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  1. The problem facing the government currently would be the rising cases of Covid-19 while other countries have started to go back to their day to day life. A way to fix this would be to enforce wearing a mask every time you’re out.

  2. The main problem facing the United States Government is the pandemic of Covid-19. This pandemic has brought out the worst in people and government. Honestly to slow or stop the pandemic, is to have less altercations with people and to always have a mask and gloves on under no exceptions. People have to listen to rules in order for this pandemic to decline and things to go back to normal.

  3. The main problem facing the United States right now is how to deal with the pandemic financially and work on decreasing the number of new cases. I think it’s really up to the people on how to combat the virus. Our government isn’t really allowed to require masks in public because that “goes against our rights”, but people should take responsibility and be aware of other people and not how they feel uncomfortable wearing masks.

  4. How to handle the financial problem due to COVID is probably the biggest issue. I cant say how we can completely fix the situation but as for housing I think there is a way. Instead of waiving the mortgage or rent for a few months and then having to pay it all at once, we could add the missed payments onto the overall cost of the house. For example, say the cost of the house is 220,000 and mortgage is 1,500 a month. If that person missed 2 months that 3,000 added onto the 220,000 making it 223,000. You’ll be paying in the long run a few months longer but it’ll help for now.

  5. The main problem the government is facing is Covid–19. I honestly think it is up to people to determine on how it will be controlled. If people stay inside or avoid being in big groups it will for sure control the virus somewhat.

  6. The main problem facing the US government right now is the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, their response is become weaker and weaker and the cases have become higher and higher. They need to add stricter COVID-19 provisions because the cases have not slowed down.

  7. The main problem the government is facing at the moment is Covid-19. More specifically how to maintain & control it. Since it wasn’t taken seriously when it began, it is very important they find a way to fix the problem they caused. I feel the way to fix the problem is just to do as we were suggested to do which is to wear masks, to social distance, & to be clean.

  8. The biggest issue that the US government is facing this year is COVID-19 and the lack of decisive response to it. Currently, the largest problem is that with the upcoming fall and winter, with the school year as well, is the lack of immediate testing. Asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus without realizing they are even sick and only community testing can really solve this issue. This also brings up the fact there are very few FDA approved point-of-care tests that can be manufactured and are accurate. Basically the problem is America was not prepared for the pandemic and is still not prepared to deal with it.

  9. I would say COVID is one of the biggest problems facing not only the US government, but the entire world. The problem specifically within the US is the amount of entitled people who believe they are above their safety and the safety of others. This puts a lot of people in danger and will make this pandemic last a lot longer than it needs to.

  10. The main problem United States is facing or should be facing is the Unemployment benefits. Bringing in my personal experiences my Mom and myself support each other financially and being both unemployed due to covid we have been struggling to get by. Now that unemployment benefits from the government are ending each state puts out a different amount. With that, people are still struggling to get by now that the amount has changed because covid dosent seem to be getting better. As they reach a decision aswell it wont take affect for a while which can be a big problem to low income family’s.

  11. Currently the most impactful and demanding issue pressing the government is not COVID-19 itself, but how the public and society handles it. For example the issue of masks being forced to be worn and other similar topics. The virus itself already has the whole world looking for a vaccine, yet it seems home bound we have far more people complain about quarantine and masks themselves. This issue can be solved with patience and prohibiting certain people from public zones if they do not want to wear a mask. This does not take away constitutional rights, but simply can keep parts of society safe.

  12. The main problem facing our government right now is the extreme divide between the two parties which is only making things worse. Without that huge divide Covid-19 would not be as bad as it is, so it is only worsening Covid-19.

  13. The biggest issue we’re currently facing is Covid-19. Given the lack of public execution to properly prevent the virus from our front, we are causing an influx of cases. If the public were more aware of their actions and took more precaution it would help out the entire situation tenfold.

  14. I think the main problem that the US government is facing is the increase of covid-19 cases happening nationwide. I think a way of reducing case is obviously self isolation and social distancing, however with Americans being Americans and wanting to go out and leave their house, I think the best way is to just practice good hygiene and social distancing.

  15. If im keeping it real i believe the main problem in the US is that they’re not spreading the wealth enough. I believe if everybody had a fair cut of the cake then hypothetically everyone would mind their business. But this is America where greed is one of if not the biggest problem.

  16. The largest problem the government is facing right now would be the division between two parties making a public health issue a political issue. While the world around us is slowly recovering from the effects of COVID-19, the US is still in the throes of a pandemic due to the lack of collectivism. Recovery would be possible with nation-wide mask mandates and curfews.

  17. I think the main problem in our government today is the pandemic and how to deal with the cases. I think that they are struggling with how to deal with how to decrease the number of cases. I think it also depends on what the local governments do to deal with the pandemic and if they require masks or not. I think that it is more up to the local governments because some places could not be as affected with this than others. I also think we have been having a big problem financially as a country, I have been seeing signs of a recession, but the government seems to think otherwise. I don’t think that giving out more free money is necessarily going to help get us out of this.

  18. I feel that current situations that we are facing issues with the ongoing pandemic of Covid 19 to where people are starting to just go back to there normal lives and act like the virus is not a real thing versus the states who are choosing to take precautions due to the virus. People agree to disagree about wearing masks and still going out and partying or just living life as if the virus never existed. Issues like this need to resolved so that we may be able to go back to our normal lives instead of the virus putting a delay on so much of our daily routines as human beings such as kids resuming back to school or limitations to where people can eat or dine in etc.

  19. I believe the biggest issue facing the U.S. government is the spread of Covid-19 across the nation. Not enough is being done to control the spread which is leading to more cases, more deaths, and damage to our economy. I believe that the best we can do now is continue to encourage staying at home, social distancing in public, and keeping things as clean as possible. I also think that the government should work with state Governors on how to effectively enforce mask wearing as there are many people who disagree with mask wearing.

    • I agree with you, the government really isn’t doing much to help stop the spread of Covid & they do need to do more. Like you said they need to enforce the use of masks.

  20. The biggest problem the government is facing right now is trying to deal with Covid-19, and by trying to fix it, they want everyone to stay safe by either social distancing, staying at home, or wearing a mask, but how some Americans are, some will see it as a violation of their rights and not doing so, making it the reason for COVID cases to increase substantially

  21. The main problem facing the United States today is COVID 19. COVID 19 has caused several problems, one problem is the spread of the virus. The virus has a high transmission rate and although it does not have a terrible impact on everyone it can be extremely harmful, sometimes deadly, to certain people. Solutions to slowing the spread of COVID is essentially in the people’s hands. Although the government can implement mandates, people do not technically have to follow them. Examples of things that could slow the spread of COVID is to wear masks and to work remotely when possible. Another problem presented due to COVID is the economic recession. Solutions to the economic recession are primarily up to the government. The government could choose to lower taxes, increase the money circulating, etc.

  22. The main problem the government is facing is the pandemic of Covid-19 and how they are dealing with this issue. My suggestion is to install stricter regulations like a curfew and to encourage people to stay home more and to actual distance from people, especially people without masks. Also, closing areas that would usually have a large number of people would help lower the cases and finding a way to get everyone to wear a mask unless the person has a condition where they can not wear a mask would be beneficial.

  23. I think one of the issues the US Government is facing is the problems that came alongside wit Covid-19. Not only is the economy being wrecked by whats going on but peoples lives are being effected as well. Due to leaders being scared to make the tough choices, its causing a lack of action to help prevent the spread of the virus. In my opinion I believe that once we start doing the necessary things it takes to help stop the spread of this terrible virus then that would, not only benefit our personal lives, but also help the government get back to where it was.

  24. One of the major issues the US government is facing right now is COVID-19. Due to Corona, the whole world was put to a stop and everyone was required to stay home for months. This hurt our economy immensely and left millions of people unemployed. The government tried to help with stimulus checks along with more money to weekly unemployment checks. There really is no say to when this virus will have a vaccine and when we can finally all stop wearing masks. I believe there really is no easy way to stop this unless we find a cure and everyone takes the necessary precautions to sanitize everything and stay 6 feet apart. Until this happens, our government and our country can get back to where we use to be.

  25. I think amongst the many issues we’re facing, COVID-19 is the biggest one. I think that unemployment is a large part of it but I also think reducing our number of cases is the larger focus. Each state has it’s own rules about social distancing but some are drastically different from others. Clearly, this is ineffective for states who’s closing plans were minimal. I think coming together and coming up with a solid closing plan would be most beneficial, especially for states who’s cases have not dropped. I think advocacy for masks and following social distancing precautions from our president and other leaders would especially benefit us. There is no 100% way to kill the virus but there are definitely precautions that can be taken and these precautions should have been advocated for from day one. Instead, masks and social distancing have become a sort of political debate and I believe it is mostly because certain leaders were not advocating for the masks for a long period of time.

    • I agree that it would be a lot more beneficial if the states were to come together. It would help drop the cases because everyone is following the same procedures.

  26. One big issue the government is facing right now is the rising cases of Covid-19. I think the best you can due is practice good hygiene and mask up. But also if you are exposed to it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because then your immune system has a chance to build antibodies. In the end I think we should just be cautious and try to stay as clean as possible

  27. I would say the biggest issue facing the US Government right now would definitely be COVID and how it is being handled. COVID has impacted many families and there are new cases everyday and the number keeps rising all the time. In some other countries there are no new COVID cases and I believe the reason behind it is because how it was handled. There should be more stronger regulations in the United States just like the ones in other countries that have gotten rid of Coronavirus. Leaders need to take action soon to decrease the cases of covid.

  28. The main problem that the government is facing is the pandemic. Our country is experiencing economic issues regarding the pandemic. In addition to that, it entirely changed how people live, putting in risk their stability and their social health. One way to fix this can be by being responsable and respecting others by not leaving home while sick, and to protect yourself in order to prevent have the disease.

  29. The main problem I would say the Government is dealing with is the Corona Virus. It wasn’t taking seriously and still really isn’t. It’s going to continue to get worse because of people not wanting to wear mask or follow the rule of staying Six feet apart from people you don’t know. A way I believe the number of cases and deaths can be reduced, are to simply enforced the rules of social distancing and wearing masks by being harsher with the consequences like fining people double or more.

  30. Among the vast list of problems facing the U.S. Government, COVID-19 has to be the biggest and most problem causing. Not only has COVID-19 claimed 159,000 lives in the U.S., but it has also left many people unemployed. In addition, all of America is in a collective quarantine. I believe that the best way to defend against COVID-19 is to wear masks to cover your mouth and nose, and to respect all of the social distancing rules taken place.

  31. One of the main problems going on right now in the United States is the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can keep everyone safe. With cases skyrocketing in many states it is very important that there are some guidelines that are set to keep everyone safe until things go back to “normal”. Even in some states where there are a handful or even a very select few of cases, I think there should be guidelines set for those states as well just for everyone’s safety until there can be some “cure”, it would be very wise and also help from having more cases. And some people will be upset with the fact that there will be guidelines set for them even though they have very low cases, I think it is still very important for everyone’s safety and to help the cases go down.

  32. The most relevant problem that the United states government is currently facing is covid-19. Not only is covid-19 directly effecting this country but it has also created numerous problems on a smaller scale that the government has to fix in an alotted time in order for the economy to stay afloat. There is no true way to completely stop the spread of corona other than vaccines and that takes a while to create. That being said, vaccines aren’t 100% effective. The best way to prevent the virus is to consistently wash your hands and mask up. These two minuscule acts can create a chain reaction of prevention of the virus.

  33. The problem that the United States government is facing currently is the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial instability is occurring with many citizens in the US. But also another problem is preventing the spread of covid-19. This can only be fixed by a nationwide effort of social distancing and using masks as an effort on waiting for a vaccine.

  34. One main problem that the United States government is facing is the unprecedented unemployment rates. Majority of Americans have been able to resume back to their work; however, there are still quite a few that have not been so lucky. This is problematic because without everyone working the economy will not be stimulated and thriving. Both the state and federal government has failed to respond urgently to the pandemic and is allowing for the number of cases to rise. One way to solve this problem is to make it a federal and sate mandate to quarantine for another two weeks and delay any financial responsibilities during the closure. That way the number of cases will significantly lower and allow for a safe and slow gradual economic reopening.

    • I agree that the unemployment rates are a huge problem right now. This is negatively effecting the economy and caused suicide rates to increase.

  35. The main problem that the United States government is facing right now is Covid 19 which is causing unemployment rates to increase drastically. People are getting sick or being let go from they’re jobs because of Covid 19. Also many people are dying from the disease. When the virus first came to the U.S mask were not enforced until after the fact that people started getting sick.

  36. Currently the main problem in the U.S. is the question of what the government’s rights are in comparison to the people’s rights. This is especially being seen with resistance to local mandates in regards to COVID-19, the government’s responsibility in supporting those displaced by COVID-19, what force is within the rights of police officers “enforcing the law” as well as the rights of anyone accused of crime, especially people of color, and the debates about LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace and from healthcare professionals.

  37. The problem that the government is facing right now is the covid-19 pandemic. People are losing jobs, people are not getting enough money, people getting evicted, people not social distancing. And how to fix this is staying 6ft apart or stay in doors and delay any financial problems

  38. The biggest problem facing the United States right now is easily the way to deal with the Covid pandemic. No one is really sure when or if everything will return back to normal, but the sooner it does, the better. Everyone should be wearing masks and social distancing, even if wearing masks isn’t full proof, it certainly helps.

  39. The biggest problem that the U.S. government is currently facing is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it should be addressed; both socially and economically. Socially, mask-wearing should have been mandated like 5 months ago, and the division on this issue between the two parties has only caused the number of cases to increase, as evidence shows that areas with less regulation have shown higher numbers of cases. The best anyone can do at this point is to wash their hands, wear a mask, and be more socially cautious. Economically, we are experiencing unemployment rates parallel to those of past recessions. I believe that government efforts should be refocused as companies have only gotten richer during this pandemic while the average family is struggling.

  40. The main problem facing the US government today would be how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has hurt the economy by the lack of people going out to purchase merchandise and such, but it’s also just hurting the health of people because there have been many deaths as a result of its exposure to the US. Personally, I think that we should’ve just shut down for a few weeks or a month to begin with then slowly come back.

  41. Obviously Covid-19 is a major problem facing the US government. How to go about fixing that, I honestly have no clue; however, I do believe that lots of precaution and serious descisions need to be made.

  42. The main problem facing the United States right now is the continual increase of Covid-19 cases and its effect it has had economically and socially. The lack of action from our government makes it difficult for Americans to know what the next step is and doesn’t help with containing the virus. I think the best thing to do right now is to listen to public health officials and wait for a vaccine. There is not much we can do to stop the virus but it will help slow it down if we wear masks and follow social distancing rules.

  43. One of the biggest problems the government is facing at the moment is how to deal with the impact Covid has had on the US economically. Covid has caused many people to lose their jobs or to work less hours which has caused their incomes to come in low & not be able to pay rent or even have enough money for food. It has also impacted the economy of the US since no one really knows when everything will go back to normal & not everyone wants to be spending that much money since they never know when they could go out of jobs. But I feel like the government should take more action to help reduce the number of Covid cases.

  44. I believe that the main problem that we are facing here in the US is the struggle of starting to bringing our economy or our safety. The US is split between whether we should start opening back stuff up or if we should stay locked up in our house till a vaccine is made. I don’t think that there is any real solution to this. People is the US are always going to be split when it comes to how we live our lives. I believe that we should go and open everything. We tried that and it resulted in a great spike in cases. Imagine if we send all the children to school in the united states. It will be complete chaos. Yes, kids don’t die from it as much as adults but it a still a possibility. Not to mention that children have family at home with illnesses or problems that are in danger if they catch it. I work at a restaurant and if we opened up our inside I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to work. People would be more stressed and have more anxiety. We still have it now but i believe that it would change in a negative way because people would constantly be afraid of getting it just going and doing normal things. I believe that we should also do a mandatory mask rule country wide with more stricter surveillance.

  45. The main issue that the U.S government is facing right now is the number of people currently being impacted by COVID-19. This global pandemic is impacting many things like healthcare access and unemployment, but unfortunately, there is still a rate of cases continuously adding up. Many people still believe its a hoax and not making any changes like refusing to wear a mask in public places. Doug Ducey should enforce more restrictions to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  46. The main problem that is facing the US government is how to handle Covid-19. They are have to come up with a plan to stop the increase in cases as well as make sure the economy stays stable with a lot of people losing their jobs. I think that the best thing to do in the way of keeping people safe is listen to scientist on when to open back up and the best way to fight this without a vaccine yet.

  47. The largest issue currently facing the U.S. government is the Government is the coronavirus. One way to slow the spread would be to mandate masks at the state and perhaps federal level.

  48. The main problem the US government is facing at the moment would be the coronavirus. The government has not created a viable plan to end the pandemic the US. I believe the best way stop the spread would be to strictly enforce the mask rule and to listen to scientist on their opinions about reopening states.

  49. The main problem the government is facing currently is pedaphilia. Big leaders in the United States government are being charged with crimes that involve pedaphilia and the only reason they haven’t been convicted is due to the coronavirus slowing everything down. I believe if the people charged with being pedaphiles are replaced we will be able to stop the on going crisis of pedaphiles.

  50. The main problem the government currently has is the Covid- 19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused many strains with unemployment, housing and people getting kicked out, mask orders, and voting. A way to fix this would be listening to the pandemic experts, enforcing social distancing & wearing make, possibly postponing rent as many people are losing their homes and where they live.

  51. I think the current major problem facing the US, like many others said is COVID-19. Especially as number continue to rise across some states. I think that if we enforced social distancing and wearing a mask while in public. Shutting down places of gatherings for an extend amount of time isn’t such a bad idea either. The sooner we put these mandates in to action the sooner we can get through the pandemic and find some normalcy.

  52. Like everyone is saying, covid-19 is a huge problem America is facing. With seemingly no control, decisiveness, or almost care for American people, cases are still skyrocketing throughout the country with what feels like no end. Covid is everywhere; it is almost a matter of when, where, and how for everyone and when they will (hopefully not) get it. Reopening of states, businesses, now even physically going into schools should have been slowed down more. I personally do not believe America waited long enough, followed enough precautions, and took this pandemic serious enough. Even now it seems like our government is not. Our government cares more about its economy than its people, and I believe that is the biggest change our nation has to make. Adaption is just something we have to face head on right now, and avoiding it is making the case expansion even worse.

  53. I think that the main problem that our government is facing right now is handling the Covid-19 crisis. The epidemic has had a major influence on the economy with the rise of unemployment after companies have fired their employees, a price fall in oil, and a pricing rise in medical supplies. This can be corrected if the United States went into a full shutdown (similar to China, New Zealand, Italy, etc…) to decrease the amount of Covid-19 cases.

  54. The main problem in the US right now is COVID-19 and how the number of cases has increased. Everyday we have new cases and it’s seems as though we are not enforcing or informing the people why, wearing a mask, and social distancing, as recommended by many health experts, is important and benefits of doing so we could decreased the amount of cases. And this problem is the reason we have to worry about the rise of unemployment. If we could just really try to fix the problem at hand we wouldn’t have to worry about all these other rising issues.

  55. The main problem with the government right now is Covid 19 and how it keeps on getting worse and worse daily. The virus first started in china with high cases, then the US started increasing at a very fast rate and now I believe the Us has the highest cases. Multiple senates underestimated the virus causing the virus to get worse. Another problem is although the face masks help protect you it also is bad for your immune system. When a person breathes in air in out it is meant to go out into the air not be trapped in a mask. A suggestion on how to fix it is make a vaccine and close unnecessary stores such as malls or nail shops and make all fast food restaurants drive through only

  56. The main problem that the United States government is facing right now is controlling COVID-19 and safely getting life back to normal or close to it. I do not know how they will do so, but I think it is interesting that this falls on an election year and I wonder how much that is going to effect how we get through COVID-19.

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