AP Government Post #3

Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society?  In answering this question, think about the expectations that  President Trump generated during his the campaign.  Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status.  Did President Trump raise the expectations on his presidency?

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  1. I believe that American’s expectations of the president are completely blown out of proportion. Candidates have to keep making more and more promises that may or may not be kept in order to be kept relevant. If they don’t promise anything, they’re not going to get elected.
    Trump has done an alright job on keeping his promise. From the Politifact website, I observed that he kept about half of his promises, which seems to be standard for most political candidates. Candidates do this all the time, as they’re trying to show the population how many benefits there will be if they’re elected, but honestly they can’t do all of that in just 4 years.

    • I agree, great response and reference to specific details on the candidates and presidency. The thing that concerns me most is how can the popular benefit truly effect the elected?

    • I agree with your statement on how Americans expectations of the president are completely blown out of proportion and how you described that candidates need to always keep making promises whilst not always fulfilling them.

      • I could honestly say I agree with saif how the candidates always make us promises and never follow through with what they say. There are times where they do some of the things they discuss but not all and is something the candidates need to improve upon theirselves.

    • I agree with your statement on candidates not being able to keep their promises in just a short amount of time.

    • I would agree with mitch anymore on the expectations really going down low because candidates keep making promises that they really can’t keep and continue to do so. But with all that they plan on doing the next four years is it really even realistic instead of just taking one step at a time.

    • I agree. Presidential candidates tend to say stuff crazy but its mainly them trying to get votes. He kept some of his promises and some are neutral,

    • It seems like promises are more like what the president stands for rather than an actual promise. They use morals so that the people can see the candidate stands on topics

    • I agree with your statement, they make big claims that are not always supported by their actions. This was worded in a great way.

    • Personally, I think that making promises that you may or may not keep is just part of politics, not that I think it necessarily should be, but it always has been. I agree that Trump has done an okay job on keeping some of his promises. I also agree that candidates make so many promises that it would be impossible for them to get all of them done in our government in just four years.

    • I liked what you said about candidate’s and their promises and I agree. In order for them to stay in the running they need to stay relevant even if that means making empty promises.

    • I completely agree. Of course it is important to have specific expectations for the American presidency, but as time goes on it seems like it’s exceeding that and the expectations are becoming adamant demands. Constant promises and affirmations are made, but it is impossible to keep some of the ones being presented.

  2. Based on the website given I do feel Trump himself has at least committed to a couple promises that I am aware of. His presidency has set different bounds for what a president truly is to say the least because he has no political background. Personally I feel it is very difficult to run a country will one person, but each president has a cabinet and other advisors for this specific purpose. For that reason I still Americas expectations are reasonable considering the help with these impactful decisions. Of course one man or woman alone could not totally or efficiently run the government on their own, however many factors play in to this situation where the scenario would never occur. Trump and other presidents have done what they felt was right so the expectations of the American public have been similar in my opinion for each president.

    • I agree with you on how trump has committed to a couple promises and that his presidency has set different standards and expectations for what a president has to be.

    • I agree with you that he did keep some of his promises and that it is very difficult to run a country by yourself and that your cabinet plays a huge role in your decision making.

    • I can understand why you believe that President Trump is a semi-accomplished leader. He did indeed keep his word on resolving issues that he promised to fix during his campaign. Especially, like you said, he has a cabinet full of secrataries and advisors to deal with problems that he personally can not attend to. However, in my opinion, I would not have made as much promises as Presdient Trump did during his campaign. He simply over estimated his capability to resolve all of the American people’s problems.

    • I agree how Trump has committed promises and as a individual and as our president he should be sticking to these promises. His view on running the country should favor our needs as the individuals of this country.

    • I though he had political background. I know he was an actor but I also thought he was a politician as the same time.

    • I do agree that Trump has only changed the expectations but not raised or lowered them, I do think that the expectations have exceeded what a President can do even with the cabinet because they promise stuff with no guarantee that Congress will pass those laws.

    • I do think Trump has kept to some of his promises, but definitely not all of them. I agree that his presidency has set some higher standards and different bounds. I also agree that every president has a cabinet and other people around them to help them make running the government easier since it is not a one man job at all.

    • I agree witt these statements. the expectations for presidents are still reasonable but still need to be fulfilled for sure.

  3. I think that Americans expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. I believe that the standards and expectations are set for one to be the ideal human, and make several promises that excites the people whilst being in presidential elections. I think that Trump has done a decent job in terms of keeping his vows truthful, as much as presidents don’t even get close to what they say they were going to do, they still make the effort to promise the people.

    • I agree, that several promises excite people being in the presidential election. Humans often get the rush of excitement and hoping for nothing but the best. Not trying to get denied that access to the opportunities that excite them.

    • I agree that Americans expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. I feel as though this is a common thing candidates will do in order to gain attraction from the public. I feel like this should decrease overtime because it can be misleading when voting for a candidate (they may not even enact the policy your’e voting for ).

    • I agree and feel it is important to keep in mind the government is not one person. Many blame the president often no matter who despite other circumstances.

    • Trump has fullfilled most promises he made to the people. I totally agree with you! Trump has kept his vows truthful no matter if the people have liked them or not.

    • I agree and surprise with Trump doing a somewhat decent job as president and being able to keep his promises from what he has said from his campaign.

      • I agree with the statement regarding that trump through out his term has been doing as said and has kept his promises, I don’t recall that someone has said or blamed trump for not doing as he said.

    • I agree with your statement that the expectations have exceeded what one man or woman could do, but I do believe it is from presidents making too many promises and not from us expecting perfection.

  4. I believe that Americans expectations about the presidency have extremely been over blown. Americans believe presidents are like super heroes who can stop any danger from coming. They fail to understand that the government, yet on a higher basis, are still just human Americans as well. Standards and expectations for the ideal human concede with the terms, promises government gives Americans.

    • I agree with your statement but from a different perspective. I had not considered the promises being overwhelming due to a humane level but rather just a realistic level. In other words, as Waddell mentioned in class some candidates make hundreds of promises and it is not likely to achieve all of them in 4 years. I had not even considered it from the humane level, good point.

  5. American’s expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. This is because candidates are forced to make unachievable promises in order to appeal to a large party of individuals. This is clearly depicted through the expectations that President Trump and all other presidents have generated during ones campaign. As depicted in Politifact the promises made by President Trump and past presidents are not always kept. Although some are followed through and kept, many promises are unachievable and were originally promised to simply gain attraction and improve ones political status. Trump, like past presidents made many unachievable promises.However, unlike elections prior, tensions are rising and thus candidates are being forced to promise even more than before.

    • I agree with your idea that presidents are required to make unfulfillable promises in order to win the presidency

    • I agree with you as well when you spoke on how the previous and current president have been making/made unrealistic promises that are seemingly completely unachievable.

    • Yes, they only way for candidates to gain attention is to make bold promises that are almost impossible to keep. I agree that this has always occurred with past presidents as well, but nowadays, there are more and more promises being made in order to be elected, and not necessarily to actually change anything.

  6. American’s expect to much from their presidents. I believe at times American citizens want the president to do certain tasks and act upon certain events when it isn’t in their ability to do so, but the responsibility of the other branches of government. Of course, the president has many responsibilities to look over as well which they should not fail to accomplish. My point is, that even though the President of the United States is the face of this country, they do not hold responsibility for ALL tasks. Did Trump’s vows raise expectations on his presidency? Like many other presidents before him, not all vows are kept, but that’s to be expected.

    • I agree with you on how it’s not all on the president. Many other branches could be making this decision and get the president’s opinion on it. Although those were promises he made trying to get elected, the government could have worked on it as well.

    • I believe this a hundred percent. I think Americans will believe anything a higher up person will say because they have power. Even so Trump made promises but only to certain groups and those groups arent in need of helping.

    • I agree with your idea that its difficult for the president to pass laws and do certain tasks when they go through multiple branches.

    • Society expects way too much and it should be known that not all vows are expected to be kept in this country unfortunately

    • I agree that many Americans believe the president holds all tasks. The president isn’t responsible for all tasks so it would be unfair to hold the president to keep all of their promises.

  7. American expectations are way too big for the president. They want all these things from a President even things that the President doesn’t even have authority over. Sometimes they want them to change laws or make huge drastic changes that should be taken up with the Congress instead. I don’t think Trump has raised the bar, I think he is given way too much credit.

    • I agree that expectations are too unrealistic. I feel like this forces the president to knowingly make empty promises. I agree that Trump has been given too much credit too. He might also be banking on another term to fill his promises, but you never know.

  8. In all honesty I think some of the promises made to get Trump elected were stupid…. But that’s just my opinion. For example defunding planned parenthood, yes you may be pro-life but what happens when a girl is raped and becomes pregnant… then what? Also the fact the promise was kept is even more infuriating. But overall some of those promises were dumb and apart of me is glad some of them were broken.

    • I agree with your beliefs and how some of the promises were only made for a specific group of people that affects all the others. Its ridiculous.

  9. In the presidents promises they are multiple promises that just are said to raise their campaign and get votes which is a main reason for the hundreds promises they make and mostly never keep. That’s why I think expectations are blown out of proportions. Although Trump made promises that he kept he made bad ones that were successful and in my opinion shouldn’t have been. So that is why I think there should be a limit on the promises they can make because if they made a ton of promises to not keep them its just telling lies to the public which is expected and why a lot for people dont vote because they know there promises wont be meet.

    • I agree that the lies candidates/past presidents have told the public that they said as something they would do if winning is a big reason why people don’t vote.

    • I agree some promises that were kept were bad ones overall. Yes there should be a limit on what they can or can’t promise. Some of these promises made up are not for the better of the country it’s more, in their best interest. What they think is right.

  10. I do believe that American’s expectations on a presidents ability to govern a complex society has been over exaggerated. In order to get votes to even be considered the next president you will need to promise many things even if you know you can’t kept those promises. This being said, President trump has raise the expectations for his presidency, even though he has kept some promises most of them still haven’t been met by president Trump. The reason President trump made so many promises was to meet Americans expectations of the presidency.

  11. I think American’s expectations in today’s society have completely exceed one’s person to govern. I think Trump made some bold promises and that is one of the main reasons why he won the election, but in just a 4 year term some promises and goals are simply to complex to achieve. American citizens I think have come to believe in a singular perfect president, which is simply unattainable. According to Politifact, Trump has kept a decent amount of his promises. Again, in order to win the election he had to have made some pretty bold promises, but limited in a small 4 year term, he simply doesnt have enough time to carry out all of his promises.

    • I agree with your statement on how it is impossible to have the perfect president that all American citizens want.

    • I agree that Trump is severely limited by the time of his term. I think your point on Trump using promises to win the election is especially important because a lot of promises seem to have been made more to appeal to the party or voters than to actually make change.

    • I agree with you that a president simply cannot carry out all of their promises in the four year term that they’re given because it’s just too much.

  12. Although we live in an increasingly complex society, I believe that the expectations of the president have not been exceeded. Making promises is what politicians have to do to get the voting they want. This is what they are taught to do to have an upper hand on their opponent. Trump promised to build a border wall along the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it, he has not done anything towards that promise except for the 194 miles that were built for outdated designs of the wall. The president also has a cabinet and people to help him make decisions when he finds certain problems overwhelming. So in my opinion American’s expectations of the president are not exceeding anybody’s ability to govern an increasingly complex society.

  13. I believe that American’s expectations of the presidency are definitely way too high for a single person to exceed in the time they’re given to govern the country. To begin with the President does not have the power to do all of the things he/she promises themselves because of the way our government is set up so how can people expect them to fulfill their promises? For example Trump made many promises but could only fulfill a few.

    • I agree that the expectations put on presidents are too high, its as if people put them on a pedestal and expect them to do everything they want just because they’re president when in reality a system has been made specifically just so the president is more presidential than a monarchy.

    • I agree that the 4 years that is given is not enough time for the promises vowed and that the President does not hold all the responsibility but the other branches of government as well.

    • I agree, they only have a matter of time to fulfill promises they have made and it’s not easy, but then again I feel like sometimes they just say certain promises in order to win the election.

  14. America’s expectations have and haven’t exceeded people’s ability to govern a a complex society. This is due to the fact that the difference in beliefs between the two main political parties will always clash with one another, so not everyone will be satisfied with how things are dealt with. Especially since there are sub-parties that are in the middle or may lean more right or left and if they want to speak their opinion all someone has to do is make a simple post on social media. And by doing so one would hope whoever is in charge will make change since the public is using their voices but not every issue can be addressed in the time frame it would be most urgent and sometimes it’s not taken care of altogether.
    As for Trump, during his campaign he did set too high of expectations which for his supporters were broken promises. The same could be said for his current presidency as well.

  15. The expectations of a president have exceeded the ability for one person to govern a country properly. The people use the presidents promise in their campaign as actual things that the president will do, however the people do not consider the fact that the promise will have to go through congress and the senate and that there is actual measure need to be taken in order for it to be considered. By trump making these absorbent promises that could not be fulfilled and appeal to the white Americans, he could rally the republicans and the blue collar workers on his side better than Hillary. However since he has built up the trust with the republicans, even though he did not fulfill his promises, he still has their support due to the hatred of the left

    • I agree, the promises are meant for an appeal to voters. And the expectations are way too great for a president to keep all of his promises. There are many factors that allow the president to do his job, and this is the separation of Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.

    • I concur with Terrell. President Trump made all of these promises to the American public to appeal to his voters. However, now that he already has his foothold with the Republican Party, it’s questionable if the President will make the same amount of promises this year as he did in his first election? Especially since the American economy is no where near what the President promised 4 years ago.

    • I agree with you, the promises can get out of hand and become bait for voters. I think people need to see the bigger picture and understand that these promises aren’t all truly realistic and can’t be done in a matter of days, or even months.

  16. In today’s society, the American public has expected way more than what the President of the United States can actually do. During President Trump’s campaign he promised the people to manage a variety of different situations. However, like any other political campaign, most of these commitments are empty promises to gain favor within the political party. Now during his administration, President Trump acts more like a trustee than a partisan politician. He only acts upon situations that he deems are necessary and throws out any other promise that he made to the American people. The expectations of the Presidency has no doubt gained more responsibilities through out the last few elections from the public; although, it still is incredibly important to at least attempt to resolve all the situations even in this complex and diverse society.

    • I agree, the promises are used in order to show the morals of the candidate rather than keeping the actual promise.

    • I agree with you that President Trump does act like more a trustee than a partisan when it comes to issues. And I also agree that it is important for the President to attempt to resolve all the situations that the country faces.

    • I agree with your last statement. Even though vows usually end up being empty promises, I’d like to see the president elected at least try and put effort into keeping their promises.

  17. I believe that the expectations of the president in today’s society is more than what he is actually allowed to do. So presidents now have to make decisions to give empty promises to the people to get elected when they know full well that they can’t actually keep those promises. That is why when we see what a president has done during his term(s), its more unfulfilled promises than promises kept.

    It is evident again that the president expectations are higher and less realistic due to President Trump’s 50% promises that weren’t fulfilled. People look to the President to solve all the problems because he is one man instead of convincing 550 people to do stuff.

    • I agree with people having too high expectations of the president’s capability, which results in Presidents giving false hope on their promises.

  18. I believe the expectations of the presidency has exceeded a person’s ability to do so. Today, people are expecting the president to go above and beyond. President Trump promised many things before his election, however, he may have not kept all of his promises. Trump has done a good job I believe in keeping some of his promises, it is just not possible to do everything they promised before they are elected. Each president before Trump has always made a careful decision to help the American people whether they like it or not. It is not possible to keep all of your promises because there are many factors that come into play when running a government.

    • I completely agree, the Presidents must put the people first before political agendas. It also doesn’t help that a lot of their promises would need to be laws and the President cannot propose laws, only veto them.

    • I agree the expectations exceed a persons ability. If your asking a president to keep all of their promises and do everything your almost asking them to play God. I just think its unfair when a president makes a promise but goes against what they said they would do, and in fact does the opposite.

  19. The American expectations of the president do exceed the capabilities of any one person working to satisfy multiple groups of people. However, I don’t think Trump has raised these expectations at all. While he did go through with roughly half his campaign promises, which seems reasonable for someone in politics, he failed to carry out traditional expectations of the president such as providing tax returns. Additionally, Trump has normalized a less sophisticated vocabulary for government officials and consistently defaults to social media instead of official channels to make statements. Overall, I see this as lowering the expectations of the president.

  20. I do think that Americans have very high expectations of the Presidential position due to the promises often made by Presidential candidates during their running. For example, Trump made many promises that he would improve America during his time as President but he has not been able to accomplish many of them. He made them to get people to vote for him, and once he got into office he probably was advised to ignore a lot of the thorny political promises he made. To be fair, it is also very hard for the President to create laws when his power lays in the veto. The Presidential position has been elevated beyond it’s actual standing due to it’s publicity and promises made by candidates, but it is constrained in it’s power.

    • I agree, the points you brought up I feel are so true when it comes to the empty promises to be elected and how creating new laws isn’t as easy as it seems.

    • I agree with the points you have made, I feel like sometimes people aren’t aware of the fact that the president just can’t do whatever he wants, because it’s just not as simple as they think.

    • I agree with you, I feel like many people don’t understand that the president does not have absolute power to pass any law and do whatever he pleases. There is a lot more that goes into it than that meets the eye.

  21. America’s expectations have definitely exceeded one’s man or women’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. President Trump is known for having a “big mouth” but he has indeed accomplished most of his promises to the people. He has raised more expectations for his presidency.

  22. People ask a lot from the presidents, not knowing they can not get multiple things done at once. Constantly getting reminded of the promises they made that got some presidents into office, as the people wait for those promises to be reach it is not the presidents concern anymore due to all the other task they have that have deadlines and getting things passed. With that some presidents will only get one or two promises they made before getting elected in four years, due to the responsibility and pressure put on them as presidents. President Trump promises sounded good enough to get him into office but some of the promises he made did not have enough detail to them, for example he said anyone who kills a police officer will get the death penalty immediately. With that being said cops could use this to their advantage that they were “in danger” and that’s why they killed someone. Which cops have used that excuse and most the time that was just an excuse to kill. Breonna Taylor, was sleeping and got shot 8 times because the police had a search warrant for a drug case and an officer thought it was a break in and shot Breonna 8 times. Not just once like in the leg so she wouldn’t move and still be alive. No she was sleeping so for the cops first reaction to shoot Breonna Taylor, a black woman, 8 times, makes me worried what the police academy is teaching the police. According to President Trump if someone was to kill a cop that person would get the death penalty. Which has not happened yet since the police shoot to kill.

    • I like how you brought up a modern day debate widely circulated through the news, regarding how the police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor should be punished, to support and defend your point.

  23. I believe that that presidential candidates make a lot of promises trying to gain votes. Some of these things are doable but some are crazy. They try so hard to get in the votes of the public that they say anything that the public would like or that fits there image. Trumps promises are kind of 50/50. I looks like he was able to complete the ones that were relatively easier or make compromises but at time a lot of his promises are neutral or not kept.

    • I agree that a lot of promises are made to win votes. I didn’t notice that he had completed the easier ones, I was just counting. I think this is a really interesting observation because not every promise requires as much from the president, and candidates make both easy and nearly impossible promises.

  24. I think that American’s do have very high standards for the President and what they can do to help the country. I think that Trump did make a lot of empty promises to the public back in 2016. He did this to gain support in order to win the election. Trump during his first term as President has been able to fulfill some of his promises but most of them have not been filled.

    • I agree that Trump did make a lot of promises and set the bar pretty high for himself in order to appeal to the public and gain votes. I think if he does win this upcoming election, he might fulfill more of his promises because he has another 4 years in office.

    • I agree that Trump made a lot of promises in 2016 in order to gain a bigger following and to win the election.

  25. I believe that the standards for president are very high and definitely exceed a single person’s ability. Americans don’t factor in the idea that the government is more complex than just the president. Trump did make a lot of promises that he could not fulfill in order to win the election.

  26. I believe that America’s expectations for the ability of one man or women to run our complex, constantly changing society are very high. I don’t think there has been any president or a president in recent years that has been able to fulfill all of their promises. There are many challenges and judgements our presidents have to face and they have do not have much time to get it all done. I think that considering Trump was more of a buisness man before becoming elected for president, I think he has indeed set the bar high for his presidency. I know a couple of the promises he has made have been fulfilled but overall I think that we shouldn’t always trust the promises any politician gives us.

    • I agree, I don’t think any of the presidents have fulfilled every single one of their promises. Trump did try to do a decent amount of his promises and I disagree that he raised any standards. Goals he’s accomplished were not even that important.

  27. I think that the peoples expectations for a president to get all of their promises done are way too high since they can only do so little in a matter of time. Now a days many people expect the presidents to go out of their way which also has to do with the political beliefs of the people. From what I saw on politifact, trump fulfilled like about half of his promises which isn’t too bad for his 4 year term. I just think that the position and expectations of being a president has been like in a way overwhelmed and the expectations have been way too high as well due to all the publicity it has gotten year after year.

    • I agree that some people make their promises way to high and never achieve this, but there are presidents who will keep their promise to make this a better place.

  28. Although the Presidents job is to serve their country to the best of their abilities, I believe that the American people have a lot of expectations for what a President can accomplish in office, sometimes unrealistic. I believe many people fail to consider that all of a President’s promises must go through Congress before they become law. Because of these expectations, I also believe that a lot of politicians use this strategy to please the interests of their voters to gain more popularity. Trump is one example of that. I believe Trump made a lot of promises in the 2016 election to please his voter demographic, such as the declaration that he would build a wall on the Southern border. Now obviously we know that this has yet to happen. However, we cannot disregard the fact that he has filled many other campaign promises, about half. At the end of the day, it would be nearly impossible for a President to pass all of their policies in only 4 years.

    • I completely agree with this, a candidate during their campaign makes promises in order to appeal to the voters. However, many people take the candidates to heart that they will fulfill all their promises, but 4 years is not enough time to accomplish their goals and promises.

    • I agree. The actual image of being President seems like a fantasy. There is no way to make every citizen happy or content with what is going on in our country.

  29. I think that the expectations for the President of the United States have exceeded what one man can do even with a cabinet due to checks and balances, but they are only that way because presidential candidates always have to promise more than their opponent, so they end up promising too much. Trump has not raised the expectations for the Presidency because he has followed through on about the same percentage of promises as other Presidents, the only reason he accomplished more promises is because he made more promises.

  30. Many Americans’ expectations of their president are becoming higher and higher, making it almost impossible to live up to their expectations. Currently in our society, there are many demands that people have that they expect the President to solve, and yet it is true that many should be solved, many will also be left unsolved. It is also difficult for Presidents to cause change when congress does not allow it. Although Trump only Trump only kept 24% of promises, he also compromised 20% which is almost 50 percent, and considering the amount of promises that must be made by president currently in order to get elected, I would say he has done a decent job keeping promises.

  31. I agree with you that Trump had to make some bold promises in order to be elected, and he did not keep them all because 4 years is not much time to complete all promise, especially the more complex ones. Also, I believe the Covid issue could have impacted his ability to change certain things because of the new expectation that was given to him. When covid began, this was his number one responsibility, and Americans expected him to focus on Covid more than anything else.

  32. I believe that Trump did make some expectations for the next president. He made promises that he indeed kept. Now for the next president coming in they need to make more promises and do all of them as well to be like trump or be better.,

  33. I don’t think that Trump has raised his expectations for his presidency because he made most of his promises come true. It’s just some of them were too hard to achieve because of the checks and balances so he would not have too much power. But I believe that presidential candidates overly express their promises to have the people vote for them, and when they finally become president, it never comes true.

  34. I think that America’s expectations about the presidency are just incapable of happening. There is no way to provide every American citizen with the same feeling of being self-assured with how things are being addressed in our country. There will always be negative statements made about any of the candidates from people who have opposing views. The meaningless promises that our presidents make are specifically just to appeal to their party to be elected into the White House. It is a non-essential pressure that is put onto our presidents. Based on Politifact, Trump has not kept most of his promises. He has not imposed a death penalty for cop killers. He has not enacted term limits for all members of Congress. Instead, he is pushing to have a third term for president if he wins this election. He never investigated Hillary Clinton. Many of the promises that he has made has not been done. Most of his actions have been for his own self-interests.

    • I agree, most promises they make are just to appeal to the majority, but we should all know that most of them are never going to happen.

  35. Personally, I’d imagine that the presidents’ expectations from the American people are very high. The more promises that are made by the president, the more they may or may not be actually met and be done. Without any promises to entice the American people, that person running for president is more likely to not get elected.
    President Trump has mostly kept up on his promises from campaigning into the presidency. According to Politifact, Trump has kept his word on 50% of what he said he’d do. It is a given for Presidents and candidates to do though, in order to benefit their campaign and heighten their chance of election for the presidency.

    • I agree that the expectations of the president is very high. Politifact also said he broke 50% of promises as well, so I feel like that a lot was expected of him, but promises are promises.

  36. Personally, I do not think that American’s expectations have gotten to where it is too much for one person to possibly do. I do however think that their expectations have gotten increasingly higher over the years. I do think that overall Americans have a lot of expectations and that they are all different, but also in ways the same.
    I do not think that Trump has increased many expectations because he had made promises he was unable to fulfill during his time in office. I do however think that he had put ideas in peoples head that something is going to happen.

  37. I believe Americans expectations of the presidency are insanely too high. I think people forget that The President can’t just do whatever he wants, when he wants. There’s congress, laws aren’t just written and enforced in a day, not even a week. people need a better understanding of what is realistic and what is not. I also think citizens are taken advantage of by presidential candidates who promise many things that just cannot be done in a single term or in the first couple months. There are very high expectations for the president. Trump made an exceedingly amount of promises. His mind set was that he could do what he wanted, so he fed citizens these promises and filled their minds with this amazing picture of what America would change into if he were president. Now there are promises that he still hasn’t fulfilled and now we are in a pandemic.

  38. I believe America’s expectations for the president are to high, but it is the presidents fault their expectations are so high. Candidates make so many empty promises when running for election and then when they are elected, American’s are disappointed because the promises they voted on are not met. These promises are made to gain a vote and keep people interested. Expectations raised during Trumps campaign because of so many things he said he was going to do, but I believe those expectations went down throughout his presidency. Even though he did keep a lot of promises he also didn’t fulfil a lot of promises and in the end it’s what the people want and find satisfactory.

    • I think you make a good point by saying the President raises the expectation for themselves. I also agree with you that many American’s are disappointed in the President when they don’t fulfill promises.

    • I don’t really understand what you mean when you say it is the presidents fault that expectations are to high. I do agree with you on your satement on how president cannidates make empty promises to the people because when they get in office they don’t keep the promises they said during their elction. I agree trump has lowered the bar in presidential expectations due to all the bad things he did during his term

  39. I think the American’s expectations of the presidency are very broad. Generalizing here, many look at the president as the sole leader and regulator of the United States, however, there so many things that go on behind the sense that a lot of people do not know about. Nowadays it really seems like people do not care what goes on within the administrative aspects of the presidency.
    In my opinion I think that Trump has lowered the expectations. He has definitely followed through in some shape or form in about half of his promises. However, with the way he has handled the pandemic and the current economic climate through said pandemic he has definitely lowered the bar. Many people are upset and as we’ve seen in the past (especially with the Great Depression), one event can effect America’s view on a president and their whole presidency.

    • I agree that it can depend on the president what exact expectations are and I personally feel that my expectations have been lowered by Trump over the years but I think for a lot of people, their expectations were raised by him. People who want the kind of government he wants are actually happy at the prospect of the things he’s done throughout his presidency. I very much agree with you that he’s done an awful job handling the pandemic and economic climate. I also think he’s done an awful job in terms of environmental changes and communicating with foreign countries.

  40. I feel like Americas expectations for a president has been messed up since we first started having presidents, firstly because I feel as if Americans has a problem with feeling like someone is superior to them especially these days. I feel as if when President Trump made it in office that was the worst move for America because it showed that any rich white man could be president despite all the illegal things they have clearly done. Nobody takes the presidential status serious anymore ever since the election of Donald Trump and I personally feel as if this entire president ran system will fade away in a matter of 20 years. In my personal opinion I feel as if President Trump has lowered the expectation to almost none, he has poorly ran this country while managing to remain a openly racist.

    • I completely agree with you. I think part of the lowered expectations to the point of Trump is also a result of the two-party system as well as a lack of seriousness when coming to choosing politicians. I think that if the presidential system doesn’t fade within the next 20 years it should at least change. I think America needs some government reform to avoid letting more people like Trump gain presidency.

    • I agree that President Trump has lowered standards, and that it is not shown as seriously anymore. He has a controversial past yet he is still in office today.

  41. America’s expectations have grown exceedingly high in which one person cannot do everything. We have a system and our system takes time. Today, people are expecting the president to fix every problem in the country. President Trump promised many things before his election but has not. Trump has done a good job In promises that pertain to his own goals, not necessarily the public’s. Each president before Trump has always made a careful decision to help the American people whether they like it or not. It is not possible to keep up with all these promises because there are simply too many demands and problems.

    • I agree on you points about how expectations have grown tremendously. Yor right it just isn’t fathomable for the president to slove the whole coutry’s problems. Trump didn’t really care for the peoples oppinion when he went into office so I’d have to agree with you on your statements abot how trump kept promises that helped him.

  42. I think that the presidential candidate’s present themselves with exceedingly high expectations and over time people have come to notice that about half (if not more) of these promises are either never followed through with, denied for legal reasons, or the president does the exact opposite. Trump has followed through with at least attempting a good number of his promises but a lot of them fell through because they couldn’t happen legally. I think Trump definitely did the exact opposite of a few of his promises. One example may be his promise to the LGBTQ+ community to protect human rights. He has since then, restricted healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals, put a trans ban on the military, attempted to deny same-sex couples the right to adopt on religious grounds, and more. It is even said in the 2016 republican platform pages 31-32 “Our laws and our government’s regulations should recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman and actively promote married family life as the basis of a stable and prosperous society. For that reason, as explained elsewhere in this platform, we do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment returning control over marriage to the states” (Platform 31-32). URL Citation: https://prod-cdn-static.gop.com/media/documents/DRAFT_12_FINAL%5B1%5D-ben_1468872234.pdf
    I think Trump both raised and lowered the expectations of his presidency depending on which promises you were looking forward to him making. For me, personally, my expectations were lowered not only through his actions but also through the knowledge I have gained over the years as to how our government works and how this can affect me and those around me.

  43. I believe that the expectations about the presidet have been blown out of proportion. People expect the president to have all the answers for there problems and to be able to make laws that bennefit everyone equally. Politics is all about making promises, but these promises sometimes aren’t kept and they were only used to get votes on there ballets. I’d say Trump brought the bar lower in expectations because during his term he almost caused the government to shutdown twice and almost caused an unnecesary war.

  44. a man is more expected to be in office with the previous elections than a female. Trump in this election has done alot for our country even with female rights, blm, after tax cuts 300 billion poured back into the US. 24% of trumps promises he made has been kept and 5% have been stalled and 50% of prosimeses have been broken. Trump isn’t reliable as a president with what he says he is going to do with this country.

  45. I think expectations are really high for presidents, considering that there is a process that they have to go through for changes, laws and bills to be approved. Trump has fulfilled some of his promises but of course with all presidencies.
    , some could not be accomplished. I think Trump brought expectations down, considering his time in office has been one of the most controversial.

    • I agree. I don’t think many realize that the president is not control of Everything, there are a lot of other factors that go in.

  46. Yes, I believe that people’s expectations are far too high and exceed the responsibilities a candidate should have. This is because its way to much for a single person to accomplish in this complex society. The candidates feel extreme pressure to promise things that they might not be able to do. This is because the public want many things and have high needs that if not met they will vote for someone else. The candidates want to get any and every vote and in order to do this some feel its necessary to promise things that may never be accomplished.

  47. I would say nowadays people expect much more from the president and in other times where he does not at all have control over making, regardless even if he is the president. The decisions in which aren’t able to be made by the president himself but from the branches in which what they can only control. People don’t also realize sometimes decisions are not to be made for the governments and states sake.

  48. I do not think that people expect too much from a president, but I think that many people think the president is the cause for everything, when in reality there are many other factors. Also, everyone is quick to criticize the president for something that does not align with their views, but they won’t acknowledge the good things that the he has done. I think that the economy under Trump’s presidency is a bar that is set very high for the following presidents. If it weren’t for COVID, Trump would have had the best economy under his presidency in a long time. But many people do not want to acknowledge that.

  49. I think that yes, today much more is expected of a president than 100 years ago. However, that is not to say that those standards are unattainable. They can be met with the right type of person. Trump’s presidency definitely brought standards down, since he is quite controversial. He has kept about half of his promises according to politifact, yet that still makes about half he did not keep. It seems like most of them were just promises to help his campaign.

  50. I believe that Americans kinda overthink the President. Like Presidents have make promises or they be elected. Like Trump he promise the people but he only did half of those promises which is like standard to most Americans.

  51. It is important to have specific expectations for the American presidency, but as time goes on it seems like it’s exceeding that and the expectations are becoming adamant demands. Constant promises and affirmations are made, but it is impossible to keep some of the ones being presented. America is complex, there are millions of people with millions of different opinions and it seems as though some are having a difficult time grasping that if there specific proposal is not perfectly met.
    Trump has made proposals and promises all throughout his presidency and now new campaign; some he has kept, some he has not, which is completely understandable. Expectations are at an all time high now because of the candidates the American people have to choose from this election.

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