AP World Post #6

Russia and Japan both pursued modernization.  Which country was more successful?  Which reached modernization first?  Was there outside influences?  Be sure to include specific examples for each country.

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  1. Japan was more successful because they took a decade to persue modernization. Russia was a little less successful than Japan. Japan reached modernization first because Russia started late. Their was outside influences to modernization like Russia started late because the isolation of Russia from the Mongols. The Japanese influence was when they came in contact with Commodore William Perry, caused them to modernize because they had been surpassed in technology by the west. Crimean war had a effect for modernization on Russia. Also the Russo Japanese war had tooken effect.

    • I like how you mentioned why Russia did not start first. Also I liked how Japan got influenced into being modernized

    • I agree. Along with how Japan was first to reach modernization, I agree with your reasoning. I didn’t think about the result of Russia’s modernization process when isolating themselves from Russia.

    • I agree with you because Japan was the first one to become more successful due to modernization. I liked how you kept your answer sweet and simple but covered the topic. When you said Russian isolation from the Mongols I forgot about that but it was good you mentioned it because it tied your answer together. One thing that was important was when you stated that the Crimean war which played a big role in modernization of the countries.

    • I would agree with your statement. I like the part where you stated the isolation of russia from the mongols since info was something I could of never thought of before.

    • I agree with you on how Japan was more successful due to them taking longer to modernize. I like how you talked about the wars Russia was apart of and how they were a reason for Russia not modernizing first.

    • I agree, and appreciate how you mentioned that the Crimean war effected Russia’s modernization. I also like how you mentioned William Perry

    • I agree with this comment. Both countries were late to the idea of modernization because of isolation and their known methods working fine enough at the time. I love how your comment was simple, but elaborate enough so that others could understand.

    • I agree with Japan did reach modernization first before Russia and that the Crimean war was a big part on Russia not being modernized before Japan.

    • The Crimean war did very much play a very crucial role in the modernization of Russia. It also had a small impact on Japan as Japan was Aidee in modernization by outsiders. It is always important to consider those who help other countries out in achieving a certain goal of some sort because it says a lot about this country itself.

    • agreed. Japan had Western Influences in terms of political change and culture. They were open to learning. Russia was late to become industrialized in general.

  2. Russia modernized first but Japan was more successful because they started last but it took them less time to introduce and act on new rules and buildings. No one helped Japan modernize but the Meiji era was a time of political and economic change. This helped them grow socially and economically. In russia Peter the great and Catherine the great helped move russia forward socially, economically, and politically. They influenced many reforms and Peter the great reorganized Russia. Catherine led Russia to participate in political and social ways of life in Europe.

    • No Japan modernized first and faster because Russia started late and took longer. The Meji era did help Japan modernize. Russia had alot of step backs because the wars they loss like the Crimean and Russo Japanese war. But both of Russia and Japanese kings did eventually get them to modernize either way.

      • I feel like Japan was more successful due to them turing into a major world power. They became very powerful due to them being able to build a powerful military. By having such a strong military China took over East Asia, and defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan also started to modernize first. The Meji Era also helped Japan grow faster then Russia so Japan had the upper hand.

      • I disagree because Japan modernized first. However, I do agree that Japan was more successful but I believe that this is because of its influence from outside countries. I believe that this helped drastically by bringing in new ideas of modernization. I do think that Russia was much less successful due to the wars that they lost.

      • I’d agree with your point that Japan modernized faster and earlier, but I believe that the west did help to contribute towards Japan’s modernization. I feel that many of their developments were based off western material and those thoughts were spread through 17th century japan with the Dutch Studies and the West would, much later, change many social aspects of Japanese society as seen in the embracing of western culture in clothing, hygiene, and medicine.

      • Japan was modernized first because they started to industrialize earlier than Russia. It also took Russia much longer to industrialize because they lacked a middle class and still relied on serfdom, which led to peasant revolts. Russia was less successful than Japan because they had a harder time letting go of their traditional ways. The landowners were not interested in modernization because it threatened their power. Japan was more eager to industrialize because they felt the need to compete with European nations. Outside influences that affected Russia were Europeans and the Ottoman Empire. During the Crimean War, Russia realized that they had fallen behind the Europeans and needed to re-establish themselves as a strong military power. Japan remained more isolated but commodore William Perry showed Japan that they needed to industrialize because the west had surpassed them.

        • I agree with your comment that japan was first and the facts that accompany it. I also agree with your statement that the Russians had a realization after the war. It was interesting to read that you wrote that a reason Russia was less successful was partially due to the class system they had. This puts it into perspective and makes sense regarding what we already know.

    • I think Japan was the first to modernized and was the most successful as well. Russia started after Japan because they started in the 1880’s. Also most European countries like France , Britain and Germany helped Japan with modernization sending workers and missionaries there. The Meij era helped Japan absorb western cultures even better because the Meij emperor caused Japan to have a poor government only focusing on agriculture. Due to this the Japanese were able to ditch their way of life and learn western culture.

      • I think Japan had beat Russian when it came to modernization when it came too agriculture, technology…etc although Russian was still forbids me due to their sheer numbers.

      • I agree with you because Japan was influenced greatly by Western countries that were mostly located in Europe through their technology and customs. Russia also had much contact with the West because of the war that they attempted but soon realized the disadvantages of their less advanced weaponry against the greatly advanced Europeans protecting their assets in other countries.

      • I agree how Japan was more successful because they had more help. European countries aided them and the Meji emperor made reforms that advanced Japan economically and politcally.

    • I disagree because Japan modernized first. However, I do agree that Japan was more successful but I believe that this is because of its influence from outside countries. I believe that this helped drastically by bringing in new ideas of modernization. I do think that Russia was much less successful due to the wars that they lost.

    • I disagree because Japan modernized first. However, I do agree that Japan was more successful but I believe that this is because of its influence from outside countries. I believe that this helped drastically by bringing in new ideas of modernization. I do think that Russia was much less successful due to the wars lost.

    • I disagree because it was Japan who Industrialized first. I do agree however that Japan was more successful. I also liked how you mentioned the Meiji reforms because those were a big part of japans modernization.

    • I agree with you on how Japan was more successful, but I disagree with you on Russia modernizing first because I think Japan modernized first. I like how you mentioned Russia having outside influences.

  3. Japan modernization was more successful that russia modernization because japan had took their time to plan on what rulings to change and how to effectively use the industrialization upon others. Russia however, didnt take their time to figure out what they would do to make their industrialization successful. Russia had started late but had many influences like Catherine the great who was able to give more control over the serfs to the russian empire. another helper with russian industrialization was peter the great who helped to modernize russia so they rely more on their trade effort, Japan didnt have any help from the start but slowly gained help from the Meiji state with the assistance of political power which had japan set to aboard to europe and the United states to study the economic and political institutions and technology. The japanese also gained some help with the creation of Dutch studies who intrest in the implications of western science and technology which began in the 17th century. One of the major impacts of Russian industrialization was the Crimean war.

    • I disagree and think that Japan did have some help. They had military models like the British to base their navy off of and they also had successful private business’ that led the way because of the government’s lack of funds.

    • I disagree because Japan did have some models that they took from the British in terms of military, as they modeled their army after Britain’s national army, in replacement of their samurais.

  4. Japan had reached modernization first and was more successful. In the 1870s, Alexander the Second had started pulling back the Russian reforms, while Japanese continued to develop. The Japanese established the universal education (providing primary education to all), created model shipyards, arsenals, and factories (1880s), and expanded technical training and education. Factories, railroads, advance technology, and literacy developed from the reform era into the 1880s in Russia. Japan had also developed new medical provisions and better nutrition to reduce death rates. While Russia had developed more than Japan in railways growing and factories quickly being built, the country had problems with many wanting a new social reform starting in the 19th century and not ending until the 20th century. The Japanese had taken action and liberate more than 40% men and 15% women in 1859, while Russia had not liberated any serfs by that time. For Russia, the outside influence was the West during the Crimean War (1854-1856). The Russian leaders had realized it was important for reform to keep up with the West in military arena and a resolution to the country’s social issue. The Japanese were also influenced by the Western during a civil war in 1866 and had come to terms that the West had many advantages.

  5. The Japanese were the more efficient country in industrializing. Japan was also the first country out of the two to industrialize first. Japanese established universal education and created tools and places to assist them in industrialization. Russia’s industrialization was stopped briefly because of Alexander the II. Russia was influenced to industrialize after their loss in the Crimean war. They had more soldiers than the enemy, but not the modern technology that assisted in defeating them. After the loss they needed to industrialize and keep up with the world in order to stay as a world power. Japan was influenced by the Russo-Japanese war. Here they were experienced to the western technology and ideology for the first time in awhile. After the war they became interested in not becoming like Russia and large amounts of people from the oppressive feudalism caste. Japan was also influenced by Commodore Matthew Perry because he threatened to bomb Japan if they did not trade with the U.S.

    • I think war is one of the most influential things about modernization. Countries soon realized after losses that they needed to get better and become more efficient.

    • I agree with you on how the Japanese was the first to industrialize and how the Russo-Japanese war had an effect on the Japanese. I also like how you connected the Crimean War and how the Russians realized they needed to modernize after their loss as well.

    • I agree with your statements about Japan having a better industrialization, and also I liked your examples of their accomplishments in industrialization.

    • I agree, and also think that the Russo-Japanese war was one of the biggest influences for japan to modernize, and the Crimean War for Russia

    • I agree that Japan was first and quicker to modernize. I also agree that Russia was urged to industrialize by the Crimean War and Japan was led to modernization through the Russo-Japanese war.

  6. While both Russia and Japan perused modernization, Japan reached modernization first, and also was way more successful then Russia’s own modernization. During these periods of development there were a lot of outside influences like the crimean war for Russia. As well as Peter being able to do a reform in Russia also helped them modernize. For Japan, the Meiji reformers helped Japan build a more stable government and continue to develop and improve their society.

    • I agree with you on Japan’s success in industrialization. I like how you included Peter I in your influence for Russia’s industrialization.

  7. Japan was more successful out of the two to modernize and do it within a decade. Western modernization both effected these countries but due to the Mejia era in China, this was a time of economic change but no one helped China modernize only ideas. the wars in Russia slowed them down but helped politically and socially later on.

  8. Between the two Japan was more successful, they modernized first and because they have a powerful military, and with that they just kind of took over and defeated Russia in the war between them two.

    • Japan and Russia both pursued modernization, Japan was more successful at doing it since they were able to adopt Western political, social, and economic institutions in so little time. The Meji restoration helped lead to success since the people who overthrew the shogun’s were in demand. The first to reach modernization was Japan by having colonial and imperialist powers. Russia took a while to realize what was going on but had great influences like Catherine the Great but it was not enough. I believe that the main influence for Japan to be more successful was the Russo-Japenese war.

  9. Though Russia modernized first, Japan’s modernization was more successful. Outside influences include that Russia was late to modernize because they’re isolated, as well as the Crimean war. As for Japan, their influences include the Russo-Japanese war, where they saw western technology, pushing them towards modernization.

  10. Japan reached modernization first, settled universal education and made tools to assist them, causing them to be more successful in industrialization than Russia. An outside factor of Russia was that they were isolated by the Mongols, which caused them to start industrializing after Japan. Japan wanted to industrialize because they found that the west had surpassed them in technological advances and creations.

  11. Japan was more successful than Russia because of the help of European countries. Hundreds of western workers and missionaries were brought in Japan to help the Japanese ditch their way of life and form a new government and absorbing Western culture, ideas technology, military and etc. The Japanese caught up to Western colonial powers in like 30-40. There was outside influence when Japan modernize its military and army. They had help with France, Britain and later Germany. Russia was behind modernization because they started late due to its geography, it’s agricultural based economy and a poor transportation system. They started modernization in the 1880s, way after Japan.

  12. Russia’s economy developed slowly and gradually during the 19th century. But, Russia had the most population than its European neighbors due to how big the country was and the geographic location that existed. Before this, Russia was quite primitive and lived rural life. But in 1855, Russia’s population started to grow rapidly and they became more modern in that, new reforms were passed in which serfs took over the underdeveloped agriculture due to lack of technology. The establishment of estates existed and the emancipation of the sets came in 1861 which brought major changes such as create larger urban labor force. Moreover, roads, schools and buildings began to be renovated due to regulation within the zemstvoes. The major change happened in 1870 when Russia finally built their trans-Siberian railroad which connected the Pacific Ocean and Russia. This stimulates the expansion of Russia’s iron industry and coal. Also, railroad development helped the export of grain to the West. Together, these factors led to Russia’s modernization. In the case of Japan, Japan was better since grey began to expand right from the start. The Meiji restoration ended the Tokugawa shogunate and brought about westernization and modernization. Also, the samurai were the main reason for the restoration. Feudal class privileges were abolished and tax systems were unified to create one revenue. Railroads and paths were built in 1872 and the economy started experiencing growth. Western culture was widely promoted but didn’t take away from the culture. Also, agriculture and industrialization started to become the primary focus which led to modernization. Japan was far better in modernization mainly because they did it quicker and more efficient. Russia started modernizing from the start of Peter the Great but never was more advanced then Japan. Also, many wars slowed Russia down while Japan experienced major growth in short periods of time. Japan reached modernization first due to the abundance in technology because of early allowance for westernization.

  13. The Japanese and Russians both underwent industrialization in their country through different ways but overall, Japan was the more efficient country during this period. In terms of a timeline, Japan industrialized prior to Russia. Japanese created many innovations scientifically and militaristic ways. In addition to that they also set up universal education. Russia and Japan had different motives for industrialization both beginning from the ends of war. Russia was influenced by their loss in the Crimean War and Japan was influenced by the Japan-Russian War. Russia had had many more soldiers than the enemy, but lacked modern technology to defeat them. After the loss they needed to industrialize and keep up with the world in order to stay as a world power. Japan realized they wanted to western values and to be a bigger power within trading and this was enforced by a few reasons but especially the threats by Commodore Matthew Perry with the fear that he would bomb Japan did not initiate trade with the U.S.

    • I really liked how you brought up the two different motivations for industrialization, as the two nations began industrializing at different times for different reasons.

    • I liked what you said such as clarifying information of the motivations for industrialization. One thing you said that caught my eye was when you mention the Crimean war, and the Japan Russian war. This played a big part in the after mass of the country needing to industrialize and keep up with new innovations that will help them in the long run. One example was in this war one country had shells to sink and attack ships while the other country was not even close of being innovated to new weaponry. Overall, I agree with what you said, and the information you gave.

  14. Japan was the most successful in modernization compared to Russia because they had modernized before Russia did. The reason why the Russians were behind the Japanese in modernization was because while Japan continued to modernize, the Russian tsar, Alexander the 2nd, began pulling back all the Russians reforms, which slowed their processes. While with Japan, the reason why they were able to modernize before Russia is partly due to Western imperialism, because this pushed for Japan to westernize many aspects of their society.

  15. Japan was more successful than Russia at modernizing their country. Japan started before Russia and was more efficient thanks to the Meiji reformers, and they were influenced by western imperialists pushing for them to westernize their society. During the time of Peter the Great, Russia began its own period of modernization, but his reforms were halted when Czar Alexander the 2nd came into power. Russia was was motivated to be as powerful as its enemies in terms of military, but Japan established universal education, and adopted other western ideas and parts of culture.

  16. Japan was the first to industrialize and the Russia came after that. Japan was more successful than Russia in their industrialization because they grew their education, and had their mind set on becoming better in trade, as they weren’t driven by greed as much as Russia. Russia wanted to industrialize because they realized that their armies could not compete with the Europeans and that led them to want to become more powerful. Both countries industrialization was the result of a loss in a war, with the Japanese losing in the Russo-Japanese war, and the Russians losing in the Crimean war.

    • I agree that Japan was better. But also, the Mejji restoration was so helpful in modernization of Japan. Also, Japan borrowed much from the West and began to form a supreme force in Asia. Russia was slower and faced many wars

  17. Japan was much more successful than Russia. Japan also modernized before Russia. Japan was able to modernize first due to western imperialism. Russia fell behind in modernizing due to Alexander the 2nd starting and then stopping modernization because he feared change was getting out of hand.

  18. Japan was wildly more successful in the industrialization period than Russia due to its length of sobriety due to its efficiency with a much smaller population. Also, Japan had outside influence due to its sending Samurai officials to the United States and Europe to study their technologies and such but after they returned they convinced Japanese leaders to begin reforms that would allow them to stay level with them on terms of industrialization. On the other hand, Russia was efficient for a country of its size due to outside influences because of wars that they partook in that they realized they were severely insufficiently advanced compared to their European compatriots. Japan reached modernization first because they had no revolutions which took time away from modernization and since that everyone was united in a common goal.

    • I agree that the size of Japan aided in their success regarding modernization. I also agree that one of the leading causes of Japan’s success is their influence from outside countries that allowed them to get a different perspective on the modernization of other countries.

  19. I would say Japan was more successful than Russia when it came to industrialization because Japan took their with industrializing. Japan reached modernization first because in their country they were already all on the same page from not having any revolutions, so they were able to Industrialize first. Japan did indeed have outside influences like when they sent Samurai officials to other countries to study their ways of life and technology. Russia had outside influence from Britain and France when they would be involved in wars that led to them being less advanced.

    • I agree that sending Samurai officials to outside countries had a great impact on Japan’s success in modernization. By having outside influence, Japan was able to better understand the industrialization and technologies of other countries which positively affected their modernization.

    • I agree and I like that you mentioned The internal differences between Japan and Russia when you stated that Japan did not have any major revolutions compared to Russia who had a multitude of revolutions but still were least successful, compared to Japan in the process of industrialization.

  20. Japan was much more successful in industrialization. Japan reached modernization first. They established universal education and bettered their trade. Their modernization was highly influenced by the Meji state restoration which pushed for westernization. Japan is much smaller than Russia which also aided in their success to modernize. Japan also had help from many outside influences such as the US. They went to learn and study the technologies in outside countries. Japan and Russia also had different reasons as to why they decided to industrialize. Russia was influenced by their loss in the Crimean War. They needed to strengthen their army and modernize their army’s technology. However, they were not as successful as Japan.

    • Japan was far more successful in industrialization compared to Russia, and also began modernizing before. Japan went into modernization with a greater mentality, and worked hard on improving important aspects of their society, like education, trade, and factory working. Japan took after Western influence, and also had help from many other world powers, for example, the United States. Russia also focused on modernizing solely because they saw their own loss in the Crimean War, and realized they needed change. Another reason Japan was more successful is because their country participated in modernization as a whole, but the Russian government partook in many reforms after the start of their industrialization period. Russia also took influence from countries that had won the Crimean War, like Britain and France.

      • I agree. Russia had many obstacles in its way of modernization but also, they didn’t develop as quickly as many of their western neighbors. Japan started off weak but grew due to imitation of West.

    • I agree with your statement that Western influence from the Meiji State Restoration was a large contributor to change for a modern society in Japan. I also enjoyed how you mentioned that it was Japan’s education system that led to a growth of thought and a look towards new thoughts and a desire for change.

    • I like how you brought up the point that Japan is smaller than Russia since that surely could have slowed down Russia’s industrialization rate.

    • I agree with your statement in that Japan was the more successful one of the two. I especially like how who you connected the Japanese government and how that coincides with it all. While you touched on key points about Russia it is also worth mentioning that they adopted railroads which helped aid in further modernization.

  21. Japan was able to reach modernization before Russia. Japan had missionaries come into Japan to teach them the ways of their religion and why they should switch to the Western way of things. The Japanese allowed them to change some things and were welcoming of Western influence. They had small revolts like the samurai killing foreigners including one British official but it usually ended up them conceding like when Matthew Perry threatened them to open a way for Americans to trade with them. The Russians took a different approach to modernization. They saw that the West really liked to fight people, and that they were good at it with their industrialization. So, they decided to mosey their way down to the Byzantine Empire after the Napoleonic Wars and threaten them if they didn’t concede their places practicing Orthodox Christianity so they could protect them. The Ottomans said no so the Russians invaded them. This caused a war for the Black Sea, which is a good place for trade that Russia needed to modernize. This caused the Allied countries of the Ottomans to come assist them, like the British and French. They eventually pushed the Russians far from the Black Sea and it took Russia a while to get back on track.

    • I agree with the Japanese becoming modernized before the Russians, but I also believe it is due to their reforms they had, including in the government (The Diet), economic (Meijis), and in their military.

    • I agree everything that you said and especially with Russia and their growth related to the Byzantine Empire which is a very important fact but an overlooked one at that.

  22. Although both Russia and Japan had a driven goal for modernization in the future, the Japanese had a more successful run when it came to modernization. Led by the Meiji reformers, the Japanese were able to build a very stable government. It helped the Japanese boost the restoration of social, political, and economical changes. The modernization of Japan helped them become a world super power. They were quickly able to industrialize and build a very powerful military. Russia focused on modernization after the loss in the Crimean War. Although they had a large number of military personnel, the Russian arsenal was rather out dated and was not as advanced as other military forces in the world. The large land size and outrageous population slowed Russia’s modernization down. Russia was behind Japan in modernization was because they pulled out of reforms in the middle of the process which caused a stall in bettering the country. Japan took lots of inspiration from Western nations and studied new forms of governance and also new technologies that helped them in the long run in terms of industrialization and modernization.

  23. Russia was less successful than Japan when it came to modernization. Japan had more intellectual people there which helped them work harder in modernizing. They were inspired by western lifestyle. Russia realized they needed to become better once they lost the Crimean wars but ended up nowhere with their Czar Alexander the Great.

    • I agree with you that Japan had accepted the western lifestyle faster then the Russians did. They did not realize it at the time but due to the pull back from Alexander the Great they put themselves in a decline to be behind everyone in this jump into a new way of life.

  24. Japan was more successful than Russia in making a modernized country. Japan had begun industrializing before Russia did, as they had accepted some Western influence and had industrial and political change from the Meiji government. Compared to Russia in the 1870s, the tsar, Alexander II, pulled back political reforms while trying to increase effort in industrialization. That caused currents of protest. Japan continued to develop and become better politically, industrially, and academically with having more than forty percent of men and fifteen percent of women become literate by 1859. Russia and Japan’s motives for industrialization also differed with Russia’s loss in the Crimean War and Japan’s loss in the Russo-Japanese War. Russia realized they needed to compete with Western technology and advance because of their defeat against France and Britain, two industrialized nations. Japan was affected by Western pressure which forced Japan to pursue modernization.

    • I agree, and I think its important that you noted Russia’s political climate during this period.

    • I agree, I like how you talked about the heavy influence Japan had received from the Western world. I also like how you mentioned the conflict’s that the countries had been involved in.

  25. Japan was more successful in their modernization. While Japan accepted the modernization from the west yet stayed independent, Russia pulled away from their influences trying to modernize on their own. Japan modernized first with the influences from the west.

  26. Japan was the most successful in modernization, in comparison to Russia. A major reason for this was Japan starting the modernization process first. Another reason being, Alexander II, who was Russia’s tsar in the 1870s, pulling back political reforms, while Japan continued to progress forward. Japan benefited from modernization when they started establishing education, as well as many other scientific, and militaristic achievements. Russia was motivated to modernize when they realized they needed to compete with Western technology following their loss in the Crimean War. While Japan was motivated by outside influence, as well as the Meji restoration, which was already pushing for westernization.

    • I agree with your statement that Russian modernization was inhibited by Alexander II’s regressive politics.

    • I didn’t even think about talking about the Crimean War for a reason on why Russia would be motivated to modernize their country as a way to compete with the western military power. Instead, I focused more on Peter the Great and his traveling to Europe, along with the work that Catherine did.

  27. Japan’s attempt at modernization was more successful than Russia’s because they were able to move past internal struggles in pursuit of a united and modern society, while Russia’s many separate and emerging political and social groups divided the land, as seen with the Bolsheviks and Anarchrists. Russia’s modernization began after the Crimean war (1856~), in response to being overpowered by new modern inventions leaving them a fire to develop, which is just a little after Japan’s modernization in 1853 as result of open trading rights to their land.
    Japan was able to flourish with the coming modernization because Western thought was more ingrained in the society, as seen in the Dutch Studies, the trading to Japan opening in 1853 only grew these groups and led to more desire to keep up with what they were seeing from the Westerners. Japan was also able to expand their profits in the economy by shifting from agricultural to large industrial cooperations called Zaibatsu.
    Russian modernization could be seen in the rise of industrialization across their lands, still sticking with agriculture, the Trans-Serbian Railroad’s development in the 1870’s led to a deeper connection to Asian locations and greater profits economically. Russia also could be seen making a change for economic modernization from the finance minister of 1892-1903, Count Sergei Wittle, who raised tariffs and assisted the banking status of Russia, encouraging the growth and development of factories in the land.
    Both rose to political modernization in the development of a decision making organization to watch their own lands, Russia having the Duma, and Japan having the Diet.
    In conclusion, both Russia and Japan were faced with modernaization, but while Japan took a strongly Westernized outlook on change, which is a direct result of the growing western contact towards the Japanese in the 19th century, Russia seemed to take small bits of information from the West and developed it by themselves, ferflected in their desires to change and be like the West, but not following the steps on how to get there.

  28. Both Japan and Russia pursued modernization in the nineteenth century. Japan was more successful and also reached modernization first. Russia built things like railroads and developed other technologies but many radical political groups somewhat stunted more growth and they lacked western influence that the Japanese had. War was one of the sparks for both countries. After their loss in the Crimean war, in which they had more troops but were poorly equipped and poorly manage, they decided that they needed to get better. In Japan, Matthew Perry of the United States put pressure on them and made Japan realize that they were far behind in military power. During the Russo-Japanese War, the Japanese did not want the Russians to expand anymore and had to do anything. They were able to successfully out-maneuver the Russians and it also made them realize more technology needed to be developed.

  29. While Japan and Russia both industrialized, Japan’s industrialization went much further than Russia’s. Japan’s industrialization was more put-together because of their motives behind industrialization. Unlike the Russians, the Japanese industrial revolution was mainly driven on the adoption of western ideas. Meanwhile, Russia’s industrial revolution was motivated from greed due to their immense losses in the Crimean War.

    • I agree, the Crimean war had great impact on the modernization of Russia. Russia, out of realization and greed modernized quickly along with Japan. Japan also had help from other countries which allowed for better modernization.

    • I like how you gave an accurate and in detail post that gave us a reason as to why Japan was more successful in their industrialization and why Russia had less success.

    • I agree. The Crimean War impacted Russia and i also agree that Japanese industrial revolution was mainly driven on the adoption of the west.

  30. Russia was first in modernization, however Japan was much more successful. RUssia and Japan were both influenced by the west, they adopted dresses and some costumes. Japan even considered changing their national language to English, due to the influence that the west had on them. In order to modernize a socially and economically lagging Russia, Peter the Great introduced sweeping social, administrative, and economic reforms that westernized Russia to a certain extent, yet did not alter deeply feudal divisions in the increasingly authoritarian state. Japan was a hierarchical feudal society, in which only the tiniest fraction of people would be considered part of the elite, the so-called samurai class. The economy still depended on agriculture, industrialization was the primary goal of the government, which directed the development of strategic industries, transportation, and communications.

  31. Japan had modernized first and was more successful when it came to it. In the 1870s Alexander the second had taken back some of the original reforms made, while the Japanese continued to make reforms and modernize there ways. Both attempted this to industrialize and modernize in the 19th century. The countries started to change do to the heavy western influences. Japan’s modernization was much more efficient compared to Russia’s because of the Russian leadership struggling to make the changes.

    • I agree with you about Japan finishing modernization first while also being more successful at it. However, I feel like for Russia, there wasn’t as much western influence as there was for Japan. This is due to the fact that for Russia, all that happened was that Peter the Great went to some countries in Western Europe, and then he alone became influenced, and modernized Russia himself. However, for Japan, the west was much more involved, with them pressuring Japan to consider reforms. Also, more people from Japan were able to be influenced by the west to modernize, which was seen by the samurais that left Japan coming back, impressed by the advancements the west made.

  32. Russia was the second of the two to finish modernizing their country, and was also the least successful. This was done with Peter the Great traveling to Britain and being influenced by the advancements made there. Peter the Great focused more on Russia’s economics, like trade, and him Russia’s next leader, Catherine, allowed Russia to modernize in more political/social ways. Japan finished their modernization before Russia, and also was more successful at it. There was success was due to the fact that they were able to modernize the political and economic institutions by minoring Western Europe(which they minored by sending samurai’s to West Europe and the U.S to view their advancements). However, Japan didn’t change their culture completely, nor did they minor every little aspect of western life. This was the opposite of Russia’s case, with Peter the Great being so influenced by western life, that he believed that since westerners didn’t wear beards, then no Russian should wear beards. Back to Japan though, they were also successful at modernizing since they did it in such a short amount of time, with the Meiji engorgement abolishing feudalism and setting up a more imperialist style of government to replace it.

    • I like how you gave examples of different people that helped with modernization instead of just giving a general idea

    • I agree with you that Japan was the first to modernize. Also I agree about Peter the Great traveling to Europe and being influence by thier advances. One thing is I thing Japan wasent the one that modernized the quickest, I think they took about two decades.

    • I agree. I like how you gave examples of how past actions and rulers became a determining factor in Russia is slow in I agree. I like how you gave examples of how past actions and rulers became a determining factor in Russias slow process to industrialization. furthermore, I would like to add though the Japanese did not change as much in the cultural aspect, they were definitely influenced by the invasion of the Westerners like adopting western styles of clothing and hairstyles.

  33. I think that Japan did better with modernization than Russia because japan stared a decade earlier than Russia also because japan was willing to change and also got influenced by western powers. Russia started late because of its isolation from the Mongols. japans influence stated when the came in opened up their doors after a long time and all the westers stared to come ina provide techniques and new ways of doing things it is also important to note the Crimean wars also affected modernization as well as the Japanese Russia war.

  34. Japan was more successful because they took a decade to peruse modernization. Russia was a little less successful than Japan. Their was outside influences to modernization for example Russia started late because the isolation of Russia from the Mongols. The Japanese influence was when they came in contact with Commodore William Perry, caused them to modernize. The Crimean war had a effect for modernization on Russia.

  35. The Russian and Japanese both went thought industrialization. Japan was more efficient country in this time period. Anyways, Alexander the second began to pull back Russian reforms that slowed down their process. Japanese had more innovations and education. During the Japan-Russian war this caused Japan to be more influenced by what happened during this time of war while Russia was influenced by the Crimean-War. Russian had a big army that out numbered the Japanese but they were not modernized which caused the Russians a devastating loss. After this Russians decided it was time to keep up with innovations around the world while the Japanese wanted to keep up with the Western and to trade more. Overall, there are some differences in how the Japanese and Russian undergo industrialization.

  36. Japan was the first to modernize and was more successful to modernize then Russia.
    The reason why Japan modernize first was Russian reforms were held back while Japan continued to modernize. The Japanese provided primary education to all its citizens. This idea was influenced by the west and another reason why Japan was able to modernize first was that they were introduced to Western ideas in the 15th and 16th when Western merchants, missionaries and explorers reached the Japanese archipelago. Russia’s modernization happened with the help of Peter the Great. He first improved agriculture by introducing the potatoe. Then he strengthened Russia’s economy by importing skilled workers. He also liberated Russian women by allowing the to be in public without veils. Peter also implemented social and and culture reforms which led to the Westernization of Russia.

  37. In terms of who reached modernization first, out of Russia and Japan, Japan was first. Russia did not begin until around the 1860’s while Japan started about a decade earlier. Japan at the time was also much more successful with its industrialization and modernization. Both countries also had an outside influence during their modernization. For both Russia and Japan took ideas and influences from their western European counterparts. For example in places like Japan, they started to accept the western religions like Christianity. They also started to advance education, and government/administration to match that of European countries. Japan would have to be said to have had the greater change in modernization. This is because they had previously isolated themselves and disregarded all western ideas but now thew model after it. While Japan took government styles and education from the Europeans, Russia took more of an industrial route to modernization. For instance the country, after the Crimean War loss, adopted western technology like railroads and the steam engine. They made a railroad stretching across the country which aided in unification further helping there modernization efforts.

    • I agree with you on everything you said and I liked that you included the fact that western countries helped both nations to modernize, as well as the religious interference in Japan.

      • I like how you distinguished the different ways in which Japan and Russia reached modernization: Japan through the adaptation of Western European cultural aspects and Russia through the adaptation of Western industrialization.

  38. Japan modernized first an was more successful. The japanese started becoming more open to new ideas and was starting to modernize faster than Russia because Russia had other things going on such as conflict with the mongols. Besides that, I think another big part in why japan was better was because of the result of the Russo-Japanese War. After the war they had more power and started to show the countries in Asia what kind of power the had and what kind of power they were working for

    • I agree that japan, even though they essentially had a monarch were open to new ideas. This is while the Russian monarchs were starkly opposed to any political ideas that took power from the king and aristocracy.

  39. Japan was modernized before Russia. This was due to Japan industrializing first. It took Russia longer to industrialize because they still relied on serfdom, which led to peasant revolts. Russia also didn’t want to get rid of traditional ways which is why they didn’t want to modernize. The landowners did not want to modernize because it threatened their power. Japan wanted to industrialize because they felt the need to keep up with other nations. Outside influences that affected Russia were the Ottomans and Europeans. During the Crimean War, Russia realized that they had fallen behind the Europeans and needed to re-establish themselves as a strong military power.

  40. Japan was faster to modernize than Russia for the specific reason that Russia began modernizing late, specifically in the 1880’s. It can also be seen that Japan was more successful because they had more modern products before Russia did, and overall became a greater power faster, and as seen by the Japan-Russo war the Japanese were able to use this modernization to their advantage. There was outside help in both countries, Japan receiving help from multiple western countries such as Germany and France. Russia had outside influence when it came to the wars they participated in and lost in because these allowed them to see the flaws of not modernizing sooner that they had.

    • I agree Japan was faster to modernize compared to Russia, specifically due to the reforms Japan went through that allowed this, being a more liberal nation.

  41. Japan and Russia both indulged in the western modernization/industrialization, but compared to the western European countries they were late. Japan reached modernization first compared to Russia because Russia began their industrialization late partially due to their unwillingness to change their conservative values. personally, I believe Japan was more successful in their process to industrialization because compared to Russia it took far less time for the country to become an imperial threat to the other dominant western European countries. Japan had an advantage in naval power which allowed them to trade raw materials and goods easier. Russia continue to have its internal conflict between the aristocratic conservatives and the “peasants“. Both of the countries were influenced to industrialize due to realization of how much, technologically, they lack compared to the dominating western European countries. for example in Russia the crimean war exposed Russia to the industrial advantage of western European countries which disturbed Russian leaders. This realization led to reforms, emancipation of serfs, the trans-Siberian railroad, ECT. For Japan the infiltration of the western growing powers gaining a trading port to the country induce industrialization as the Japanese people studied and realize they were far behind the Western society.

  42. Japan’s modernization was much more successful than that of Russia due to the fact that there were less obstacles for revolution in Japan than there were in Russia during the modernization period, which allowed the transition to flow smoothly. This was evident in Russia with the forces of peasant revolts due to famine, anarchists, the Bolsheviks, and the intelligentsia prior to the Russo-Japanese War. Following the Russian loss of said war, a revolution broke out in 1905 that caused the Stolypin reforms, which met some of the demands of the peasantry. In the interval between western-oriented protest and reform, conservative forces stifled the currents of western adaptation that were necessary to transform Russia into a modernized nation. On the contrary, Commodore Matthew Perry’s intrusion of Japanese ports urged a preexisting army of samurai to unite against the corrupted shogunate and usher in the Meiji era. This marked a more definitive shift from the pre-modernization era to an era of reform than was seen with disjointed revolutionary movements in Russia. Japan also was the first to reach modernization with the western-oriented Diet system instituted among other political reforms throughout the 1880’s. This resembled the customary parliamentary governments seen in Europe, with the added supervision of a traditional emperor whose powers were checked by a new constitution. For reference, the Stolypin reforms were not passed until after the success of the Russian Revolution of 1905.

  43. Japan and Russia both took part in the western modernization & industrialization, but both countries were late. Japan was first due to Russia starting their industrialization late because of their views on certain things they did not want to change, Japan was more successful in their path down industrialization because when compared to Russia it took a short amount of time for the country to become a threat to the other Western European countries. Japan had an upper hand in naval power which allowed for trade to be easier.

  44. Although both Japan and Russia were late with modernization, they both were influenced by western nations. Japan was more successful due to the fact they modernized a decade before Russia. Russia was not able to industrialize because of conservative intellectuals who wanted to keep Russia isolated and independent. Conflicts such as Napoleon’s invasion in 1812 and the French Revolution caused Russian leaders to create a better defense against western influence. Serfdom and peasant revolts also prevented change. When in the Crimean War, Russia was not on the same level as its western enemies when it came to its military. This caused change in Russia. Where as Japan was influenced by political, economic and social changes made in western nations. Samurai were sent to Europe to observe different western systems. Some Japanese systems mirror western systems but also maintain its own culture.

    • While I agree that Japan was heavily influenced by western culture, I don’t agree that the intellectuals in Russia were conservative. In contrary, I believe the intellectuals in Russia were actually more radical.

  45. While both Japan and Russia both pursued industrialization, Japan was more successful in their attempts. A clear example of the difference between the two is both their attempts at imperialism. Russia lost greatly in both Manchuria and the Crimean war. This is while Japan won greatly in Korea and Manchuria. I believe the reason for this is because Japan gave their citizens more political say while Russia brutally suppressed all political opponents.

  46. Between the two countries which took so long to industrialize/modernize themselves, Japan was the more successful country after these modernization took place. The is directly displayed through the Russo-Japanese war, which Japan won through better trained troops, as well as more in total. Russia had 80,000 weak troops (though it increased to 250,000 troops throughout the duration of the war), while Japan had 400,000 German trained troops. The Japan democracy was most similar to western countries at the time as well, creating “The Diet”, while Russia still had a czar in charge of the government. The meiji reforms
    displayed the Japanese power, through economic boom.

    • Although Russia passed reforms to become more successful in modernization, Japan is the clear winner of success of modernization, you can see this in the Russo-Japanese war where Japan, with its powerful navy, won against Russia and ultimately shows that Japan was the clear Successor of modernization. Asking who reached modernization first is confusing due to both passing reforms in similar time periods, but Japan clearly made it to modernization first to the Europeans (outside influence) trading with Japan, along with Japan opening their ports so they can start being industrial, but in Russia, although open ports, was not as successful as Japan in Trade due to not having many Raw Materials.

  47. Japan was more successful in modernization because they started the process nearly a decade in advance of the the Russians. This was shown when Russia and Japan went to war and the Russians were demolished because they were far less advanced than Russia. They were further advanced because they had more western influence.

  48. I believe that Japan was more successful, because they took a whole lot of time out just to modernize. Japan also opened up to the West so that they could learn the modern ways at the time. They had almost people from every field of work go out and collect information to bring back to teach the rest of Japan. Japan was willing to open up to a new way of living, I mean to go as far as dressing like the West. Japan also gained alot of knowledge which lead to economic gain.

  49. Russia and Japan both pursued modernization. Japan was more successful and reached modernization first. The Meiji government abolished feudalism and the political power was effectively centralized. They sent samurai officials abroad to western Europe and U.S. to study industrialized environment. They also improved their education and opened trade with others. Since Russia had other conflicts (such as war) going on, Japan modernized faster compare to Russia.

  50. Japan began modernizing before Russia did and they were also more successful. Japan industrialized but Russia couldn’t because they still practiced their traditional ways, like serfdom. This resulted in peasant revolts. Landowners were also disinterested in modernization. Japan took notice of European ways and began adopting them, which helped modernization. After the Crimean war, Russia was focused on strengthening their military.

  51. Japan was the first to modernize itself and was the most successful of the two. Both country drew on western influence when they modernized, having spent time abroad to learn how to advance their respected country that way the western nations did. They both adopted the dress of the western world, but while Peter the Great, Russia’s leader, tried to change all of Russia’s economics, social class and culture to be like the westerners, Japan made reforms to help them advance their position as a world player and include parts of western culture when it was needed into their government and national structure.

  52. Japan and Russia both went through a time of modernization. Japan was more successful than Russia because they adapted more aspects of modern society. Japan also reached modern society before Russia did. Japan was influenced by Europe who was extremely modernized. Europe brought forward many ideas that would help Japan. Russia on the other hand was influenced by the advancements of the french and british during warfare. Russia realized after the Crimean war that they were very far behind in advancements in every aspect of life. This led to them reforming their military to be stronger and more modern.

  53. I though japan was more successful. I also thought that Japan reached modernization first before Russia. Japan’s out side influences were by Europe which were very modernized which lead japan getting ideas that would help japan. Which them lead them to new technology for Japan. Russia didn’t reach modernization first because of the mongols and the Crimean war which they took part of.

  54. I believe Japan was more successful in modernization than Russia for multiple reasons. For one Japan was more open minded than Russia so they were able to modernize quicker by adopting ideas from Europe and the rest. Japan also made many reforms which helped them become a better government to their and also to adapt to Western cultures.

  55. Japan was more successful with modernization because they didn’t ruin their own cultures, or allow anyone else to ruin them. They also had a more positive response to outside stress, using direction to become successful for the outcome. Russia was modernized first, and Japan learned from Russia’s mistakes to eliminate their own problems before they even had a chance to occur. Japan took longer to become modernized because they made more precise decisions to approach the situation correctly to come out on top.

  56. Russia reached modernization first, but Japan was more successful. Both Japan was very secluded until they realized they were behind on agriculture and warfare. Russia attempted to modernize but was still behind. Japan was influenced by the western way of life and culture and infused their own culture with western ways.

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