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What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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  1. The main problem facing the government right now is cyberterrorism from Russia and possibly from ISIS terrorists who are constant threats. It can be possibly corrected by enforcing stronger and limited access on the internet and media.

    • I think that the main problem with government is the indecisive attitudes associated with it. Examples of indecisiveness in govt. are the fact that we cannot decide on foreign policy. Also we cannot decide on what we are doing with immigration as a nation.

  2. One of the main problems in the US would be the presidents stabce regarding NATO, and the lack of help the president believes the other members are showing. This is a problem because it poses a threat to the alliance and is causing tension amongst allies. To fix this this I feel that the leaders should agree to a certain amount that they all put into NATO, as well as allow their allies to be independent and work together in times of crisis, instead of breaking alliances and being unprotected when it is needd most.

  3. The main problem facing the United States is the lack of bipartisanship in politics. Towards the end of the Clinton Administration, bipartisanship, the cooperation between the Democrats and Republicans, came to a slow end. Spearheaded by the politicized impeachment trial of President Clinton, then the lengthy government shutdown, bipartisanship became a thing of the past was replaced by complete and utter partisanship. Bipartisanship returns sparingly during national tragedies such as 9/11 when both aisles agreed on actions to protect the country as a whole. However, especially with the rise of President Obama and President Trump, partisanship has only grown an has damaged the United States ability to govern. When one party is locked out of power, they now get no say in legislation, causing even more anger for the opposition. This begins a tit for tat that only escalates the partisanship until there is no remnants of bipartisanship at all.

    • I agree with this completely, the lack of ability to communicate and cooperate is creating intense difficulty for the government in passing legislation and creating tangible changes. If these two parties would reunite, many processes within the government would go much smoother.

  4. I think a big problem facing the government is the foreign policy. This a problem because we are undeceive if we should “be active in world affairs” or “pay less attention to the problems overseas and concentrate on problems at home”. This can possibly be corrected by taking account of our allies interests even if that means compromising.

    • I can see how foreign policy can be a strong issue that needs to be solved within the U.S., but I definitely agree with our government needing to be able to compromise. It has to start somewhere, and if it’s with allied foreign nations, then it’s at least a start.

  5. I think that a big problem facing the government is terrorism with the united states. Although we have cracked down on many terror attacks, certain religious affiliated groups that go out attacking have persuaded some home town Americans to act as they are part of that religious group. I think the government agencies capability to tap in to peoples phone they have suspicion about or even a lead on them is a huge factor. Even though many people claim it is invasion of privacy, if it is harmful or terror related the agencies have the right to declare you as suspect. The main thing that needs to be done is have thorough back round checks that the NRA should do. That is what I think is a big issue in the government.

  6. I think the biggest problem facing the government right now is the lack of proper qualification and experience in the president and his cabinet. President Trump himself has very little experience in politics and foreign affairs. His secretary of treasury Steven Mnuchin has no experience in the government or in economic policy. The secretary of labor is the CEO of a fast food company, leading to obvious bias. The secretary of education actually said that schools should have guns in them so they can ward of grizzly bear attacks. The secretary of housing and urban development has no experience in housing policy. And so on. I believe this inadequate leadership creates the potential for unnecessary mistakes, especially in foreign policy. Improper and undignified participation in foreign affairs by these untrained individuals could lead to extremely unwanted animosity with certain countries.

    • I agree with you completely, if we had the proper qualification and experience within the president and his cabinet I feel the people would have more faith and respect for our president and his cabinet, because the things that truly matter will be priorities rather than tweets.

    • We’ve all seen the massive amount of mistakes our own current cabinet has performed, and who’s to say that all presidents haven’t had their mistakes shown before? The difference now is that they’re all over — where are the things to overlook? It’s difficult to find those things that allow you to overlook it all. I do agree that the fact that our president has very little experience, let alone his cabinet members, has led it so that they aren’t able to hide their mistakes as well. This undoubtedly creates tension between the parties and foreign countries. It’s almost like an avalanche effect that our government can’t escape from.

  7. While there are arguably many issues facing the government at the moment, I believe one of the most prominent and crucial ones is the lack of communication and— more importantly— conversation between political parties. As mentioned in class, there is no longer a culture of communicating with others despite them having different views/opinions, instead, modern day exhibits the behavior of shutting out other ideas simply because one doesn’t agree with them. This becomes a serious issue when it becomes an obstacle in tackling the other problems our government is facing. How can we progress, and fix these issues when we lack the ability to communicate and draw conclusions? The ability to compromise is what is needed to begin to fix the major— and minor— problems in the U.S. government, and lacking it has become one of the greatest issues facing progress.

  8. The biggest problem currently facing our government is the inexperience brought about by the Trump administration. Before Trump was inaugurated, our government was comprised of qualified individuals– respected political figures of either party who at least had some clue what they were talking about. A year and a half after the fact, the American people have seen someone fired from the White House nearly every week it seems, and replaced by an equally unqualified counterpart. Our current administration, specifically press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, does not know how to address the American people, and would rather blame the “fake news” for all the controversy smearing Trump’s legacy than reexamine their poor fulfillment of the roles they agreed to. They also do not understand how to address foreign
    countries/adversaries…Trump’s interactions with Putin and Kim Jong-un have made us look spineless as a nation. This is not normal. I do not know how the problem can be corrected from within, but the public can vote these people out when the time comes if it so chooses.

  9. I believe the main issue in the government right now, and for a long time, has been a lack of unity. People are so polarized by parties and by not liking certain people in the government that they refuse to put those issues aside to focus on what is best for the people of our country. Regardless of who is in a position, they are there and for the time being, whether someone likes them or not, they must be dealt with and shouldn’t be disagreed with solely because of who they are. In other words, if someone has a good idea that would benefit the country, people shouldn’t be disagreeing with solely because of who they are. Also, the members of our government need to stop acting like children and work together, listening to each other, to come up with solutions rather than ignoring each other and having wasteful arguments.

    • I agree with what you mentioned, especially the polarization of the parties. It’s honwstly sad to see leaders of our country acting childishly because they don’t like another memeber or the other party. Both have done good and done bad, if they worked together they could do so much more.

  10. I think the main problem the government faces right now is the extreme disconnect of bipartisan party members. While there’s always been (and always will be) tension due to differences in opinion, I feel like the tensions are at a high. Both parties are excluding each other in decisions and discussions because they think they are more right than the other. If the two parties could somehow manage to compromise or at least speak to each other civilly I believe that they would be more productive and produce better work.

  11. I think one of the main problems facing the government right now is immigration. The ways that the federal government are handling both legal and illegal immigrants are completely inhumane. By separating children from their families, the United States, who prides itself with freedom, is stripping innocent people of their natural human rights. The issue also continues into white supremacists in the news. Laura Ingraham stated on her show “There is something slipping away in this country and it’s not about race or ethnicity. This is a national emergency and [President Trump] must demand that Congress act now.” This monologue was praised by David Duke, another white supremacist who also holds the attention of much of America’s public. People need to understand that these immigrants are human beings too and have just as much of a right to a safe and prosperous life as anyone else.

    • I agree that immigration is a major problem in government right now. The government is separating families and that is simply not okay, there has to be a better way to deal with this. These immigrants should have their rights and not be treated as they are being, it is tragically sad.

  12. I think that one of the strongest issues affecting this country (as many others do as well) is the lack of togetherness and unity between the parties to support a self sufficient government. The populous and figures in power are too biased and egotistical to see the wider view, or what is best for the United States. Instead of listening to one another, and actually hearing what each side has to say, they constantly and consistently bicker about who is right. Now, arguments are always bound to happen, but the members of the government could at least try to get along, and not just brush it off as another hopeless endeavor. If the Republicans and Democrats could try and sort out there differences (not ideals), then maybe some work in the government could get done with less hassle. As for how this problem could be fixed, it is up to our leaders to stop acting like children and make some actual progress in the development and evolution of America.

  13. What I believe is the main problem in the government has been happening our entire lifetime, and no one knows when it will end. That is the extreme divide between parties — and neither of them wants to work together despite their ignored problems only growing as they bicker amongst one another. One would think that would be enough to come together to solve at least one problem as more arise, but it isn’t. Solving this issue would require more effort than it honestly should. The divide between the parties is too drastic to solve quickly. As for a suggestion, it would take years (even decades) of cooperation, of training a different mindset, for this to even start. Even then, could it really happen? I don’t know.

  14. One of the main problems that the government is facing today is the split that is in the parties. As we discussed in class, the parties are refusing to work together. Instead of fixing issues, they are busy ignoring each other and trying to dominate one another. Maybe if they worked together many issues would be much easier resolved. They could swiftly deal with any problem that comes their way, however with the split, issues may or may not ever get resolved.

  15. One of the major problems that our government is facing is the amount of distrust in the political parties. It seems nowadays that nothing is being executed properly. There seem to be constant investigations of collusion. The immigration policy is forcing kids to be separated from their families. One fix to these issues would be to elect a more qualified president that actually cares about the lives of citizens. But until then the government should set aside political agendas and come up with solutions to real-world problems.

  16. I think that the main problem facing the government right now is the immigration issue. This is a huge controversial affair and extremely sensitive to the public. Trump has become stricter with the policies, and people seeking asylum have been rejected and feel that it is unfair. I think that there are many possible solutions to this problem facing the government. But one possible solution is to bring humanity to the situation and not end up separating families. This is a complex and complicated issue and there i no one perfect solution. But, there are things and actions that can be taken to improve the concept of immigration.

  17. One of the main problems facing our government today is the way immigration is dealt with. There are many people who have lived here for over 30 years and are now being forced to go back to another country. These people have been productive members of the society and now they are being kicked out because some people in the government don’t want them here. There are kids at the border who are being separated from their parents for weeks on end. Refugees try to come to America to escape tragic events, but yet they are told that they can not be here because again people in our government simply do not want them here. This issue could be fixed by electing people in to office that actually care about the lives of other people.

  18. One main problem that the government is facing right now is immigration. Stephen Miller is trying to take away government assistance from people who are not citizens to decrease the amount of immigrants who want to become citizens.I think that this is not right because some immigrants just want to have a better life and haven’t done anything wrong.The government doesn’t see the benefits that immigrants contribute to our society.They only see immigrants as being dangerous. I think that the government should let immigrants with a green card or have lived here for a long time should be able to become citizens if they want to.

    • I agree with you. Immigrants actually help our economy more than what they would or could possibly hurt it. Many people just want to believe that all immigrants are dangerous and different , but they are regular everyday people like us too, They are people who want nothing more than a better life and have sacrificed a lot to come to our country. Also, many people seem to believe that immigrants dont contribute due to the fact that they dont pay taxes, but they do. Many immigrants are even casted-out just because they were not born in the U.S., and this is wrong.

  19. I agree with you i think that immigrants shouldn’t be treated like that because at the end of the day that are people and they have rights too. The government should come up with another way to solve this problem.

  20. To be quiet blunt and honest, there are by far too many problems to actually name with our government today. One huge problem is that fact that many civilians are un-happy with the government and the time our own president spends on doing irrelevant things such as, tweeting and fighting with comedians who make fun of him. The government needs to work on how it portrays its self and ideals to people more conveniently, in a way where our president of our country doesn’t seem like a childish person who fights over stupid crap with people who don’t like him. Something that can be done is correcting the way the president opens his mouth about certain topics which make our country seem divided and not united, like we are supposed to be.

  21. There are countless problems facing our government but the biggest one that faces Americans today is a lack of morals and professionalism in a work place. Our current president has burned numerous foreign alliances and has destroyed our global influence because he doesn’t know how to hold his tongue. His beligerance itself has caused numerous scandals and has even led to his own party turning on him in certain scenarios. Any leader that dispenses information to his staff or trash talk others via Twitter without seeing any wrongs has a clear lack of ethics. I believe he has completely destroyed the Republican Party by tainting it’s name to be a home for racism and rapist.

  22. I believe the biggest problem facing our government right now is the lack of a consistent and clear message as well as a unified vision. A common occurrence right now is the President will say or tweet something and then a few hours later a spokesperson will say that the President meant the complete opposite. This indicates that the President does not know what he is talking about and creates distrust in the government. The White House needs to stop constantly changing its mind on important issues like immigration. By providing a more consistent message, they will be able to improve the public’s trust in the government.

    • I agree that there is an extreme amount of invonsistency among government officials. It seems as though political leaders will later change their opinions just to please the public after they have recieved displeasing response. This demonstrates how dishonesty and misconstrument may take foothold within the media, in favor of either the political leader or of the public.

  23. There are easily several big problems facing the US today, but one of the worst is the division in the government. For a while now, the distinction between the Republican and Democratic parties has continuously grown bigger. Today, it is to the point where members of both parties will refuse to listen to the ideas of the other simply because they believe that their ideals are always wrong and their party is altogether stronger. In order for the government to work, both parties need to put forth their separate ideas in order to arrive at a stronger solution. If both sides could come to a mutual agreement to put the parties aside for a single issue in order to make the US better as a whole, a big difference could be made.

  24. I agree with you that the biggest issue in the government today is the lack of consistency between the democratic and republican parties. I also agree that if they never agree to work together, it is unknown whether any issues could actually be resolved because their togetherness is just so crucial.

  25. While there are far too many issues with our government right now to discuss in a single post, there are certainly some problems that are more significant than others. Of these, the most problematic issue facing our government is simply the lack of cooperation (or even willingness to cooperate) from the Democratic and Republican parties. What used to be frequent cooperation and bipartisanship between the parties when it came to policy and lawmaking in Congress is nearly completely gone nowadays. Today, bipartisanship can only be seen in the passage of the simplest and universally backed ideas (and perhaps not even then). Furthermore, with the way that Congress operates (perhaps another issue in itself), there is no need for the majority party to work with the minority party (because by the definition of majority in government, they do not need the support of the minority party at all in most scenarios to pass laws). What this has led us to, then, is a situation whereby the majority party passes many laws on a party-line vote without the support of the minority party. In the long run, this leads to no substantial change, as that which was passed with only 51% of Congress can be repealed with 51% of Congress. The minority party, then, if it retakes the majority, has no trouble immediately repealing those laws on another party line vote. This process/cycle repeats (and is becoming more observable in recent years, and so nearly no true changes can ever be made in our government. While it is unclear what would convince both parties to find common ground on important issues, it can at least be concluded that the lack of cooperation and bipartisanship is the main issue facing our government today.

  26. I think the main problem plaguing the government right now is the division we have in the government. The rift between the parties makes it difficult for anyone to be happy and there is a constant debate over any topic brought to the table. This leads to little getting done and little agreement has been met.

    • I forgot to add that I feel both parties need to come to some sort of consensus for the betterment of our country. It is hard for anything to get done when every idea brought up is shot down by the opposite party. Sadly this does not appear to be happening anytime soon.

  27. A main problem facing the government right now is the tariffs between Trump and China’s president. How they can’t agree on the terms of the tariffs. It could be fixed my Trump finding the best deal that mrets both of their desires and he doesn’t be so stubborn about it.

  28. The biggest problem in our government is the divisive effects of the Trump Administration. First, Trump has created a huge divide between the parties. There is a dangerous lack of cooperation and an increase of hostility between the republicans and democrats in our government that has been amplified by Trump. The parties are too busy trying attacking each other to get any real work done and it doesn’t help that the parties are so divisive on their opinions on the president. They refuse to listen to each other’s ideas or to compromise that they’re neglecting their duties to the people. Not only does the Trump administration cause problems within the White House, but within the citizens themselves. Democrats and republicans are extremely quick to hate each other based on their political affiliations alone. Not only are people judging more harshly based on political affiliation, but there’s been an increase in hostility towards muslims and immigrants due to Trumps actions. The current status of the government created a divide in the White House as well as in the nation.

  29. I personally believe that the biggest problem facing the government today is all the different ways the government is being pulled and the division it’s causing. All the different parties are fighting to institutionalize their policies, such as education and immigration or taxes or healthcare, and trying to focus on many different issues the government isn’t able to devote the proper amount of time to finding the best solution for each one, and the media constantly has to jump around to every new issue they try to fix and the public forgets about the one they were just trying to fix, if that makes sense.

  30. The main problem within today’s government is its self destruction. Recently elected President Donald Trump is constantly getting backlash from its own people. During his presidency, he has lowered the unemployment rate significantly and has nurished the economy to reach positive states. I am not saying whether I am remotely for or against every view the prsident has. To reduce the tension, people will have to accept there is a change we can make after fully seeing both sides and weighing the pros and cons. Acting irrationally from unsupported reasons will bring havoc upon us all.

  31. The main problem facing the us today would have to be the way political parties are ran. I seems to me that no one wants to here the other sides argument, they are stuck in their ways and won’t change. I feel decisions are being made solely on someone’s first thoughts.

  32. The biggest problem facing our government right now is the division between the country as a whole. I think that in order to make good decisions regarding government people need to listen to each other’s opinions. Since our government is party based, it makes radicalism common and complicates decision making. Additionally, in the internet age there are a lot of interest groups which overloads policy makers whi can not cater to each group’s desires.

  33. I feel like the main issue facing the government right now is the extreme divide between the 2 parties. It is hard for there to be civil discussion when people won’t agree no matter what. There is a dire need for more bipartisan agreements to occur for the government to get better. Another problem would be the fighting over whether Russia did or did not influence the election.

  34. I believe that the biggest problem of today’s government stems from the dissatisfaction of the public with President Trump, and the division that this creates. Individuals who used to make decisions based on their beliefs are now making decisions based on their belief on the President. There are those who have an extreme discontent with President Trump and those who have a content feeling with him, and this division creates issues. Many also express feelings of discontent of the prior experience of the President and his cabinet, again furthering separation and causing arguments.

  35. I think the main issue posed by the government is that political leaders and legislators struggle to make tough descions collectively. Legislators and political leaders are constantly vying for public approval and interest. To make their interests and stances clear to the public, I believe they need to make their opinions clearer and not hold back. However, that’s not to say everything is black or white. I simply think that they need to make it clear to the public which candidate or leader represents one’s views and interests most prominently.

  36. I think a big problem within the government is the power governments officials have based off of their personal outlook on may situations. Even though diverse opinions may be extremely helpful in certain cases but in others it has a way of showing favoritism.

  37. The main problem the government is facing is the division among officials and the people. Many Americans do not trust the government. The American people see the government and politicians as untrustworthy and thus do not like decisions made in government. This causes many differences in opinions not only in the general public but between the two parties. Republicans do not trust Democrats, and vice versa. Though their policies may be different, the hatred between them causes decisions to not be made. In-house fighting has caused backlash from the public itself, saying that nothing is being done in the government—further festering untrust. To fix the problem, the American people can begin with electing officials that not only do they agree with, but are capable of reaching compromise. At a higher level, said officials must LEARN to compromise and be capable of not only speaking AT people, but WITH them.

  38. One of the main problems that I think the federal government is having a problem with is the fact that they have yet to make any substantial immigration policies.

  39. i think the biggest problem in the government right now is how distant the bipartisan parties are. yea they’re supposed to not like each other but its to a point where people hurt each other over it. to solve this i think people shouldn’t take the labels of republican and democrat so seriously and should be more respectful.

  40. One major problem with todays government is personal interest getting in the way of major problems like immigration. Without changes being made because certain people dont exactly like how it sounds, no change will ever really be made.

  41. One of the biggest problems I would say our government is facing is unifying the country. No party is ever happy and no citizen is ever satisfied. It’s hard for us as a country to all agree on any one thing and I think that is due to poor leadership in the country. The people running for office and different positions in the U.S. are horrible and they’re all so bad that when it comes time to vote everyone just votes for the “least bad” one.

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