AP Government Post #1

1What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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  1. One of the leading problems within the government is the unprofessional behavior candidates have while debating about topics. They resort to name calling and overlook logically finding solutions to the problems at hand and give in to their petty rivalries. This affects everything our country goes through because the problems start at the top, which is why this is the greatest problem facing our government right now. The only solution to this is really to simply do your research on candidates and vote. Without our vote we don’t get to voice our input into the government; which is why it’s crucial to vote for the best politicians.

    • Zach noun I a hundred percent agree with you on every single level because during today’s is a modern-day politicians do not know what they are doing their acting to unprofessional for our youth current US government to handle first of all let’s start off with people like Elon Omar I’m not attacking her cuz she’s Muslims because she’s showing anti-Semitism it has been proven within a discussion within the Congress if anyone has want watch even a few Congress people have called her out on it and when can we grow into our government since Huey long it’s been that long and then we elect someone like her to show that but then we also have the man in the office right now who has very low approval rating of barely 42% this is just getting too out of control and that when they debate they go like little children just screaming at each other name calling all that petty crap we don’t need that in our government we need professionals that can resolve ot like adults

      • I believe the greatest invention of history is language and the ability to communicate. This simple thing is something we use everyday and is very effective in the way we communicate with each other. Not only that but can we please give attention to the real geniuses who invented and helped communicate language?

        • I totally agree with you Sanica. Without this we wouldn’t be able to communicate our thoughts or emotions with others. Another reason is if we didn’t have it most of our inventions wouldn’t exist, because how would we have been able to plan and explain it with others without language. How would our world be if we didn’t have language or writing?

    • I totally agree with you. Due to their unprofessional behavior candidates start to debate about topics that aren’t relevant or they don’t talk enough about main issues in our society right now. I believe the solution is for them to stop insulting one another, hear the other persons idea, then say what you do or don’t agree with.

    • I agree with the petty rivalries that have been occurring in the government, making it much harder for important things to be done. I also agree that to change this we must research our candidates and make sure to vote as this can determine who speaks for the american people.

    • I coincidentally wrote about a very similar problem. I believe a lack of cooperation between politicians (whose job it is to maintain the prosperity of the United States) seem instead to be competing for power and money instead of properly doing their jobs. This means they often spend time name-calling and “playing politics” instead of being productive and trying to better the lives of the citizens of the United States. Certainly this must change in the future, but it undoubtedly will not. This is the sad reality of our current political climate, and only by moving past it can we return to the days of early America, where policy meant more than slander.

    • The respectable nature of a nation is almost lost in a certain light when the candidates who we vote to represent us present themselves as childish. “So too must the voter be childish?”, one from the outside might ask themselves. I think you nail down the fact that voting is important. “Vote or die”. It is the one part an average citizen can play government. When a citizen does not capitalize on that right it is if they have no voice at all. People for hundreds of years so that some us might be able to have that ability, to contribute to a greater conversation. It is taken for granted that we have some control of our own lives. We must do out best to overcome the unprofessional behavior presented by being better ourselves.

  2. I believe the main problem facing the government is the fact that everyone feels they can control what everyone does, like having the right to own guns, abortions, and everything else in general. Especially with the fact that many women have to have abortions because giving birth to a child could have a fatal effect on their health. The way I believe that it can be corrected is for people to mind their own business about what someone wants to do with their own body and allow people to own what they want, as long as they are not a verified danger to society.

    • I agree, the government is creating control on the American citizens based off of their personal beliefs. Government should be focusing on how to better America and to an extent should listen to what both the conservatives and liberals want from them.

    • I one hundred percent agree with you. The government thinks that they can control what everyone does. If someone wants to own a gun or have an abortion they should be allowed to do so. What if there is no chance of the baby or mother surviving or they’re just not financially ready, they should have a choice. I agree with you on how it should be corrected people should just mind their own business and allow people to do as they wish.

  3. I believe the main problem with the government right now is partisan politics. This is one of the problems right now because it is either Republican or Democrat and there’s no in-between or working together. The parties are very insulting to one another and don’t try to find a happy medium. It is very black and white and it’s either you agree with me or if you don’t you’re wrong. It doesn’t work because our government is very divided because of this feud and all they have to do is work with one another.

  4. One of the main issues within our government right now has to do with tariffs. The president has forced us into a tariff war with China, naming the country a “currency manipulator”. This poses a big issue in the United Sates since we get much of our goods from China. If this goes badly, there is the possibility of falling into a recession where the prices would go up and our currency would not be worth as much. Instead of coming to a conclusion, the countries keep firing back at each other and nothing is truly getting done to solve this situation.

    • I agree that this is a problem that must be addressed in modern America, but I don’t know that I would call it a “main problem.” Not that this isn’t important, but I believe it (hopefully) does not represent a systemic fault in the government. This is more a partisan issue than it is one that affects the overall US Government. Within a few years, this problem will most likely have resolved itself peacefully through some means. However, I do agree that “nothing is truly getting done to solve this situation.” I believe there is much more that could be done in regards to this situation.

    • I agree,The tariff war with China is a major issue in America. This could drastically change the American economy, due to our reliance on Chinese goods. A period of negotiation is necessary to maintain peaceful relations.

  5. The main problem facing the government at this moment is extreme partisanship. Members of both parties relentlessly attack members of the other party, and often the attacks are personal rather than policy based. This is an issue because the two parties are unwilling to compromise, so nothing gets done. a vitriolic environment creates a space where the true interests of the American people are not the top priority; destroying the other party is.

    • I agree with you completely. Many of the politicians in our country spend too much of their time attacking each other when their time should be spent on trying to work together to pass policies that would do good for the American public. I think it’s important to have a common ground in order to make the government work, but that’s sadly not happening right now.

    • I found this very insightful, I agree that the attacks are of personal beliefs. They are typically more subjective than objective making the fine line between the two become blurred in politics. They definitely need to compromise in order to find the best solutions for the american people.

  6. I think the number one problem facing the government is the constant disagreement and unwillingness to compromise. In our government, people are unwilling to look pass their personal beliefs and find a solution that benefit the country as a whole and not just themselves or their political party. Although many politics was to please their party, they also need to think about how to compromise their beliefs to where both parties can agree. The government being split causes tension between not only the branches of the government, but also the American citizens

    • I agree that the government split causes tension between not only the branches of government but the people. The politcal parties can not come to a agree ment this is causing a lot of people in opposite politicals are opposing each other.

      • The big problem in the government right now is the immigration issue. It is splitting up the parties and branches of gorvernment. They need to try to come to a argreement or closing on more efficent and better way on how people can legally enter the United States.

        • Alexis, I agree that immigration is splitting the parties, but as of right now, it seems as the parties are purposely disagreeing with each other. If President Trump tries to pass a bill, it automatically gets shut down. Same with the Democrats. A compromise between the two parties is extremely needed.

    • I agree that the separation in government has visibly affected how Americans with different values interact with one another. Government officials need to remember that their purpose is to represent the values and opinions of the citizens first.

  7. A major issue the government is facing today, is partisan gerrymandering. After each ten year census, district lines are redrawn, however the process has been skewed in favor of certain parties in the area. Partisan Gerrymandering allows politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around and can be a guise for racial gerrymandering. This creates an unfair political advantage for parties and causes unequal and unbalanced representation. Gerrymandering decreases the value of the citizen’s vote. The Supreme Court recently ruled in recent cases that while unhealthy it was beyond the court’s power. However, in Cooper v. Harris it was ruled that racial gerrymandering was unconstitutional, and in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. Voters are realizing the consequences and demanding immediate action to end partisan gerrymandering.

    • I thought that was very insightful, I would never have thought of that. It’s ironic that the American public is told to go out and vote but when this happens, it makes it difficult to actually “have a say” in what goes on in our government. Hopefully, something will happen to immediately end partisan gerrymandering. Do you think the government will take action, and if so is it any time soon?

    • This was so interesting to read; I had never heard of this. I liked that you included court cases, it was so thorough! Decreasing the value of a citizen’s vote is frankly shocking and quite obviously wrong; our vote already counts less than it should.

  8. The main issue with the government today is the refusal to compromise. With many unending arguments, things never end up being solved. The power the government and state government has been shown in the past few years. Now politicians can make laws about internet privacy, abortion, and immigration with barely, if any, citizen input. To change this many need to become involved in the government and vote so that the people can gain more control. We all deserve a voice and it seems to be drowned out more than ever lately.

    • With all the conflict and problems in our society our political parties can not come to an agreement. This is impacting what the people want and their thoughts. There are more laws that are being made and people do not have the power to speak up for themselves and as citizens we should have the rights to. Overall the gorvenment need to come up with a better way or an agreement to solve problems we face in the world today.

    • I agree with your point that citizen input seems to be taking a backseat, even though more and more citizens are becoming involved in politics. We also definitely all need to vote and do as much as we can to bring about positive change.

    • I agree, the forbidden notion of c o m p r o m i s e is very unappealing to modern politicians. This is why problems persist and none of the discussion of problems is in a progressive light, only a spiteful one.

    • I completely agree and that is again why nothing can ever get done because like you said theres a never ending arguments.

  9. I think the main problem facing government today is immaturity. Politics has devolved into name-calling and insults, instead of revolving around argument. The government is too divided, and many radical and polarized views plague its offices. Instead of working together and keeping each part of the government in a balance, it seems as if each branch of the government is working against the others. This is unproductive and should not be tolerated in the arguably most powerful government in the world. If this was resolved, the government would be much more efficient and rigid as a whole.

    • I agree; these days politicians are becoming less refined and mature and instead have begun to launch baseless attacks on one another. It affects all other aspects of the government and hinders progress in so many different ways.

    • I couldn’t agree more, this whole idea of belittling each other to get a point across is ineffective. If anything it’s dividing our country even more and over time it will exacerbate into a worse situation.

  10. The biggest problem facing the government today is the extreme split between political parties. No work is able to be done because the parties are focused on attacking one another, instead of focusing on the country. Even though the parties may not agree with one another, they should make compromises in order to better the country. The parties should put their differences aside and figure out how they can work together peacefully, so that they can make the United States a better place.

    • Agreed both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this in recent years. Not that long ago they would disagree with each other and still try to find a compromise. Now it seems there not even willing to talk to one another.

    • I totally agree with you. While it is important to be passionate about one’s country, it is equally vital to cater to everyone’s concerns in a respectful manner. This means of compromise would prove much more efficacious!

    • I agree, the focus needs to be on creating feasible policies that make America better as a whole. Partisan loyalty should not take precedence over a working American government.

  11. I believe the biggest issue facing our government is the lack of universal health care. This is inclusive with mental health care as well, not just physical. Patients with past conditions have no healthcare, and that causes more illness, death, and possibly lack of healthcare for their family. Health care is greatly expensive, and Obamacare doesn’t suit every United States citizen. Adding a stronger mental health pillar in America would lead, possibly to healthier citizens and less mass shootings and murderers. America has no strict system on dealing with mental health concerns, and this, ultimately, is a faulty weakness.

  12. I think one of the main problems with the government is how the media covers politicians and there policy. They tend to only show the most outrageous and radical views almost forcing candidates for political office to say and promote the most absurd points they come up with to get there name out to the public. Not only does this cause more polarization of the American people but also it’s a system that promotes radical politicians instead of sound ,moderate candidates.

    • I completely agree with you. The media is very biased at the moment and will say or do whatever is necessary in order to get the side of the story they want to hear. Whether that is asking questions that are intended to lead answers a certain way, or interviewing a select group of people. The media should portray both sides of stories and let the people decide who they agree with.

    • I agree that there is a large amount of tabloid like coverage on many politicians and it’s become a television and social media battle without the research behind the issues and views of those that a ton of young voters are semi-blindly voting for.

  13. The biggest problem facing the government is the large chasm between people caused by the toxic and argumentative nature of political parties. Instead of settling compromises or respecting beliefs, we have resorted to separation. This creates, not only a rift between a common people, but it discouraged many to become involved in their governmental affairs. This is where the sentiment of non-voters comes from. I think that in order to fix this issue, people should heed the word of our first President George Washington, and stop assigning and labeling ourselves as a certain party. If everyone simply educated themselves and came to a conclusion individually, rather than conforming to a party, then I am sure people would be much more open to compromise.

  14. What I believe to be greatest problem facing the country today is very likely something not many of you will agree with. But nonetheless, I believe the greatest issue facing American society are notions of American exceptionalism and white supremacy. At first, one reading this comment may think I’m a radical (which honestly I kind of am), but allow me to explain. White supremacy and a refusal to provide equality to other non-white people manifests itself in a number of ways. To name a few, we have the racist rhetoric of Trump against people coming across the southern border and the crisis of immigrants being denied a due citizenship process and forced to work in agricultural camps with no rights. Next, there is the apparent and growing black/white wealth gap, disparate funding of schools (Arizona has the highest racial difference in funding), and the cases of police shootings. Then in recent days, the mass shootings inspired by white supremacist, anti-Latinx notions have spurred the conversation of gun control — something that effects all of America.

    The role of American exceptionalism in this is that many citizens believe these issues aren’t worthy enough to disqualify America’s “greatness”. Therefore, many believe that either these issues aren’t as pressing or that they aren’t influenced by racial biases. Almost members of white America believe we live in a post racial society since the movements of 1960s and there is no issue or racial policies in this country anymore. This is the exact harm American exceptionalism does, as many people believe this even when it is certainly not true. Furthermore, even a recognition of these issues are justified by the rhetoric of statements “I’d rather be in America than in other countries.” Yet, white supremacy goes past America — this expands to every worldwide territory that has experienced the influences of colonialism post 1500.

    • I agree with this 100%. People can’t comprehend the lasting effects of slavery and segregation in the south, people were slaves 150 years ago, that really wasn’t that long ago and you can see the lasting effects of it on our African American population. Also there is more recent systematic oppression that the government enforced like redlining, our classmate’s grandparents were forced into lower income areas when buying houses. It is completely unfathomable how people cannot see how the government has kept minorities poor and oppressed.

  15. The biggest problem facing the government is the harsh relationship between the left and the right side. Democrats and Republicans have this horrible relationship now that it gets funny sometimes. If you ever watch the State of the Union, the president will put in “clap pauses” into their speech and if the president is Republican non of the Democrats will ever stand and clap and vice versa because they are so against each other and cannot fathom liking the other persons ideas. I think that is totally the opposite way we need to go in the country. We should all be working together to make the best things happen not separating farther and farther. They say it in kindergarten that you have to compromise in order for everyone to get what they want, you cannot always have it your way but you can have some of it. And making changes is better than a stalemate all the time.

    • I agree that the State of the Union speeches are like toddlers having a tantrum, but even though it is entertaining, it shows that incompetence of the government. Rather than. coming together, everyone is fending for themselves and not looking to better the people.

    • I agree that the State of the Union speeches are like toddlers having a tantrum, but even though it is entertaining, it shows that incompetence of the government. Rather than. coming together, everyone is fending for themselves and not looking to better the people.

    • I firmly agree with your perspective of the split of American citizens between a binary party system. Especially in the modern context, the focus has grown so great on party alignment that general policies that would benefit a significant portion of the population have been denied. In my personal opinion, I believe that humanitarianism has been overcome by parties. In terms of the modern immigration crisis or even the inhumane treatment of incarcerated individuals by both the criminal justice system and society, a reflection has emerged of individuals resistance to act on human instinct. Too often, allegiance is pledged to parties rather than specific ideals.

  16. The most difficult situation facing the government is the animosity between Conservatives and Liberals. Both of these sides have opposing opinions that differentiate from each other greatly. Conservatives usually favor keeping traditional values and beliefs, while, Liberals are open to new behavior and opinions. The problem with these two sides is the immaturity that is involved. Instead of actually confronting these opposing views rationally, they take an absolutely childish route by name calling one another. It’s very sad to see people of the same country belittling one another because of different views and opinions. Although, opposing opinions is completely rational, we need a more effective way of doing it or we will never progress.

    • This is very true, while the party system was meant to include ideas, it has now turned into ensuring party loyalty instead of working with others to reach an agreeable compromise.It could even be argued that America was never meant to have political parties. George Washington in his Farewell Address specifically warned against the formation of political parties, because of his fear that they would divide the nation. A house that is divided will not, and can not stand.

    • I agree with you completely. The divide between political parties has become too big of an issue and people are forced to pick a side in an endless battle where the general idea is to come to consensus. This is a great perspective that didn’t cross my mind until you mentioned it in these comments.

  17. The number one problem facing our government currently has to be polarization. Effective legislation and execution are thrown to the wayside to prioritize taking sides. This extends not only to the government but the people governed by it. America seems to be dividing in a greater sense as a nation. A nation’s government will follow the nature of its voters. Unity and togetherness are resources that seem more precious by the day. I believe no immediate solution is possible but with determination towards a goal and a greater compromise in mind, improvement is certainly a possibility. It starts with both sides giving towards the other. Understanding must be learned.

    • I agree, unity should be the focus of American citizens, and the government. The diversity of the people in America is what truly makes the United States unique. Americans working together despite our differences will make the country better as a whole.

  18. The greatest problem in our government is the disparity between the poor and the rich. Currently the 3 richest Americans have more money than bottom 92% of the country, that isn’t the only staggering statistic either. The government’s lack of intervention, and ignorance to the corruption that is occurring is keeping the majority of America oppressed and continuing the cyclical suffering that people are enduring.

  19. One of greatest problem facing our government right now, is the strong game of politics has been taken too far. Politics has always been tricky but as of recently the government displays more as a pawn in the game in which the prize is power. Once the power is received, the owner of it may or may not know what to do. Many times, even if they do, the word of the people matters, and sometimes it seems as if the government is not listening to the people.

    I think fixing this is beyond our control, corruption and people’s self accountability is something others may not control. I do believe that noting on it, and calling it out is a good way to shed more light onto the matter.

  20. One of the biggest problems facing American society today is the difficulty to understand the conceptual equality of all people. The discrimination against people of differing genders, races, and sexualities still persists regardless of constantly pushed efforts for general human rights and well being. Struggles among most individuals who have been discriminated against have followed them, leading to general unequal opportunity and a normalized state of disrespect from those who are expected to lead their lives in suffrage and constant disrespect. Overall, if equal rights, opportunity, and basic humanity were granted to all; America could begin to process a large amount of others issues along with it. This will take time and patience.

    • I believe that the main problem within the government at this time is the lack of cooperation between the parties. This is because it causes a lack of solutions to come from anything, rather politicians are unwilling to compromise and will only support what follows their beliefs exactly. If they could at least compromise than something would get accomplished which may not be the best solution but would still be at least a step closer to solving the problem. This could be fixed simply if people felt that they could accept some of the points of the other side rather than focusing on just what they want.

    • I agree with your statement, especially on the discrimination of people based on sexual orientation and gender. American society has immorally defined one’s sexuality as their level of humanity, and those who are not abiding by the binary norms are not granted the same rights. In terms of gender, American society is founded upon male hegemony and misogyny, in which ALL women are treated less than men. The fact that many people do not consider themselves a feminist appalls me — a feminist ultimately means that you favor the advancement of all women. Regardless of your personal exposure, not identifying as a feminist can be read as you not believing in the unconditional freedom of all women.

  21. The biggest problem with the government is the inability to properly and effectively solve our nations problems. Such as college debt, immigration, gun violence, global warming etc.

    • I agree, we have several issues that we refuse to address as a country, especially more pressing ones such as global warming.

  22. The biggest problem in the government right now is the treatment of those detained in ICE camps. These are not P.O.W., even seeking asylum they are not fed, clothed or generally treated like human beings. Ample water and food should be provided for these people. If funding is an issue (which we all know isn’t true) donation centers for blankets, food, clothes, e.c.t.

  23. The main problem concerning the government today is the democratic and republican parties. They continue to go after each other and do not agree on certain aspects. It is affecting citizens in a way that the government is being taken away from focusing on more important matters like ; economy, pollution, environment, etc. By having negotiations in these two parties, they will be able to focus on causes that truly matter.

    • This honestly lines up with my thought process. It’s hard to have a successful government when both sides won’t even take the time or effort to hear each other out, because they can never come to a peaceful consensus.

  24. There are several problems facing the government at the moment but one of the concerns would the political slashes within the country. This has been occuring since the start of the nation. However, these slashes have not been as polarizing and isolating to the people as it is today. The two major debates, gun control and immigration, are argued on a constant basis as of late; but is there any talk of finalizing policies and actions? Politics, especially parties, are pitting against each other in an attempt to enforce individual beliefs, all while no actual conclusion is being made. This has not only stalled the government but has divided the nation’s public.

    • I agree with your thoughts completely, it seems like our government is all bark, no bite. If a compromise could be made between parties, then the government would run more smoothy and accomplish work, but at this rate we will never see anything completed.

  25. One of the main problems that faces the government is the immaturity of our political representatives. The name calling and how they only do things that help their party and not for the whole of the group. Congress can’t get along so nothing can get done. They won’t come together and agree to get things done for the betterment of people and only try to help their party. the lack of cooperation between the parties is one of the main problems with the government. the men were Congress treats each other like little kids and it would take a lot of work to get them to compromise on a thing to pass.

  26. One of the biggest problems with the government is the lack of professionalism throughout the United States. This is shown with the actions with the President involving name calling, but also the split house. With the government being mixed with parties, neither party will compromise to create a healthy medium, but rather argue constantly and not agree. Honestly, I do not think I know a solution to this crisis in the government, but the more it continues, it makes the Unites States look like a dysfunctional country.

  27. I believe the main problem our current US government is facing is gun control. Too many mass shootings have occurred in 2019, especially in comparison to our surrounding countries. Too many individuals who should not be armed, have access to guns making the United States very unsafe. To fix this issue, the president should enforce stricter gun laws and have better security.

    • I believe gun control is our biggest issue in government right now. We are the only country in the world that has regular shootings. The media could be a main cause that these catastrophies keep happening. People who are insane and want to hurt people like fear. Publicizing about shootings causes fear. This will fuel more insane people to take action. The media gives them what they want. If we stopped publicizing, I believe we can see change.

    • The main problem facing our country today is gun control. The amount of mass shootings in the last two weeks has been atrocious and appalling. To many people have been victim to the senseless crimes comitted by people who should not have the ability to pocess a gun. Families have been torn apart and lives ruined because of the lack of control of these deadly weapons. It is time to no longer look at the person behind the weapon but, the weapon itself.

    • I believe intolerance towards each other between the left and the right is a major problem in the government. It seems as though people,(not everyone of course), automatically associate with one party because they dislike the other one. As well as the constant bickering between each other, it’s divisive and often derails from the discussion at hand. I believe many people can agree that with this problem out of the way, we could be a lot more productive in these matters. I’m not quite sure if there is an easy solution to fix this, but a good way to start is to stop engaging in these insignificant rivalries, and to urge politicians to do the same.

    • I believe one of the main problems facing our government right now is gun control. The reason for this is because of how much shooting has been happening recently. Especially in schools, which is something that students should not have to really be too worried about, even when dealing with students that are younger and in Elementary schools. If there were some kind of ways that the gun laws could be a lot more strict so these events do not happen. Also the safety of other citizens can be played into this as well from the shooting in El Paso which has been more targeted at Mexicans. But not to shy away from the psychology mind that some of these people do may need help with. So the government should learn from these events that have happened and to inflict stricter laws for gun control.

  28. One of the major problems of current times is the lack of youths voting in elections — and when they do, is typically uneducated. From that, a skew is shown from one political party leaning more than the other. Problems within states are not often directed to state representatives, and thus electoral votes exceed popular votes. Last presidental election, it turned out to be a ‘pick between two poisons’ in society. However, I estimate that changes can potentially be initiative is starting at the root, county and districts, then slowly form to states and regions. Active communication through representatives/canidates and citizens can be focused on to break this stigma of how ‘self-centered’ the modern generation is. Ether be school assemblies, social media, and whatnot possible.

    • I didn’t even think of this but it’s such a valid point. It’s like as younger generations are transitioning into the time of their life where they can vote, they’re not showing up. So then when election results show and when decisions are made the generations who will be affected by said decisions over a longer span of time are unhappy because what’s going does not reflect what they would’ve wanted since they didn’t vote to begin with.

  29. I believe one of the biggest issues the government currently faces is the inability to reach a compromise. A vast majority of the individual issues the country faces as a whole would most likely be resolved in a more simple matter if the government knew how to work together. It’s like each side takes a my way or the highway approach to every situation.

    • I agree with you completely and think the government needs to focus on solving issues more than trying to win for their party. I think that people are to unprofessional and instead of focusing on the people they try to bring the other candidates down with personal information.

  30. Is it worth the cost to be able to prolong my life for a few more years?It’s terribly sad that people have to ask themselves that question in this country because they cannot afford the medications that keep them alive and do not want to impose the cost on their loved ones. The United States spends far more on medicare than any other country and has less to show for it. Affordable and more accessible health care should be a top priority of the government because people should never have to worry about seeking the treatment they need because they cannot afford it or because their lives will receive a debilitating financial hit, especially if they have a family to support as well.
    We need to impose many more regulations on insurance companies, lower the cost of vital medications, cut unnecessary spending in health care so that funds can be redirected to where they are very much needed, and get rid of perverse incentives for care providers that lead to all sorts of unnecessary procedures and corrupt practices, regardless of the harm inflicted on patients.

  31. i believe that one of the main problems being faced currently in our government is the issue on immigration. it’s been talked all over trump’s presidency & although congress hasn’t given thoughts to an agreement for reform it has given many problems. ICE, detainment camps were immigrants are being locked up, are no condition for no human being. taking away DACA organization is a cause for protest & taking away citizens right for new education just for their immigration status. let alone breaking apart the parties/branches just to not figure a better system in where immigrants can enter legally.

    • Yeah, although there are many illegal immigrants in america the process of obtaining a citizenship have to be made far easier. Having a four-five year wait time on a citizenship is insane and ultimately must be stopped.

    • Yeah, although there are many illegal immigrants in america the process of obtaining a citizenship have to be made far easier. Having a four-five year wait time on a citizenship is insane and ultimately must be stopped.

  32. The main problem/topic of debate right now in American politics is gun control. Over the past few years the number of mass shootings in America has spiked leaving many to criticize the way we handle the use of firearms. Although there is no telling which way of dealing with this problem will end up one suggestion is to slow down the process required to obtain a gun… assault rifles in particular. This can be slowed by ensuring deep background checks are made on anyone attempting to purchase any sort of firearm along with a far longer waiting period. By tightening the laws on purchasing firearms the amount of people capable of buying a gun will drop tremendously which could ultimately reduce the amount of attacks in America over the next few years.

    • Agreeing with Zach Noun unprofessionallism is huge problem as well as the constant thought / urge for war I feel like any minute we could go into a war it’s very concerning.

  33. I believe the greatest problem in america is gun control and just guns in general. I’m not saying take away guns fully but at least make it impossible for people to not get their hands on military assault weapons that can take out lots of people at any second. It should be harder to get a gun then to get a drivers license. Guns will forever be in the world and won’t ever go away but we need to see what we can do to stop what has been happening more and more frequently

  34. I believe the one of the biggest problems in America would be immigration. In which, there hasn’t been an effective solution given. There hasn’t even merely been a sort of compromise with the “solution” given that has resulted in deportation. Many children like for instance in the Mississippi raid have had their parents deported. Then the children are left without a parent or someone to support them. Which then makes our country or that particular state responsible for those children. Essentially taking more money for that state or also our federal government. But all in all it’s unfortunate there has not been an effective solution whatsoever there needs to be more consideration but also a logical sense of thought.

  35. The main problem facing the government today is division. The political climate today is the most divided it has ever been, and it shows in Congress. Laws are more impossible to pass than ever, and nothing ever gets done. One way to help solve this issue includes swaying away from voting party-line, and focusing more on compromise. Another solution involves being open to the opinions of the other side, and implementing policies that encompasses the entire spectrum.

  36. The biggest problem facing our government is the lack of concern for the environment. The rapid extinction of species and global warming are fully supported by facts, yet the government is not doing enough to stop it. They should make constant efforts to reduce pollution and push the US towards a more stable, sustainable society.

  37. I think one problem facing the government is the current trade wars. China has made a point about not buying food produced by American farmers. This can have a serious affect on prices of food in the US as the farmers may have a surplus of produce wich, after it is gone, may drive food prices up. After that it will be difficult for low income families in the US to provide themselves with even the most basic of groceries.

  38. Something I think that is a problem facing the government is the lack of progress for the immigration process. People who come to the U.S and try to become citizens have to wait years to get any work done and have to live in constant fear of being deported back to their countries or facing problems with the government. There needs to be a better and more efficient process to help these people out.

  39. I would say Immigration is a very big problem the government is currently facing, due to the fact ICE is performing these raids leaving families separated and treating them very poorly while they are being detained. For Example many of the people being detained are lacking food, water, clothing etc. as well as being held in not so clean areas. Many of these individuals also being children have been sexually being abused in US custody. Which is not okay.

  40. I think one of the biggest problems the government faces is simply making decisions. Our government is divided so much that we are unable to pass anything because of opposing sides knocking each other’s opinions.

  41. The main problem with the current government is how little both sides agree with each other and how nothing significant ever really gets done. We could fix this by having the people who are elected focus more on if it’s beneficial to the country and people rather than focusing on winning.

  42. The main issue / problem with the government is how they refuse to compromise with each other they’ve never been able to agree with each other. i believe if they would just focus on the the country and there needs and find a way to take care of that situation without anything ruin it they’ll be fine.

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