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1What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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  1. The main issue in my opinion would be that the government is currently shut down. Many people are being put in stressful situations and it may seem hopeless to some due to the uncertain nature of the circumstances. I don’t think there is an easy way for this problem to be fixed due to the fact the it had been stated by the potus that the government will remain shut down until 5 billion are allocated for the wall.

  2. Over the past few years, the government had issues with illegal immigration. Trump decided to resolve this issue by building a wall between the border of the United States and Mexico. However, the topic of the wall leads to a disagreement between the Republican and the Democratic Party. Therefore, Trump decided to shut down the government in order to receive the funding to build a wall. However, the Democratic party believes that the wall is an ineffective use of resources and insists that the government should use technology such as drones to monitor the border. There are three ways to resolve the government shutdown. For starters, Trump could decide to withdraw the idea of building a wall. However, this seems unlikely to occur. Another solution is that the Democratic party decided to allow Trump to execute his idea. Once again, this is unlikely to occur. The final solution is that both parties decide to make a compromise. For instance, Trump is willing to scale down the wall from a wall made out of concrete to steel fences. Thus, by combining Trump’s idea of having steel fences and the Democratic’s idea of utilizing technology to monitor the border, the issue of the government shut down and the immigration issue will be solved as well.

  3. Personally, one of the biggest problems being faced by the government right now is the shut-down. Trump is demanding that billions of federal funds are to be used to build a wall on the Mexican border. Congress, however, disagrees and is refusing to fund the wall. Because they cannot come to an agreement, the government is in a partial shut-down and some U.S. citizens are being forced to work without pay. This could be solved if they were to come to an agreement on how to fund Trump’s wall or not fund it at all and drop the idea completely, which Trump does not seem likely to do.

  4. The main problem that the government is facing right now is the government shut down that trump had initiated in order to solve a problem he deemed urgent enough to do so. He used the government shut down as a means to coerce those who disagree with him to comply. This also gave him the idea to state that this is a national emergency using his presidential power which will give him the power to get funds from other places in order to finally build the wall.

    • Today I seen an article stating that Trump may in fact declare this border crisis as a national emergency. How do you think this will impact the shut down?

      • I feel like this can only worsen the problem. He is already viewed as irrational and unfit and I don’t think this is going to help his case. A national state of emergency is something that people take very clear and I don’t think an inner disagreement amongst parties really is justified as an emergency.

  5. The main issue that the government is facing right now is the shut-down caused by a disagreement in the Senate for funding the border wall. The action was put in effect in order to force the aforementioned funding. On the other hand, Trump is also considering declaring a national emergency to build the wall without congressional approval. Since this shutdown is far from beneficial for all parties involved– even more so for a years-long shutdown– a possible solution to this problem could be a compromise between the two parties, such as exchanging the funds for the protection of the dreamers, a deal that was rejected during early 2018. Another solution could be that Trump scales back the operation and only augment the existing structure, which will greatly reduce the cost.

  6. The main problem currently facing the government is the ongoing shutdown. Because of the shutdown, thousands of government employees are not paid and therefore are unable to pay for necessities, such as food, bills, etc. Meanwhile, the president refuses to reopen the government unless he obtains sufficient funding for his proposed border wall. He continues to make false assertions about rapidly rising crime rates in the U.S. due to illegal immigration, but there is essentially no evidence that proves his claims or how a border wall would help. He claims that immigrants will take American jobs, even though he is the one that is currently leaving thousands of Americans out of work with the government shutdown. There is not a clear short-term solution to the shutdown as it will be difficult for the two parties to compromise, but in the long run, citizens need to vote for qualified candidates who serve the best interest of all Americans, not just his/her base supporters.

    • I completely agree with you point. It’s disheartening to see the lengths one will go to get what they want that will only isolate us from our Latin American counterparts that we do business with and will likely greatly damage our relationship with them. And I agree with your solution, people, such as our younger generation, need to understand the importance of voting so that we can elect more qualified officials to lead our country.

  7. The main issue facing the government right now I would think would be the most evident one, the shutdown. Border security has been a problem left unresolved. Democrats are not willing to pay over 5 billion dollars for what they see as an ineffective wall. As a result the government has been shut down. Obviously, if the Democrats would just agree to paying for it, the government would be back up. However, building the wall has been a very controversial subject. Either people strongly disagree or strongly agree to the construction. It is difficult to compose a correction to the situation, as both parties are inable to come to an agreement. People will be unsatisfied if it is made or not.

  8. The main problem the government is facing right now is the government shutdown. Recently Democrats and Republicans have not been able to come to an agreement regarding the border security issue. Due to the shutdown, thousands of federal workers have not been getting paid and government programs such as Food Stamps have not been renewed. The shutdown has left many stressed out and the question everyone is asking is when the government will reopen. In order for the government to reopen the two parties have to come to an agreement on how to fund the wall and/or reduce the cost of the wall. One possible solution is to add to the current wall that’s already made. This installment would reduce the cost of building an entire new wall.

  9. The main problem facing the government at the moment is the government shutdown. It has created a ripple of effects that could do more harm than the cause of the government shutdown. It has caused employees to work without pay, national parks to have trash pile up, the closure of important departments that are used daily, etc. I am not disregarding national security, but I do not think this issue should have as much importance placed on it as President Donald Trump is giving it. I believe other issues — such as the lack of potable water in Flint, Michigan— should be resolved before spending this much time and money on building the wall. However this was given priority, creating a repercussion of consequences that made it into the biggest problem. The only way to correct this problem would be to come to a more reasonable agreement than to spend billions of taxpayers’ money on an unnecessary wall.

    • I think you have a valid point when mentioning the water crisis in Flint! Thus has been a problem for years and the fact that our president is more interested in building something that is OBVIOUSLY very controversial, and somewhat unwanted by certain people, is a problem. Water is needed to survive, not a huge wall that will prove to be ineffective and only be implemented to fulfill his inner desire.

  10. The problem currently facing the government is the shutdown over the wall. It is currently affecting the government jobs and government aid, creating a ripple effect throughout America. The way to fix it would be for congress and the President to agree on the issue of the wall and how its being paid for.

  11. The current issue facing America is the Government shutdown, which is tied to the border wall conflict. This shut down has affected millions of federal workers. At the time I write this, it is tied with President Clinton’s shutdown as the longest running. The result is that about 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed, or temporarily working without pay while the closure persists. In terms of economics, this also makes federal workers less productive because they have little reason to work, making government agencies and associated companies vulnerable to issues that could come up.
    I do believe that the issue with the border is the policy rather then the protection of it. A simple solution would be to implement drones. Drones are a much cheaper solution, and we already have some on the border that are used for traffic. Those drones already create paranoia for american travelers, they could have the same effect on those who immigrate illegally. They wouldn’t exactly serve as a violent purpose but merely a warning that we know whats going on. But if you want a wall, just make a moat with rattlesnakes and scorpions if you really want it.

  12. The number one problem facing the government right now is the fact that it is currently not functioning. The main cause for this is the arguments facing the border wall. Some suggestions on correcting this problem is lowering the cost of the wall, not doing the wall at all and allocate more funding for border security, or some other compromise.

    • Although I understand that it would be a compromise to end the shut down, I believe letting such a policy go through would have major effects on the environment that the wall will be dividing, not to mention the fact that it would cut into tribal land and cause further damage to the Native American and American relationship due to Native Americans historic trauma of having their land being previously taken away and treaties not being upheld. I feel a better solution would be to offer an alternative to the wall, like drones that are cheaper and can actually scare people off, rather than a wall that one will find a way to get over, through, or under.

  13. I think the main problem with the government is that they enter a gridlock far too often, resulting in annual shutdowns and persistent bickering across the parties. I think the best solution to this problem would be to almost force politicians to comprise in events like we are in now.

  14. I think the main problem with the government is that they enter a gridlock far too often, resulting in annual shutdowns and persistent bickering across the parties. I think the best solution to this problem would be to almost force politicians to comprise in events like we are in now.

  15. I think that the biggest problem right now is the shutdown. The fact that it is now the longest in history and it seems like no one is willing to negotiate is a big issue. There is no easy way to fix this issue but the shutdown needs to be fixed which means we need to find a solution that makes everyone somewhat happy. Maybe if Trump allows something else that the Democrats want to be passed then they’d be willing to work with him on the wall. A standoff isn’t productive or useful.

  16. The biggest problem the government is facing right now is the shutdown. In order to reopen the government, negotiations between President Trump and the democrats would need to be finalized and from various sources, it seems that a solution will not be made any time soon. Something that might end negotiations would be to have both parties give a little leeway into what they want and how they are able to make their demands possible. If neither side does anything, that will only hurt the nation even more in the long run.

  17. I believe the biggest problem facing the government is the polarizing idea that liberalism is connected with left ideals and that conservatism is with the right. There is no reason why these philosophies need to be forced into the two parties like bad hogwarts houses. The only way for actuall communication and progress to get done is diverse an accepted thinking.

  18. The major problem that is affecting the government is the shutdown that is still in progress. This problem arises with disagreements on how to control immigration. One side of the coin is to build a wall whilst the other side is to find another solution. To solve this government shutdown problem I believe the government must come to a consensus on how to control illegal immigration. Yet with this idea I recognize there is a likelyhood that a consensus on immigration will not be reached across party lines.

  19. Right now, the biggest problem in the US Government is the lack of cooperation and compromise. Politicians are very opinionated, and when they refuse to work together towards a compromise, nothing gets done. Right now, the House is controlled by the democrats, and the Senate is controlled by the republicans. This means that nothing can be passed through, as it would have to be agreed upon by all of congress, and without compromise this will never happen and none of the other issues in this country will be solved. This is the problem that has led to the shutdown. Neither side will cooperate with the other, so Trump has taken drastic actions to try to get the wall funded. This could be corrected by trying to elect in cadidates that are less stubborn and more willing to work with each other.

  20. The main problem regarding the government is that President Trump issued a shutdown of the government, because traction was not getting gained on the nations immigration policy, particularly traction on Trumps border wall. Realistically, I do not think the wall Trump promised will come through regardless, and shutting down the government puts people out of pay, and cripples the effectiveness of some government systems over a childish purpose such as “I want a really big wall.”. Since the Republican Party wants funding for the wall though, and the Democrat party wants money to help immigrants, I’d think of a proposal giving money to the Republican Party to “fund the wall”, but also money towards a program alike to DACA or helping those who were under the protection of DACA.

  21. The current problem facing the government is the consequences of the shutdown and the issue with the border wall. With Trump declaring that he will make this wall a national emergency to expedite it’s build process , it create tension throughout the world. Walls have never successfully kept people out (or kept people in in some cases), a wall can simply be crossed over, flown over, dug under, or smashed straight through with enough force. All a wall will do is create a really bad national design pick. If the wall is built, more than likely that will be our tax money instead of Mexico paying for it as the President wants. Even if taxes remain the same amount that means the tax money will be siphoned out of other departments from our country creating worse standards and conditions for the people. The shutdown , although only partial, has put many people out of a paycheck with some even being asked to keep working without pay because they are deemed an important part of the government but not important enough to be paid. This is also creating an environmental impact with the national Forest service being shut down that all this trash from people is just filling up and creating mass pollution. A way to fix this is simply call off the wall but fix immigration standards and relieve the gov’t shutdown and start paying people who have families depending on them. It is important to focus on your own country before focusing on a ‘wall’.

  22. The biggest problem facing America is the government shutdown. The main priority for the government should be coming up with some kind of conclusion so that then can move on with plans. Many Americans are not being paid, and unable to provide for their families due to the fact that the two parties cannot agree with the problem. If the Democrats could come up with an agreement that the Republicans do not completely hate, then they will all be able to continue with their work.

  23. The most urgent problem is the government shutdown. The government shutdown is effecting anything and everything from TSA workers, to the economy, to time periods of when taxpayers will receive thier money back from the government. With all that being said this current issue has people in a state of panic due to the chaos it has been causing. This problem was introduced by Trump as a way and a scare tactic to get people on board with plans to build a wall to keep immigrants out of the United States. In order to stop this problem we have to elect a new president with different values because as you can see the current president is stuck in his ways of,thinking which is all imigrants are bad. So all in all elect a new president who has different ideals so that that president will focus on other things that are way more important to the United Citizens than this. This ultimately will cause our government to reopen.

    • I don’t believe that the solution is as easy as just electing a new president. Impeaching a president is a long process, and since the next presidential election isn’t until 2020, that is what would have to happen. After Trump was impeached, we would have the Mike Pence become the president, who shares many of the views that Trump does. I feel that Trump is selfish in his policies and how he controls the government to manipulate them into giving him what he wants, but electing a new president may not help either.

  24. The biggest problem facing the government right now is that it is shut down. This shut down is a big deal because it is preventing government workers from getting money and also there are no tax returns. I think that this could be fixed if we had a president who was willing to sacrifice his demands for that of the people. Hopefully this shut down ends soon.

  25. The main problem facing the government today is the government being shut down. The shutdown causes issues for nearly every branch of the government because they need government funds to function. Many government workers aren’t being paid, even when they are working. The sides refuse to work together to find an agreement for border security which has caused them to become even more divided. The issue will be corrected eventually because the government needs funds to run, but both sides will probably refuse to come to an agreement.

  26. I think the biggest issue that the government is currently facing is that we are split between political parties in congress. A lot of the pressing issues in our society right now are viewed very differently depending on how you lean on the scale of conservative and liberal. This makes it hard for our leaders to come to an agreement that helps the issue while also making over 50% of the people happy. Until we are able to compromise and come up with solutions, a lot of important issues will go unaddressed.

    • The biggest problem with our government is the democrats and republicans. Currently the political party split in our government is creating a government that does not represent The American people. This lack of representation creates the mistrust and disrespect toward the people how represent us. Unfortunately there is not a solution to this problem due to the uneducated level and inability to not conform to a group, these are human nature. If the people of America were able to get rid of this trait, the founding ideas would be represented how they were meant to be.

  27. The topic of immigration had always been up for discussion, not just in the US but almost everywhere. With everyone having different opinions of who should be allowed, how they should be allowed, the process of which they must go through, it is not far fetched that we are not in a stand still with our immigration policy. That being said, the government shutdown due to this stand still is out biggest problem as of right now. I myself feel as though it would be a major waste of ,only to build this huge wall when people who are determined are going to find their way in regardless! However, I don’t exactly have w solution to this problem, I don’t think it is as simple as so many of us think….. That being said, it is somewhat understandable that we are at this mountain. This is no easy problem to solve but at the same time we expect our government to protect and take care of our country rightfully so this needs to quickly come to a resolution.

  28. The biggest government problem right now is the shutdown. The shutdown has many negative effects and is now the longest in recorded history.The lack of cooperation between Trump and the Democrats get nothing done where if one side was to compromise more actions can be taken to revisit the wall issue and so on.

  29. The biggest problem with our government is the democrats and republicans. Currently the political party split in our government is creating a government that does not represent The American people. This lack of representation creates the mistrust and disrespect toward the people how represent us. Unfortunately there is not a solution to this problem due to the uneducated level and inability to not conform to a group, these are human nature. If the people of America were able to get rid of this trait, the founding ideas would be represented how they were meant to be.

  30. The most obvious problem with the government is the shutdown. This seems to be not only affecting government employees, but also the citizens of America— whether that be inadvertently or not. The government was shutdown because the two main political parties of America (republicans and democrats) found themselves in a gridlock over something that’s always been controversial to the American people— immigration laws. Funding for the wall Donald trump is trying to implement seems to be nonexistent, yet president trump is still urging for the wall to be built. What needs to happen now is for the government to be “reopened”, and get things back on track or else nothing will get done. Nothing good or even potentially productive is coming from this shutdown, so why stay shutdown for any longer?

  31. The biggest problem facing the currently facing the Government is the Government Shut-Down. I don’t necessarily think what caused the Shut-Down is the problem (immigration), I believe that the idea that innocent American Citizens are being hurt from this shut down. The fact that TSA agents and other government works are being punished working without pay going weeks without a pay check is terrible. We need to rethink the shut-down and put people like the president and congress on work without pay because they are the ones that decided to shut down the government. We need to rethink these policies.

  32. The main problem the government is facing right now is the shutdown. It is declared the longest government shutdown in US history. Many American families are suffering due to not being paid, houses could be lost, food could be limited, and so many more problems just adding up because an agreement is nowhere in sight. Trump also callled a national emergency to build the wall against the Mexican border. It would only create more problems for the US and instead of handling it our best choice is to fix it with another problem. What sense does that make? This sadly seems to have no end near for those who are being greatly affected by this shutdown. One solution for it all is if Trump caves in and inhances the structure now which would save a lot of money and make the settlement of this argument easier.

  33. The main problem facing the government as of right now is its partial shutdown that’s been in effect for nearly a month. People working in federal departments that need the money they earn are in danger of living uncomfortably, starving, or even becoming homeless. Organizations that need government funding in order to provide services to those in need of them are going to be incapable of providing them and those in need will be incapable of surviving without them. Even scientific research distribution is being halted with no funding from federal branches! The simple way for this to be solved will be for the funding of the border wall to either completely stop or find and alternate source of funding other than from the federal branch, as this is the primary cause for the shutdown.

  34. The biggest problem with our government is the focus on partisanship and party over policy. Our government has become a two headed monster where one side does everything it can to stop the other, even at the risk of the citizens of the US. Partisan politics led to the current government shutdown that has forced workers to go without pay for over 21 days. It is the reason that not much legislation happens when one party does not control the executive branch, Senate and the House. To fix this, America needs a major shift in political ideals and needs to work toward bipartisan legislation.

  35. The biggest problem the government is facing right now is the shut down. This has begun to affect many people who are now missing their paychecks and many have not been doing their jobs since they aren’t being compensated like TSA workers. However, this has a greater influence to the economy as well. For example, many brewing companies cannot begin to distribute, export, or sell their alcohol due to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade burea being shut down as well. They cannot process new incoming brands and products which leave the brewing companies selling older alcohol, which in this new demanding economy, will drop their sales drastically and could affect our countries GDP.
    Personally, I think the only way this situation can be handled is if this unrealistic idea of building a border, would be completely disregarded and forgotten. The president should understand that there are many legal process and various consequences that all lean towards not advocating to build the wall. He is trying to seemingly further his own personal agenda and biases on immigrants, who are not the main reason for our countries problems that he claims they are. Also, the fact that he is essentially standing in the way of people earning their income and preventing many parts of the government from properly doing their job is immature and will only lead to deviating effects in our own country, as we have begun to see in the stock market.

  36. The biggest problem facing the government currently, is the two main parties: the Republicans and the Democrats. Neither stand for any of their core beliefs and principles they were established under and only wish to reek havoc and gridlock among the American populous. Both parties can agree to give $35 billion dollars in aid to Israel, but invest 5 billion into our own country for the security of American citizens is preposterous! Both main parties would also wish to increase our global presence in countries that don’t want us, like us, or wish to trade with us, but in order to appease the two parties, we send our troops to fight for a globalist and consumerist agenda, whose main goal is turning countries into culture-less economic zones. Both Republican and Democratic political parties have been bought out by large globalist corporations and banking cartels that wish to see the inevitable decline of American exceptionalism in favor of a society built on dangerous consumerist habits, destruction of the nuclear family, endless foreign wars, mass drug abuse, and wholesale population replacement. That is why the American political system of just two main parties it the biggest problem facing the government today.

  37. The largest problem in the government currently is the inability for both parties to come to an agreement. We are experiencing a standstill when it comes to passing bills or making important decisions for our country because the parties cannot agree. One major thing that could be fixed is finding a way to counteract the stalemates or incorporating more parties in the overall decision.

  38. I think that a major problem with our government currently is the shutdown. It is the longest one in US history and it is becoming harmful to federal workers. So many people are working without pay, so not only are families suffering, but the jobs are suffering too. People are not too ecstatic about working for free, so many jobs aren’t being done properly (TSA). I think the shutdown is essentially the result of Trump throwing a tantrum because he cannot get his wall funded. He needs to end the shutdown and work on something that actually benefits the country.

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