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Why was World War I a global war? How did this war impact the rest of the world? Were any of the impacts good? If so, why? Were any bad? If so, why?

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  1. World War One was a global war because the countries already involved had no boundaries of who they were willing to attack. Also many countries need allies to help them survive the war which helped globalize the war. All the world jobs were created since so much materials were needed for the war. This left less people without a jobs and brought even more people to the middle class rather than the lower class. One bad impact is the people were working with more dangerous materials that put their health at risk at some points.

    • I agree with your reasoning on how World War One was a would war without any boundaries. I didn’t think of how the people would be impacted to help the war cause through having jobs to create materials for the war and love how you also connected the impact during the war for other countries and for people being impacted.

    • I agree with your reason on how world war one was a global war with no boundaries of who they are willing to attack. I didn’t think on how people would be working with more dangerous materials that were putting people at risk at some point.

  2. WW1 was a global war due to rifts driven between the countries, alliances, and greed from certain countries. The world was impacted by the amount of fighting and chaos which lead to multiple countries pulling themselves out of economic depressions. However the way certain countries got shafted lead to another war.

  3. World War One was a global war because the war involved countries outside of Europe. One example is the British Navy cutting off Germany from their colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific islands. The war also involved the United States, Japan, Canada, and others. The war impacted the rest of the world as many deaths and destruction occurred, along with economies declining from war funds. At the end of the war, the impact was bad for the Germans and the Austrians. The Germans were humiliated and did not take part in drafting the Versailles Treaty, while the Austro-Hungarian empire was forced to dismember and create new nations. There were other many bad impacts on countries and not good ones because countries did not get what they had wanted, were humiliated and had severe consequences from the war, or were not invited to the gathering at Versailles to discuss the treaty.

    • I don’t agree with the statement and believe there were some good impacts like United States having benefits for military improvements or their rise of industrialization

  4. WW1 was a global war because it was a war that included almost all countries teaming up against each other. one example from the war was the triple alliance being formed with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. it impacted the world with many casualties and caused the downfall of some monarchies like Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. there were not really any much good impacts other than U.S. since it didn’t lose most of its population from the war due to joining in late and the U.S. changed into an industrialized society after the war. However, there was bad effects that had left European countries devastated like Germany economy having to pay for the reparations and European forces like Russia had to lose most of its land and people in the end of the war.

    • I didn’t think of how military was impacted and America industrialization. I do agree with your reasonings on the bad effects on countries after World War One and how the alliances had made the war become a global war. However, I do disagree with America becoming an industrialized country as it had been industrializing even before the war (and becoming industrial before the war).

    • I agree with your post, although i believe there were more positive outcome ( not too many, but more ). Such as economic gain for other countries, War knowledge, and industrialization in war weaponry.

  5. World war one had originally started as a small conflict, but eventually leading to more than 30 countries joining. The impact the war left on the rest of the world was the fact it had killed many soldiers and civilians and had spent more money than any other war in history at the time. A positive effect WWI had imposed was the advancement and research into new technology and inventions of new weapons and better transportation. Thus furthering industrialization through the world. Also leaving negative effects of the war was the major destruction of economies of European countries and massive amounts of debt it caused. Leaving many countries in devastation.

  6. I don’t agree with the only positive effect of the war being the United States’ limited population loss. Although good reasoning on the negative impacts.

  7. World war one was a global war because the two original warring countries drew in their allies, who drew in their allies, which brought in the majority of the world’s country powers. The war impacted the rest of the world is that it killed a high percentage of the world population because of the amount of soldiers who participated. One of the good impacts was that it advanced many technologies and the Geneva convention. The geneva convention was good because it allowed for more humane actions to be enforced for ww2.

  8. World War One was considered a Global war because when it initially started opposing forces called in their allies, who called in their allies and so on. The war crippled some countries financially ( Germany ) and most countries emotionally because of lost family and friends, and just the tension and fear. Although others found positive gain in the War, as America was selling goods to those who could not access resources due to a blockade. Negatively Germany was left in debt which built up issues leading to World War Two.

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