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What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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46 thoughts on “AP Government Post #1

  1. I believe the problem with today’s government is how focused we are in party politics. We as a government focus more on which side is in office rather than improving our government. It’s become very childish watching two parties fight of who’s right and wrong even though neither are right and wrong. In George Washington’s farewell address he told us not to focus on political party affair. I wish we’d stuck to that because rather then getting things done by working it out as a collective group, the divide between the two parties have become a common charade we call the “American Government”

    • I totally agree with you about the farewell address . George Washington would be rolling in his grave at the current state of the union , sadly .

  2. The main problem with the the government today is the bi-partisan party system. Both parties are trying to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong, even when both sides agree on what the issues are, yet tear each other apart because neither side wants to agree with the other. In George Washington’s farewell address he warned us about creating a party system because it would lead to this, yet we completely ignored the very advice he gave us which would have

    • I agree with how you said “both parties are trying to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong…”. I believe if the parties could take into account how their disagreeing is hurting our country, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems in our government.

    • i completely agree, a discussion should be happening instead of a constant arguments. i liked how you added George Washington’s farewell address.

  3. In today’s world one of the biggest problems I see along with many others is banning guns. It has been proven that guns save more life’s than they kill, however guns do not kill, people kill. Many Democrats in the government today believe that banning guns will be the solution to shootings but that isn’t the case. The banning of guns would increase crime rates because the typical Americans don’t have them to protect themselves, not only that but the whole purpose of guns is to protect us from a tyrannical government. The bad people that want guns already have them illegally because they don’t care banning them isn’t going to get them out of the hands of people that don’t follow the law already. Guns are used for protection against those people that don’t follow the law. It’s funny though cause these government officials that want to ban guns from the people won’t unarm their security of them cause they “won’t feel safe, and need them for protection” the same feeling the people will get when they don’t have them for protection.

  4. The main problem facing the government right now is the unwillingness to compromise. An important part of any sort of work done in a group setting is the ability to incorporate new ideas and adapt. Today the government fails to do that as most politicians seem to have the mindset of its done my way or not at all. A way to remedy this would be to vote for people with a more open mindset. Also, healthy debating and argument should be encouraged in school so that the students can learn how to accept criticism and new ideas in a constructive way.

    • One of the biggest problems in today’s government is the abortion laws. There are many conflicts happening day to day regarding the issue. Government and politics have debating for years on how to resolve the issue. Everyone has a different opinion on abortion laws and there has not been an equal agreement on how to fix it. The biggest debate in government is not between parties, but between men and women. Men and women have very different opinions because they have different aspects of the controversial issue. The problem will most likely not have a solution any time soon, but the issue will have to be fixed at some point because states are torn between making abortion legal or illegal.

  5. I can’t exactly answer that question. The government has so many issues they will just push one through media to make it seem like the biggest threat at the time. At the moment, I guess, it would be trump attempting to start something that could spark a war.

    • I don’t think m I could genuinely pick 1 genuine issue of the government. The problem is that a lot of things could be discussed if people in government areas wouldn’t start conflicts for no reason whatsoever and would properly communicate with each other and find MANY ways to effectively run through ideas no matter how big or small. Then maybe disputes could be better handled.

  6. The main problem with the government is they cannot agree to disagree and therefore can never resolve anything significant. The Senate is majority Republican and the House is majority Democratic which cause the two to constantly clash. No longer is there any type of compromise, which is exactly what is needed. I’m order for this problem of constant disagreement in the US government to be solved the two parties must learn to compromise.

  7. I think that the biggest problem now is the poverty rate. Many people live and work in poverty but the government has done little to nothing to solve this. I think that the government could shine more light on the situation and start to implement more solutions to help the people. This can be done by presenting the issue to more people so others can also start to see how big of a problem this has become. Also, social media is a huge tool that can be used to spread awareness on this topic.

  8. The main problem with the government is the lack of focus on genuine issued facing society. The government is more focused on clashing between the main parties rather than coming together and finding a solution which is mutually beneficial.

    • The main problem with the American government is that their is no middle ground. It is always you agree or you disagree. You are Democrats or Republican even though most of the issue that they are for or against aren’t just yes or no choices. This helps to divide people more and more and make people’s ideas more extreme than they have to be. The best way to solve this is to get tide if the two party system and make it more parties or even make it no parties. This would help to keep people from being to extreme on topics and could solve a lot of problems about their being no progress from the government.

    • I agree with the problem currently facing the government, this issue becomes evident in Trump’s presidency and impeachment. Not only is this inconvenient to our county as a whole morally, but it’s also concerning in terms of safety. Currently, tensions increase with Iran and personally, I believe that a united country will function more efficiently, and keep people safe when they are unified.

  9. In my opinion, currently the biggest problem with our government is both the refusal and reluctance to work together as a whole. Rather, political parties today are more concerned about themselves than the greater good. If one party supports and idea that can and will benefit society as a whole, it is going to be difficult to get other members of different parties to agree, simply because they are more concerned about how they will appear than what will help their people. One way to possibly help fix this issue may be to ignore parties as a whole. Unfortunately, at the moment I dont see this being a possibility in our government. If politicians could simply look past themselves and focus more on what the people need, then maybe we could start to get somewhere in our government.

    • I agree with this whole heartedly the government is not willing to work together. Due to this the government is not able to be productive and work through the many problems that we deal with in the US. Once this is done the government might be more proactive and actually accomplish tasks that they are assigned to. Lastly I really do like the way that you solve this problem and I really think that your idea might help with the government.

  10. I think that the main problem facing the government today is the polarization that’s currently preventing opposing parties from having fruitful discussions with each other over just about anything. Whenever a serious event or issue comes to pass, people get so caught up in pointing their fingers at every one else that, at the end of the day, no one actually comes up with viable solutions (e.g. the issue of dealing with illegal immigration that originally sparked up a bit ago).
    Once people can work through their differences and learn to coexist with each other, we might actually start to make some progress.

  11. I would say the main issue with the government today is the inability to be cautious when conflict arises. Any small complication can eventually lead to a war so being more careful in the midst of conflict would be my suggestion to the government right now.

  12. The main problem with the US government is the stubbornness. The House and Senate, ran priorly by Democrats and Republicans, support ideas that are good for their respective parties. Rather than for the bettering for US american society. We will never make groundbreaking steps, if what we’re walking to is a world of greed rather than a world of freedoms.

  13. The biggest problem right now is not being able to compromise and come together as a country. Nothing ever gets resolved because nobody ever can agree on things. Let’s not forget about how nobody can believe our President in a time of crisis because he has proven himself not credible and everyone believes his whole presidency is built on lies. This isn’t good for our country at all 🙁

  14. I believe the main problem in the US government is the issue of communication and unity with international and internal affairs. The president just assassinated an Iranian general; he has also publicly threatened the nation of Iran in a tweet warning them not to retaliate. The pentagon disagrees with their viewpoint and in my opinion, if the people and the pentagon both disagree with the President, then the collaboration between parties is more necessary than ever before. A possible solution for our issue is the unification of the nation, so the next decision made can be agreed upon.

  15. The main problem with the government is that Trump is president. People elected an idiot for president quite honestly. He put Americans lives at risk when he killed the Iranian general. now we have no idea what is going to happen, and how they will act, because people can always say one thing and turn around to do another. Hopefully next election this generation can vote for a better president.

  16. I believe the biggest issue with our government currently is how divided we are over our opinions. Said division is causing chaos as one side says something the other disagrees with; there’s little to no respectful disagreements as they easily escalate into shouting matches. Respect would be a simple solution to such a silly problem.

  17. A big problem in the government has to do with migration and asylum seekers coming into the us. There seem to only be two extreme standpoints when viewing migration where one party wants to allow many migrants while the other wants to ban people from specific countries from entering the country. National security is definitely a thing to consider however it seems to be more of an excuse to be more of an excuse used to justify poor treatment of migrants.

  18. The main problem facing the government right now is its negative focus on foreigners. Certain aliens are in need of asylum from their country. The people who are willing to be objectified for being born in a certain nation would clearly be talked down to rather than live in an area that isn’t safe for them. The negative focus has been filled with rage because the difference of opinion. This could be corrected by allowing a safe haven for those in need and trying to change the other nation if it is accepted by that nation’s people.

  19. The main problem with the American government is that their is no middle ground. It is always you agree or you disagree. You are Democrats or Republican even though most of the issue that they are for or against aren’t just yes or no choices. This helps to divide people more and more and make people’s ideas more extreme than they have to be. The best way to solve this is to get tide if the two party system and make it more parties or even make it no parties. This would help to keep people from being to extreme on topics and could solve a lot of problems about their being no progress from the government.

  20. I think that the main problem with the government right now is the inability to an agreement and to work together. Political parties often spend their time trying to make themselves look better than the other parties, but almost never try to work with them. A simple solution to this is to try and combine the ideas of multiple parties.

  21. The main problem facing the government currently seems to be the consequences of actions and the inability to resolve issues. Because the U.S. government does these things, authority is not being used to its best ability, possibly leading to altercation or worse. A solution may be coming together to resolve any conflict to secure a safer environment for citizens. In addition, knowing the consequences of an action and the benefit and gain of the operation can help decide what action should be taken or not.

  22. I believe a significant problem in the United States government is the pending impeachment of the president. Due to recent events in Iran, it is not the time for the government officials to be at each other’s throats contemplating and bickering. The United States needs a robust United front.

  23. I think the biggest problem with the government would be health care, do to the fact that there are Americans that can’t afford it, leaving them uninsured and their families vulnerable for financial issues. Ways that the government could solve this issue is by lowering drug costs or ban surprise healthcare bills.

  24. I believe the main problem facing the government at the current moment is when there are major problems going on and no one can seem to agree with each other. The possible war in Iran and the impeachment process are some of the major problems facing the government. These problems could be corrected if people could understand each other and know the consequences of their actions.

  25. I think the main problem with the government is that our president Trump doesn’t care about anything other than himself. He put many lives at risk when he decided to bomb Iran not thinking about what could happen after. Another thing our government would rather spend million dollars on war and not help out other places/ people in need.

  26. The greatest problem that our government faces today is the failure to uphold the original values of the country. I mean this in consideration of documents like George Washington’s farewell address and pieces of our history seen in the quote upon the statue of liberty. This country was created for the freedom of religion, speech, and other things. The government was intended to solve problems for the people of the US, and George Washington did not encourage involvement in foreign affairs or obsession over political parties as the government does now. He could not have foreseen the United States’ current position as a world superpower, but it is important to see how his wisdom can be applied in times like these. If the government focuses on what is right for the people, as compared to what is right for one’s party, many solutions will be found to problems plaguing the citizens of the United States, from solving issues of homelessness, poverty, the opioid crisis, and healthcare .

  27. What I think the main problem is the government currently is there is a lack of understanding. I feel like people need to be more understanding and acknowledge both sides of a decision. For example, Trump saw a terrorist leader and decided he needed to be eliminated but he also needed to understand the tension that would increase due to this action.

  28. I feel one of our governments biggest problems is the divide we face. There seems to be no middle point for the republicans or democrats as there seems to be no negotiation. It pins the people against each other instead of having people work together. A way to solve this would be to get rid of the political parties as there would be no “sides” that are really made.

  29. I personally feel that the main problem facing the government right now are its feelings over the President.
    His term has been heavily scrutinized; people either take offense or defense. The Republican and Democratic parties have stark and contrasting feelings towards Trump, his actions, and his beliefs. This is evident as with his impeachment. One party supports him while the other does not. It seems to be an issue that will remain and continue until the end of his term as President.

  30. In my personal opinion, the greatest issue is the deeply engrained corruption that is slowly emerging. While corruption has always been known to be laid within the government, it has recently made appearances detailing the severity of this issue. Through the impeachment pursuit against Trump, there have been many instances where sequences of events have been called into question. After careful investigation that is continuing to this day, a large number of government officials, representatives, and even federal agents both within the FBI and CIA have been found to be at fault with the law they are tasked to uphold. This corruption includes illegal under the table dealing with foreign governments, “missing” currency, unlawful spying, and falsified legal documents. This has not only been found within high officials such as congressmen. There is reason and evidence to suggest this leads back to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While there still seems to be plenty of investigating to be had, one thing is certain: the government is hiding much more than we could expect. In addition, this has led to further party division in American politics as individuals are not sure what they should believe. Corruption has not only caused a lack of liberty within America, but also a lack of political mediation.

  31. A main problem the government is facing right now is the division between the parties. It seems that on may different issues they can never come to an agreement or a compromise. With this issue, we are not focused on bettering our country and our government, we are focused on which party is correct along with dragging the opposing views of the other party.

  32. I believe the main problem facing the government right now is its lack of unity and obsession with parties instead of social progress. In addition, unacceptable compromises are made in order to see a growing economy. Democrats and Republicans tend to separate the country preventing the election of a truly fitting president. Sure the economy grew under Trump’s presidency, however, his treatment towards minorities (along with other things) is incredibly disrespectful not an accurate representation of the country as a whole. By focusing on a fitting candidate who can provide the country with more than a growing economy, then true progress can be made.

  33. One of the big problems is keeping the balance of power between legislative and executive powers in check. Congress seems to be abdicating its powers to the president, in effect giving him freewill. Even though Trump’s decision to assassinate one of Iran’s top general was within his power as commander in chief, he should have conferred more with congress about a decision that could have such a devastating impact.

  34. The biggest problem I believe the government is facing is those who are insatiable on how the government should be ran and the conflicting views of officials about the president. Half of them think that the president had no right to bomb Qasem Solemani because that’s an area where there needed to be more jurisdiction than his own. While on the other hand, others feel like he was exercising a right he has as a president. Just like how we talked about in class, Solemani was labeled as a terrorist by president Obama so there should be some leeway when thinking about what to do with his presidency.

  35. What is the main problem facing the government right now? Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

    Of the US government, it is probably the dissatisfaction of issues not solved efficiently or at all and the lack of expanding solutions instead of repeating American history by not being able to solve anything whilst arguing. Generally when solutions have been tested and don’t work or need modification following society, an outside source or idea is needed to be introduced to overcome the frustration.

  36. The main problem facing the US government currently in my eyes would be the immigration policy. Not only are the adults being punished from organizations like ICE but innocent kids as well. It troubles me greatly seeing my kind ages as young as four months in these camps that are nearly identical to concentration camps. They live in fear everyday to what the future may look like for them and their siblings. Change in the immigration policy starts now and although I don’t believe in an open door to America for safety purposes is a good idea but rather a reform that is faster and more efficient to become an American citizen.

  37. I believe the main problem facing the government right now is a blatant lack of communication, and a hyper obsession with the party system. of coarse the party system is beneficial but instead of talking through and finding solutions to a problem that society s facing it is a back in fourth argument with no progression. the most efficient way for it to be corrected is by communicating through problems and understand that arguing will not help every situation and problem society faces.

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