AP Government Post #7

Has the American mass media become too powerful?  Is the media’s impact on public opinion and political outcomes consistent with limited government.  Is there any democratic way to hold mass media organizations accountable for their behavior?

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  1. Mass media plays a huge roll in dividing and playing with the public’s minds just by the way they title their headlines can steer people in and out and I don’t think there is a way to police them

    • That’s so true, titling can grasp people’s attention so quickly and sometimes it can be so misleading.

    • It also is important to express subjects in different lights to inform the public though. We need to be connected to the decisions that directly affect us and the morals of our nation.

    • I think you make a valid point, a lot of times mass media creates headlines with the intent of capturing people’s attention, but they don’t give an accurate picture to the news that will presented, and instead of people taking the time to read the story they run off with partial info they took from the headline and act off of it.

    • I agree with your points. I also believe that through mass media we do tend to pay more attention to headlines that the actual facts. Which is definitely misleading in understanding.

    • I agree because of the way editorials decide to word their articles in very specific ways. In order to get others to believe them

    • I totally agree with you. I don’t think people will be able to control the media, all around the world people use social media and if the gov tried to control them, itll most likely turn into a big conflict

    • I agree because the media is the captain to the boat of politics, and not just politics in everything we do. The media controls to much meaning they have to much power.

      • I think american mass media can alter a person’s opinion because they tend to give false headlines that lead people to believe false information without reading up the articles.

        • I fully agree because when leiple read something online we are all prone to quickly believe it with out questioning who wrote it or who the source is. Or even where they may have gotten thier information.

    • I agree with your statement because people always find away to get there opinions out so it would be really hard to try and stop them

    • I agree with that clickbait headlines have been at a surplus with the mass media. Repetitive stories of the same information but loaded words to convey opinion. It is sad to see, and with how repeatedly the media moves it is unlikely that the government will be able to police it at an acceptable rate.

    • I would totally agree with mass media playing a big part in society today with dividing and playing wit h the public minds with the ways they are using their wording

    • Totally agree. I am personally guilty of clicking on the headlines that seem appealing rather than informational. This is generally the behavior of the public with the shortened attention spans created by the instantaneous gratification assumed by heavy social media usage.

  2. Two common traits in present day political circulation: Memes and sheepole. With older individuals (generally), they watch those same cookie cutter late night shows of hosts throwing fire on Twitter or Facebook in hopes of conveying a simpleminded idea. Then there are memes that (sometimes rightfully) point out how much a joke some news are. Both with the previous election (ie NPCs, Pokemon Go to the Polls, Hillary’s emails) and the one a decade ago (ie ‘Thanks Obama’, Biden, birth certificate jokes). Side note: Those sorts of people tend to only stick with social media all day and typically underage — thus unabled to vote.
    Ideas and informations are spread quickly and fizzle just as quickly. Sometimes, jokes and satire can be taken too literally and create more issues. From the lack of direct communication to Representatives, they are left to interpretation of what the public says and posts. I feel that as soon as there is a more engaging way for those sorts of communications to be constructive than destructive, those sorts of opinions can be used for benefits. More than just Spotify ads.

      • Mass media does have a strong influence over political opinion and decisions—but the question is how we would be able to control them. Their sharing and posting is legal under the 1st amendment, freedom of the press. The question is if it would be constitutional even, to limit these rights that they possess.

  3. Lack of accountability and the blatant disregard of journalistic standards are the biggest issues regarding mass media today. Media can lie about any topic without facing any consequences if done right. The power to impact the views of millions of Americans (and people worldwide) should not be yielded carelessly, yet this is what much of mainstream media does. Legal measures taken against media outlets for slander and the like are a good step towards purging the media, but much more can and should be done. The sad truth about the news is that stories and headlines that anger people get the most attention and generate the most revenue. Therefore outlets find the notion tempting and often irresistible. It is plain to see that there is a problem with media today, but the solution is not so apparent.

    • While I do agree with your statement about the media simply wanting money and doing what they can to find a way to get it. I can not fully stand behind the notion of censoring it more. Much of what goes on the media is placed there through people who enjoy the power that comes with having a strong internet (usually the case) presence. However the media is important for many aspects, and although you are correct that headlines with negative stories garner the most attention, it also comes down to how the public responds to the media. Living in the twenty-first century means the public should be informing themselves about the topics going around on their own, but seeing the lazy glances and vague care it does not really matter.

      • In a way I feel like American media has become powerful because of how they project themselves to the people. The more barbaric and eye catching the headline is, the more likely we’ll read it. Big names like CNN, Washington Post, Forbes, etc. gravitates people especially if they’re conservative or liberal. We tend to only believe the sources that agrees with our political views and consider the others that don’t to have poor judgment if we’re being honest. Holding mass medias accountable would be tough to do since it is part of our freedom of speech to say whatever we want unless it’s ‘clear and present danger.’

        • It is true that the media has become powerful in regard to the fact that there is nothing to regulate falsified information without infringing on First Amendment rights. Further, it is true that the media continues to draw in viewers through the manipulation of facts to create attention-grabbing headlines.

        • i agree with you. when it comes to mass media people tend to announce their own opinion forwardly and this has become dominate as nothing can oversee this as this is part of our first amendment right. when people end up expressing themselves through any type of media, it can’t be hold accountable and then ends up as a one – liner or coming out misleading in headliners.

    • I agree; the trend of “clickbait” with headlines that draw people in but imply misinformation is very harmful, especially because many people nowadays don’t care to delve deeper into the sources and facts of a story.

      • It is especially sad to see, that most clickbait headlines have the same information, it’s all repeated stories that convey opinion with vocabulary. All most people do not look further than the surface of the information given.

    • Mass media sadly has a bigger group of people that listens to them in our generation making it harder for actual journalists to be heard. It’s sad how the media can put out false topics without getting in trouble for it just to catch people’s attention.

      • I agree with your points a lot of this generation is social media based and we get a lot of our information from the social media we get on daily.

    • I do agree with your points that media today relies of profit, and simply clicks. In most cases, we are mislead to false information and do believe this “false advertisement”

    • I agree the media can say anything they want for some reason and cant get punished even if it is horribly wrong.

    • I completely agree. The media has no appreciation for accountability. They should double check their facts before they print so they do not misconstrue them and cause the public to believe in something false.

  4. I think that the media has become very powerful. I do think that the impact on the public using social media is consistent with limited government however it is not as powerful. I think the best way to hold journalist accountable for spreading false information or starting rumors is a gray area, many times they truly only do it for money and paying them off will only lead to a scandal which leads them to intense blackmail. I think having laws that does not necessarily limit the media but does however limit internet talk about it might work better, seeing as it may concern the nation’s safety. However if a source of news does not contain the nation’s safety than it should not be censored.

    • I agree with you, partially. Government Censorship is a huge controversial issue that has loomed over the US, shown in many court cases. Although, not all news platforms are aligned in this “gray area”. So how could we punish ONLY those who are getting involved in scandals and blackmail ordeals—without restricting the rights of those trying to establish something simple and most importantly, legal.

    • I don’t agree that the media has become too powerful but I do agree that stations need to be unbiased. Also, I don’t think there is a way to limit what a station says because of the first amendment.

      • The media has become super strong in the united states as of late. As of late the media sways voters the most from the different topics they can put on their free press. The media has led to less people coming up with their own opinions and just going with the popular opinion. Mass media accounts can be held accountable by what they say and should be.

    • I agree, I feel that there is a huge gray area with many exceptions throughout different circumstances of journalism’s allowances. It is difficult to control especially with the freedom of press being so heavily argued.

    • I agree that it can be difficult to hold journalists accountable and there is a grey area of options for how to deal with it

    • I agree that the media has grown to powerful but I also don’t think that there can be any laws or rules made to “hide away” the rumors etc. but the media should try to put for a more unbiased look.

    • I agree, only paying journalists when they find a scandal truly leads to intense blackmail because that is the only way that the journalist is paid well. If journalists were paid based off of all of their stories and findings I truly believe we would have less fallacies in the media. Also, I agree with your last point of noncensored media, that would create better stories.

  5. Media has become too powerful I feel as the media is extremely quick to jump on any and every political topic that is relevant that day or that month and with most news outlets having some sort of bias now a days where you get your news from could affect your political stance Especially if you are getting it from that source starting at a young age.

    • I agree, they will cover whatever gives them the highest ratings. Fox and CNN are the worst at this.

    • True but at least they are giving us the current news, imagine them only talking about the bare minimum then it would be impossible to form your own opinion. They are bias but at a certain age you are able to understand this bias and eventually choose your own, but i do agree that the media is very overpowered

  6. The media certainly does need to be held accountable for lies and harmful misinformation that it disseminates. For example, untruthful political ads distributed through media should not be allowed. However, the trend of disregarding people’s journalistic integrity and simply calling things fake news just because you disagree with it is not helpful. Media will most likely always have biases and identifying those biases is helpful, but attacking the media without trying to reform it is unproductive.

    • It is true that if we are to criticize the media we must do so with solutions in hand. Resorting to name-calling and shouting “fake news” is unproductive and unnecessary. Instead we should seek common ground and work towards a safe yet intellectually stimulating media for all Americans. Outright censorship and blatant disregard are the two polarizing views which plague the topic of free speech, but we know that neither of these hold up on their own. A healthy media is the goal, and it can only be achieved with a (non-suffocating) balance of journalistic integrity and accountability.

  7. I don’t believe that the mass media has become too powerful, but I believe that each station is too biased. The media allows for everyone to connect and learn about politics quickly and easily, which is very beneficial. However, stations should try to stay more in the middle so that everyone can interpret news on their own and that way everyone can form their own public opinion. I do not believe there is a way to make sure stations don’t become bias but stations should try their best to deliver information and not their opinions.

    • I agree that the media should not lean left or right in order for people to make their own decisions about politics. However I do believe that the media is too powerful because I believe that the media has the ability to shape public opinion because it at times it provides faulty information.

    • Agreed. Not only does a centralist opinion press seems rare these days, the social class gap between the rich and poor is expanding. With how quick information comes, quick opinions happen. It would be nice to remain neutral and just observe the fact as is.

    • I don’t think that stations need to necessarily be unbiased, some people enjoy that type of media. When it comes to politics, it’s not always so black and white and sometimes a bias is called for. I think that the bias is an important part of people being heard.

    • I completely see your point. The media is so obsessed with attacking people on the other side of the isle, that they forget to report the unbiased facts.

  8. I think that as time goes on the media outlets will be more opinion based news rather than just the facts. Even outlets right now are either left or right most of the time rather than not leaning either way. The media is a huge way to sway a person on who they should vote for and if they hear one thing on an outlet some people will just go with it and not care.

  9. I believe that the media carries too much power, whenever new news becomes public, people jump right on to making an opinion about the topic. Negative energy is being spread out through the mass media and is distracting people from actually going to a reliable source about that topic. Journalists who start these false claims are just people who have their own opinions and want to make them everyone else’s opinions or they are just greedy. The mass media needs to be toned down so that people can have their own ideas about certain aspects but also on the other hand they should be able to spread their ideas around too.

    • I don’t think the media has too much power in the country however, I do believe Americans allow themselves to be influenced by the media far more than is healthy. The media is there to inform society whether it is biased or not. It is up to the people to not rely on one source to form an opinion politically and it is certainly their responsibility to not become too engulfed in what the media has to say. This means not taking everything literally or too seriously.

      • I agree with you that it should be up to the people to get their information from multiple credible sources and to come to their own conclusions using their judgment. Unfortunately, many Americans are not willing to do that and prefer to seek out sources that will only offer opinions that tend to correspond with their own views and values, and that is why it is dangerous when the media releases misleading, hateful, or untruthful information and is not held accountable for it.

    • I know that people immediately agree with media outlets but is that really the media’s fault or the people’s fault? Or is this even about who’s at fault. What it comes down to is this: yes, the media holds power, but the power hasn’t increased over the years, I think people’s interpretation of the media has given the media a powerful image but in reality it’s just a way of getting information.

    • I agree with your statement, the media has become too extensive in terms of journalist trying to spread their own opinions as facts and making everyone believe that they are right, instead restrictions should be put so that everyone can develop their own opinions

  10. I believe the media has become too powerful. It has worked its way into people lives everyday. From Being used to promote, tell news or look into people lives. Anything on media is public. Media was intended to have a positive effect but is slowly turning negative. There is no way to control media.

    • It is free press but this gives a variety of options. Not every media is fake news and many will give the basic facts in which you can build your own opinion on. It is still positive but i agree it can become negative as well.

  11. Yes mass media plays a major role in the world. I don’t think there’s any way of stopping that, because it has such a powerful influence on the public’s opinions about things.

    • I don’t think there is stopping it from the outside, it’s too massive and too stuck in its ways to be changed unless the change is from the inside out. The media wont change anytime soon and thus will have major influence over the span of the next decade or two.

  12. The media has become too powerful. Everything product Ed by the media is assumed to be true and correct, this false assumption can be very harmful, there should be measure taken to reduced falsified information

    • The American mass media has became powerful but not too powerful. The media’s impact is not always consistent because sometimes it can make a change on public opinion and political outcomes. Depending on the way the media puts out information, it gets different reactions from the public.

  13. The media is unreliable due to is mass prescence today. News articles can lie about news or stretch the truth with no consequences if it’s “close enough” to the truth. The right to the press is a vital right but it is abused and many are given false information because of it.

    • I agree to some extent but I do disagree as well. While the news and media outlets can definitely lie, the way your ideas were presented was that all news and media does is lie to people. Anyone can lie to anyone, you can get false information anywhere so just saying that all news is unreliable because some many stretch the truth isn’t true. There are media outlets out there that try to stay completely truthful and not one sided so not all media stretches the truth and they definitely don’t all not have consequences for lying.

  14. The media has reached unprecedented levels of influence on the American public. The people consuming that content are in danger, however, because the news is not always the truth. These days the media can get away with any lie if done correctly, thus consumers have to be careful what they consume. The media misrepresents more often than it accurately represents, and the only antidote for this is consumer education and caution when it comes to the news.

    • I agree with you that people need to be more aware of what the news reports to the public. I think it’s important to understand that these sources are not always reliable. However, I think that there should be laws in place to regulate what the media can say.

      • I believe that the media holds too much power, especially considering it hits most if not all the people in the US and can sway their opinions. The news has exaggerated/ expanded on stories which are irrelevant to the general public. The media also happens to not expand enough on stories that affect the populace more so than those other stories. However it’s not all bad as the media has shed light on certain topics and have corrected themselves before.

    • I agree with you that the media definitely has the power to heavily influence the opinions and values of many Americans, however I do not agree that the motivation of most journalists is to compel people to share their beliefs, as there are so many who offer unbiased, multi-faceted interpretations and explanations of policies and events.

  15. The media is extremely powerful in modern day because that is how we get our news and information. Whether that be from social media or the radio it is always from others. The media is not always truthful but it is up to the people to determine their own truths based on the facts and others opinions. It influences everyone, however there are outlets that are mostly honest. Some people even go to the media that is bias because they want to.

    • I agree. The mass media can give people ideas and give them many opinions of there own. Especially since many sources will be all over the media

    • That’s a true point you bring up, some people enjoy biased media. However, I still think that there should be laws regulating certain outlets just because sometimes people can present a clear and present danger in what they are posting online.

    • I agree, my primarily new source is twitter, which definitely is not a reliable source. I believe that the influence the media holds creates false ideals of what we as teenagers think of politics and the government.

    • That is true people must be able to discern false information or bias from certain sources. Although the media may not be truthful, it is our most efficient way of obtaining information.

  16. I believe that mass media has reached a limit where it has become too powerful to be considered a useful source of credible information. The media has the ability to shape the public’s opinion in ways that can be hurtful for people who just want to know the truth. I think it’s okay for people to have biases, as it is natural in our society to do so, however there should be a separation between blatantly lying and having a biased opinion. I believe that we should have laws that dictate the extent of what the media can put out there. It is up to us to distinguish false information from credible sources.

    • I agree that the media can shape public opinion, but that does not mean it is too powerful. Media needs to deliver just the facts and not opinions. This way people can form their own opinions, but laws do not need to be made in order to restrict the media because that is unconstitutional.

    • I agree I think that the media should be used for information and not to tell people how they should think. The media sometimes can have too much bias and it can shape how people think.

    • I agree. There is a difference between having an opinion on a subject and flat-out lying about it. When the media lies about things, they are directly affecting the opinions of the American public. This goes past the boundaries of the press. Journalistic standards must be in place for the media.

    • I agree that mass media can has become too powerful. I believe that it has shaped many different views and it has created new sectors of politics. I do not believe that a law should be created though, because it would infringe upon our constitutional rights.

  17. In my opinion Mass media is more harmful to the American people than any good it has done in recent memory.

  18. The media is enormous in its effect on politics and society, but this is to be expected. It provides a platform for politicians and corporations to communicate directly to the public. Big businesses can be held accountable for their posts, but the accountability falls on the person they hired to manage their media.

  19. I think the media plays a huge role and became to powerful. The titles of headlines are now outrageous and many believe it. There is also no way to tell what information is real or it can only be half of both sides

  20. The media is very powerful, almost too powerful. Political wise that is now a huge subject to politics if not the biggest. Media is one of a politician’s biggest focus and biggest fear. For example the media controls everything we know today. The media is too strong.

  21. The mass media in America has become too powerful because everyone is virtually connected posting their own ideas of a general, broad story. People begin the misconstrue the actual story. The only way for the democratic side to take control of the media is to develop their own stories and allow people to interpret however they’d like.

  22. I do believe that the mass media has become too powerful. It is focused on opinions and making people look really bad or really good, rather than just focusing on the true facts that happen. This can cause for people’s opinion to change, based on the media outlet that they listen to. This can have a negative affect as people are listening to other people’s positive and negative opinions rather than listening to factual statements

    • I can agree that mass media holds giant amounts of power and focuses too much on just getting polarizing stories, but what can really be done to remove those negative effects? By infringing on what people can say, are we not stepping upon the first amendment? There is much to consider in balancing the media.

  23. Mass media being powerful is a necessary evil. People will be far less informed without them. The opinions they express may be extreme at times or perhaps even exaggerated but something is always better than nothing. There opinions are not always consistent and vary from source to source, but that is what levels the playing field. People can choose who they want to listen to. To keep free press as it should be, there is no real way to hold them accountable beside, removing fraud and yellow journalism as we always have. Anyone, even corporations, have a right to speak.

    • Yes I think people have the right to choose what they believe is right which is why free press is necessary but I also think that it can also be a problem with the growing up generation and having the media exploit them to false information is also not very good and should be enacted upon.

  24. The mass media of America has a substantial amount of power that supply’s information to the public. The media can interpret information as they please and be extremely one-sided. A plethora of news sources are either liberal or conservative and tend to be one-sided, as a result of this they can alter the opinions of others by exaggerating and embellishing information. News sources should be held accountable for certain acts such as slander.

  25. American mass media is one of the major parts of American culture. It has become such a dominant role in society; one cannot go day to day without it. The role the media holds not only impacts daily life, but also politics. To the point where political decisions can be influenced by media (such as polling). Mass media hold just too much power over society.

  26. Mass media has become too powerful. As we rely more and more on the internet and TV for news more information these sites and channels become biased. The biased news has become too relied upon and people use that as their news. They steer away from credible sources and then the people who read this are then influenced. It’s natural for biases but people should have access to credible resources to form their own perspectives. There should be some guidelines on how far you can steer your headlines.

  27. The media has DEFINITELY become too powerful. One rumor can become the biggest story in the news, making it simple to ruin careers and lives. Many people, including myself, mock our beloved president for his use of the term “fake news,” but there truly is false media. What the media says can and does impact government.

  28. The media in today’s society has reached the top level of influence on the public and the government. Citizens who are reading and interpreting the content are in danger of being influenced in the bias that that news media is focused on; however, the news is not always accurate. The media can get away with lies if they are able to word the context correctly. This make the citizens have to be careful with what they read. The media misrepresented the right context, when it comes to the news.

    • The media controls people’s perception. Perception is how votes are cast. It is all about what the public thinks. And you’re right that as it stands now some of the media can be a danger. Particular ideas have and will be dangerous. That is a simple truth of thought, but what can be done to counter that? Free press means free reign of all thought

  29. I do not believe that mass media has become too powerful. Although the mass media is able to portray any political figure or ideology in any way they want, the citizens will always have the right to not only form their opinion based on information from the mass media, but choose to not watch or pay attention to it. The only democratic way of handling this situation would be to vote on how restrictive we want the mass media to be and what determines being too fabricated.

  30. America’s political media prominence has become a Mega power in public opinion and in many voters perspectives. The media is often trashed with biased opinions and articles that are excused by using the word “alleged” in many satirical pieces. However the public often disregards the validity and takes anything popular in the media as the truth. Due to the previously discussed vocabulary in the media and assumed right to press there aren’t many ways to democratically organize the media away from abusing their power because there’s always the excuse that there are other programs and the ability to ignore the reports.

    • I think the media should be the media, but we just want a honest media overall not saying they arent but the media is biggest force on the world stage for getting information to the public new or old but the media always can be biased like anyone else but I think that the media has it place but have been going overboard with the power they have

    • What you’re saying is that many of the articles are strongly opinionated and lacks accurate information. I’m not sure if I can fully agree because it comes down to the individual understanding what a credible source may be.

      • Even of scources are not credible, I feel people are smarter than we think, and will realize when a source Isn’t credible, and look for different scources.

  31. Over the decades mass media has gone from orally shared to written to typed to posted. The term and concept of mass media is everchanging and will continue to change as society changes around it. Many people beleive the old way is the best way to share and get information out accurately and effectively. But, in all fairness the internet has made it extremely easy to get information out and fast as well as to the masses.

    • The accessibility of media to the people is extremely helpful in shifting how the media is portrayed. The instantaneous information allows citizens to learn easier I agree but it also doesn’t allow for credibility to be immediate. A lot of sifting has to be done to get solid information.

  32. In the age of information, the media holds the power of aiding the direction of public opinion. What the media determines to be crucial news becomes the focus of citizens, while other information can be ignored. Furthermore, various media outlets have allowed their priority to become content farming rather than ensuring the accuracy of the story. While the media should be held accountable to ensure accuracy, no source will every be presented without bias due to human nature. Further, regulations regarding the press run the risk of censoring what the media puts forth.This would essentially violate the First Amendment. Through regulation, one could easily claim an article is slander simply because they oppose the opinion the article conveys. People must fact check their resources, and look at outlets from opposite view points to ensure they are understanding current events beyond what the headlines state.

    • I do agree that the media has started focusing too much on success rather than publishing what really matters and the straight facts of the case

  33. Mass media has become too powerful. This isn’t the worse thing that could happen, as everyone knows what networks have what bias, so more viewers are able to look past their bias to see the actual news and realize when the network is being bias. I am not aware of a democratic way to punish mass media organizations, except for viewers to stop watching when they do something deplorable.

    • I kind of disagree, some news sources and media are able to hide their bias which could make it a little harder to identify and can be easier to influence people’s views. But I do agree that some people are able to clearly identify what sources are bias.

    • Yes, I agree with the media also having bias, this is true. News outlets do not need to be bias. When they are they can sway the opinions of others instead of only informing them and making them decide for themselves.

  34. While the media does have quite a large amount of power they do not control too much. The media’s job is to inform the public and keep them updated on policies as well as pressure politicians for change. In this way the media does not control too much of the government

    • I do agree that the media has a lot of power and people do use the internet as a news source or update on what’s going on with the world but in the way the media does not really control the government.

  35. Media seems to have gotten pretty out of hand. Most news stations/networks have grasped to one side of the policital spectrum, making one sided arguments, and discredit anything else. Besides that, many many media sites overproduce and sensationalize stories (or make them up) to gain clicks or attention. It’s be hard to regular because of first amendment rights. But a person with common sense can find reliable sources.

    • I agree, most people are wise enough to determine a credible scource from a non credible one. And a person can even gain information from biased scources if they are able to determine what statements are biased.

    • I agree, however even news sources that don’t have a blatant bias are biased because journalists still have a personal bias.

    • Not trusting everything you read on the internet is always important and seeing t credible source and news media sites today are very biased so it’s hard to know what to believe

  36. It is no doubt that the American media has power — this everyone can agree on. But to say that the media is too powerful or that this power hasn’t been seen in times or cultures before ignores those who control the media. The media is dependent on themes and attitudes of the country because they are seeking content that correlated the most profit. The true power of media is found in the individuals and ideas the media reports, not the media itself. However, there are still drawbacks to the media today. Often context collapse happens, which is when a video clip or statement is shared or retweeted without giving the proper context. Off of this lack of context, quick judgements and sides are quickly taken without acknowledging original context or intent. I also believe media plays a part in the polarizing political scene occurring currently; but again, this is due more to polarizing attitudes and politicians than the media itself. Similar to the economy, I think the media checks and governs and balances itself out in trends. The people ultimately determine the effect of the media because they have the power of the consumer — the power of deciding whether the media makes money or not based off their viewership. Whether this power is actualized is another matter. But nonetheless, I believe the media has a reasonable amount of power in relation to the limited government because the media only stands a reflection of the other events happening in the Country. One way the media could be improved though is to offer more agency and accessibility on non biased sources that can still compete with the engagement levels of the large partisan news reports.

  37. The media in America today has become too powerful because everyone in the country is affected by it and sometimes the news that comes out in the media is not always true. This is why we have to cut down on the things that’s come out in the media because everyone should have their own opinion about certain things and use their own knowledge to decide for them instead of the media trying to manipulate the mind of the youth in order to politically confuse them.

    • What items in the media do you believe we should cut down on? Depending on what it is and who the viewers are, what effect will this have on how the public views policy?

  38. The mass media has definitely become too over powered. This is because of the power they have to reach the consumers. Any information they can take from the consumer to help please them will give them more money. This is because most news outlets today are only looking for more ways to make money. I believe there should be more nonprofit news organizations.

    • I think you address a legitimate point that some outlets are more interested in monetary gain rather than delivering the truth, which at times can become messy. The motive behind the delivery of news is always important.

      • I agree with your statement with media outlets only doing what they do to get popularity. The more popularity, the more money they get and the more powerful they become.

  39. While economic bribery can definitely be a reason behind misconstruing the news, gaining an audience to become a popular station is often the goal. Further, news sources need funding to keep spreading information and keep a staff with diverse opinions.

  40. I think the reality is a institute only has as much power as people give it. The mass media does have a large influence on the general public, which has both its pros and cons. It creates access to a large span of news, but a lot of time is accompanied by fake news, and headlines created to indict certain emotions, rather than deliver the legitimate news. Additional at times people some tend to insert their own political agendas into their own writings, which comes with a lot of bias and a less accurate representation of the truth.

    • I agree with your statement! The people have so much power as the consumer that they don’t realize! They have the power to determine what the media puts out because they have to power to determine whether they make money or not.

  41. I think that mass media is grown a lot in America and it can get to a place where it’s gets out of control. Many news outlets now put lots of bias and opinion in there work to catch more people’s eyes instead of giving the real spill on exactly what’s happening. We also sometimes just take that information and run with it without going to other sources and reading more. I don’t think there’s a way to stop the bad in mass media because everyone likes to share there opinion even if it’s for the good or bad

    • It is true how mass media has grown exponentially in recent years, however there will never come a point where it has become out of control. Also, the fact that many media outlets put lots of bias into arguments and claims is nothing new to America, this has been the case since the creation of the United States. This fact is very important to the variety of opinions that citizens are exposed to, the amount of different views that citizens are exposed to is essential to our democracy and political process. Many people, especially the younger population, certainly do take in information from the media and believe in it full heartedly; however this is still the right to each and every individual. A way to stop bad mass media would be to implement laws that limit the falsification of media, however it is very important to the state of our union to retain the freedom of expression that our media possesses.

  42. I think the media influenced the public’s opinion a little but I also think that people have a mind of their own and the internet can’t tell you what to do its up to at the end of the day.I do think the media has taken over .

  43. the american mass media has definitely taken power into the public’s voice. as the media has become a large scale of access of our news, the public will always provide speculations on about anything these days, and it is up to the people to take part of the effect.

  44. America’s media has created a way to create our opinions for us. In which, perception in this case is truly as it is. Media controls public and political opinion outcomes based on false facts, situations, and the journalist opinions of others. Like for instance journalist articles can steer opinions regarding government through the views of the people. Preventing false facts, and information would be important.

  45. In today’s day and age, the media has a lot of control over the opinions and beliefs of the people. The media can publish what they want and share whatever ideas they have since they have the right. News companies can be as bias as they would
    like or just state clear
    solid facts. Most people take advantage of their power as a journalist and publish articles to influence more and more people to believe the same things they do.

  46. I think it goes both ways, the media does carry a lot of power and when news does become public it is more than likely in a negative light. But then again the individual reading that needs to not only stick to one source and be influenced to form an opinion with only that one source.

    • I don’t necessarily agree, I have noticed that the more popular news channels amongst audiences tend to promote on way of thinking rather the best of both worlds. It’s the inconsistency however that I do see present.

  47. Mass media has 100% become to powerful it can ruin people lives or make them hero’s and Richard Jewell is a prime example from the 90s when he saved lives by stopping a bomb attack at the olympics and the media accused him of being the bomber his life was practically ruined until the bomber was really caught but major and minor stuff like this happens all the time

    • I agree that media having the power to make or break a person without having to me fact checked is unreasonable. Some sort of law should be put into place to stop things like this from happening. But unfortunately there is not much that can be done with out violating freedom of speech and freedom of press.

  48. I do not believe that the media has become too powerful, in part due to the sheer quantity of available sources from all positions of the political spectrum that keep each other on their toes in terms of the quality and validity of information released. Though the media should definitely be held
    accountable for putting out false information, I believe it is more important for the media to be powerful in order to be able to keep politicians in check, rather than for the media to be kept in check.

    • I don’t think the media has become too powerful…yet. I think we came a close second with that whole Facebook scandal. But, I definitely agree that we need to make the media held more accountable, and soon.

    • I hold the same position about the mass media being too powerful, it most definitely has not become too powerful due to the sheer amount of sources that are accessible to a wide variety of citizens today. This puts much more power into the general population and less into the government and media. Also, the media should definitely be accountable for false information it outputs, but this situation will never truly be fixed. The first amendment guarantees the right to freedom of press, which is why the moderation and prohibition of false media is very hard to fix.

  49. Ideally, a huge, diverse presence of mass media would be a good thing. More media equals more sources, which in turn would result in more diversity in opinions, which is great for democracy. But, we don’t hold certain sources accountable. Which obviously leads to misinformation, and that is a huge problem. If there is a democratic way to hold the mass media accountable, we would have to make it so that we can weed out all the sources that are only trying to make more money (by spreading false information to get more viewers). But, I don’t see that happening without violating the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press.

    • I agree that ideally we would weed out all the unreliable sources. But as you stated there is not much that can be done with out violating freedom of speech and freedom of the press

  50. Although I agree with you on how quickly the media responds to current events in this day of age, this characteristic of mass media and journalism is essential to the general opinion of the masses and the individual. This trait allows for a greater exposure to the public and is very important to the common citizen; without hasty replies to political events and situations, the potential for citizens to lag behind in what is going on increases. This characteristic also proves how mass media has become less powerful: exposure to citizens comes faster than ever before and allows for Citizens to generate more opinions.

  51. Yes I believe the mass media does hold to much power ; they have control of what people are told so they are in control of the believed truth. the media does not care about all the facts, they just want what will sell the best and that would be anything, true or not, the media is focusing more on the sensationalized news rather than the fact based evidence.

  52. I believe that mass media is too powerful. Many americans base their political opinions solely based on the information given by the media. In my opinion there really is no way to hold media outlets accountable. They are protected by the bill of rights and as long as they are not passing misinformation as the truth there is not much that can be done.

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