared to The America, who wanted freedom from the rule of Great Britain. The America had an advantage of the leadership that was based on consensus and respect. However, the French Revolution was driven from anger and grief from the lower classes. The French Revolution contained hatred which resulted into more violence.

    • I agree with what you said. The main difference or reason on why the French Revolution was so much more violent than the American revolution is because of what they were fighting for. The American’s were fighting, as you said, for freedom from the government, where the French wanted to replace or change everything. I really like how you said that “the French Revolution was driven from anger and grief from the lower classes”. I feel as though this statement emphasizes the main reason why the French Revolution was so violent.

  25. Considering circumstances, the French Revolution was more brutal and radical was the sheer corruption and under-handed methods of the monarchy and aristocrats. It was excruciatingly horrific conditions of famine and winter blizzards added with a slump teenager representing how one’s life is dictated demonstrates a tipping point of anger residing within the common peasants. Added, debt and lack of resources from funding America during its revolution.

  26. The French Revolution became more radical and violent than the American Revolution because of the lack of dictatorship. The higher hierarchy lacked paying attention to the systematic problems of the people. This unsensibleness and the increased asked amount of taxes triggered the people for they were already struggling in winterous months with barely any food. While seeing the higher classed people prosper in divine meals and clothing. This caused anger in the peasants for they could no longer stand to the dictatorship of the higher

  27. This happened because the French people did not believe in there government what’s so ever. This was because the people were unfairly represent when ever the French government voted on anything. This is shown with how they were always out voted 2 to 1 because the nobility and clergy would vote against the people. This allowed them to do anything that they wanted even though they were only 3% of the population and the people were very upset by this. This made it extremely difficult to make a fair government so this influence the people to revolt. But the thing that tipped them over was the new age of knowledge allowing people to move up in society and be more educated on what was going on around the people. All of this made the people of France want to revolt and make a better government fairer for the people.

    • I would have to comment that your use of rates and percentages are quite helpful. They put the whole situation into perspective and it becomes easier to imagine how the revolts began. I also like how you mentioned the age of inlightment, I personally forgot that this was the main inspiration and reading this post jogged my memory.

  28. The French Revolution was more violent that the American Revolution because the French government was more unstable than the American government bot politically and economically. There were also a lot of situations with problems that no one could agree on. Also if the French government did come up with something, more than likely the French citizens are not going to agree with it.

  29. I believe that the French Revolution was more violent than the American Revolution based on these sheer factors, the Bastille, the March to Versailles, Champ de Mars, along with other violent riots and acts were committed before the Revolution began though some speculate that these acts were part of the Revolution rather than it leading up to it. In France during the time of the uprising, many of the working class were imprisoned in the Bastille, many for just stealing food for they were starving and desired to feed themselves along with their families while the upper classes had plenty of food. During the Revolution, since many innocent people were put into the Bastille, the working class tore the prison down with their hands, brick by brick. The March to Versailles was basically the class of working women that had marched from Paris to Versailles, they were starving despite their hard earnest work and demanded bread. Yet the response from their King and Queen was not enough for their unquenchable desire for revenge and had them guillotined. While the Champ de Mars massacre had also played a factor on why the French Revolution was violent. With the Kings failed attempt to flee, the political leaders of several clubs had joined together and had all created a petition to abdicate the King. With that in mind, the Commune of Paris had worried that them gathering would cause an uproar. So the Commune had banned the meeting and made sure the National Guard was out on Champ de Mars. But, despite their efforts at least 50 Parisian civilians were killed and more were wounded by the National Guard. This event had sealed the fate of the King. With high prices, taxes, poverty, and hunger-stricken families, some of these few events had rocketed the violence in the French Revolution.

  30. The French Revolution occurred for several reasons. One of the reasons was the lack of competence from the king of the time King Louis XVI. Also, the nobility completely overshadowed the poor and did not have to pay as high of taxes even though they made more money. A main reason for revolt was the bankruptcy that occurred because the French involvement in the American revolution. The Americans were unable to pay them back and this left the French in a depression causing starvation and anger. The starvation caused the people to have a greater outrage because their lives depended on it compared to the American revolution where their money was threatened

    • You’re right in what your reasoning is. The King at the time did not exactly help out his citizens and neither the Queen. Both of which fled rather than attempt to heal the country. The bankruptcy did lead to serious issues later on which do come up often especially starvation and the importance of bread. So I agree with you there.

    • I also agree with you’re explanation of how the French revolution took a turn. You mention one of the key points which was that the poor were upset about how they weren’t treated as fairly as some of the upper classes

    • I agree with you. Tensions grew more strained in the French Revolution than in the American Revolution because of the events that had happened beforehand. Treatment of the Third Estate was much worse than treatment of the colonists, which caused the war to become more of an attack to get back at those in power, rather than to alter the government. In other words, it was much more personal. This caused more blood to be shed, as people fought with a strong sense of hate that, at times, may have overshadowed the sense of liberty.

    • I completely agree with how you stated about th government and upper class not have to pay heavy taxes but the poor did. I also liked how you talked about how the government was only looking out for the rich and abandoning th poor.

  31. The French Revolution was more radical than the American for a number of reasons, but a major part of why the French were much more radical than the Americans would have to go in hand with the poor form of government at the time. Antoinette and Louis XVI had no idea what they were doing, and in reality mainly only cared for themselves rather than their own people. As a result, the French people were poor and starved, and their major mistreatment resulted in profound anger, leading to a more radical revolution.

    • I completely agree! I like the point you made about the government being corrupt and how Loui the 16th and his wife had no idea what they were doing.

  32. Ultimately, the French Revolution was much more radical than the American Revolution from many factors. Famine and war caused violence to escalate and due to this, the March on Versailles was born as well as other protests by peasants and the working class. Not to mention that King Louis XVI was far too young to rule and was not a good king and rarely made an effort to help his people.

    • I agree, he needed to compromise with his people instead of taking from them. He did nothing but make the people hate him.

  33. The French Revolution was more radical that any other American Revolution factor. The March on versallies was born and other protest of by peasants and the working class. Also Louis XVI was to young to rule and was not a good king to his people but instead took a lot from them.

  34. The French Revolution was more widespread throughout the masses, because while there were many British Loyalists in the colonies, there were not a ton of French loyalists; most peasants wanted to change the governing system in France. King Louis’ inexperience and naïveté contributed to the chaos, and eventually the people tore down the bastille to make their voices heard.

    • I never actually thought of it that way, however, I see how that would make sense. The more people loyal to the crown means more of an even match in numbers. Because France had more people wanting to see a change it gave the advantage to the revolutionists.

  35. The lower class was not given empathy whatsoever. As the higher class took advantage of their money by taxation. Louis being so young and profound to the ruling of France caused chaos. For he paid no mind nor thought to notice what was going around him.

    • I agree that the lower class was given no empathy due to the fact of taxation, as well as King Louis being so young and not truly knowing what he was doing and him paying no mind to what was going on.

  36. The reason that the revolution began and continued, was because the French people do not agree with the way the government was dealing with issues such as poverty. And the common people had no say in big decisions, because they were constantly outnumbered. The opinions of the peasants were not taking into account and that’s the revolution was started.

  37. The reason for the French Revolution consisting of more violent revolts than the American Revolution is because of the landslide between the status of each estate. This social injustice along with the economic corruption due to drought and the money spent on the first estate was what needed to be changed. However, the large population of the people in the revolution was what caused the abundance of casualties for both sides of the revolution.

  38. The French Revolution was much more violent than the American Revolution because the circumstances were more severe. In the American Revolution, colonists were altering the social and political outlook of their colonies. The original structure to society for the American colonists had been given to them by the English; so, these customs were only in play for about 1 or 2 centuries. However, in the French Revolution, the situation was much more drastic. The French people not only wanted to change the social and political structure of France, but also while in doing so they had to eradicate every social custom before then. And it must be remembered that the French nation had been originated much earlier than the colonies, so the French revolutionists had much more traditional customs to change. So, I think the term that can best explain why the French Revolution was more violent than the American Revolution is, “drastic times called for drastic measures.” Also, the French, who observed the methods of the American revolutionists, figured that violence was the only effective way to achieve progress for this monumental type of goal. Since the French had a lot more to change, including relations between industries and hereditary matters, they needed more severe methods to accomplish a complete upheaval of society.

    The second reason as to why the French Revolution was more violent than the American Revolution was because it took place on a much larger scale and because tensions were tighter between each side. As in the American Revolution, the British were not as focused on maintaining America as the colonists were in gaining independence from Britain. Combine that with the fact that the British had to fight an overseas war, they were not as willing in their attempt to control the colonists. Also, the British outnumbered the colonists and had more resources, which gave them a false sense of confidence, causing them not to fight as hard. However, the French Revolution is quite the opposite. The Third Estate represented 98% of the population, so the “freedom seekers” outnumbered the “freedom restrictors,” which was the opposite of the American Revolution. Also, since this battle was fought between two people on the same land, almost like a civil war, the stakes were much higher as control of the land lead to control of the government; therefore, both sides were willing to go to farther extents.

  39. One of the reasons why the French Revolution was more violent is because it was led with less governmental control than the American Revolution. Due to the government control being like this, there was widespread famine and poverty among people. Another reason that the French Revolution was more violent could be due to the larger size of the population and the riots that people in famine would hold.

    • I agree with you that the leadership of the French Revolution was weaker than the leadership of the American Revolution due to America’s strong leader, George Washington whereas the French had multiple leadership which caused more violence. I also agree with you that the hunger and poverty of the lower classes also lead to more riots.

    • I agree with your claim that the French Revolution lacked strong government structure, which is why the revolution turned out more violent than the American Revolution. It’s actually quite ironic because the goal of the French Revolution was to establish a democratic representative system similar to the ones they had witnessed in the American Revolution. However, the reality is that the Third Estate turned into the monsters that they were trying to destroy. With the rise of Napoleon, it was believed that he would be able to use his superiority to institute a government of liberty and Enlightenment ideals. The result was quite the opposite though – Napoleon’s power soon turned into a dictatorship-like system where not all power was equally shared, thus the revolutionists became like the same government that had originally sought to destroy. It was because of this that the French Revolution became more violent because under Napoleon military conquests were highly pursued, which gave him the sole power, which although still set the French people free, also encouraged more war as the nobles sought to displace Napoleon, the icon of the revolutionary movement.

  40. The French Revolution started taking a more violent turn when the French declared war on Austria and Prussia. They did this to mobilize foreign powers in support of the king. Soon after to make things even more violent they declared war on Spain,Britian and the Dutch therefore the French revolution caused a lot of wars and there was indeed a lot more blood shed then the American Revolution.

  41. The French Revolution was much more violent than the American Revolution due to a more corrupt government from the beginning because of Marie Antonte and Louis XIV waste of money and incompetence. This later created a bigger gap between the upper and lower classes, causing the poor to starve and the wealthy to throw extravagant parties. The lower classes were also taxed with exorbitant fees. The French Revolution was also more violent due to the lack of a strong leader. The American Revolution had a strong leader, George Washington, whereas the French Revolution had many strong leaders rioting in different ways, causing more violence.

    • I completely agree, the social classes was the large factor in the revolution and the anger of the poor for their heavy taxes.

  42. I also agree with you Hope and I believe the main theme of the cause for such a violent revolution was due to the lack of a strong leader. It might have been similar to the American Revolution if they had one.

  43. The French Revolution became so bad and bloody do to the fact that the government was corrupt in their ways. What made it even worse was how Marie Antoinette was wasting money on her material items instead of using the money for better causes. It upset the lower classes which angered them in many ways since they were left to starve and die while Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV Did nothing to help.

  44. The French Revolution became more violent than the British or the American because the French government was already corrupted. By King Louis did not have the responsibilities to become king and his wife, the queen Marie used her power and wealth as a way to treat her self with expensive things. Which lead the rear of France, the regular people to go into poverty from France being in debt(from the rulers and helping America). Led the people to revolt for there lives in order to try and do something for themselves. This cause famine which also caused people to do anything for food, led to fighting, stealing, and possibly killing.

  45. The French Revolution was violent because the Americans wanted to be separate from Britain because they didn’t want to pay unnecessary taxes. But, the French were doing poorly.

  46. The French Revolution is know to be more violent and bloody than the American revolution. The treatment of the poor has contributed to the violence that was bestowed in the war. The revolutionist were ruthless and wanted to receive equality and did it through the French Revolution.

  47. Other than being taxed, the French Revolution increased it’s intensity because the French people were being neglected and weren’t getting the nutrition they needed. Louis XVI took his wealth all for himself and was not a good ruler.

  48. I believe the French Revolution was more radical and violent than the American revolution because of the corruption of government. The American Revolution was when America was trying to break away from the British government and become there own country/government but during the French revolution they already had a government and people were revolting against that government which caused violence. Marie-Antoinette and Louis XIV contributed even more to this by spending extensive amounts of money which could have been used for better purposes.

    • I completely agree with your point on the fact of Antoinette and XIV excessively spending money that could have been better used, which fueled a lot of the anger for the French people.

    • I agree with your point on the fact of Antoinette and XIV excessively spending money that could have been better used, which fueled a lot of the anger for the French people.

  49. The French Revolution is considered to be more radical than the American Revolution because the french revolution was driven by hatred, violence, and the corruption of the government. Also with the increase of prices, it caused poverty which made people steal and fight for food. Another reason is the queen who spent more money on herself than helping to reform and the king who knew he was unprepared to be king.

  50. The French Revolution ultimately escalated so highly because of the energy behind and those that took advantage. It started as the others did with intent for freedom but the people were very riled up. They charged the city and cut the Bastille down brick by brick. This carried over into a massacre of executions. The people felt robbed and wanted justice. Those who felt success only pushed forward in energy. Things turned bad as it all went too far. First the king’s head fell and then even some of those who supported the revolution. Bloodlust saw no end.

    • I completely agree with your statement, the revolution was the way it was because of the energy of the people

  51. The french revolution became more radical and violent because of anger, the citizens of France were extremely upset with the aristocrats and how they were spending money while the poor was starving. Mary Antoinette, the queen at the time loved luxury and she over spent on many luxury items which angered the people of france.

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