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What was the impact of Zheng He in post-classical China?  Be sure to include specific examples when discussing his impact.  The impact can be either positive or negative.

Here is an article from Khan Academy that will help, Zheng He

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  1. Zheng He made the presence of the Chinese navy known throughout many countries. Although his intentions were not to invade and conquer, he did gain the respect and acknowledgement of other civilizations. He brought back gifts and respect to emperor Yonngle.

    • This is true I find it interesting that among all the conquests of the time periods prior that Zheng He sailed out for knowledge and self betterment rather than land and riches

  2. Zheng He impacted post-classical China by providing information on other countries by exploring and going to them. Also, he gave gifts to those countries which improved their standings with the other countries, increasing China’s chances of positive treaties.

    • I agree how you brought up that by exploring he was also able to create a positive link with other countries

    • I agree with the usefulness of Zheng He’s expeditions and his impact on Chinese relations to foreign countries.

    • I did not realize that Zheng He’s efforts and exploration made such great connections with other nations which could also lead to less attacks from other nations and loyalty and respect to the Chinese

    • I agree with how you mention the gifts he gave to other countries allowing China’s standpoint with other countries to be better

  3. Zheng he’s impact on the world was introducing Chinese naval ability and certain items such as porcelain it also caused the Chinese government to relinquish from trade with the rest of the world continuing their cycle isolation

  4. Zheng He impacted China by increasing China’s navy while also exploring around the world opening up new and different trades with different countries. He also brought back gifts from those countries to the emperor.

    • I like the points you made– especially with saying how he increased China’s navy. He certainly also helped spread Chinese ideas and brought products from other countries into China with the trading.

    • I agree with how Zheng He increased China’s navy and how his expeditions opened up new opportunities with trade and relationships with other countries.

    • I agree with your comment Matt. Zheng He’s expeditions increased China’s maritime power and expanded their knowledge of other countries and previously unknown places around the world.

  5. Zheng He impacted post-classical China by exploring and visiting other countries and providing information. He also gifted items to other countries, therefore improving their relationships with China.

    • I agree with you Nick because Zheng He did increase their navy, but the Chinese also destroyed it. He also, did give gifts to other countries, but he also got stuff in return.

  6. Zheng He impacted Post-Classical China through his seven voyagers around the Indian Ocean. Zheng He opened trade opurtunity and obtained a multiplied of different goods back to China. China became aware of the other countries of the Indian Ocean and was introduced to all sorts of trade and opportunities.

    • I agree that Zheng He had a large impact on Post-Classical China. He established a larger opportunity for China, and introduced a multitude of new foods, materials, and technologies.

      • Not to mention that he also influenced other countries of China’s culture and brought back other cultural ideas from different states.

  7. Zheng He impacted post-classical China by utilizing exploring to trade and strengthen relationships with other countries as well as bringing back gifts and luxuries from other countries.

  8. Zheng He impacted Post-Classical China by exploring and extending China’s political sway over Asia. He also made Chinese emigration available, effectively moving Chinese culture into other cultures.

  9. Zeng He had several positive impacts in post classical China. He went on expeditions to other countries in ships that were over 500 feet in length. He traded items from China and gathered items from other countries. These items were unknown to Chinese culture and were able to be used for their benefit. He brought back giraffes from Africa and many other animals. He provided an opportunity for China to understand the different post classical civilizations around the world.

    • I agree that Zheng did bring back items that were unknown to the Chinese and that without his voyages they might not have been exposed to new technology.

    • I agree. The information he gathered from other countries greatly benefited China. If it wasn’t for the knowledge of other civilizations Zeng He gathered China could have been much less effective in trading with them.

  10. Zheng he was the one leading the construction and navigation of boats. His impact was positive as it introduced a new trading system and it allowed resources to flow through two different routes. They also bore gifts to several different countries to improve relationshipd. The way of trade also proved useful as a way of combat also. Pirates had attacked them but they were quickly defeated.

    • I never really thought about his explorations as a useful way of combat but it makes sense! I agree that Zheng He not only gathered but also distributed resources.

    • I agree that Zheng He has a very positive impact on the dynasty. He was able to trade with countries around the world and acquire new materials to introduce to China.

  11. Zheng He played a large role in expanding Chinese horizons and spreading their ideas. One of the main goals of his expeditions was to gain other countries respect for China, which was most likely achieved as he brought almost 30,000 troops with him. He also gathered items from other countries, and brought them back to China to gain new ideas and influences. He spread Chinese ideas throughout the world by leaving behind his own Chinese items in the places he visited, as well as defeated opponents in battle.

  12. Zheng He impacted post-classical China in several ways. He helped promote the spread of Chinese ideas and achieve respect from other nations to China. He also utilized the exploration of trade and strengthened relationships between China and other countries. Zheng also furthered trade between China and other countries.

    • I agree. Zheng He’s contributions to China helped their nation gain more respect and economic gain. This voyage of Zheng He makes him an unforgettable person.

  13. Zheng He impacted post-classical China both in a positive way and in a negative way. He helped China learn about other countries while also trading for new spices and goods that China did not have. How he negatively affected China was after they sent him out and he came back they did not trade for a long time.

    • Although, some may see otherwise. I as well agree with you that Zheng He had both positive and negative impacts on post-classical China. Positive being that he helped establish China’s great reputation to the rest of the world. But negatively because he also never allowed any of these interested countries to trade China, due to the emperor’s lack of interest.

    • I agree with your comment Matt. Zheng He’s expeditions opened up China to interactions with new countries and products that they were previously unfamiliar with. But, when these expeditions were stopped, trade in China was much less expansive and halted China’s Indian Ocean maritime rule.

  14. The impact that Zheng He granted on post-classical China was indeed positive. He decided to complete an expedition through the South China sea to the Indian ocean. By completing this mission, Zheng He obtained recognition for China and how great their boat making skill were. When sailing he received gifts from other rulers and respect. This mission gave other nations insight on what China had and could do and how forceful they could be even though the voyagers did not plan to conquer them.

    • I agree, by exploring and trading with other countries he exposed unknown places and created maps. he also allowed for “peace” with other countries by trading with them

    • I agree. Zheng He (for the most part) positively impacted China as he allowed China as a nation to experience trade with other countries and bring in new foreign products into China.

    • I agree by travellibg he opened up new possibilities of trade and peace with other countires, also thid spread knowlage and ideas arpund the world

    • I agree that Zheng He had a positive impact for China. He went on many expeditions and found new trade routes and paths for the Chinease to encounter and get involved with. Because of Zheng He’s expeditions, China was able to improve their culture by trading with and learn from other cultures and countries.

  15. The most important impact that Zheng He had on post classical China was opening the state to large international trade. He did so by leading one of the world’s most gigantic oversea trade exploration known to man. Using massive flag ships larger than 400 feet. While trading valuable merchandise at places such as east Africa, southwest Asia, India, and Polynesia. Merchandise that would eventually persuade the rest of the world of China’s importance to international trade.

  16. Zheng He affected Post Classical China positively in multiple ways. Zheng He expressed the wealth of Post Classical China and influenced maritime trade throughout Asia and the Indian Ocean. He opened up trading routes and developed relationships between China and other countries. Zheng He led the largest ships in the entire world through his Seven Voyages and showed how superior China was at shipbuilding and navigation. He’s expeditions expressed how China could have ruled the Indian Ocean. The negative impact was that Chinese emperors called off more expeditions like Zheng He’s. This caused shipbuilders to lose the ability to create such large ships and lessened China’s power. Some speculate that China and the world would be very different had the emperors not halted these expeditions.

    • I agree. Since he explored throughout Asia and the Indian Ocean Chines maps and knowledge of the world improved. While he was doing this he also improved how the Chinese were seen since he was so friendly.

      • i agree, by exploring and trading with other countries he exposed unknown places and created maps. he also allowed for “peace” with other countries by trading with them.

    • I agree with you that because of Zheng’s travels maritime trade became a big part of how countries in Asia would trade with each other.

  17. Because of Zheng He’s voyages civilizations throughout the world were introduced to the Chinese navy and their trade. He also provided more information on different parts of the world which improved maps. When he visited other civilizations he was very friendly and often provided gifts which improved the Chinese’s standing throughout the world.

    • I believe that if Zheng He had not of begun trading, China wouldn’t be as advanced in its ways of trading as it is today. Zheng He showed China and its civilians the importance of trading and the monetary benefits it has.

      • I agree, his expeditions and voyages showed the power and wealth of China and the Ming dynasty. Not only were new items introduced, so were new ideas.

  18. Political impacts of Zheng He’s exploration was that he helped show the wealth and power of the Ming Dynasty, and influenced maritime trade and ports in Asia. He developed the relationships between China and other countries. Social impacts of Zheng He is that he opened up trading routes to countries and developed relationships between China and other countries. Zheng He was Risk Taking when he travelled to a lot of places where he didn’t know and had to talk to people of other places when trading goods and luxurious items. He was also a Inquirer when he was determined to find places which were not discovered and was determined to go onto the voyages to trade with others. He was principled and served the Ming Dynasty by doing a lot of trading with other countries.

  19. Zheng He made the power of the Chinese navy present and opened up trade and connections with other countries. By Zheng He opening up trade with other countries, intresest in Chinese products increased.

  20. Zhang he started a long history of international trade with China and by doing this he opened up the power of the Chinese navy towards the world. He also displayed the wealth of the ming dynasty. It also introduced china to the tech of other civilization

    • I agree that he display the wealth that the Ming had He aslo would have started a great commerrce if his items were accepted

  21. Zang He had an impact on post classical china with his expidation towards new land in order to bring trade. The items he brought back were exportianry and would have advanced the commece with china for generations. However the goverment offical would not accept this advancement and halt all of zang he ships.

  22. Zheng He created a major impact on Post-Classical China in many ways. The most impactful way Zheng He Zheng He impacted Post-Classical China was through his voyages. Zheng He traveled around in the Indian Ocean which opened trade opportunity for China. In return, China got a multitude of new products. Because of He’s voyages, China started to notice how big the network for trade is and how helpful it may be for them.

  23. Zheng He helped show power and wealth, opened up trading routes, and his expeditons showed how superior China was. He led the largest ships through the 7 voyages and was determined to find places that weren’t yet discovered.

    • I agree because he explored all over the world and exposed China to many new resources which they had never discovered. Animals were included too.

  24. Zheng He impacted post-classical China by opening and allowing for new trade opportunities due to his voyages and establishing positive relationships. Zheng He gave gifts to other countries bringing goods and luxuries which then improved their standings with those countries and increased China’s chances of positive treaties. Furthermore, Zheng He allowed for the spread and increase in value of Chinese merchandise. His expeditions and voyages were very significant.

    • I agree that his expeditions were significant but it’s also important because he was able to map out trade routes for other to follow on the coastline.

  25. Zheng He impacted post-classical China by leading expeditions to improve trade for China. He also improve the relationship between Muslims in southeast Asia and China.

  26. Zheng He had a positive impact on Post Classical China because he exposed trade from many regions to China. One of the main examples was the giraffe which he brought to China after his time travelling. He also perceived a good image on China because he was peaceful which reflected for China in other places.

  27. Zheng He impacted China greatly in the trade world. He managed to create a better perception of China for other countries. Because of Zheng He, China was seen as a peaceful yet powerful country. Zheng He allowed China to trade in many new routes and exposed the Chinease to new cultures, ideas, and products amongst the trade routes that they were newly involved in.

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