AP World Post #1

What is the greatest invention in history?  Be sure to be specific and provide examples, like sliced bread.

This post will close on August 11th at 5:00 PM.  Please read the rubric on how points are earned for discussion posts.

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  1. I believe that the greatest invention in history was weapons. I believe this because with weapons like the bow and arrow and the sword civilizations were able to defend themselves. Weapons were also the greatest invention because with weapons like the bow and arrow civilizations were able to hunt and gather food for survival.

    • I agree with you because weapons allowed hunting and gathering food much easier and also a way to protect your self.

    • I like your way of thinking, because weapons have always been something people need to feel secure.

    • I agree because weapons really helped us survive in the wild in the present day and in the past. We know have the ability to catch food and to defend ourselves more than ever.

    • This is very true, though we shouldn’t forget how advanced weapons also led war and suffering among rival civilizations all throughout our history. Nowadays, weapons aren’t used to ward off natural predators, but other people almost exclusively. I’m not denying that the earliest spears and blades were vital to our survival, however, what was once a blessing is now a curse. If we can’t find ways to resolve conflict without annihilating each other in the process, the future of humanity will remain uncertain.

      • I would like to disagree in your saying that weapons aren’t used to kill animals, weapons are primarily made to kill animals only that in today’s society many people view them different because there has been incidences in which they are used weongfully

      • I agree with you, weapons now aren’t used how they previously have been. However, the early humans used their weapons for survival, but then began using them for war and defense before modern humans even existed. So we may never know what the true purpose of a spear, blade, or arrow might have been.

    • I would like to disagree with weapons being the greatest invention in history, as while they had been quite useful for the beginnings of mankind, learning to manifest fire and control it has allowed for the technological advances of metalworking, allowed for an increase of meals for our diet, and had given humans protection and warmth needed to survive.

    • I think it’s very interesting on how you think that weapons is the greatest invention ever because I agree that it is a great invention but I think there is better inventions like how to control fire and use it for our needs.

    • I believe the ability to control fire to have been the greatest invention ever, as it is the prime reason we were able to survive in our prehistoric ages. Using the fire allowed for warmth, the invention of cooking, and created smoke to locate other people. The fire also allowed for the creation of metalworking, upgrading people’s tools further and allowing for the creation of new weapons for defense.

  2. I think the greatest invention is language because it gave everyone the ability to communicate with each other which made everything easier. Without language, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Civilization would be full of war and confusion and distrust because nobody would understand each other.

    • I think it’s interesting that you thought of language as the best invention. It’s out of the box yet simple at the same time. Language definitely helped the world advance.

    • I agree with you because language made it easier for communication and like you said without language civilization would be full of war and confusion because communication lead people to have relationships with people. Ex. Friends, Romantic, Family

    • I agree language is a very important invention. I also think it’s very interesting how you thought outside of the box on how there would only be chaos if no one knew how to speak. It’s a part of our everyday life and we need it to communicate with each other.

    • I agree with you cause without language everyone could not have been able to communicate with each other or understand.

    • I really like your answer and I agree that language is a great invention and also one of the best.

    • I agree with you, something so simple and used in our everyday life has made such an impact on us today. Without communication, many inventions would exist because no one would’ve been able to get their idea across. Another reason is so many people would be fighting just because they wouldn’t have been able to talk it out.

    • Now that I think about it, language is a big key to living. Well for me I would say. Because that’s how we communicate with another then electronically.
      It would just be chaos with everyone not knowing anything. Because that’s how we learn too. I agree language is one of the best inventions In history.

    • I agree with this because without language we wouldn’t be able to cooperate or communicate with one another. We also wouldn’t be able to form civilizations together because like you said no one would understand one another.

    • I agree because if we didn’t have language today we wouldn’t know how to tell each other things. If we couldn’t communicate we might have t just use gestures.

  3. In my opinion, the wheel is the greatest invention. Not only do wheels assist travel and help humans come into contact with one another, but many years ago water wheels also converted flowing water into power.

    • I appreciate how you included another example that is not usually thought of when discussing the wheel.

    • I agree, without the wheel, transporting items would be very inefficient and time costly

    • I totally agree with you, not only was the wheel an improvement for transportation but it’s a very versatile invention. The wheel was, and still is used for many things we do today.

    • I agree with you because without the wheel then we would not be able to travel and be in contact with others. Without the wheel, we would not have the power that was converted from the wheel.

  4. In my opinion, sterilization and sanitation is the greatest invention of all time since it increases life expectancy by multiple decades, just by keeping clean

    • I do agree with you on the the idea that sterilization and sanitation is the greatest invention. If such things were never invented then there would be a lot of deaths, and a lot of diseases would probably be worse.

    • I feel the same way because sanitation and sterilization eliminates germs which slows the rapid spread of disease.

    • I agree that sterilization and sanitation are great inventions because without them, humans wouldn’t have been able to survive for many centuries.

    • very interesting that you think sanitation is important because there have been many problems around the world with sanitation and i think we really need everyone to listen up

    • I agree with you that sterilization and sanitation is a great invention because without it death rates would be extremely high and diseases would be way worse and spread faster.

    • That’s a super original idea I would have never thought of. Especially nowadays, sterilization in hospitals is super important to make sure patients don’t get even more sick than they already are. And sanitization in the food industry is important so consumers do not get food-born illnesses.

  5. I believe electricity is the greatest invention in history because without electricity, everyone would have to transport by foot or horses. Electricity led to the discovery of many important inventions in the future.

    • I agree that electricity is the greatest invention in history. Without it, we wouldn’t have much of what we have today. Like air conditioning, important scientific instruments, and refrigeration, which led to even greater inventions.

    • I completely agree with you. Without electricity our life today would be so different, we wouldn’t have air conditioning, cars or the technology that we use on a day to day basis.

    • I agree that Electricity is the greatest invention because everyone is dependent on electricity. And even without electricity we would not be able to survive in a house in Arizona due to heat exhaustion. Even companys that due with Electricty such as your air conditionar are not allowed to shut down because they can be responsible and sued if someone dies due to heat exhausion. Which now the world has grown and is depend on what we need to survice

  6. The greatest invention in history is probably the invention of vaccines because they prevent the spread diseases. Without the vaccines we have today, there would be more epidemics and life threatening diseases going around.

    • I agree, this is really similar to what I was thinking and the two topics go hand in hand.

    • I agree a great example of this is the measles outbreak without vaccines the outbreak would have never been eradicated in the U.S.

    • This is a good point. Vaccines have helped stop or slow the cause of many diseases and has probably saved many life

    • I don’t think I would have thought of this at all but I completely agree, your example backs up your opinion very well too.

  7. I consider medicine to be the best and most beneficial invention in history. There is no way we would still be here without it. What we consider a common cold, could be deadly to people prior to modern medicine.

    • I really agree with what you say about medicine being a great invention. I think the example of a common cold being possibly deadly without modern medicine was a good choice.

      • What I think is the greatest invention was the book. I believe this because that’s what our history is stored in and that’s what we learn from.

    • I agree because if we didn’t have medicine of any kind, the human population would be severely decreased if not completely extinct

  8. I think that the greatest invention in history was the invention of government. Anarchy would immensely slow the progress of mankind. Without a system to organize the population there would be no way to implement/ fund things like education, medicine, militaries, sanitation, and further inventions.

  9. I believe fire was the greatest invention because without it humans would have a lower chance of surviving extreme temperatures, and would have been unable to create many tools and weapons, keeping people from using materials like copper, bronze, iron, and steel. Lack of these materials also keeping the world from the industrial revolution, the ability to mass produce, and steam technology.

    • I agree as, without fire, many inventions we now have today would be unavailable or be impossible to have been discovered without fire, such as cooking.

  10. I believe fire was the greatest invention because it provided humans with warmth and a way to cook food. Along with that, fire itself was used as a light source and was used to sterilize water and other liquids. Fire’s warmth also helped early humans migrate to colder locations without them worrying about freezing temperature, thus avoiding frostbite/hypothermia. Since fire created a sense of comfort for early humans and brought them together, it could have played a role in communication as well.

  11. What I think is the greatest invention was the book. I believe this because that’s what our history is stored in and that’s what we learn from.

  12. I believe that the telephone is the best invention. Without the telephone, messages would take days or weeks to arrive, but with the invention, it opened up new opportunities for faster and better communication like text messages, emails, and phone calls.

  13. I believe that fire is the greatest invention in history because without fire, human beings would not be able to be as advanced as we are today, or may have a low population density. Without fire, humans would not have been able to discover any ways to survive the extreme cold at night and during the winter. While having a way to keep warm during cold days and nights, humans are able to see at night or in dark spaces such as caves. Without being able to see in caves, early humans would not have been able to see if any dark spaces were a safe and secure place to live. With common knowledge, a safe shelter is a top priority to live in the wild. As caves were the safest areas to live in, having no fire to see inside the cave could have possibly meant that humans would have needed to create a safe space in a short amount of time when there is light. Without shelter, the human species could have possibly been extinct after some time.

  14. I believe that the greatest invention of all time is electricity because nowadays, so many things rely on electricity. Some of which are relied upon by humans. For example almost all houses require electricity, electricity powers the Air Conditioner/Heater which keeps you cool and warm, electricity powers most appliances in your house like ovens, microwaves, stove tops, refrigerators, which cooks your food. Besides the home, electricity also powers schools, office buildings, stadiums, stores, and almost anything made and created for humans.

  15. I believe the greatest invention is the Robot hands because some people have to get their arms and legs removed and have to use wheelchairs and such but with robotic hands and such, people would be able to know how it feels like to walk or grab things again, like what if someone lost both their hands, using the technology we have now, we can invent robotic hands to remember what it feels like to touch and grab things and to be able to do things at your own pace again.

  16. I believe the greatest invention was the invention of books because books allow us to keep track of history, write entertaining novels, and be used to teach people about many different things.

    • I never would have thought of that, you make a good point. Almost all of what we know was documented in books before there was internet and electronics.

    • I agree with you, books were the first to spread knowledge and information which is very useful for people to be able to learn and create ideas and opinions of their own.

  17. i believe the greatest invention is electricity because without it we would have no light and no way in communicating with each other fast. So many things require electricity

  18. In my opinion language, both spoken and written, is one of the most impressive and crucial inventions in human history. In primitive times, it allowed our ancestors to alert each other whenever predators were prowling about, and it also let them coordinate attacks when hunting. Without it, our survival wouldn’t be guaranteed, as most species outmatch us physically and we wouldn’t have been capable of competing with them if it weren’t for our vast intellect. Nowadays, language is used to record all types of information, to convey emotions, and to articulate our ideas and beliefs about the past, present, and future to each other, a system that other lifeforms are yet to truly replicate.

    • This is a very good point. Our chances of survival would be much slimmer without a way to communicate with each other. Most thoughts or ideas would also likely be forgotten with no way to tell other people what you think.

  19. I believe the greatest invention of all time was the internet. Without the internet modern communication would be different and less advanced as would modern life in general. The internet not only made life easier but transformed communication and our everyday lifestyle.

  20. I believe that fire is the most important invention. Without fire we would surely not to be able to create many of the things we use in our everyday lives, such as phones and cars

  21. I think that fire was the greatest invention because it’s one of the most versatile tools to be found. Fire could be used to cook food, use for warmth, to melt materials to make weapons and be weapon all by itself. People also used fire for light when navigating dark places and overall helped developed society into what it is now from when it was first found.

  22. I believe that fire was the greatest invention in human history. This is due to it not only having various uses by itself, but also because of how it is taken and used to create something new. For example, by itself, fire is able to keep you warm, heat up your food, and protect you from predators. However, combining fire with other things can lead to other inventions being made, like how fire was used to melt iron ore to create steel, which is used to build ships, automobiles, tools, weapons, etc. In fact, with how useful of an invention fire is, not only should it be known as the greatest invention of all time, but also as the greatest tool of all time.

  23. I believe vaccines is the most important invention to be ever created because it has helped prevent millions and millions of deaths for centuries. Vaccines was the starting point of all medicine. It has helped the human race to grow their population and vaccines has also made people have longer life expectancy.

    • This is a very good point. Without vaccines our chances of survival from war to everyday illnesses would be slimmer. We wouldn’t have things as simple as to cure the common cold with the start of vaccines.

    • I also agree with is, without vaccines, many people would be dead or close to it. Vaccines are helping our world grow and know more about diseases. For example, we know the cure to some diseases and we wouldn’t have without medicine.

  24. I believe the internet was the best invention because it makes life easier and now a days we get answers, learn, and do things because of the internet. Everything we do like communication, and it was also first made for the military purposes.

    • I agree that the internet is the greatest invention. Without it not only would our lifestyle be changed but the way of communication to the military and the way to inform and research for the army would be different and not as effective.

  25. I am convinced that the most beneficial and generally most important invention would have to be the microscope. With the microscope we not only can research bacteria and study micro-organisms that are unable to be seen with the human eye, but it is also a important tool to the medicine industry as well, being used in surgery or being used as a reliable research tool for cures or other potential vaccines to deadly diseases.

    • I agree, without the microscope we would definitely not be as advanced in science as we are today

    • I completely agree, the microscope has been and will always be a big part of breakthroughs in science. Without it, even today, we wouldn’t be able to make much advancements in science.

      • The best invention in history must be the Internet. The Internet has made us finding information so much easier. From a click of a simple button you can find out anything you want. Like how much miles is the sun from the earth etc. There are so many things you can do with the Internet that the possibilities are just endless.

  26. I believe that the greatest invention in history was fire. Without fire, people would not have known that heating things up such as foods to cook, or metals to melt, would be greatly beneficial to produce everyday items that people use to this day.

  27. I believe the greatest invention in history was fire. Fire gives heat which humans need to survive in cold environments, and heat can also be used to cook certain foods. Light was another strength that fire brings, it can be used to see in dark spaces or even used as a beacon at night. Fire also is used to melt metals, which lead to advancement in ages, such as the copper age or the iron age. It also granted a way to melt gold, which was later used as currency. Fire can also bring destruction to land, but with destruction there is regrowth in these lands, which releases beneficial chemicals into the soil. In result of this, is the advancement in healthier and more efficient agriculture.

    • I agree with your statement, fire is also used as a way to power engines and machines such as burning coal and making steam and also in less modern times fire would be used to warn off enemies and predators. Therefore making fire a great advantage.

  28. I think the greatest invention in history was the wheel, because it allowed humans to complete tasks that were almost impossible previously, it allowed for faster travel, and since it creates less friction allowed for certain tasks to be completed with significantly less work.

  29. The greatest invention ever was electricity. Almost everything in daily life uses electricity. Electricity is used to power light bulbs, our phones, our televisions, and our computers. Without electricity, the work day would be much shorter as no one would be able to see anything in the dark. The world would be no where close to where it is now without electricity.

    • I agree with this statement. Your examples also back up your opinion very well by stating how we use electricity in our everyday lives.

    • I agree with this. In our daily lives we use electricity wthout realizing how much we need it in our daily lives. As we know in histroy everything has changed by the telephone to cell phones we can play games, watch movies, text, facetime, and more. Even with a refrigerator we need electricty to use it, and for a freezer for our food we need electricty to power it. Without electricty we wouldn’t have what we have now and it is the greatest invention.

  30. I believe the greatest invention in history was electricity. Computer, smartphone, refrigerator, microwave, light bulbs, medical equipment, and all the other things we uses in our daily life uses electricity.

    • I agree with what you say about electricity. Your examples are great because it shows that our daily lives revolve around the use of electricity.

  31. I believe the best invention for mankind was modern medicine, without all of the vaccines, treatments and operations so many people would be suffering and dying from little things that are now preventable.

    • I agree with this statement because bacteria and viruses are always evolving, which will always make medicine relevant and important no matter the time period.

  32. I believe the greatest invention ever was paper. Many think that papyrus was paper but the first actual paper were invented by the Chinese. They brought it fro the world which makes education, language and writing possible. In those days, it must have took hours to cut a tree down and transform it into paper. Also, many dolls are made out of paper mache.

  33. I believe that the greatest invention is renewable energy sources because they are better for the planet while still providing energy

  34. The greatest invention is the medicine because it has helped save many lives. Also, it helps with further research.

  35. In my opinion, the wheel is the greatest invention in history because without it there would be no transportation. Another reason why it’s the greatest invention is that it is used for so many different things. For example cars, planes, trains, wheel barrels and so much more. If we didn’t have the wheel then we wouldn’t be able to transport as easily and we would still rely on horses and boats. Which are still used today but it takes much more time to get to your destination.

  36. I believe that the wheel is the greatest invention in history. Before the wheel, transportation wasn’t easy and it was difficult to get supplies from one place to another. With the wheel transporting things became less of a haste and easier to do.

  37. I think the greatest invention is the microscope because without the microscope you cannot find bacteria or cells that are in your body. Microscopes also help doctors and scientists examine tissue samples.

  38. I think the greatest invention of all time was the lightbulb. Without it the world would be way darker at nights and candles can be dangerous due to the fact that they can cause fires.

    • In my opinion the greatest invention was the internet. The internet is a innovative. Also it’s a source that every generation still alive has access to. Almost any information the mind wishes to have is easily accessible. I have heard so many adults saying they wish they had the internet when they were younger, and since it’s a fast, convenient way of learning information you need. That why I believe the internet is the greatest invention.

  39. I believe the greatest invention of all time is automobiles. The reason why is because automobiles give people the freedom to move around more freely. It influences the way we live and how we go about our lives. Automobiles save us so much time. For example, walking somewhere that is 2miles away can take-up to 30-40 mins while driving takes roughly around 5 mins depending on the speed you’re going. Automobiles are very efficient and I consider it one of the greatest invention of all time.

  40. I think a really good invention that I think really changed everything was transportation, because transportation gave is the ability to move things all over the place without much strength and also to move ourselves

    • I agree that transportation is the greatest invention because we have cars, buses, taxis, bikes, etc. that can help us get to a place quicker than walking. Although it pollutes the earth, things are changing.

  41. I feel the greatest invention in history is the telegraph because it was one of the fastest forms of communication in its time. The telegraph was used in the military, and was a big help during the Civil War. It also helped to advance communication, the telephone was created from trying to advance the telegraph. This furthered to the cellphones we have today.

  42. The greatest invention was the electricity. This has made technology, phones, computers, air conditioning and more. It has helped our world become and grow to now even learning new technology and more. There are some flaws to many thingas but through out history we use tohave not alot of things we have today which makes our generation easier to get a hold of our loved ones or friends in school or in any emergency.

  43. I believe that the internet is the greatest invention because without it we wouldn’t be able to access information as fast and we can easily communicate with other people.

  44. In my opinion internet is the greatest invention in history. Internet connects everyone who has access to it together, and is the fastest and most reliable way to communicate with people around the world. Internet also gives people access to information and media whenever needed.

  45. In my opinion the wheel is the greatest invention in history. When you really think about it most forms of transformation we use today involves the wheel. The wheel was in invented in 3500 B.C by people in Mesopotamia. The wheel was originally intended and used as a pottery wheel. Now look at what it has turned into.

  46. The greatest invention is clothing. It protects us and keeps us safe. It also is constantly changing and evolving meaning that we can create new uses for it. It is also a great way to represent yourself or culture.

  47. I think photography is best invention ever. The first camera was invented in 1816. Cameras are known for capturing anything from childhood memories to great wonders of the world. Without cameras, history class just simply wouldn’t be the same. We would most likely have to rely on paintings and other primary resources rather than actual photos. Or even have to experience something as breathtaking as the great pyramids ourselves.

  48. In my opinion the greatest invention of all time was the printing press. With the printing press the mass production of newspapers and books became possible. Due to the printing press, knowledge was spread faster than ever before.

  49. In my opinion I think pizza is the greatest invention of all time. Well some people might ask why. Because it is the best dish know to mankind. So good and you can have it whenever. They have breakfast pizza, regular pizza, dessert pizza. You name it, and you can put whatever you want on that pizza. Also you can get it for a really good price. Plus food is necessary to live, so why not eat good and eat pizza. That’s why I think pizza is the greatest Invention in the world.

    • This is straight facts man, pizza is definitely the best dish in the world, and most known. Legit without it i don’t think myself or billions of others would be the way they are today. I think way too may people would have overlooked this and this man, Khoury Gonzales, is a genius not to have. I support this opinion 100% and I have no doubt about that.

  50. In my opinion, the greatest invention is the fridge because we can preserve our food a little longer and keep it fresh. When life barely started there was no fridge and people couldn’t save their food they wanted to keep.

  51. The greatest invention is the refrigerator. I think this because it keeps things cold and refreshed. The refrigerator stores things and keeps them icy. It’s also big and a good storage for food.

  52. I think language was the greatest invention. Language has helped us to express ourselves and it has also allowed us to communicate with others.

  53. The greatest invention to ever in history is electricity. Electricity can help you with work and to communicate. It also powers our homes and our city’s.

  54. The greatest invention ever would be that of any form of communication. This would consist of speech allowing humans to express each others thought to each other, and writing as well, allowing humans to communicate with out using sound.

  55. Personally I believe the wheel is the greatest invention in history. I think think this because it is involved with almost all forms of transportation. Most ideal transportation we use like cars, planes and some boats all have wheels attached to them.

  56. Fire is definitely the most important invention. It has saved humans through at least two Ice Ages, helped cook food so we wouldn’t die of salmonella, use it to smoke out leather for clothing and start a foundation for smelting metals. Since the dawn of man, fire has done many things for humans.

    • I agree with that fire was important but I believe we would not have interpreted it the same way we have today without communication.

  57. I think that writing is the greatest invention because without writing we wouldn’t be able to keep track of history, or make entertainment such as books, plays, or songs. Writing is also a useful tool to take ideas into a physical form.

  58. I personally believe that contained fire is the greatest invention. Fire itself is not manmade but the ability to contain it has benefited people greatly. It can be used to cook food, as well as keep predators and bugs away. It can also be used for blacksmithing and sterilization. Fire is still used today in many homes, and in many activities such as camping.

  59. I believe the greatest invention would have to be the invention of how to control fire and use it for our needs. I think fire would have to be the greatest invention because you can use it for so many different things like cooking food, scaring off predators, using it for lighting when it’s dark, and using it to build things to help society grow. Fire is still used very frequently in our society today for many of the same reasons it was used in the past.

  60. I believe that cars would be on of the greatest invention. Cars would have to be because without cars we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere and we would have to walk everywhere. Before there were cars pioneers had to use wagons and horses to go places.

  61. I believe writing is the greatest invention. Writing was used to help document the history of early civilizations. It also helped people write down thoughts and ideas. Writing created a new form of communication for people and we wouldn’t know the information we know now if it wasn’t for writing.

  62. I believe the greatest invention is fossile fuels because if we didn’t have fossile fuels we wouldn’t have the transportation we have today such as cars, planes, and boats

  63. In my opinion, the greatest invention is the spear because a spear can be used as both a long ranged and melee weapon. along with it being versatile, it is also fairly simple to make and doesn’t require many materials. And sure, spears are outdated and not used very much today but they were heavily used in ancient times.

  64. I believe that the greatest invention in history was the wheel. The invention of the wheel had a great impact on agriculture and transportation. It made work more efficient and allowed for people to travel faster and farther. It’s one of the most basic parts behind most machines.

  65. I belive that fire is the greatest invention because it was the base for all other inventions. Without fire we would not have mastered anything.

  66. I believe that the ability to control fire is the greatest invention of all time, it lead to being able to cook food, it was used for warmth, and many other uses. Also, it is used to make other tools and items that never could have been discovered without the use of controlled flame.

  67. The greatest invention in history was fire. Fire had many uses such as being a weapon and making food. Prehistoric humans used it to defend themselves from animals and invaders and also to attack other villagers.

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