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Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society?  In answering this question, think about the expectations that  President Trump generated during his the campaign.  Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status.  Did President Trump raise the expectations on his presidency?

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  1. No, one person can still manage this job. At the end of the day somebody will always be upset about something. The key it to do what is best for the country and have a very solid cabinet surround the President. Overall, Obama had a very successful presidency which is obviously hard to follow. To conclude, American expectations have not exceeded one person but the job is definitely not meant for just anybody.

    • I agree. I think it’s important that people recognize that their expectations should be high for the one who presents America but that it can be an extremely daunting and difficult task.

    • I agree with you that being president is not a job for anybody. It should be taken seriously and do what’s best for America. By having a solid cabinet it will allow for more success in regards to the presidents decisions.

    • I agree. It is still possible for a person to handle the expectations of the presidency. I like how you mentioned that someone is always going to be upset over something, because that is the heart of the matter. No president is ever going to please everyone. I also like how you mentioned that the job of being president is not meant for just anyone, because that is definitely true. It takes time, effort, and dedication to run the country properly.

    • I agree. I think that as long as the president has strong cabinet members the executive branch is still quite strong. I agree that the job is not for everyone but everyone has the ability to do it.

    • I definitely agree with this, with the right cabinet members the Presidents time in office can reach full success and potential.

      • -you praise Obama and even when talking about the different cabinet members. These guys are honestly vital for a stable administration is often not looked into.

    • I agree that it is a very challenging job for anyone to be expected to accomplish everything entirely. Both compromised and stalls on a goal show that an effort was made to accomplish it.

    • I agree with this, there’s definitely a reason why the president has an entire cabinet of experts that help him choose the best plan of action for world events

    • I definitely agree that it is very possible for one person to do this job and that it is very hard to please everyone, so doing what’s best for the country would be the best course of action.

    • I agree, Americans don’t realize how important the presidential role is and how high the expectations are

    • I agree, one person is completely capable of the job; due to the fact that you are representing America.

  2. American’s expectations have not exceeded any president’s ability to govern the nation’s growing society. I believe that a president should never make a promise simply for a vote; the president should tell Americans the truth so we can have something to believe in and look forward to. Obama did raise America’s presidential expectations. He kept 48% of his promises and we as Americans should expect that percentage to increase as time goes on and elections occur.

    • I totally agree with you in believing that the president is in place to tell the truth for the American people. Obama’s career improved the trust in the presidency and as of current, I believe it to waver in the hands of President Trump. Especially in the 2020 election, I think that the promises of the candidates in both parties is something that should have an eye kept on.

    • I totally agree with you that the truth is the best way to guarantee votes and the people running for the position should be aware that not keeping promises you made can cost you.

    • I completely agree with your statement regarding promises made by Presidents. I believe that if a promise is going to be made, the President should do everything in their power to uphold that promise to all Americans.

    • A president should never make a promise to gain votes in the election but I feel like that is the direction our democracy is heading. I know that Trump has not completed a full term yet but he has only kept 18% of his promises. Trump seemed to raise expectations with his promises during his campaign for his term as president but seemed to fall short compared to his predecessor.

      • I agree, presidents shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep as it paints them out to be undependable in the long run.

    • I agree with you that a president should never make a promise just for a vote. I also liked how you gave an actual statistic.

  3. I believe that the expectation of being a President has undoubtedly risen in recent years. A lot of people don’t understand how the government actually works and instead expect the president to solve every problem in the nation regardless of whether or not the president is actually in power to do what they want. This is also what can be misleading about different candidates, making promises that have no guarantee of actually being kept, because the president is definitely not an all powerful job

    • I have to disagree. I think people only expect the president to keep his or her promises. The only reason expectations have risen is because people have seen the works of a good president. We all want what’s best for our nation which is exactly why we elect the president who will be the most helpful.

      • That’s true to an extent, however a lot of younger people haven’t seen that many presidents in office and don’t entirely understand what a presidents duties are.

    • I agree with this wholeheartedly, I believe that majority of people don’t know how the system works and just seem to blow all blame on an easy scapegoat, the President.

  4. One person can do what needs to be done. That person just has to make sure that they do what the country needs.. The expectations have definitely risen, because we have had a great president in the past.

    • I somewhat agree with your response nazi. expectations throughout the year have risen, and therefore people can no longer do the bare minimum. Unfortunately not everyone’s getting the memo.

    • I somewhat agree with your response nazi. expectations throughout the year have risen, and therefore people can no longer do the bare minimum. Unfortunately not everyone’s getting the memo.

  5. I believe the expectations of the president have not risen. Yes, people still expect the president to do countless things for the country, but they can become irrationally (and rationally) upset when it cannot be done in the time frame that they request it. This is due to the fact that some of people of the country do not understand the checks and balances required for the president to do their job. It’s like Sean Bowie sharing how there’s people in his emails requesting him to fix things that aren’t in his expertise, like complaints that should be given to ADOT rather than the district 18 legislator. President Trump made promises during his presidency that he could not keep because he does not understand the checks and balances put in place by the country. This is why the election of the president and the skill level to be president is something that should not be taken lightly nor should be considered an “easy” job. To be the president is not a power that is held in just one person, it takes a person’s entire cabinet to have a successful presidency for the people.

    • I totally side with your statement of people being upset when things cannot be accomplished within a certain time frame. Some people just expect too much out of the President, although, I guess I can understand such feelings, since after all, he is the one who made them– but he is just only one person.

  6. I believe their are too many groups with too many opinions. The president makes promises, of course, but the promises only go with a certain groups opinions. It’s not a complex system there are just too many different ways people want things to be done. With trump’s campaign you can see especially. His campaign does benefit us as Americans and our economy but what about the people who just wanted a chance at the American dream. There are just too many sides. Same goes for our candidates now they all own select groups of people. There’s no unity in that. Just more separation in the system. The “Complex” system.

    • I agree with how you said that Trump’s campaign doesn’t benefit those who just wanted the American dream. There are many candidates who target certain audiences, therefore leading to no unity that we really need at the moment in America.

    • I agree that there are too many groups and opinions. The system of parties and groups is causing a divide within the country. There will never be a candidate or president that will please every party and solve every issue.

  7. I do not believe that expectations towards the presidency have exceeded one man or woman’s ability to govern. There are a wide variety of differing expectations put upon the president. However, it could be argued that every president has had their share of expectations put upon them, some of which could undoubtedly have been seen as unreasonable. In terms of President Trumps presidency, I continue to hold the statement that the expectations are capable of being managed by one person. By looking through the promises Trump had made when running, it appears as though, for the majority, he has either compromised, is in the works, or has kept them. There, in my opinion, have always been decently high expectations of the president. I do not believe they have risen or that Trump’s presidency has risen them.

    • To an extent, I agree. All the promises Trump has made he has kept, its the things between the lines, things unsaid, or misconstrued, that bother me. After his term I think expectations In theory will be high, but that anyone and everyone could be president with the right strategy

  8. I think that the expectations towards the presidency has not exceeded one man or woman’s ability to govern they are many different things that the president is expected to do furthermore, there is a possibility that every president has had different expectations that they needed to fulfill but these could have been seen as not appropriate. In regards to President Trump I believe that his expectations are definitely manageable. President Trump’s promises also seem reasonable. The promises Trump has made are either still in the making or have been completed.

    • I agree , one can’t deny that the current president has done his best to uphold the promises made to the people . There’s a lot of expectations to the presidency , and President Trump should be capable of it all.

    • I agree that Trumps’ decisions and promises, good or bad have been managed/completed. As far as expectations, the president has not exceeded.

  9. Our expectations as Americans for the president governing our society has certainly risen with the times. Political correctness, and overall awareness of many diverse groups of people always has the president on his A game to not offend. Unfortunately our current president, Mr Donald, doesn’t have that same sense of awareness. His lack of concern for any person besides ones who benefit him solely, has turned the job of being the leader of the free role, a job apparently anyone can do. He has certainly lowered the standards to a point that any candidate besides him will do.

    • I also believe that people that only care about themselves can get in the way of what is really important

    • I agree with your statement taylor davis.. The president has definitely lowered our standard for a president because it doesn’t seem like he cares about our society.

  10. I don’t believe that American’s expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern. I do think expectations have grown over the past few years, but I believe Trump’s presidency hasn’t met the expectations of Americans.

    • I agree to a certain extent. he may not have met the expectations of EVERY American, but he did do what he said he was going to do.

      • I agree with Fiona. Trump, of course hasn’t met the expectations of every american, and probably never will, but he is, at least, keeping his promises and doing what he said he was gonna do.

  11. I dont think America’s expectation about the presidency have exceeded one’s ability to govern. While some presidents have kept their promises on certain issues, all presidents have had their fair share of mistakes made during their terms, regardless of their political views. As of today, Trump has very much kept his promises on what he was planning to do during his presidency. They may not have been good choices in everyone’s eyes, but he went through with what he said.

    • I agree, I don’t believe that Americas expectations have exceeded one’s ability to govern. I like how you mentioned how every president has had their fair share of problems and expectations put on them. Every president has had to deal with expectations, obviously they are different but they can still be equally difficult according to the time period. I also agree with how you said Trump has been able to keep a multitude of his promises, showing that he too, in a way, is keeping up with the expectations.

  12. The role of president is meant to make decisions that they believe are best for the country and it’s people. With that being said there are always going to be people who are dissatisfied with the state of the country and what the president is doing. The role of president is completely achievable by one person, however, no president will be able to please everyone. As with every candidate, promises are made and promises are broken and trump has attempted to keep most of his promises. He did not raise his expectations but he did make a lot of campaign promises that he has not delivered on yet.

    • Yes, I agree. Even though the president is doing what’s best for America. The president can not make everyone happy and satisfied. You win some and you lose some. The roles of a president are achievable but he won’t be able to give everyone what they want.

    • Yes, not every president that has been elected has pleased every American and Trump surely has not kept his campaign promises.

    • Exactly, no matter what people will always find something to complain about unless the president fits every single persons perspectives and views, which is unrealistic.

    • I agree with your statement regarding the fact that presidents are meant to make decisions based on what is best for all of America. I also agree that not every president is going to keep all their promises; however, I think that they should only make promises if they genuinely think they can uphold them.

    • I agree, the problem is that the minority whose vote didn’t contribute to the election of the current president will always be extremely vocal about how this was not their choice for the country and how it will ruin America.

  13. No, expectations have not exceeded the president’s ability to govern. Of course, you would want somebody to keep the promises that they made, especially if they run the country, but keeping them all is unrealistic. The fact that most presidents are able to keep a good amount of their promises is proof enough that they are fit to govern, no matter the expectations.

    • I agree, I feel as if people have too high of standards and expectations that just wouldn’t work out. I think our presidents do enough in the current system.

    • You’re absolutely right. There is no way a president will fulfill every promise they made. the very idea of this happening is chimerical.

  14. I believe that Americans’ expectations about the presidency have exceeded one’s ability to govern this society. Just like in the movie 13 Days, the president can be put under a lot of pressure to make decisions that might not be the best for the country. This would be more helpful if some of the duties given to the president were handed to other employees or staff of the house. On another note, Trump and his status on his “big plan” otherwise known as the wall, is in progress. Another promise made by Trump was a good economy, which is a promise he did manage to keep. Lastly, I do not believe that Trump raises expectations on his presidency.

    • I would agree that expectations have exceeded the ability for one person to govern our society, given the fact that congress and other government bodies are needed to aid in solving issues. I would say that while Trump has not drastically raised expectations, he dis so none the less due to his ability to navigate the political field and not only make deals with other nations through his presidential powers, but also benefit the U.S. greatly by merely introducing ideas and trying to get the ball rolling in order to correct the problems and issues within our society.

  15. Yes, I do feel that American expectations about the presidency have exceeded a person’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. I also feel that Trump may have raised the expectations on his presidency, however, people expect for a President to enforce everything that the people desire, but this would only result in turmoil as it is entirely unachievable to satisfy the needs of everyone without offending others. There is also the fact that not all promises that are declared before presidency can be completed during it. Acceptance of bills and laws takes a long duration of time to actually take place, not to mention that it may be rejected. I don’t think someone should be faulted for being unable to deliver on everything that they have promised.

    • Well I feel that while it has expanded one persons ability if the government was still framed exactly as it was when America was founded, it would be extremely difficult, yet the expansion of the government has aided in the spread of the burden to a larger group of people tha it originally did.

  16. No, I still think that it is a one person job. But when it comes to the expectations that are promised to the voters when campaigns are going on are a tad exaggerated. Trump did raise expectations on his presidency as do most presidents. They want to appeal to the voters of course. All in all though, Our expectations as Americans have not exceeded the ability to be ran by a single member.

    • I agree greatly that the expectations have are a tad exaggerated. I also agree that most presidents raise expectations. Nice response!

  17. I do not think that American’s expectations about presidency have exceeded one man or woman’s ability to govern. I think that Americans generally expect the President to do what is best for the United States. Each individual is going to have their own expectations for the President, which generally means not everyone is going to be happy with the decisions. In regards to a President making promises, I do not think they should make certain promises unless they genuinely think they can make them happen. When it comes to President Trump, I feel as if he has done a decent job at maintaining some of his promises.

    • I agree that it has not exceeded the expectations for the president. I do think that we have become rather impatient with how quickly things get accomplished. I also agree that President Trump has done a decent job keeping his promises.

    • I do agree with the idea that the roles of the president have not exceeded one man. But I do think that their needs to be more support to help the president run his affairs to make sure that the nation runs smoothly. Also it is important for the president to have advisors because he need to have people focus on different things so that he can maintain as the figure head but still be informed about the key information.

    • I disagree. In my opinion, Americans tend to become upset with a president over Congress or any other government body more readily due to the belief that the president holds all the power. I do agree that Trump has been able to maintain some promises while only being able to start developing the ability for some promises to come true with the aid of congress. And I also agree that a president or even people in general should only make promises to which they can actually knowingly achieve. That may require or bring rise to the notion of presidents and politicians in general to make promises that they will TRY or ATTEMPT to solve the issue.

  18. No I think there should still be a single person with such executive power. In every presidency, there will always be a group of people that are not satisfied with everything the president will have had to offer. I think it would be quite realistic if we expected presidents to keep all of their promises.

    • I agree, making everyone happy in our society is nearly impossible. As soon as you dawdle from a central issue for even a little bit, you’re considered someone who doesn’t care, which is not all that true.

  19. The president has always had big shoes to fill, this is nothing even remotely new. And they’ve always had high expectations of them and this hasn’t changed. Once the president becomes president, their job is far from over they have to put 100% into the presidency and can’t slack off lest our government would crumble. One person can be capable enough to fill this roll because they’ve been enough before and they will be enough in the future (hopefully). Trump threw around a lot of promises during his campaign that enticed the people to vote for him, while he’s made good on some, others he hasn’t which then lowers our expectations of him but not the president in general.

    • I agree that the roll of president is one of extreme importance and magnitude. It has always been should be one person as the president and that person should be held to a higher standard than others. But that does not mean the role of president is unachievable by one person. The president helps hold the country together using sound judgment and the will of the people. Without a strong, smart president the country would fall apart

  20. I think Americans have raised the bar for what we define as a good president or political leader. It seems like everyone is seeking appeasement with the government. Politicians still have a personal agenda that they’re are trying to achieve, which I think is something we forget sometimes. Our current president is undoubtedly a good example of having a personal agenda. For example, Trump proposes a wall be built to keep out immigrants, but will this really help? Only time will tell if he gets his wall to come to fruition.

  21. I feel like the current form of government has become outdated in relation to what the nation requires of its political officials so yeah, the job’s gotten too big for one person to be able to handle it proficiently. Trump’s made some questionable decisions during his presidency, but one thing that he got kinda right was his catchy campaign and plan: “Lets build a wall/ Make America great again”. And I said ‘kinda right’ because Trump’s yet to have built a wall and, apart from the economy having gotten better, the latter phrase is kind of debatable at this point.

    • I sort of disagree with you because I think the current form is fine. Trump throughout his campaign has made many promises and he has kept a good amount of them which is what most presidents do. Sure, it’s not perfect but it seems to function fine these days.

    • In my opinion, I don’t think it’s outdated because of the fact that he does not have to carry out his policies and ideas all on his own. While it’s certainly understandable that one person cannot uphold everything that they have promised, having cabinet members as well as the House and Senate can drive up the success rate of such ideas.

  22. I think everything Trump claimed to be able to accomplish was unachievable and rather than focusing on larger issues, there were a lot of set backs and more focus was put into smaller issues, such as tobacco laws. So, yes I think he put unreasonable expectations on his presidency but it would be unrealistic to expect that every single thing promised gets done immediately. A lot of the promised goals have been stalled or compromised, therefore an effort was made at some point rather than dismissing the promise entirely.

    • I agree, I feel as though Trump was focusing on the bigger picture. You’re completely right though, there’s still some time to complete some promises.

    • I agree, I think Trump did not deal with as many short term goals as he could have with the promises and focused on the overall view

  23. I say that one person can correctly manage the job if they appoint actual qualified candidates to their cabinet, as if they appoint a bunch of air-headed pushovers then they have to either take their responsibilities on to themselves or push them onto other people within their administration. Trump definitely expanded the expectations for his presidency as he made a lot of strong promises, which he did keep many, yet there are still some that he has completely failed.

    • I also believe that the expectations of the presidency are manageable with strong cabinet members that are capable of doing their jobs and working together.

    • I 100% agree trump has kept many promises and has done some things that shouldn’t be tolerated. However he must not be completely stupid because he obviously knows what the economy needs.

  24. I don’t think people’s expectations have exceeded. They know being president is a hard job. I guess Trump has fulfilled his promises, but he did not raise the bar. I feel like Obama set it really high, and Trump has a long way to go before he raises the bar.

  25. Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society? In answering this question, think about the expectations that President Trump generated during his the campaign. Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status. Did President Trump raise the expectations on his presidency?

    I think that Americans are having trouble realizing the amount of regulations and laws the president has to get through in order to do their job. I think that the expectations are too great in the sense that we expect everything to be done immediately. After looking at Politifact and seeing how many promises President Trump has kept, I would say that he had raised expectations in that case.

    • I agree, I don’t feel many people actually realize how hard it is to be president as they also have rules and laws they must follow.

  26. I would argue that Americans have the expectation that generally the president is generally thought of as all powerful pr that they can govern the country single handedly. Now, while the president is the most powerful single person in our nation, there are limits. Many issues, such as those that Trump or Obama or any past president has made promises about require a consensus from Congress which is often hard to gain, even when the presidents party retains the majority in one or both houses. Additionally, I would say that Trump has raised expectations slightly due to his more willingness to levy other powers and executive orders in order to either “get the ball rolling” or push extremely hard for certain issues. Despite this and similarly to all past presidents, he has fallen short but has also accomplished much. Furthermore, I still believe that the common misconception is that one person can govern the whole of the US, yet in reality, they need agreement beyond themselves due to checks and balances placed by the constitution. Therefore, yes, the expectations have exceeded ability in todays society.

  27. I think that the expectation towards the president has not exceeded one man or woman’s ability to govern. The president has a wide range of expectations bestowed upon them, however, every president has their own expectations that were made from them in their presidency. For Trump, I think his expectations are manageable. He has made some promises that he could not keep and he has also made promises he did keep.

  28. The president is still a one person job and it should always remain a one person job. However the job does require a lot of support from the proper advisors so that he can make proper decision. With this in mind it is key that the president remain one person so that they can make quick and efficient decision for the nation. This is why it is important for the president to remain one person.

  29. The expectations of a president in the U.S has always been high especially within the people and country’s needs. However, those expectations have risen further due to Trumps presidency. Now, the people expect the president to stand by their promises that they advertise in their campaigns. Looking at PolitiFact on Trumps presidency, the promises that he proposed and somewhat advertised such as getting something better than Obamacare and reversing the economic failures of the last administration have been false and were never fulfilled. People find this as a bad example of how an administration shouldn’t be run and they expect a president that abides to their promises that have been promoted since their campaigns. In conclusion, due to the Trump administration lacking in their sufficiency to keep their promises to the people, the people take this as a bad example of what shouldn’t be allowed as president of the U.S.

  30. Yes, I think that American expectations have exceeded the ability to govern in this society partly because the events that may be going on in the world, and the advancements that we have as far as technology and such. People may expect more from those who are higher up, but the current president cares about the factors that benefit himself and his needs the most, so standards are lower.

  31. American’s expectations have always been held to a high standard in regard of being able to govern a complex society. Of course presidents will make mistakes over his or her time in office but at the same time not everyone is perfect. As for the current president I do see has kept some promises but not quite sure if the appropriate ones. His promise to defund Planned Parenthood is absolutely unconstitutional and brings this stigma to Americas treatment to our mothers and sisters. At the end of the day ones presidency is measured by so much more than promises.

  32. The expectation for a president is always high; he or she has to be capable of the major roles of being a president but also be honest, reliable, and understanding. President Trump has lowered these expectations. He has shown that presidents can get away with the abuse of power and the obstruction of congress. Trump made promises during his election but has fallen short on all but 18% of them.

  33. We as a society hold high expectations from the government and especially the president. Everyone knows people make mistakes all the time but trump doesn’t necessarily think things through all the time which often gets him into trouble with his mouth because he is cocky. However he has done very good with the economy and more money in people’s wallets make them happy. To a certain extent trumps big mouth helps stand up to other countries with trading. He sets the boundaries and if they don’t agree we don’t trade with them. This obviously is affective because of the shape our economy is today. In conclusion trump isn’t perfect and has done questionable things but he has also done good.

  34. I think that the ability to govern our country in our society has exceeded expectations because of how much our country advances. Though every president had their own good and bad in their terms, they do what’s best for our country.

  35. No, Americans expectations have not exceeded the presidency ability to be governed by one person. Americans expectations of the president have always been changing therefore as society the president should properly be able to maneuver through the change. Americans expectations are just to properly address problems instead constant argument. to me that is not a very high expectation to meet at all. to add on, no, president trump did not raise the expectation of his presidency . he actually dropped the bar so low that now we just need someone semi better than him office

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