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Russia and Japan both pursued modernization.  Which country was more successful?  Which reached modernization first?  Was there outside influences?  Be sure to include specific examples for each country.

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  1. Although Russia had gained modernization first, Japan was much more successful as the peasants in Russia suffered greatly from the process of industrialization. Japan benefited from being allied with Britain in the first world war, gaining power and advancing their technology, whereas Russia started to be negatively impacted by the rise of communism. It should be noted that Japan’s much larger goal was not possible with the loss it took in WWII.

    • I agree that Russia, although they had gained modernization first, were not as successful as Japan. Russia ended up hurting itself more than it gained. You mentioned negative impacts from the rise of communism, what were those impacts? Why were they so bad for Russia?

  2. When discussing Japan and Russia in this time period it is clear that Japan had a greater success with modernization than Russia. The biggest reason would be due to Japan’s imperial forces. They were able to gain control over many regions which gave them access to more resources than Russia. On the topic of Russia, Russia was enduring an agricultural crisis at the time caused by taxes increasing. These taxes were an attempt to westernize Russia but ended up backfiring.

    • I agree that Japan had greater success with modernization. Russia increasing taxes put harm into their economy especially with the increase in population, which leads to people being unable to pay for expenses with just their crops alone. Their operation was poorly done which lead them to have a less successful modernization.

    • I agree that Russia’s agricultural problems set them back from becoming industrialized with Japan. Japan had a stronger economy and were more focused on gaining access to Western technology while Russia had to worry about their economy.

  3. Both Russia and Japan pursued modernization. However, Japan was more successful in doing so. Although they did not complete all their goals, due to the outcome of WWII, in the process Japan did gain a lot of power and control over other countries such as China. Whereas Russia suffered a great agrarian crisis.

    • I agree, I like how you mention that Japan was not entirely successful with fulfilling all their goals, yet they still were more successful than Russia.

  4. Japan was more successful in modernization. However, Russia reached it first. There were outside influences in regards to Japan’s modernization like the Europeans and Americans that pushed them to want to get their independence back and for being able to obtain mutual help from their other allies that they gain. On the other hand, Russia was dealing with an agrarian crisis from this modernization because they forced their people too quickly and did not balance out the revenue and expenses properly.

  5. Japan was more successful during their attempts at modernization, even though Russia reached modernization first. An outside influence for Japan was Europe, as this helped them advance their society, and increase their power. Russia however failed at the attempt to tax the presents, which eventually led to Russia suffering from an agrarian crisis. As Japan was benefiting from the changes they made, Russia was suffering from theirs.

    • I agree that Russia’s decision to tax the peasants while they were the poorest class limited industrialization in Russia. Japan was more mindful with their economy when they were trying to westernize than Russia which is the reason they were more successful.

  6. Japan was much more successful in modernization than Russia because although they didn’t have as much of a head start, they were efficient. Under the Tokugawa regime Japan managed to expand education in the 1850’s to the point where 40% of all men and 15% of all women were literate. Not many places outside the West had this amount of literacy including Russia. Many Russian officials opposed modernization, which is why it was only until the revolution of the early 1900’s that strides in modernization were made.

    • I agree. I like how you included statistics about Japan during this time period that allowed for the gain of modernization. It helps add to the context of which Japans influence is seen.

    • You made a good point when you mentioned the literacy rates! I also like how you related it to Russia’s reforms and attempt to modernize. I think that is a big factor to why Japan was more successful than Russia.

  7. I believe that Japan was more successful in it’s modernization, but Russia reached modernization first. Japan gained influence from Britain and other allies. Russia, on the other hand, was negatively influenced by the rise of the agrarian crisis and communism.

    • I agree that Japan is more successful. Why do you think the agrarian crisis happened? How would communism have affected the agrarian crisis, was it for the better or worst?

  8. Russia was first to pursue modernization, however many argue that Japan was more successful even though they started at a later date. Russia suffered from an agrarian crisis because the had problems with the peasant class and taxing laws. However, none of this occurred in Japan and they managed to take control of outside countries and grow their influence. During this modernization period Japan also grew a strong military which allows them to later defeat Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.

    • I agree with everything you have said. I especially like how you mentioned that Japan was more successful in modernization than Russia, despite the fact that they began later. If Russia had taken proper care of their agrarian crisis, do you believe they could have been more successful?

    • I like your analysis of this topic. Personally, I believe that population played a key role in modernizing a nation, as Russia being a very large country, has a hard time governing the many people they have living there. Japan on the other hand is a much smaller land mass and have accessibility to most of their land with relative ease, so they would have more time focusing on other factors when modernizing, such as their military and influence, like you stated.

  9. Russia pursued modernization first but Japan was overall more successful. Japan was able to gain more power with the help of allies; Russia was benefited less because they struggled with an agrarian crisis.

    • I agree with every statement you made. What allies helped Japan? Without them, do you think Japan would have been successful?

  10. When it came to modernization, Japan was more successful. However, Russia was able to reach it first. Japan was influenced by various different allies of theirs, which ultimately lead to their success. Russia, however, was dealing with an agrarian crisis involving their natural resources which ended up slowing them down.

  11. There were various reasons why both Russia and Japan were falling behind in the modernizing of their nations. Early in the nineteenth century, Russia and Japan adopted a new wave of isolationism and believed that the sense of community and ideals were enough within their own borders. Japan did achieve success in modernizing when Matthew Perry threatened the Japanese for having closed trade ports, which caused the country to open up. Russia would later lose a war to the Japanese which would open their eyes to modernizing.

    • I agree, you brought up very valid points. I like how you mentioned Matthew Perry in your explanation; I forgot that he played a major part involving their trade ports.

  12. Russia was modernized before Japan because, similar to the Chinese, the Japanese were reluctant to allow foreigners to influence their culture. Because of this, Western technologies and innovation did not reach Japan the beginning of World War I. However, Japan was more successful in modernization because they created stronger relationships with European countries. Russia had to focus on its declining economy due to increase in population and struggles of lower class peasants, so Russia was unable to maintain its modernization period despite having connections with European countries.

    • I completely agree, I like how you started with the fact that Russia began modernization earlier because it shows how inefficient the country was during that time.

  13. Japan was more effective in its strive to encourage modernization. Russia was the first to completely embrace modernization, yet Japan was much more successful. Europe still had a large influence on Japan, as this made a difference in Japan’s progress of their society and their control over their country. Russia suffered from many internal problems, like the stunt of the production and trade in Russia, which was one of the reasons that ultimately led to Russias attempt at modernization to suffer. Although Japan also struggled with some opposing forces, related to the shortages of income on the people in Japan, that led to many protests, which caused Japan o slightly suffer, they still embraced modernization more effectively than Russia. Evidently, Japan was able to persevere through those issues and was able to more successful than Russia.

  14. Japan was more successful in modernization. Russia reached the concept of modernization first. Yet, the reason Japan was more successful was because Russia had to deal with their agrarian crisis. Whereas Japan was flourishing, and was taking taking control of countries; gaining more influence and power.

  15. When it came to fighting wars or military in general, a country that is not as modern as its opposition will quickly realized that they are outmatched from outdated equipment and strategy. This is a lesson that both Japan and Russia learned when it came to conflict.

  16. Japan was more successful at modernization. However Russia did develop to modernization first, they struggled with internal powers that negatively impacted Russia’s chances of successful modernization. Japan was able to use their power and influence over other countries, along with their greater alliance with Europe which allowed Japan to continue with their modernization of the country.

    • I agree with your post, and I appreciate that you included the fact that Japan utilized its alliance with other countries in order to pursue modernization.

  17. Between the two, Russia modernized first, but Japan was more successful. This was owed to the fact that Russia was going through an agrarian crisis caused by its declining economy, and Japan was more successful with the help and influence of it’s European allies.

    • You’re making good points about how Japan was influenced by the Europeans. What I think is ironic is how they had, at first, closed themselves off to the other countries, showing how they grew as a country. Thus allowing Russia to modernize first.

  18. During the pursuit of modernization, Russia beat Japan to it. Even though Russia was first, Japan was more successful in doing so. Russia had a lot more negative outcomes and events from the road to modernization compared to Japan. Japan did not have to deal with the agrarian crisis as Russia did, and they ended up expanding their empire further.

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