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The Constitution was ratified in 1789.  Since 1791 it has been changed only 17 times.  Is the Constitution outdated?  Should it be changed?  Should it stay the same?  Is there anything that needs to be added?  What are the most important principles outlined in the Constitution?

If you are not sure of what exactly is in the Constitution, you may read it here.  United States Constitution

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      • I think that the Constitution is mostly okay as it is, however, with the rise of new technology I think that certain amendments need to be put in place to protect our rights online. I think that the most important principle is the first amendment which protects our freedom of speech. Also, I think that the most important part of the Constitution is that the government is built for the people.

        • I agree with you! Technology is advancing and there is so many ways to hack the system. Protection of our privacy online should be a priority.

        • i agree with you. technology is grossly advancing and thee Constitution is not out of date to handle it.

  1. I believe that many amendments were set in place during a time in which they seemed fit, although the country has begun to make laws which are significantly more applicable to our life now. Since we have laws in place that adapt to the modern world, I do not think amending the constitution entirely would be necessary.

    • I agree, most of the amendments still apply to situations that occur now. We can always add on, but changing the constitution isn’t necessary at all.

    • I agree that the constitution should at least be altered in some way. People as a whole should always strive to do better and improve and although the situation might be well, it doesn’t mean we should settle. The constitution does have fitting points for today’s society, however I believe there can be something better.

    • I think the constitution is outdated. 1789 was centuries ago, times have changed, the world has evolved. The constitution should be changed.

    • I agree amending the constitution entirely is not necessary, but as time goes on changes will have to be made and adjusted to fit societies needs.

  2. The most important parts of the constitution refer to the rights of the people and the powers of the government both federal and state. I believe the constitution should be changed to reflect the times it exists in. I believe the constitution must be altered because times have changed drastically from the time it exists in. And that’s what the amendments are for. As of now equal treatment for all doesn’t include everyone so it must be changed to not only refer to race but also gender, sexuality, and original nationality

    • I agree. I feel like as a society we are moving to be more accepting of people regardless of ethnicity, gender, etc. which is a great start.

    • I agree. As our country continues to develop our ideas, beliefs, and way of life change also. To include people as people instead of just a label is one thing. To accept people for who we are and what the country has become now is another. Good point. 🙂

    • I feel like you’ve contradicted yourself with this statement. The entire reason for the amendments is to appeal to today’s times. That’s why I believe that the Constitution should stay the same and we continue to add amendments to meet the people’s needs when “necessary and proper” as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. That clause makes the words written by James Madison so important no matter what the United States is dealing with.

    • I feel like you’ve contradicted yourself with this statement. The entire reason for the amendments is to appeal to today’s times. That’s why I believe that the Constitution should stay the same and we continue to add amendments to meet the people’s needs when “necessary and proper” as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. That clause makes the words written by James Madison so important no matter what the United States is dealing with.

      • I completely agree with this statement. i believe that as time goes on and society progresses, then amendments should be added to fit our societies needs.

    • I agree that the most important part of the constitution refers to the rights of the people and I agree the constitution should be updated however I don’t think it should be drastically changed because it defines the principles of our country

  3. States could carry out and make their own laws. The constitution should be changed or at least tweaked because times are different from 1971 and things are different in these times.

  4. The constitution should stay the same. The most important principles are limited government, federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

    • I don’t agree that the constitution should stay the same. There needs to be adjustments that mirror the changes that we have in our country today. The separation of powers and checks and balances are good parts of the constitution that should stay the same but not all of it reflects on our current issues. We need a constitution that doesn’t only use masculine pronouns, that doesn’t allow mass shootings to continue, and that doesn’t allow a president to be elected into office without the popular vote.

      • I agree that there needs to be small changes made to the constitution Especially with the technology boom and I agree that the checks and balances in the constitution is an important part of the US government that needs to the same.

      • I totally agree that some parts of the Constitution should remain the same and others should change based on modern times and issues

  5. The constitution itself is outdated, yet all of the amendments we have added have helped it to apply more fully to our lives today. It definitely should be changed, yet only as need d through the correct processes. It definitely should not stay exactly the same, yet the general outline and laws proposed should remain mostly the same. There most likely are things that need to be added that we have not yet become aware of. I say the most important principles are the ones that grant us our personal freedoms from an oppressive government, such as our freedom of speech and the freedom of the press which allow us to speak out against any corruption and atrocities that the government may commit.

    • I agree with you because you make some great points regarding the question. Like the Necessary and Proper Clause implies, it’s important that change is made to appeal to the government when it is convenient to the nation.

    • The amendments have allowed the constitution to evolve to mirror current issues but it hasn’t addressed all of them. There are still a few things that need to be changed but I agree that the basic principles of the constitution should stay, like the freedom of speech.

  6. The constitution is outdated because there’s so many new issues and things that have happened that would and do affect today’s society. I believe somethings should be changed to allow society to function better. The constitution was extremely relevant for the past but as we move forward things in the constitution also need to keep up-to-date and not stay the same. Somethings that could be added are prayer in school, equal rights amendment, and flag discretion. The most important principles in the constitution to me are checks and balances and the ninth amendment.

    • I think that the constitution is great and that it is a great tool that we have. However I do believe it to be a little bit out of date, I think that we should keep the constitution but that we should add a bit more clarification of what the laws mean in terms of today. It doesn’t matter which side of the argument it lands on we need to have some way in which we are able to clarify the meaning of some topics because at the moment their is a lot of grey area. This grey area cause a lot of argument and debate which truly isn’t need if we just came to an argument and updated the constitution. Lastly the most important part of the constitution is the freedoms that it gives to the people.

      • I agree. The constitution is still a great document that is necessary in todays time. However, like you said, it may be beneficial to update it a bit or clarify what some of the laws mean in todays terms. I like how you mention that there is a lot of grey area, because that is definitely true, especially when it comes to the judicial branch interpreting most of it in their own way, which can cause argument and debate.

      • I agree. The Constitution is a great tool which allows us to retain rights and remain civil, but yes, it is a tad outdated. You’re spot on in saying the grey areas are the problem areas because the vague outline that was provided has been proven controversial in many issues in the US in recent years. A revision could be useful because it could help us edify the many freedoms we have as Americans.

      • I agree with you in regards to the constitution being a great tool. It gives us a strong base to go off of. But like you said, it needs some touching up.

    • I agree it is outdated. The constitution was made for the US in the past and now times have changed so much that it feels the constitution needs some more change. It needs to adapt for now and todays society.

    • I agree it is outdated. The constitution was made for the US in the past and now times have changed so much that it feels the constitution needs some more change. It needs to adapt for now and todays society.

      (Accidentally didn’t reply to her sorry)

  7. The constitution could be changed right now in today’s current society. The constitution is written in the support of white me. The constitution could be changed to make equal rights for all women and all races. Women and ethnic groups are not fully disregarded, but the time the constitution was written it was primarily to support white men. The most important principles in the constitution are inherent rights, the people governing themselves, and the separation of powers.

    • I agree with your idea of amending the constitution to where it gives equal rights to women and all races. This is important especially since we are in a new age and everyone deserves equal rights and freedom.

    • I agree, the times have changed so drastically since the constitution was written and we are a much more inclusive and diverse society and the constitution needs to reflect. Which is exactly why amendments need to be added to gain the equality we all strive for. Well said.

  8. To some degree, I believe the constitution is outdated. For example, the second amendment was written when the most dangerous firearm was a single shot, inaccurate rifle that took a minute to reload. I believe it should be changed. I think that guns should be allowed to be sold to the public, however I also believe there should be stricter enforcement and background checks as well as an increase in the age requirement to purchase a gun. I also think the constitution is too open ended and needs to be specified. The most important principles are the powers that the government hold.

    • Sup cuh I think the 2nd amendment needs to be reformed as well. Men from the 1700’s could not have predicted the letality of future firearms and new laws should reflect that change in destructive power. I believe the public should be allowed to have firearms however some weapons are unnecessarily lethal for a civilian to have possession of.

    • I completely agree that the men who wrote the Constitution only wrote it for their time. Same with racial and gender inequalities still surfacing over 200 years later, the Constitution must be updated and detailed to keep up with the people.

  9. Since times are always changing, I believe the Constitution is changed for the best. What may have been considered effective back then may not be as effective now. I think it’s important to provide a greater sense of freedom. The most important principle is the freedom of speech and expression of one’s self.

    • I agree that the constitution has changed to be better but there are still issues that need to be addressed and federal law may be the only way to fix them

    • I agree with your point that as society progresses with time the Constitution needs to be amended to be effective for current times.

  10. I do not believe the constitution is outdated only because overtime the United States is continuously going through the same problems. It has only been changed 17 times because the constitution does not and should not address every situation or problem an individual can face. I believe it should be updated when new and bigger problems arise. The most important principle outlined in the constitution would be popular sovereignty, displaying how the people have the power to elect, and sustain how they are governed and who they are governed by.

    • You make some very valid points. I agree with you. The US goes through very similar problems so the constitution still applies, no changes should be made. For now at least.

    • Totally agree with your whole statement. I agree that the government should only amend the constitution when it is needed the most. Other than that, every other minor problem shouldn’t amend the constitution.

  11. I think that we should change the constitution. Yes the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” principle still applies to this up to a point. At the very least, one could argue that the amendments could be more specific.

  12. I believe that the constitution with it being as broad as it is protecting people’s rights that it is ok as it is an amendment here or there wouldn’t hurt for some things do become dated and may need tweaking but the overall concepts of the constitution have lead our country to be prosperous

  13. I think the Constitution is fine the way it is and most of the problems that plague the nation come from the poor enforcement of the ideas in the Constitution.

  14. I think the constitution is not outdated as some of the statements in the constitution still apply to America today. If the constitution needs to be changed then it should apply to the conflicts of today’s America like having equal rights for all genders and races. The 2nd amendment could also be updated.

    • I like how you talk about even if we wanted to change the constitution that it would cause to many problems and drama in the government. Due to this you are right in the fact that it can’t be changed even if we wanted to. But I do believe that we should however update it based on some of the more current issues and problems that we face in society today.

  15. No the Constitution is not outdated because the broad overall aspects it addresses are still very applicable today. With that being said, not everything should be taken exactly literally and should be interpreted for our time. The most important parts are the ones that state our rights as citizens.

  16. I think the constitution is encompassing in its amendments. I don’t think that it is outdated, and it’s good that it has been changed as history has progressed. It is incredible how the constitution has been applicable to American society in our short history, as it means that it is a document with centuries of philosophy and thought behind it. Despite its abilities, I believe that it should be changed, or at least, have come things better outlined. With concepts like gerry-mandering and other forms of voter discrimination(?) it is not right for a society to do that to its people in the pursuit of democracy. There are many wrongs that can be forever righted in justice had they been explicitly outlawed in the constitution, and while it is a good document, it can be bettered.

    • I agree the constitution is changing as the times go on and it is incredible. It also does need to change to adapt to our society now as certain aspects are outdated.

    • Wow… after reading all the posts this was by far my favorite. You do a great job on criticizing the constitution yet not at the same time. I agree with you in that it is not necessarily outdate but just in need of change as time goes on in history.

  17. I don’t believe that the Constitution is outdated. There are definitely different things that can be updated like congressional terms, those can definitely be limited. But a significant principal would be that all states are equal.

    • Overall, I think this was a very great answer to the question. Congressional terms do need to be updated as they seem to be outdated.

  18. The amendment was created to fit the world during that time. centuries later, society has evolved, and digressed in different ways. I do believe the amendment should be looked over, to clarify things that are often used to cheat he system.

  19. The question whether or not the constitution should be changed is pretty vague. No, we should not change the constitution as a whole but if we were to go back and change some of it to fit in today’s ideology is different and that I agree with. As a country we changed since 1789 and I think we all agree on that. Though to those of you who choose to disagree, I have a couple questions. How would life be if we didn’t change the constitution at all? Would society be as advanced as it is now? Would there be potential as we move forward with those beliefs?

    • I agree wholeheartedly seeing as though the general ideas that the constitution outlines are basic and can still relate to our lives today. I also agree that changes must be made as time progresses.

  20. I think the Constitution is outdated in certain aspects. I think the Constitution should only be changed when society calls for a change. As we develop as a country there may be times that we need to update the Constitution. Other than that, the Constitution has led our country for hundreds of years successfully for the most part. Of course there have been bumps in the road where the Constitution needed to be changed, and that is going to happen as the years go on.

    • I agree that society should be the one to call for a change to the constitution. The development of the country reflects the interests of the people, and while maybe not everything in the constitution is relevant to today’s issues, the founding fathers really tried to make it a timeless document for the country. I think they did a great job.

  21. The Constitution is far too imprecise for today’s America. It was made to appeal to the people who were deemed superior at the time and leave the others behind. However, Congress and state legislatures were given the opportunity to amend it when necessary and proper. The Constitution should not be changed but amended for a stronger nation in the future. The most important principles in the Constitution are the separation of powers and checks and balances because it leads to a slim chance of tyranny. Everyone can check upon each other when needed allowing everyone’s voice to be heard.

    • I agree, the Constitution singles out the superior people of the time. This is not okay and has been amended as necessary.

  22. In my opinion, I would say that from a certain perspective the Constitution could be considered outdated. I do not believe that any of the articles outlined in the Constitution should be changed, seeing that most of it can still be applied to todays standards. However, I do believed that a couple articles may need to be slightly modified, or overall new articles could be added in order to keep up with modern times. There are a variety of key points or quarrels that we go through in our country today that were not as much of an issue back in 1789. I would say that the most important principle outlined in the constitution would be the ideology of popular sovereignty. We as a people are able to secure our rights and have a say in the government and our countries future because of this.

    • I like that you say that the constitution is outdated but that the articles that are in it are not out dated. Also like what you said about what was the most important thing in the constitution. I do like the popular sovereignty is the most important thing in the us constitution.

    • I agree that popular sovereignty is an extremely important principle of the Constitution. I also agree that the constitution’s articles should not be changed, but there may be additions to better adapt it. Overall though, I am curious as to what should be added or altered that you alluded to.

  23. Many believe certain amendments such as the 2nd amendment or others need to be altered or abolished entirely; however, I believe that the constitution has show to be beneficial. Freedom, being the main principle, is always a give and take. The Constitution is bound to retain some issues, whether they are big or small, but for the most part, it has held up well and benefitted our modern society. Changes should only be made as the need arises and at the current moment, I do not believe there is much (if anything) that should be altered with this document. It has been a vital part of life throughout history.

    • I agree. The constitution has done much to provide the country with a solid foundation especially compared to the articles of confederation. Although I mainly people that it is the people that need help abusing the 2nd amendment and not the weapons or amendment itself, I still think it would be a much better idea to even alter the amendment to where it is more difficult to obtain a gun.

    • I agree that the constitution has shown thus far to be beneficial. I also don’t think that there is much that needs to be altered with the document, but perhaps it could be made a bit clearer for modern issues. Also, I find it interesting how you started this off by talking about the amendments and how some of them should even be abolished. It was a good way to swing into the topic of the Constitution and rights within it.

      • I’m definitely with you on the statement in which the Constitution could be made clearer, such as with implied powers. There is also the fact that it was written during the late 1700s so understanding may seem a bit difficult for the average American citizen.

  24. I feel like you’ve contradicted yourself with this statement. The entire reason for the amendments is to appeal to today’s times. That’s why I believe that the Constitution should stay the same and we continue to add amendments to meet the people’s needs when “necessary and proper” as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. That clause makes the words written by James Madison so important no matter what the United States is dealing with.

  25. Like everything else created around that time, the constitution should be updated. It’s principles were essential to a functioning society as a starting nation, however today’s society is later out much differently. Not only do we need the constitution to be for flexible in some areas, but it should also be stricter in other areas due to posing threats. The constitution was made to fit a country centuries later, however it’s actual effectiveness is imposible to determine from that far in time. Just like the constitution was created as an update form a non functioning document, the constitution should be updated and fixed to fit our needs as a country.

  26. The constitution is very old and can be seen as outdated. Times are always changing and it seems the constitution is also changing as well to help the nation grow. Certain things are updated themselves as times go on and we think of new ideas and ways to view the constitution. Obviously some things could be updated for our times now and some things can stay the same. The most important aspect of the constitution would have to be the freedom it gives the people.

    • I agree society is changing as well as the Constitution. Just because the document is old doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. I also agree that some of the rough edges could be refined to better align with the values of today’s society.

  27. The Constitution was created a very long time ago. The amendments fit with what has happening in that time. There are some things within the Constitution that maybe should be altered or changed to fit the modern world we live in but, as states, we have the power to amend the Constitution.

  28. Although the constitution was made long ago when the country was still new, I believe it still holds up well in todays standards. There are some amendments that could use some changing for modern times but for the most part, the constitution does it’s job to hold up this country well.

    • I also think that it is too hard to amend as it requires 2/3 congress and then after that, 3/4 states which in my opinion is far too difficult to achieve as there would be too much opposition.

      • I agree that the 3/4 agreement is far too hard to achieve. This would be one of the things I would revise within the constitution because 1/2 seems a bit more reasonable

      • I think its a good ratio so that the majority of people are satisfied with the outcome. If it was a close vote, it could be changed soon after.

  29. The most important part of the Constitution being written was the basic principles solidified for human survival and equality such as rights to opportunity, property, food, safety, etc. Since then, America has had too many challenges and too much growth for our Constitution to have only changed 17 times. It definitely needs updating and further clarification for amendments, especially controversial ones, while the US still develops.

  30. In my opinion, I don’t believe that the constitution could ever become outdated. The document was created with the intention of being morphed and changed as the countries morals changed. Its the perfect solution in my opinion, and it allows the constitution to survive without new documents being created.

    • I completely agree with you. It is the best approach the United States could have made. It is very dynamic and it’s change can allow it to keep itself up to date and thrive in today’s society such as the election system for choosing people for the branches of government.

    • This was a great statement, I completely agree with you. I think the Constitution was made with the purpose to be flexible and very broad in its amendments.

    • It’s not outdated in the sense that it needs to be rewritten to fit the country’s principles, but the context of the entire Constitution represents the 18th and 19th centuries. The foundation of the US is clear in the Constitution but it is due for an update based on the early 21st century.

  31. Most of the constitution is outdate and need some readjustments. It is completely out of context with our times. For example, the second amendment should be changed. It was created in a time when the country needed militias, but know we have armed forces, national guards, and domestic law enforcement. It was also created when guns had a single shot, were extremely inaccurate, and took a long time to reload. Modern weapons have allowed mass shootings to occur and the constitution needs to restrict guns. Some other changes, like the electoral college, term-limits, and equal rights, need to occur. Yes the constitution can be changed to adjust to a new period in time, but we are getting to a point beyond that time and serious changes need to occur.

  32. I do not believe that the Constitution is outdated. It effectively outlines the values which our society deems necessary for maintaining the integrity of natural rights. Consequently, I also do not think that Constitution should change. I acknowledge the Constitution is old and our society has changed drastically, but the meaning of the Constitution has also changed. The ability to change the meaning of the document eliminates the need to physically alter the document. One of the most important aspects of document outlines the importance of civil liberties and emphasizes natural human rights, so altering it could jeopardize the integrity of the document.

    • As you put, the most important aspects of the document was the outlining of civil liberties and the emphasis of human rights. Without these what are we as Americans and I agree with you in which although the constitution is old but it is not outdated.

  33. I believe our founding fathers has created a safe and well written government that would actually never be outdated. Yes some material from the constitution may have been referring more to the colonial days but the ideals and basic principles will forever be enriched in society. Since 1791 the Constitution has been through 17 changes and probably plenty more to come. The basic essentials of government is presented in the Constitution and Bill of Rights leading for it to stay the same. In no way am I saying it is perfect but well written and the ability to change and revise the bills is what makes it still up to date. Although I think amendments still need to be revised like possibly the second and just an overall change in the electoral college system to try and bring out the younger vote. At the end of the day the Constitution is not outdated and in my opinion a very authentic and cool background of government.

  34. I think that certain aspects of the constitution could be revised to better suit us in this day and age. Although for the most part, the constitution is still a good outline for what should be protected and how it should be protected. I believe in the years to come that we will eventually tweak the amendments or potentially add more to cover the so called “weak spots” within the constitution that can be abused

  35. The Constitution was changed many times so the more resent form of the Constitution is more modern then the one in 1789 so I don’t think it needs to be changed.

  36. I believe that the constitution is definitely outdated. I feel that it doesn’t currently fit in the modern world. Most things in the constitution were written with events that were current at the time in mind and a lot of them don’t have anything to do with the present day.

    • Although I do not agree with your statement of the Constitution being outdated, I’m sure others certainly do, and that’s what so great it. It can be revised and amended to fit the times in which it presides over.

  37. I do not believe that the Constitution is outdated. What I feel could be changed would probably infringe upon the rights and beliefs of others so I think it should just remain as it is. The most important principles outlined in the Constitution is the creation of Congress, powers and limits of the government (both state and federal), as well as how to amend the Constitution.

  38. I believe the constitution in some cases is outdated. However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it needs to change drastically. The constitution was made for the American people to follow and abide the rules of the United States and we have been following those amendments for decades now. Of course modern world ideologies and political norms can change however we have referenced the Constitution in numerous occasions as a way to exercise our rights as a United States citizen. It’s a landmark and the most important piece of our country’s history and therefore should not be ratified or modernized in a drastic way.

  39. I agree, the constitution does not need to be completely updated but little things based on modern times need to be tuned

  40. Personally, I do not believe the constitution is out of date due to the fact that it is nothing more then a bases to the society we live in today. The constitution was not made to handle every precise inconvenience that the united state can go through, but it was made to handle to great picture of most situations. therefore as more situations are encountered by the united states the more we can tweak and amend the constitution, but as of right now the constitution is fine as is.

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