AP Government Post #3

Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society?  In answering this question, think about the expectations that  President Trump generated during his the campaign.  Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status.  Did President Obama raise the expectations on his presidency?

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  1. I believe that expectations have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern this country. Both parties expect perfection and that everything should go their way, but at the end of the day, the president is only human and allowed to make a mistake. Although few Democrats like President Trump, they have to admit that he has stuck to the majority of his big promises with his campaign and has done what he promised to do, especially with the economy. No president will be able to accomplish everything they campaigned for, especially with the party division we have today. I believe that President Obama, or any president for that matter, did not raise the expectations for being president. Citizens have always expected a lot, sometimes even too much, from their presidents, so although the expectations are high, I do not believe they have increased in the past years.

    • I agree, no one can accomplish the promises they made during their campaign. The promises they make are more so to show their standpoints on topics and to show that they understand that the topic is an issue (or is of importance).

      • I agree, I think that the promises made during elections are only to pull in money and votes. However, we can only hold our president to the word in voting which is why I think the inability to do what is promised is seemingly more disappointing

      • I agree that they can’t keep their promises made during their campaign but I still think that they try their best to do what they say they was going to do.

    • I agree with the idea that our government is divided and leading to self absorbed to acknowledge the progress made by others. However, I think president Obama did raise the expectations after his presidency as he is the common comparison used to discredit trumps actions as president

      • I agree. of course the most recent president to leave office will be the main comparison to who holds office, and Obama ran his terms drastically different than Trump.

    • I agree, to much is put out to get the votes and to much is expected that I feel like not many realize there is a process. And that process is a long “painful” to accomplish all those promises

    • I agree, partially. Yes, citizens should understand that a president cannot do everything all at once, for he is only human. But, his promises are important in our fast-paced country and economy. His economic promises have mostly been followed through, but nothing compared to the way Obama has cooperated with others.

      • I totally agree, the president is making all of these promises to citizens that we are not positive that he will keep. Lots of pressure is put onto the president and its tough for him and his chair members but they should not be making commitments to fixing as aspect unless they are close to it becoming a reality

    • I agree with your statement. The expectation of a president is perfection and to keep every promise from their campaign trail. In reality, the president is not always given those abilities.

      • I agree that no president will be able to fully meet everyone’s expectations, and those of the opposite party are hard on presidents that do not accommodate all of their needs.

    • I also agree with your points. A lot of responsibility and true consequences fall on the president. Way too many people are blind in seeing this. In retrospect, it is impossible to exactly complete all goals during a presidency through one period.

  2. America’s expectations of the presidents have become too high. We have begun to move towards more of a tyranny than a democracy, which goes against the principles of our country. However, the difference between the expectations of the president and their actual job is a significant one. While the president is perceived as working alone, they in fact spend most of their time working with their cabinet and advisors. Americans should therefore give more attention to the presidents advisors than currently is given. Viewing the executive branch as a coalition of politicians working with the president is much more loyal to the intentions of the founding fathers, who sought to eradicate tyranny. Obama raised expectations because he was able to work with many people to accomplish a great deal of deeds for the country. If the public wants a president to work on his own, then it will be impossible for them to meet expectations.

    • I believe the expectations of the president are often based upon the candidates predecessor; in being that, I also believe that America’s expectations of the president are rational but also biased. The “promises” made during their campaign can only be described as ostentatious. It’s only a standpoint given for public consumption and I think we as voters should be able to separate our moral expectations from that of their progress in office. Whether I agree or disagree with the president I can only measure their success in what they’ve done in the past and have failed to do in the present.

      • I agree in the sense that we often view a president’s success as it compares to the last president. Although, they allow their voters to expect the best and greatest during the election. Many of thier promises cannot be reached within their term. Many times they make promises they cannot complete by themselves.

    • I agree that people’s expectations have become too high. I also believe that the president needs to trust in his advisors more and surround himself with people he trusts, or shares the same ideas with. I believe that if the president did work with his cabinet more, he would not have as bad as a reputation as he does now.

    • I do like how you brought up that the president making decisions that he says are not just ideas he thought of and said he was going to make happen. The president works in the cabinet surrounded by a bunch of people smarter than him as every president does.

    • I agree, the beauracracy that had developed in our government contradicts the foundation of this country. Our governmental system is in shambles because of Both people and the government.

    • I agree. The issue with a lot of political debates and candidates selected for ballots is what is expected of them. Perfectionism is unrealistic and should not be blamed on any one individual to run the entire country as the boss rather than the leader. However, if Presidential candidates were carefully examined by all voters and their main promises were enacted or at least attempted to be; then, we may creep upon the idea of a “good” President.

    • I like how you included that he works with other people in the cabinet, because that’s true and also he has to consider everyone’s ideas and thoughts when doing his job, on a day-to-day basis. Obama was able to work with so many people, the issue with Trump remains unsolved. Why can’t he work with others like Obama ?

    • I agree that American citizens expect far too much nowadays, and to reach all of those expectations would be impossible

    • I couldn’t agree more the president’s cabinet plays a huge role on how they can run a country. With that extra help the responsibilities of the president are dispersed between a much larger group of people that really help to take up the extra responsibilities placed upon the president.

    • I agree, most people think the Presidency is a one person job. However, the presidency is a collaborative effort. Further President Obama’s collaborative efforts allowed him to accomplish campaign goals and far more. It is crucial that the focus should increase on the President and his or her administration.

  3. I think expectations of the president has far surpassed what is possible. It seems as though the people are expecting more for every situation. There are hundreds of things going on, and I think that it gets very overwhelming. Everyone has different ideas of priorities. I think that expectations of the president has exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability because every candidate is stuck with the idea that they have four years to solve all the problems (not accounting the problems that will arise throughout their term). However I do understand the pressure (slightly). I do not think that expectations have changed. I think they are the same as they have always been, the pressure is just stronger now.

    • While I agree with your comment I also want to point out the fact that the presidents are the ones typically making these expectations for themselves. That is why they are elected because the public believes their promises. They sort of put these hardships on themselves during the next four years and while we can blame the people we can also blames the candidates and presidents themselves.

      • i agree with both of the comments above. as becoming a president that high expectations during a typical four term period should be nothing new as it is puts reassurance in the voters that they are fit for that position. but as more and more pressure continues to build up into the country, people have that set for the president to get us out of complications that are all not that simple but are to begin in a way.

    • I do agree with you when you say the the expectations of the president have exceeded the abilities of one man or woman. However I do have to disagree with your statement on the changes in expectations. I think that since our society continues to grow, so do our ideals. Due to this the expectations have becoming increasingly difficult to meet.

    • I like what you said about the expectations being the same but the pressure being higher. I think that accurately describes the attitude of the public which is that every term, they expect the next president to perform better than ever before. They expect to see better results when in reality they’re all human and no one person can perform better than the last. Especially considering that each president is bound to have different priorities.

      • I totally agree with you. Each term presidents are expected to take a step up from the last. The pressure put onto the president to be more involved with all of the demands from citizens is extremely high considering how each year, people become more and more aware of the world around us and its problems.

    • I agree that the expectations have risen becuase of all the things that are going on, however I think that as long as said executive fulfills one big promise, then people will lower their expectations for lower priority promises and will lower the pressure for the current executive

    • I agree, with the amount of issues in modern government it’s impossible to solve everything, instantly for that matter.

    • I agree with how you said that in reality the expectations of being president have not changed just presser with social media being so involved and us knowing everything that happens when it happens puts more stress on the president

    • I also believe in how overwhelming things can get for the president regarding the many complexities of society, however it is not impossible to the fullest degree. Even though a president does only get 4 years to solve the problems that were promised to be fixed, a good president (which is the expectation of everyone) still has the obligation to make a change for the better.

  4. In my opinion, the expectations of the president has definitely been raised due to the increasingly complex society. When you are elected as president the country expects you to rise above the complexity and corruption in the society they govern. The pressure of media and other new pressures created by our evolving society. Recent presidents such as Trump or Obama have eyes on them 24/7 and they can never do anything without the eyes of the public on them. Constantly, being watched and prodded by all of the country.

    • I agree. I also think that (while the people deserve to know what is going on) there are certain things that should not be released to the public because of security reasons. Even with things like “may not be published for the sake of national security” information leaks out to the press. It’s confusing because secrets cause problems and honesty causes anger. I think that no matter who or what is president the pressure will be there but I also think that the pressure has always been there. Our society has been revolving but it has revolved enough for us to catch up and grasp our own change.

      • i agree with your comment. as much as everyone might want to know what is going own in our complex society, the pressure on media is real. that being said, not every piece of information should be leaked to the public just cause. but there is also that point in which presidents have social media. in that case they should be respectful giving out their own opinions or public information no matter what to not cause that pressure media.

    • Having a more complex society did not seem like an issue before. Now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a president that society is happy with. I believe this is mostly because people have a voice in the media. I agree with your statement on having eyes on our presidents 24/7 to find any screw up they can.

  5. Our expectations of the president may be high and the reason why they surpass one’s abilities is because most are contradicting. The president is not able to please everyone including both republicans and democrats. However, they should continue to be held to this high expectations in order to do their best effort for the country. Both Trump and Obama raised expectations from the public through their campaigns by the promises they said but one person is unable to go through with these promises. Other branches of government are inclined to help.n Not one president is able to solve all these problems and therefore are raising the expectations on themselves.

    • Yeah, I think that it’s obvious no one person can accomplish everything while keeping everyone happy. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect them to do as much as they can. Being President is a tough job that they signed up to do, and having people with contradicting opinions surrounding them only makes it harder, but we have to expect something.

      • I do think that we expect more than we should from our presidents. they aren’t all ruling there are checks a balances and have to come to a compromise with other politicians and the people. President Trump is a great example of this. His big goal was to create a wall on the southern border but has been stopped almost anytime he tried to get funding for it it wasn’t until recently that he has been starting construction on the wall.

    • It is so true that no president can please everyone. I feel like that’s the reason there is so much disappointment when it comes to the public opinion of the president. The opinion of the public is also always super polarized: you either hate him or you love him. And to expect any person to satiate every need, fix every problem, pacify every problem is a lot to ask of someone. However, I do think that it can be done with the right team.

  6. The American Public has expectations that are far beyond anything any one person can achieve while in office. It is simply unrealistic. These unrealistic expectations are a direct result of presidents like Obama and Trump promising more than can be delivered. No president can promise everything to satiate every political party in the country, and that is why the president has a whole team working with him to strive for those goals. That being established, I do think that the expectations placed on the government as a whole are not unrealistic. When you have so many members working together and accomplishing tasks should be easier that it is made out to be. In short, the Public should not place the blame of stalled change on the president alone but on the government as a whole.

    • I agree, the people who run for the position of being the President should ultimately not give the people false hope, or make promises that they cannot keep. However, the President works with a plethora of groups that help maintain the country, but I also believe that the goals that are placed on the government as a whole are not unrealistic either. If they set goals they should have the motivation to achieve them, and is in most certainly not unrealistic to reach them over a period of time.

      • I agree that we expect too much of the president to accomplish in a four year term, it really isn’t long enough to achieve even half of what a president might promise

    • I agree with you. I think it’s unrealistic to think that the expectations we have for our president are achievable. I think it’s important to realize, as you said, that the president has advisors to help uphold promises made to the public. It’s also important to realize what the president actually does rather than focus on unmade promises.

    • While I agree that the government often stalls addressing important issues, that does not mean the President should not make an effort. This would show the American people that they at least intend to follow through. Many of the issues have not even been substantially addressed since their campaign.

    • I agree with Elena Salcido that the demands of every party is unrealistic. That and major political parties trapped into debate often lead to a stalemate in Senate, this could be a leading factor into way president’s promises are not made.

    • I agree that the current trend of presidents promising leagues more then they actually deliver on is contributing to the unreal expectations we have placed upon presidential candidates as when they don’t deliver upon them people get mad and feel cheated

  7. Our government has had such a big expectation to do everything in there power to make every country great. But what the president has trouble with is being able to grant happiness towards republican and democratic parties. The government is only able to do so much at one point and with all of the expectations that people are pushing towards the government is most likely overwhelming every decision thats being made, which is making our population believe that our administration is doing a horrendous job.

    • This is true and it does make everything so much harder to get done. The conflicting sides constantly arguing and never being able to agree is what makes the presidents job so much harder. However, he is the president so we should expect highly of him. He is representing all of us and therefore should have redeeming qualities and do their best to live up to expectations of the public.

      • You are absolutely right when it comes to the difficulty a president faces due to expectations and conflicting sides. I also agree one hundred percent with how the president still has the mandatory responsible to represent the people and to live up to the expectations of the people.

  8. I think that there’s only so much that one person can do during their term as president. There are more and more problems in need of solving everyday and the more a campaigner promises to solve all of these problems, the more unachievable expectations there’ll be. Four years isn’t long enough to scratch the suface of the sheer number of problems expected of the president to fix, not to mention that some problems won’t even be addressed at all depending on what party the president belongs to. Obama definitely raised his expectations higher than he could ever manage to achieve, and as a result there was plenty of criticisms on his inaction, or what appeared as inaction due to his inability to do everything.

  9. I believe our political parties have divided a lot in recent years and it has become and game of what can we pin on who and we expect perfection from politicians who we know can play dirty. As far as trump keeping promises he has kept a few I know that but you can only do so much as the president however trump has more a media personality which causes a lot of trouble and some of the distasteful things he says would have not flown with previous presidents but because our society is so complex it’s hard to decide what to do about a lot of the social problems in the U.S. Now and days there’s hardly room for discussion it a battle between parties and it’s quite frankly become a battle for the people as well.

  10. I do think our expectations have exceeded reality. So much pressure has been put on the candidates to be perfect and to hold the same values as everyone else, but the problem is every person has different beliefs. It’s impossible to please everyone. I understand they can’t keep every promise they make, but as long as they work in the direction they promised to people should just be pleased.

    • I agree. No president will be able to do exactly what they promised, but as long as they are striving to pass laws and take action on the beliefs they campaigned about, people should consider that a win. If a president is representing his voters’ beliefs, then he/she is being the best president he/she can be.

  11. I believe that one man or woman who becomes president is most likely going to be unable to give the entire country what they want, because citizens have become so diverse and complex, contrasting and comparing different views that it’s difficult to please everyone. Although Trump has only kept a few policies, it seems that he has been in progress on a couple more. As I previously said, he cannot get everything passed. It may be because of difficulty with Congress, or he’s busy dealing with other issues. The day-to-day duties of the president— the ones that demand the most attention—are paid attention to before those other promises.

  12. I think that American’s expectations about the presidency have become too high. Our society is continuously becoming more diverse and each person’s beliefs differ from someone else’s, which makes it difficult to find a common ground; especially when the two political parties are constantly arguing. However, I feel that politicians do make empty promises at times and doing so can upset the public. I do feel it’s important to realize that the president has advisors that should share the blame of being unable to uphold promises.

    • I agree, the expectations of what others think that the president, have become too high and too self involved, now a days people base their opinions on what is best for themselves, and with all of the people its hard to be President; I would think. Yes, the political parties always try to start an argument towards one another, blaming each other for things that people have no control over, and just arguing about the tiniest of things.

    • It is true that party biases can hender legislation from being passed, solely for the reason that the ideas did not come from their party, or compromises cannot be made.

    • I liked how you brought up the advisers. I think a lot of people forget how many people’s perspectives and ideas go into certain decisions, and those people should be held accountable as well.

  13. The expectations of Americans these days, I believe have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. As President there is really only so much that a person can do in office during their term. Some may have 2 terms to try and fulfill all of the promises that were made to the people during their campaign and even then, most times all of those promises are not carried out. Men and Women expect this country to run by their own rules and regulations, nothing is ever good enough for them now a days. In the end, however, the President is only human and he does make mistakes and will mess up during his term. Even if the president does not do what people want him to do, they should remember that they are the ones that voted for him and should stay by his side no matter how many times he messes up. With Trump being the current President he makes sure to try and leave his opinions out and the majority of the time he does what he “thinks” is best for the country, although sometimes it may not be, he makes sure to side with the majority and not play favorites. Citizens that vote always expect so much from the Presidents and want to see them do everything that they said they would, but sometimes things don’t always go the way its planned and some promises aren’t kept. The people just need to accept that and move on.

    • It’s so true how everyone expects the president to accomplish every single problem for their own benefit at times. There’s only so much that they can do in a short period of time. If people disagree with the President, then we can always wait for the next election to vote and elect for someone else.

  14. I believe that the expectation set for the president are way too high. I am thinking more in the since of one person can never make everyone happy. With the two political parties always in such a fight to not agree on anything nothing can get done. I took a peek over at the link and it shows my point that most idea can not happen purely of the fact that everything gets stalled someone in this ever complex society.

    • I agree that the two parties never agree and that also helps in the fact that a president is unable to get any of the promises done.

  15. The American’s expectations for presidency has certainly exceeded the president’s level of ability; this can be derived from previous presidents (particularly FDR). The current president has met some promises made, but he still has hundreds to meet, including his major promise of the wall.

  16. People’s expectations of the president today are too high. Regardless of who the president is he has limited powers. People make the president out to be someone who can instantly solve our nations ills when this is not true whatsoever. The president can cause some important changes but isn’t freely doing what he wants.

  17. I think that every president makes promises that more than likely can’t be kept and both Trump and Obama did that. The only way that most of the promises could be kept is if the government would all work together perfectly or the president had more than two terms which are both impossible. Every president raises expectations to help them get elected but at the end of the day they more than likely can’t keep those promises.

    • I agree that during their campaign, candidates promise more than possible just to give their run for presidency an upper hand.

      • I do believe that we do have high expectations for the president mostly because to me he doesn’t have enough time to accomplish everything that should be accomplished mostly because some of our request are unrealistic in a way.

  18. American’s expectations perhaps become slightly unrealistic in certain scenarios, but that does not mean we should give Presidents free passes for their faults. The President is someone who should be morally responsible and have political and emotional tact, and unfortunately these traits are becoming less prominent in certain presidents and candidates. It has been common for presidents to make promises to get elected that they cannot necessarily keep, and we should not expect them to be able to accomplish everything they want to. However, they should put effort into accomplishing what they’ve promised; even if their efforts are stalled they will have tried.

  19. I think the expectations have always been high and not everything can be reached. Although they do promise to do a lot I don’t think many other people realize that it’s a long and rough process with many rough difficulties of the different parties. To much is expected by citizens and doesn’t realize that its a process.

    • I agree, most of the people do not know what the actual process for something to get done actually takes. Even if the president is making a promised

  20. I believe that the expectations placed upon the president of this day and age are unreasonable as he or she is unable to fit to all visions as to what the president should represent for this country. as the times change our view on what a president should represent changes and its near impossible for them to keep up.

  21. The expectations of today’s society’s idea of what a President should be are not unreasonable for any one man or woman there just isn’t one perfect candidate to be able to fulfill everyone’s need. President Trump has one sided views that are biased by himself and his party rather than the well-being of the country which should be the primary concern. However, the improved economy and unemployment rates are each credited to Trump which is unfortunate because of the amount of work Obama had to dig up before there was even the possibility of improving the economy rather than having to keep it from drowning as Obama did at the start of the 2008 recession. Taking credit for what others have assisted with rather than crediting them for their assistance does not make a fair president at the very least. I don’t personally have any idea what would make the perfect President for the majority but I do not feel that it is unachievable.

  22. The expectations have always been too high. Even if the president were perfection, people would still find a way to be upset about what he was doing. It is simply impossible to please every person yet everyone is waiting around to be pleased. The president has to be like a giant compromise between everyone in the nation under voting to attain even the slightest amount of agreement, even then it’s still controversial. Trump only adds to this fire with his tweets which do not always look the best. Obama likely set higher expectations for everyone by just being generally charismatic. Even if you did not like his policy it was hard to hate the man. Trump makes it easy.

    • I agree. It is impossible for the president to please everyone. Even the ultimate compromise would undoubtedly make someone upset, regardless of the content of the compromise. Because we have freedom of thought, there is no limit to the ideas people can have. For this reason, we have disagreement on every topic imaginable. The likeability of a president’s character is more important for many people than the policy they endorse and work on.

    • I completely agree Cameron he is very biased and your right he should credit anyone who did research before him because they are the foundation.

    • I agree with what you said on not everyone is happy with the president and what he is doing. There will always be two sides on whether people are supportive of the president or that they do not like him. Obama also did not create as much controversy by being charismatic.

    • I agree the expectations for president and that you can’t make everyone happy because ultimately everyone’s views are different and we all have different opinions so certainly there is very little room to please everyone but the president does have a cabinet and multiple members of many parties to help him make decisions so that does lower the expectation that it is all on him.

  23. It is impossible for a president to fill Americans expectations solely based on the bipartisan nature of our country. If the president does something liberal then conservatives will scream, and if the president does something conservative then liberals have the same reaction. Another problem is that democracy is slow, people can demand a change but the president might be working on more pressing issues which ends up having issues being ignored. All of these issues contribute to the expectations being unable to be satisfied

  24. I think people still have very high expectations of the executive office. Trump made many promises during his campaign and wasn’t able to fulfill all of them, You can’t please everyone. Obama fulfilled one big promise that was Obama care, so even if he didn’t fulfill other promises, that one promise was all he really needed to satisfy people. Obama definitely raised the standards for the oval office. trump isn’t held to high standards because his one big promise was the wall, and he has yet to put that to work.

    • I agree. Although, Obama’s promise benefited a lot of U.S citizens, Trump’s “wall” doesn’t really benefit anyone. The problem with immigration could be addressed in a different way or even develope a method to grant citizenship, rather than blocking the boarder to try and “keep people out”. If a president can’t grant something, then they shouldn’t speak on it and instead find something that they actually want to improve on.

  25. America’s expectations about the presidency has indeed exceeded ones ability to govern because of our societies very complex society. Today’s society presents many issues that are way too complex to deal with that there could be a right and a wrong way to deal with the issue. This brings upon an immense amount of pressure and expectations off the president because if they make the wrong decision towards an issue that it can ultimately damage their reputation as president. Presidents also are not alone, they have a cabinet of chair members who help him with deciding issues and making decisions. The expectations for the president however can vary with what he or she says during their campaign because if they say they will fix an certain issue than they are certainly putting an expectation on themselves to fix that issue. Obama did raise the expectations of being president because of his ability to carry out what he set out to do during his presidency.

  26. Yes alot of our government has too much high expectations for a president could handle but the country is constantly evloves and develop new styles of life for it citizens and the president has to go and make these expectations to meet the requirments that the people need for a ever changing america.

  27. I think that as a society we have places to many expectations on whoever is president. We are under the assumption that whoever is in charge must be perfect. They can never mess up. If we believe that, we are naive. We vote based on campaign promises, when in reality most will either end up stalled or will never happen. Obama didn’t keep 50% of his promises, and Trump has only kept 18 so far. As a society, the pressure placed on the president has always been there, but it has grown exponentially with the birth of modern journalism and social media. With constituents having better access to them, they place even more pressure on to the position, making it quite possibly the hardest and most stressful job in the US.

  28. Expectations have exceeded the capabilities of a single man or woman. It is virtually impossible for a president to accomplish all of his or her goals due to party biases in Congress, and current issues that take priority over campaign promises, and a term of four years. Much of each president’s accomplishments can be accredited to his staff which helps to implement campaign promises. Each predecessor raises expectations for their successor, as the citizens become used to that president so they expect the successor to follow suit.

    • I agree with your points. It really is impossible physically as a human being to act on all promises made. The extent of action taken however is important.

  29. I believe the expectations for the president have exceeded one person’s ability. No one person will ever be able to make all Americans happy and content in complex society where everyone wants different things. I think people hold the president to such high standards that sometimes they forget that the president is just a person. That being said some of these high expectations are self generated. Every president makes unable promises on the campaign trail in an effort to make it to office. I think it’s a good thing that people expect a lot from their president. The president should be held to high standards and shouldn’t be off starting twitter fights, because at the end of the day our president represents our country and it’s values.

  30. I believe that presidential expectations have exceeded beyond one’s capabilities. The United States is a big country that has a lot going on constantly. There are new situations and problems that may need to be addressed but the president can only do so much. Not only that, there are several long processes to get laws and acts approved in order to be enacted. I feel as if the president will mostly only focus on the big problems rather than a lot of small ones that could wait to be dealt with.

  31. American expectations regarding presidency has definitely exceeded both a man and woman’s ability to govern presidency within society. In which, it is physically impossible to meet the needs of all people in America. Especially with complex issues like gun control and immigration. No matter the case there is not a solution that can be effective in all cases. Especially with all the developments within technology and politics today society was definitely prospered in the idea of being complex. Like take for instance, Trump he made several promises to the people. Such as through gun control, cops & gun violence, and like building a wall. These promises have not actually happened. Not saying they all need to but, Trump has given many promises but has not fulfilled them. All in all Trump does too much talking rather than actual action. Obama did raise an expectation during his presidency after bush. While the economy was moderate compared to Trump’s. He did create a stance for himself. As he was given very little expectations in his presidency by the people.

    • I agree, there will never actually be a solution that would be effective in all cases. Especially with change always occurring.

    • I like how you acknowledged the differences between presidents and the expectations surrounding them when they went it. Too often I think we unfairly lump all presidents together under the infamous line of “they all do it.” There are nuances in these policies that must be acknowledged. I think in terms of Obama, the expectations differ depending on who is asked. Some may say he exceeded expectations when considering the situation he had to take America out of compared to where it was when he left, while others may say he failed to meet expectations in terms of being the historical first black president.

    • I agree with you that it is impossible to please everyone when addressing issues such as gun control and immigration and to meet everyone’s needs, however the American people do not necessarily expect the president to be able to accomplish all of that, but to fulfill their role to the extent that is possible, especially in regard to what they have promised.

  32. Expectations by the public for a good president have slightly gone too far. I do not think that you can have a president that will do everything the people wants. You can see that Obama has not met all of the promises he made. More than half of the promises are either excepted or not made ture at all. And you only hear about the ones that are not made. The media does not focus on what a president has accomplished, only on the negative aspects and what they haven’t done. So expectations keep rising and I believe it is almost impossible for you to meet those.

    • I completely agree at this point the sheer scale of the expectations placed on the president has grown past anything that one person could reasonably handle. It also seems that this is continually growing as society advances and becomes more complex with its issues.

    • I agree that the media never will fully show what a current president does right unless they align with the medias party, so no matter what they do, someone will say they are not doing there job right

  33. I feel that the expectations for the president have and are always going to exceed the capabilities of man or woman. The president can only do so much when it comes to tending to what the people want. Not everyone is going to be pleased because it is completely impossible to make the whole country happy. Regardless of the people knowing that it is impossible or not, people still put the president up to very high standards. But it is as well self inflicting due to campaign promises, that aren’t usually ever achieved. So of course the people would put the president up to high standards if that is the way they are coming across with their campaigns.

    • I agree with you that sometimes, no matter what, it can be impossible for a president to please everyone, and so in that sense the expectations of the people may be too high. I also agree that much of the weight of expectations is put on presidents by themselves and so rightly deserved. That fact is what makes me less sympathetic; if they do not follow through on the promises that they made in order to get themselves elected then they violated the trust of the people and so do not deserve to be president.

    • It is very true that the President will not be able to please everyone with their policies. However, the President is the leader of the country. Their actions and policies can alter the country and international relations, therefore they should be held to a high standard due to the power they are given.

  34. No, I would like to think that the American people understand that when there’s a hostile political climate and the House or Senate is not of the president’s party, then some of their promises may be completely out of their ability to keep, no matter how great a president is. But holding presidents accountable for not doing everything within their power to uphold their word is a necessity. Presidents should definitely be ambitious in their plans to enact what they believe to be positive change for the country but should never make empty promises. Obama may have raised the standard of the presidency but not necessarily expectations.

  35. I think the expectations for the president have exceeded the actual things he can achieve. As our society grows the presidents role hasn’t. The people think the president has more power than he actually does and this was set in motion by past presidents. looking at what presidents promise vs. what they end up doing is always altered. the president has to find a way to appeal to both parties to actually get something done because our houses have become very divided.

    • The presidents power has expanded beyond the capabilities of one person. our society has become so complex and our system has also become so involved party politics that it is hard for one person to appease both sides.

  36. In our generation I do believe that American’s expectations about the presidency has in fact increased. Throughout President Trump’s presidency, many people expected him to stay true to the things that he promised he would accomplish while many others as well expected him to fail as a president. The promises that Trump had made during his campaign was a way for him to garner as many people to vote for him that agreed with his principles. Some promises were achieved while other promises weren’t. The same thing happened to Barack Obama when he was president as well; some promises where accomplished while others weren’t. The thing that we have to understand is that no matter how much of the tasks the current president and previous presidents may have wanted to tackle, there would always be obstacles that directly block their path. Some obstacles were beaten while others weren’t. With many problems that the President is trying to handle, it’s difficult to pinpoint every little thing that they do. Americans have always expected their president to be this aura that will solve every problem that we face when the truth is that they’re only human beings and that their is only so much that they could really accomplish during their presidency.

    • I like how you pointed out the purpose of presidents making promises. Yes — they do provide the public a general summary of their plans while in office and their positions on certain issues. However, like you pointed out, promises are a part of the game. All presidents do this because they recognize that people will vote for what they want to see happen; if a candidate can make the public believe they see their solutions in them, then their chances of election are much greater. Even when all the promises are made with earnest intent and the candidate genuinely pursues the policy, there are still balances of power that can prevent most promises from happening.

  37. I do believe that the expectations of the presidency has exceeded any woman or man’s abilities to govern. Everyone expects the president to be a superhuman, perfectionist saint, in which they are not. People expect the president to be everything and more. They expect the president to please everyone. Which is impossible because people have different ideas and viewpoints on situations, and the president can only do so much. We as Americans expect the president to fix every issue we find important then and there. We expect for a president to stand by every single promise they have made. The second that the promise is not kept, they are considered a bad president because they don’t succeed in what they have promised to the public. There is a lot of pressure for any man or woman who becomes president because as time goes on, we expect more and more from them.

    • i really agree with some of the points that you brought up. I do believe that the president has been put in this spot that should be a perfect person but nobody can be that. I also agree with the fact that the president can’t please everyone because everyone is so divided. Presidents don’t have the power we believe them to have and they can’t follow through with every promise because some people are always going to disagree with it somehow.

  38. I agree that expectations have risen for presidents and that the pressure to be perfect is now more than ever. Trump has been holding up his campaign promises however he does not set a good example as a president. He is a businessman who only shows concern to business like politics, because of this he is seen as a racist and a sexist. I don’t follow him too much so I can’t say much for sure. The expectations for him are still a little extreme because everyone expect him to cover every problem at all times. Obama has helped the expectations grow by being the first diverse president and being a public figure. A lot of people just don’t know how hard it is to get things done in the government and are quick to criticize when they don’t have immediate action/ stimulation. People need to realize even politicians are human too.

    • I agree with you that people do not really know the somewhat of the real struggle of being the president. Since there really is a lot of pressure being put upon you as a president.

  39. Americas expectatuons of the president certainly have surpassed the ability of one man especially in the system that we have established where power is evenly dispersed. All you have to do is look at the countless advisors and committees already established to take the load off of the president. Another reason why there is too much placed on the president is that they cannot possibly achieve all of what they want or what their supporters want.

    • I agree with you, the powers have exceeded the ability of one person and for people to look at the committees instead of just at the president. You can’t have one person have so much power yet want it evenly dispersed, that’s just unattainable. A president can’t always achieve what they want due to the political struggle to appease both parties and then the people blame the president.

    • I completely agree. No one person has the mental capacity to know everything the President is expected to, which is why there are advisors. And I also agree with you that they cannot achieve everything that their supporters want, because they have to pass it through Congress too.

  40. I believe expectations of presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern. In a increasingly complex society lots of pressure is put on the president to not make mistakes and lead our society in the right path, they have to be perfect. Trying keep all the promises made while being president is impossible. As soon as one of them doesn’t follow through they are labeled as a bad president and not given a chance. The standard is held so high because of the people.

  41. I believe expectations of presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern. In a increasingly complex society lots of pressure is put on the president to not make mistakes and lead our society in the right path, they have to be perfect. Trying keep all the promises made while being president is impossible. As soon as one of them doesn’t follow through they are labeled as a bad president and not given a chance. The standard is already set by the people before a president is in office.

    • I concur, any president has a very difficult task and that is satisfying the American people. Everyone has conflicting opinions which all can’t be fulfilled. As a society we need to come to a consensus and figure out these situations, instead of pathetically arguing like children over it

  42. I do believe that expectation of presidency has exceeded ones ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. The reason is that so many people think that the president has all the power in the government which is not entirely true. As the power is separated into 3 different branches that has their own specific power for the government. Even though these presidents say that they will promise this or that and then everyone is mad if it doesn’t get done fast enough. Which goes back to my point before that not too many people really know how long it takes to get different things done in the government. As for President Trump, I do think in someways he may have somehow exceeded my expectations for his presidency. But for the things that have happened as in the wall being built or even the go head for the Dakota Access Pipeline. From looking at these different thing that he has done I still feel like I don’t know too much about everything he has done that was either good or bad. As for President Obama, I feel that he did raise the expectations on his presidency. As from being the first African American president and somehow he had made people feel more involved. But then again, I don’t know too much about all the things Obama had did during his presidency. But I do still feel that he has done so much for the country.

    • I agree. I believe the unreasonable expectations for a president roots from the general perception of the actual job of the president becoming misconstrued by the public as the person running the entire country.

  43. In some way, expectations that exceed the ability to govern have been placed on every president. Every campaign is going to be filled with many promises and presented with high standards. Just as with every president, President Obama did raise expectations on his presidency and Trump’s presidency. In today’s complex society however, the expectations have never been more unrealistic and exceeding, which isn’t likely to change any time soon.

    • I completely agree. As a society we ask for so much, that it’s impossible to get what everyone wants passed into law. It’s also hard to please everyone, so finding a compromise is almost impossible in today’s polarized climate.

    • I agree with your first statement. Although the nation’s expectations do surpass what’s possible for a president to actually accomplish, this has always been the case so nothing has changed.

  44. America’s expectations for the president are too high compared to what a president is actually capable of doing. The president is held to the highest standard and is expected to cater to both sides of the political parties, which is difficult. Also, many individuals have a bias towards candidates before their term starts. President Obama did raise expectations during his two terms.

    • I completely agree. I think with a past presidents like Obama, people have raised their expectations for a president. Like you said, the president is expected to cater to both parties and that’s extremely difficult. We as people expect too much out of one person.

      • Definately. It is like no one knows how to talk to their state representatives or something amirite. Though honestly, Obama focusing on the people’s needs after the bubble pop of 2008 did highten expectations for a ‘modernistic humanism’ of reformation. Back then, there was a “Thanks Obama” meme floating around. Now, it is Trump bashing and finding the next target to blame.

    • I do agree with you that people really do expect so much out of the president and it can be very difficult when trying to somehow help everyone. But then if they don’t then everyone gets mad and think that the president is not wanting to help people or just doesn’t really care anymore.

  45. As a whole, America’s expections for a president is quite skewed. While some aspects like healh care, mental health recovery systems, and reworking common core education is ideal, it may not pander towards other voters. From how polar politics has evolved with barely any inbetween and common ideals, their needs are implanted to the president alone. Not the senate, the house, or legislatures. After the public scandal of Clinton, they wanted Bush to solve the problem. After the economic recession, they wanted Obama to solve the problem. Not to mention, the media constantly hounds down on flaws or hyperboles to tack onto the president for more public outrage or discussion. Most of the time with modern controversies, groups fighting for or against a topic feels as if governmental powers are not being met from their expectations, thus they scapegoat the president automatically. Expectations for the president is at an all time high.

  46. Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society? In answering this question, think about the expectations that President Trump generated during his the campaign. Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status. Did President Obama raise the expectations on his presidency?

    As our society has become much more media-saturated and quick to focus on individuals rather than institutions, Americans expectations have exceeded the President’s abilities. Too often, many Americans view the president as the entire summation of the country’s political system. This is encouraged by the increased emphasis and monetary investment in presidential campaigns as opposed to senator and local campaigns. On top of this, presidents are seen as the ultimate compromiser and solution-maker between both parities. If this is not the case, then Americans view the presidents ideas as being able to go through all levels of Congress without ease. These have dramatically skewed the expectations of reality, as the president has much less power than Americans think.

    I believe the focus of many Americans should be on local politics and state officials and justices. More emphasis should be put on who is in Congress, as this is a majority of the political agenda. While expectations are increased by presidential candidate promises, this is merely just a part of the game the campaign is played by. I believe Obama exceeded his expectations in terms of the situation he was thrown into because of Bush, but may have let people down in terms of what they expect in terms of racial progress in Obama being the first black president.

  47. I adamantly believe the expectations for a president have increased significantly. As society progresses, so does the expectations of the people. The reason these expectations increase is because new problems come each year that must be solved. The end of a presidency leads to different ideology, which people either agree with or disagree. Politifact evidently shows the expectations of the American people, with newly occurring problems. During the presidency of Obama, issues were different but times alter and so do certain circumstances. Although, the president is the leader and in charge of the country, we have to acknowledge he is only one man.

  48. I do think that America’s expectations have exceeded the presidents ability to govern, but in the aspect that it is impossible to please every American. Trump is doing what he promised his supporters. He’s building the wall, economy is booming, job opportunities. However, the rest of America who is focusing on much more important issues are being neglected. So I think it’s impossible to meet every person’s expectations, however, if a political figure makes a promise to do something, it is do-able.

  49. I agree that the expectations for the president have increased. When Americans disagree with policy it is always the presidents fault even if it’s a state or congress issue. I think Obama raised expectations by how he listened to the people

  50. i believe that american’s public expectations for a president has far exceeded for one man’s or woman’s ability to be able to govern in today’s expanding society. that being said as newly occuring problems come every year and past unresolved problems stack up, it is simply complicated to please both political parties at the fullest potential. but expectations don’t come all that unrealistic as i believe that when a president is elected, the country has that expectation set for them, that promise trust. i also believe in more based of today’s presidential, it’s not right to during presidential campaigns to say that this will be solved to be later not and to mainly focus upon one problem when their are more than one to solved.

  51. I believe that the expectations for a proper president have certainly passed the realistic human limit of what one man/woman can govern. However, this doesn’t excuse the improper actions of a president. This doesn’t necessarily change the outcome of a presidency, but, merely the nation’s perception. People are still going to vote for who they believe is the best fit for the office which, I guess in that sense, means the expectations of the nation have always surpassed the plausible ability of a president and this has stayed consistent until today.

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