AP Government Post #1

What is the biggest problem facing the federal government right now? What are some possible solutions for this issue?

This post will close on January 7 at the start of the class in which it was assigned.

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  1. I think the federal government’s biggest problem is it’s inability to come together to help people in need through these rough times. Coronavirus has taken a toll on nearly facet of of life in America. The common people are struggling during this time, those that make the economy run smoothly. Yet disagreements on the best way to help the people and economy during these times are, in affect, leading to little or no help at all. Many other countries are providing their citizens with unemployment benefits equal to the wage they were getting before they were laid off, and still giving employed people healthy checks that could be put back into the economy. The United States is failing to do these things, and as a result, there is record unemployment, an astounding number of people facing evictions, and families that can barely put food on the table. In a time of need, the US government is not coming through for us, and it raises a certain level of concern.

    • Your points are correct, the U.S. government is struggling to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. I have also noticed that many other countries are providing benefits to their citizens that the U.S. is not, mostly because of the large divide between the left and the right.

    • I also think that this is a huge issue in the government. COVID and means of protecting the people from the virus honestly should not have become a political matter– it’s a health matter, but somehow it became political. And yes, I think the US government could have done way more to support the people financially during this situation.

  2. I thin some of the bigest problems in government right now is how ugly the battle between the left and right has gotten and the inability to come together. In times like this, they should be able to put their differences aside and figure out a way to improve out country, which is not something that has happened recently. The average person right now could be going through major challenges in their life right now, dude to corona virus, and without the support of the government it is going to feel impossible to see a way out of it.

  3. I think the biggest problem facing the federal government is the lack of concession during the election. No matter how many investigations turn up nothing it seems as though many Republicans and even the current president himself will not accept that Joe Biden won. In previous election the loosing political party will accept the loss and work together to formulate a plan for the next election, but this year many Representatives and Governors are just denying the election results. This will prevent the two parties from working together in Congress and greatly delay any legislation from being passed. I believe that the solution to this is simply for the Republicans to accept the loss and move on, by beating this dead horse they make less people sympathetic to their cause.

    • I agree that this problem is important because it is also the root of many of the U.S.’s other looming problems right now. Rifts along party lines have prevented the government from enacting meaningful coronavirus legislation and continuing with the smooth transition of power.

  4. I think the two party system is probably the biggest issue we have currently, not the system itself but the mentality people have developed behind it. Much of the view points especially concerning the media pins it as “us against them” (whether that be democrats, or republicans) which demeans that purpose of a democracy which is to have multiple sides working together to find common ground.

    • I also wrote about the issues involving the two party system. I agree that this is a huge issue today that is getting in the way of our democracy. If you look at what is happening today at the capitol, the two parties are so divided that many Republicans cannot even peacefully accept a different president. It will be impossible for any policy, legislation, and decisions to be made if there is such a division that there can be no majority.

  5. At the moment the biggest problem facing the federal government is the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a number of debates on the proper course of action and any decision will upset the public. Enacting a lockdown will cause more people to lose their jobs, and without a lockdown COVID-19 cases will continue to rise. I do not know what the solution is because either course of action hurts somebody. Unfortunately the decision is made even more difficult because of the hostility both parties show to each other.

  6. While I believe there are numerous detrimental issues in the federal government, I think something that ought to be given more mind to is mental health. Nowadays, mental health is essentially seen as a joke and it is taken pretty lightly, that is, until someone finally commits suicide, then people realize the severity of it all– and even then, it is not taken as seriously as it should be. Mental health is as important as physical health in reality and it can deplete one’s ability to function to their highest potential and in turn, worsen their lives and the state of the illness(es) themselves. For relevance, suicide rates have evidently increased during the pandemic and more people are beginning to suffer or experience enhanced symptoms of mental health deterioration. Additionally, mental health is “contagious” in a sense, as it sets off almost a chain reaction of distress and mental pain to those close to the initial sufferer. The government does not seem to prioritize health much in general, seeing as how difficult it is for a lot of people to afford care they need; the attention on mental health is even less prominent than medical health. Personally, I have had 2 people in my life attempt suicide. One of which attempted just this pass December, and it truly is concerning that so little is done to help those suffering and there seems to be a misunderstanding to how effective mental health treatment can be. I think the government needs to do more to inform the general public on the prevalence of mental health and getting more people to understand a greater extent of it.

  7. The indecision in our federal government because of political views stagnates any major progress. A possible solution to this is just for the recognition of all political parties of the things they agree on and properly debate instead of deflect each other just for the sake of doing so.

    • I agree with your statement. Indecision among the two parties has become all too common in the present, especially with aid to the American people in this time of need. I feel the two-party system could have major revisions or changes made in the way we perceive them that would help to solve this problem. It seems as if progress halts when the parties are more fixated on the other being wrong.

  8. I think the biggest problem facing the federal government is COVID-19 and the effects circulating it. I feel as though the mass amounts of jobs and lives that were lost due to the pandemic is the biggest problem facing the government right now. Fortunately, the vaccine is making huge progress which would help aid all of those hurt by it, and as soon as the vaccine is widespread, these jobs could be reinstated. The stimulus checks do help to some extent, however, I feel as though the United States isn’t doing its part in order to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as help the families that were hurt by the loss of jobs. I feel as though the stimulus checks weren’t enough, personally.

    • I agree with you that the mass amount of jobs and lives lost to COVID-19 is by far the largest problem for the government right now. I feel like it needs to be the government’s main priority to help the families struggling because of COVID-19 and to prioritize the distribution of the vaccine. I definitely feel like the government could do a better job of supporting the families that lost jobs due to COVID-19, and there needs to be more than what was provided in the stimulus checks.

  9. A previous student already mentioned this but I also believe that the biggest issue we are currently facing is the pandemic, similar to what my peer already stated, there isn’t a definite and correct course of action to take because either way people will be unhappy. But I feel as though even those that are trying to handle it are going about it wrong and that some possible solutions would indeed inciting another lockdown (although it doesn’t sound fun at all), prioritizing some aspects of finding a vaccine or a “cure” of some sort, as well as not allowing service to any non-mask wearers, I also feel as though a little more common sense needs to be involved such as why I need to walk into a movie theatre with my mask on but if I’m eating or drinking I don’t need one.

  10. I think that the biggest problem facing the federal government right now is left wing vs right wing. It’s crazy that the people leading the United States can’t agree on policies because of what side they’re on. It seems like democrats and republicans can never agree on any issues and in turn get less done. I believe that if they actually tried to work together, the whole of America would be better off. I also think that we just need to get rid of Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi because they are both too extreme. I think a way to have the parties work together is to just eliminate them altogether. The party system seems outdated and there’s not really a good reason to still have it. A President, senator, representative, etc. should just be able to state their policies and not be confined to a party. If this happens, no one would be loyal to any side so I think stuff would actually get done.

    • I definitely agree with you in that the divide between the two parties is a serious issue. It is outrageous that the two sides cannot compromise with each other and thus lead to a deadlocked government. I am all up for the dissolution of the political party system and it being just revolved around the candidates themselves and not their associated party although, this still could somewhat divide the public it would be along candidate supporters rather than political parties.

  11. I think the biggest problem facing the federal government today is the media and how it divides America. Whether you are a republican or a democrat you will see articles and posts geared towards what you support. Both sides only have the information that supports their side, rather than trying to understand both sides of the argument. The media also spreads false information about some subjects and it caused unnecessary panic and stress. The left and right sides are so separated right now that it is nearly impossible to understand information from the other side. Another pressing factor for the government today is of course COVID-19. It has killed over a million people and the economy will continue to be ruined by it. There’s a lot of pressure for the release of a vaccine, so many politicians seem to be more focused on the election than what is physically killing Americans. I think it needs their undivided attention, and a solution needs to be reached.

    • Its so interesting how you brought up the media as one of the main issues at the federal level. Though change needs to be brought about, I’m curious as to how that would be achieved without infringing on people’s freedom of speech.

  12. The biggest problem the federal government is facing is everything becoming a bipartisan issue. George Washington was right in saying that we should not divide into political parties because it will cause anger and discourage unity. A perfect example of this is COVID-19 and how if the two sides were able to work together a lot of lives could have been saved.

  13. I believe that the biggest issue that we currently have as a country is the polarization that the political parties have caused. I feel that most people are more or less in the middle but are forced to vote for a candidate that is much too liberal or conservative for their liking. American voters now have to deal with the fact that their job may be impacted for not holding the same political view as someone in authority and be punished for their opinion, which is not constitutional since we have the right to speak our opinions without punishment for the most part. The lack of respect for everyone and their opinions is what I believe is causing a major rift in our society. I feel that people no longer stand up for their beliefs and what they believe to be ethical or not, due to the fact that those in our own society who say that they encourage and respect everyone’s opinions attack those with differing opinions, which is why it seems for the country to be split half-and-half.

  14. I feel like a big problem the federal government is facing right now is being wrapped up in so many elections meanwhile there is a whole global pandemic that is affection everyone one way or another. It’s the fact the media was so focused on the pandemic from the start but soon as the elections began that was the whole talk. They put fourth their own problems before helping out the people of the U.S. who have lost their jobs and homes. Families that need to eat, but instead would rather focus on a presidential candidate who cannot accept defeat.

  15. One of the biggest problems facing the government right now would be the lack of the common educated student on real world problems and solutions. I believe lots of students lose motivation and interest in todays education policies due to the reason that they don’t see the benefits of finishing school or how they are gonna use the information on Cell Biology to get a job and make money in the real world. 1 of the solutions I recommend would be teaching entrepreneurship as a common class in our schooling system internationally to get students interest in what they’re gonna do after graduation and how they will better the society and play a important role to their communities.

  16. One of the biggest issues that the United States is facing today is poverty. Poverty has always been an issue among people in the U.S. However, the poverty rates in certain states have increased exponentially. These issues are related to the Corona virus because many people were let go from their jobs, causing a huge increase in poverty within the United States. Possible solutions for this issue include unemployment checks, more job availability, increasing minimum wage, and affordable health care.

  17. I think the federal government’s biggest problem is the lack of attention each side is giving to one another. Politicians are talking and arguing without hearing the other side, which causes unnecessary drama distracting us from the real problem. For example, COVID-19 has taken a hold of people and their businesses that make our economy run. American politicians have had many disagreements on the right way to handle this virus, and instead of coming up with a solution together they bash each other for their views. Of course there will be people who were struggling before and the government was able to help out in a way they could. However now that the unemployment rate has risen and more families are struggling, our government has not done much. Other countries have given benefits for those without jobs. One thing I do know is that Native Americans have gotten money for their tribes and it is split between the families, which is good but some tribes have more members than others, supplying less money. I believe if they are able to hear each other out and find common ground some things may fall into place, as simple as it sounds, it seems like a big challenge to them.

  18. I think the federal government biggest problem that it is facing right now is the coronavirus. It caused severe public health crisis as well as a huge economic disruption for every american.Not only is it hurting the government pockets with test, medical supplies, but the american lives it took and many families are out of jobs but the government did compensate americans if you qualify for a stimulus check. With that being said the government is in a tuff spot right now but soon will get out off hopefully.

  19. In today’s world, there are many problems being faced however one problem I believe that is hard to face and solve when it comes to the government is inequality. Inequality in race and gender. When it comes to these topics the is always a constant debate between them. For years race and gender inequality had played a huge factor in the 20th century being that things are constantly changing and evolving these topics are being brought up more. When it comes to gender inequality I believe that a solution to it could be breaking the stereotype of a boy and a girl. There are many people who feel as if they were meant to be born another way or love someone else that not the “Typical” however I believe we love who we want and we be who we want when it comes to gender inequality. On the other hand, when it comes to racial inequality is a harder subject because it’s been a reoccurring problem for years and years. However, it takes baby steps to completely solve the problem. One solution to that being baby bonds. A baby bond is fixed income security that is issued in small-dollar denominations, with a par value of less than $1,000. Overtime while these incomes grow it could be used for education, buying a home, or starting a business. Therefore I believe the government’s biggest issue right now is gender and race inequality within the world.

  20. The biggest problem the federal government is facing revolves around spending money on unnecessary programs. The government spends about 15% of the national budget on defense but only 3% on education. The federal government, for years has put its main focus on military and defense which has driven our national debt up, to $20 million. And the taxpayer dollars have been funding it, instead of another program. Personally, I believe the government should put its main focus on education and health care, especially during the pandemic. The government only spends about 13% of the budget on healthcare. The federal government should put their own concerns aside for now and aid the people of America, which is one of the reasons the government was created back in 1789. The federal government needs to stop spending their money on unnecessary programs. For 2020, they had a budget of 4.79 trillion dollars, and although no one knew the Coronavirus was going to happen, they could have spent that money on the people, healthcare workers, and education. The biggest possible solution to control what the government spends their budget on is for the cabinet to focus on real world problems happening right now and to not spend taxpayer dollars on useless programs.

  21. I think one of the most obviously looming issues facing the Federal Government right now is its handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, and supporting U.S. citizens financially because of it. Sadly, it feels as though this public health crisis has been so politicized that it is hindering government efforts to actually combat the virus. The distribution of aid or mask enforcements have been divided between the two political sides instead of agreed upon. The most clear solution to this issue is to immediately depoliticize the pandemic and focus on protecting the country. Enforcing mask mandates and social distancing, supporting hospitals and distributing PPE, and providing the population with real survival stimulus checks are good places to start.

    • I agree with the points you made about the coronavirus being politicized. I think the best way to handle it would be together as a country and not make it about the left and right side. I also agree with what you said about how to address it, it’s really important that hospitals and families get the support they need from the government.

  22. The biggest problem facing the federal government right now is COVID-19. The virus has caused many issues throughout America which has affected everyone. The virus continues to spread through America as guidelines are ignored by citizens in many states. The federal government should pass laws in order to make it mandatory for people to follow COVID guidelines, because without them most people are not responsible enough to slow the spread of COVID.

  23. The largest problem that the government faces is the two party system we utilize. Everything is polarized between supporting the two different factions and the belligerence between the supports of either party. That and how neither side has any major competence and rarely can compromise with the other.

  24. I think the biggest issue within the federal government is the lack of communication between parties. The most obvious problem in the world today is COVID-19, it has been affecting the world for over a year now, which is far too long. This long timeline of deaths and tragic losses can be pinned to the lack of communication within the government. It is obvious that there will be tension between two parties due to the different opinions but when it comes to the safety of our own citizens, opinions should be thrown out of the window and common sense as well as educational communication is a must. It blows my mind how blind the government has been to their selfishness over this past year. As far as solutions, it is pretty simple in my eyes, we need to become more open towards what others have to say and we must be more open to sensible solutions in order to end this pandemic.

  25. I believe the greatest problem facing the federal government currently is COVID-19. This has been one of the largest hits on many due to the amount of loss. It has created many uncertainties within the government. They have come up with a vaccine, which may not benefit as much as we need it to because of many being against it. The stimulus is also another method the government has used to help people in need, but that seems to hardly be enough. I feel as though everything in their power is not being done to put this to an end. Other nonfactors are being involved when the main focus should be on getting out of this pandemic.

  26. I believe the biggest complication in the government is the lack of organization and communication.We are in a pandemic caused by the Coronavirus,the parties of the government haven’t communicated efficiently to come up with a solution to this problem.A probable solution,the government could pivot the center of attention on to the people instead of the election

  27. With the US Government, I currently believe the acknowledgment of COVID-19, where every day on average 2000 lives are lost is the biggest problem being faced. With the death rate rising and the country facing massive economic losses, many American struggles to stay afloat during these harsh times. The government has provided a stimulus check that barely put a dent of relief in American struggles and a vaccine for COVID-19 that leaves many of the American population wary of its effectiveness. The government seems to have many directions when facing this pandemic but does not have an effective national plan to battle the spreading virus head-on.

    • I agree that the biggest issue the U.S. government is facing is COVID-19. There are, as you said efforts being made but a strong national plan is greatly needed.

  28. The biggest problem currently facing the federal government is the inadequate handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government’s response to COVID-19 has been disorganized and greatly ineffective–especially when compared to other high-income countries such as Canada, Germany, and France. There have been 21.1 million cases and over 357,000 deaths in the United States alone from this virus, making it the country with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world. The statistics make it clear that America’s massive death rate, plummeting economy, and exponentially increasing numbers are not only a fault of the virus but a fault in the way it was and is being handled in the U.S. One thing I think that the federal government could do to improve this issue would be establishing a national mask mandate.

  29. I think the biggest problem that the federal government is facing is the division of our country due to the division at the top. The government’s inability to come to compromises but rather go against each other, is bestowed upon the people themselves. Another major issue is the detrimental effect of the coronavirus on the country. The coronavirus has effected the American people, whether it was the loss of income or the loss of a family member. I feel as though the government did not support the American people in need of aid to the best of their ability.

  30. I think the biggest issue the government is facing is not being able to agree on certain things that are for the good of the people. The division between Republicans and democrats has caused a divide between everyday people with different political views. I believe that this division makes it extremely difficult to make progress and is ultimately hurting the people of this country. A solution to this problem would be for everyone to respected differences and to be able to decipher real news from fake news and to believe the facts. To stop speculations or baseless claims and to move forward with a common goal in mind not only pushing one’s agenda.

  31. The biggest problem the federal government has is COVID-19. This virus has only brought problems with no solutions at times. It spread throughout the United States rapidly and efficiently. One thing they can do is start providing more vaccines for people. They have came out with some but not enough for the population of the United States. They can also provide more vaccine cites. One more thing is they can require masks EVERYWHERE.

  32. The biggest problem facing the federal government in today’s society is the immense division between the American people along with the division between the members of the government themselves. There is an extreme separation between the two major political parties that has been the cause of serious tension between American citizens. This two party divide has caused the American people to turn against one another solely based on what their political beliefs are and I believe that is a huge issue because their needs to be unity and communication if we want to accomplish anything productive, but that unity and communication is not present in the American people or the government at the current moment. Members of both parties make it seem like American citizens either fully support everything about one candidate or government member or do not support anything about them. Too many people are not allowing for any middle ground and I see this as a major issue. I believe that a start to fixing this division in America would be for the major Washington government officials to be more respectful and not separate themselves completely from other government officials and enforce this hatred for the other side because this in itself causes their supporters to automatically go against supporters of the other side and vice versa, which creates further division.

  33. I think the biggest problem facing the US Government today is the inability to make concessions for the greater good. Neither party will allow anything that does not strictly agree with their beliefs in order to pass something that is more important to them. This leads to long standoffs with no progress being made and a slowly increasing hatred for the other party from each side. The bitterness and anger that results from the lack of compromise is slowly corrupting our government and forcing it to devolve into a screaming match instead of civil discourse and forward progress.

    • I agree with this comment nick however at the time I’m writing this the democrats have seized control of the senate, the house of representatives, and the presidency. so I feel as though this time around this wouldn’t be a huge issue, well compared to the past at least.

  34. A very prominent issue facing the federal government right now would be having to support the economy with COVID by giving money to people and businesses. This increases the national debt. There are several solutions to this, depending which political side one belongs to. A more liberal view would be to increase taxes on corporations, millionaires, etc. A more conservative approach might be to cut spending on certain areas, fund fewer projects, and have the states pay for things.

  35. I see that many people have already wrote about the issue of the two party system, and I also think that it is one of, if not, the biggest issue our federal government faces. However at the time I am writing this post the Georgia elections are over, and the democrats now have control over the senate, the house of representatives, and the presidency, so it is not as big of an issue currently. Another huge issue the government is facing is the instable nature of our economy due to this pandemic.

  36. One of the biggest problems currently facing the federal government is the opposing views of the two political parties preventing any progress during this pandemic. There are countries who have gotten cases of Covid-19 to die down prominently yet here in the United states, people are still struggling to decide whether the virus is real or not. A possible solution is to better educate people on how viruses, masks, and vaccines work.

  37. The biggest problem facing the federal government right now is the riots on Capitol Hill. Not only is it a complete disaster because it seemed the protestors were practically ushered in the building and the Capitol building has not had something this major and violent happen in its halls since the British invaded and burned the building down in 1814, it speaks to a larger issues, with these issues being the polarization of the constant claims of election fraud from President Trump and some of his supporters and the general polarization of the entire nation. The solutions for some issues are obvious, and others are much less obvious. The solution for the breach of Capitol Hill is to simply take it back, which the National Guard has already done. The simplest solution for the claims of election fraud is to award Joe Biden the presidency since there is very little evidence to suggest that substantial election fraud had occurred. The solution for the polarization of the two main political parties is nearly impossible, but a good starting point would be to find issues both parties can generally agree on. That way, branching out into other issues will be much easier since there is a base agreeance on some issues.

  38. One of the biggest problems that the federal government is currently facing is the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States was affected rapidly, and there has been a lack of organization within the government. There hasn’t been an effective solution to decrease the amount of cases per day. The United States has now had 21.3 million cases, and overall 361,000 deaths. There’s been a lack of communication with this year long pandemic. Even with 15% of adults reporting that they were personally laid off due to COVID-19. There hasn’t been any sympathy within the government. With the vaccines rolling in, people are so against it and refuse to participate. A possible solution could be that it’s mandatory to take the vaccine. Plus, if someone isn’t wearing a mask, at this point, they should be reported or put in jail. The pandemic hasn’t and isn’t joke and, everyone should try their best to slow down the spread.

  39. The biggest problem facing the federal government is Covid-19. Cases of the virus have increased at an alarming rate. Even though there is a new vaccine there are still so many people who are getting the virus because of the lack of resources and funds to create more of the vaccine. The so-called president is more worried about trying to stay in office instead of helping the suffering Americans.

  40. I feel as if communication as well as being able to put past events behind us to come together are 2 big problems is todays federal government. To fix these issues they can have more meetings were everybody can state their own opinion and when they’re disagreements make compromises to make everyone happy.

  41. I feel the biggest problem facing the government is the deep division and polarization between conservatives and liberals. It seems as if every politician is either on the extremes of right or left with no in-between. The group identity of the right and left has led many to feel that the two sides are at war with each other. This “us vs. them” mentality leads to a lack of progress as neither group is willing to compromise on any issue. This can be seen in the government’s inability to help the American people in this time of need as politicians are bickering on the best way to help instead of actually helping. It is this same polarizing mentality that has made republicans storm the capitol over what they perceive as a fraudulent election. I do not believe the problem with the government today is the two-party system, but the deep division between those parties that stagnates progress and polarizes citizens.

    • Although I do agree with you in terms of the division between the red and the blue, I do feel as though this division was destined to happen as soon as a two-party idealogy was instated. However, I find it interesting that you believe that the two-party system isn’t the cause of the “us vs. them” mentality. I do feel as though COVID-19 is immensely bigger than what you have stated, I do agree with you that the divide between parties is a problem that should be solved.

  42. I think the biggest problem with the federal government would be the division between the left and right. The seperation between the two is causing riots rather than finding a solution together to make this country better. Trying to understand the other side and at least respecting it could allow for the two to come up with an agreement which could be a possible solution.

  43. I think that the biggest issue in the federal government has to be its inability to come together, the country is so divided and it is getting in the way of getting people the help they need. Covid-19 is also a big problem with the government, there was no vaccine and people were dying and now there is a vaccine and people are still dying with or without the drug.. they are either getting the medicine too late or they aren’t getting it at all.

  44. The biggest problem the government is facing right now is COVID-19, this is because it is a worldwide pandemic and has such a negative impact on everyone. Some ways to stop this is to stay away from others as much as possible and to do everything in your power to social distance but other than that there is nothing you can do because there is really no big solution to this big problem.

  45. I think the biggest problem is Covid-19 and the democratic party and the Republican party not being able to come together everything is just a battle between us and Covid-19 because the numbers are starting to go up even higher and even with this vaccine most people are scared to take it or don’t want too. I think to fix these problems the republicans and the democratic need to make agreements instead of it just being one sided. For Covid-19 I think people should get educated about it and wear mask and stay away from each other, have the whole world on lock down for 2 weeks.

  46. There are many problems plaguing the government currently. The most notable among them is that of the Coronavirus response, which has been exceptionally incompetent. Many other countries have been able to mitigate the rate of infection and death toll by enacting lockdowns, sending out stimulus checks, maintaining healthcare, etc. While I acknowledge that a big part of this nation’s err is that of the individual response, e.g. people refusing to wear masks, it would behoove the government to do something substantial. This pandemic most certainly transcends partisan lines, and without action from both the GOP and establishment Democrats then many more will die. The original primary argument of preventing lockdown to maintain the economy has itself led into a possible 2nd recession. And without a moratorium on evictions, then there may be a housing crisis really soon. The government should receive advice from epidemiologists for vaccine rollout and ensure easy access and coverage for it. There are also problems to be addressed in systemic racism, ecological concerns, unending wars in the Middle-East, imperialism, etc.

    • I agree that the COVID response was incredibly troublesome. Other countries properly followed and enforced safety guidelines and are living essentially normal, but in the US, matters were more optional and even became somewhat of a political matter when It seriously shouldn’t have. It is a health matter and the people need/needed proper guidance for safety.

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