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Have American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society?  In answering this question, think about the expectations that a candidate generates during the campaign.  Politifact details the promises made by President Trump and their status.  Did President Trump raise the expectations on his presidency?

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  1. I believe former President Trump has lowed the expectations of many American people. During his 4 years in office, there has been pardoning on the wrong people, failed to ban travel from Europe, failed to require people to wear masks, failed to accept this loss in the presidential election, and claimed it was election fraud.

    • Presidents Trumps failures definitely seemed to overshadow his successes by the end of his presidency. His failure to concede and the following insurrection were particularly embarrassing.

      • I agree. He did keep some of his promises; however, especially near the end of his presidency he canceled out the promises he kept with his foolish behavior.

    • I also thought that Trump was a failure to the expectations of many Americans. From xenophobia, corrupt decisions, inability to deal with COVID-19, and his final performance of denying the election results was atrocious, and lowered how Americans and other countries viewed the presidency

      • I agree. President Trump may have done some good but the way he embarrassed our country with his comments really lowered my respect for him, which I know also lowered the respect for the President of the United States.

    • I completely agree with what you said. Former president Trump broke many promises and failed to accompany all the needs of the people that he said he would help with.

    • I definitely agree; President Trump made many mistakes over the course of his presidency that overall lower the expectations of many American people.

  2. Most presidents come out of the gate with a list of lofty promises to the American people. They want votes, and they get them by promising just about everything a voter might want. In the end of their 4 or 8 years, it is truly not possible to enact lasting policy to cover all of their promises. President Trump is just one example of this, he promised hundreds of things to his supporters, only to have 53% of them never come to fruition. While presidents can still be popular, it is impossible for them to meet every persons demands during their time in the executive office.

    • I agree that a lot of presidents have a list of promises that are unrealistic just because they want votes. I also agree that while they can still be popular, not everyone will like them as we are a democracy.

    • I 100% agree with this. President Trump rarely did himself favors in that regard, but it’s impossible to please everybody at the same time. You can’t keep 100% of your promises, especially in the most powerful position in the world.

    • I was surprised it was that high of a percentage. I agree that these promises are made to capture votes and are merely for sparking an interest in the candidate. By making these “promises”, it ultimately leads to them being unpopular to the people by the end of the term, because he/she never fulfilled the people’s wishes.

    • I agree with your comment and I also like how you included the statistic that Trump only fulfilled 53% of his promises. It is impossible for a president to completely change the country in a matter of 4 to 8 years.

    • With similar sentiments as everyone else in the thread, it has to be acknowledged that many campaign promises simply cannot be fulfilled in a presidency. However, I think that if a president does not fulfill what their constituents voted them in for, e.g. removing children from cages or decreasing homelessness, then people will become apathetic or outraged to government as nothing improves. The notion that common people have no say in improving their country due to the arbitrary unwillingness to fulfill promises made during an election will lead to an apathetic or outraged voter base

  3. Americans expect too much from the president when it is not solely the president’s decision to pass legislation and implement different policies. Presidents say all these future accomplishments to get votes. I believe Trump lowered expectations because he is not viewed as a respected president by most.

    • I agree. Presidents are not making promises so they can actually do everything they say, but instead to gain as many votes as possible.

    • I definitely agree that the American people overestimate how much a President can actually do in four years in office, especially with the fact that it is not only the President that has to approve different actions. Trump also definitely lowered expectations, especially after the events surrounding his exit from office.

    • I agree with you 100%. Although it is the presidents fault for making all of these unrealistic promises, the citizens should realize from the beginning that the president does not hold enough power to make half of those promises come true in the first place.

    • I definitely agree that people underestimate how much power the President has. The President may be the most powerful person in the world but they can’t do everything on their own.

    • I agree that all the blame pretty much falls on the president when really it is on the government as a whole. Trump did seem to lower the expectation since many people do not respect him as a president.

  4. After 4 years of having trump as the U.S president, I believe Americans and other countries have lowered their expectations of Americans’ next president is that most people don’t care who the president is anymore as long as it isn’t trump. People solely don’t care about how well ranked the current president, his accomplishments, or his past qualifications I believe that the last election was solely seen as getting trump out of office. Therefore expectations have lowered because of the former president.

    • I hadn’t considered other countries expectations of America because of the president, and I have to agree that I’m sure many countries view us in a much worse light because of Trumps disastrous foreign policy.

    • I agree that a lot fo people have lowered their expectation of the president after trump because he was so controversial and disliked by a lot of people, the people just want a new president who can unify the country and bring some amount of peace.

    • I agree that Trump’s presidency has altered the way many people view the presidency in general, evidenced by the most recent election where many people voted with the primary goal of removing Trump from office.

  5. Presidents Trumps failures definitely seem to outweigh his success at the end of his term. Due to this, it has set the bar very high for President Biden as he has to fulfill all the things he was gong to change from trump. Trump did not exceed expectations because he did not require masks, failed to accept his loss in the last election, making un- president like remarks on social media, and for lack of a better term through a fit while getting him to leave. I beleive Trump set the bar very very low and it will not be hard for President Biden to make it right.

  6. The expectations of what a president should do and be according to the American people exceeds what any one person is capable of. The government is more complicated than most people realize and the president cannot do whatever they want because checks and balances are in place. Many politicians, particularly presidents, make promises that sound great, but the goal of those promises is to get into office, not to actually accomplish something. Former President Trump set extremely high expectations for his presidency and he could not fulfill much of what he promised, although he did keep a few of his promises. However, he lowered the standards of the president to a low not yet explored by any president when he incited a coup because he thought the election was rigged and has had little punishment for it.

    • I do agree, I think that the American people (and more specifically democrats) were more likely to vote for Biden because they believed he would be their best chance at getting Trump out of the White House. Their standards were lowered, as Biden is more moderate then some of the other Democratic candidates, and has more ‘scandals’ attached to his name then some others.

  7. I believe Americans expect too much from their Presidents. The promises each Presidents makes during his election are for the sole purpose of gaining votes. Most of the policies Presidents promise during their campaign do not come true. This is probably because it is simply not possible for one man to pass the amount of legislation a President such as Trump promised during his campaign.

    • I agree with you because Presidents definitely exaggerate their promises in order to gain support from a particular population which they may need in order to win electoral votes.It is also impossible to change a country which has been developing for centuries in less than a decade.

  8. I believe Americans do tend to expect too much from presidents. We expect them to please every one when it’s simply not possible to do so. Trump has definitely lowered our expectations. Although he might’ve done a few good things for this country, the bad outweigh the good.

  9. Majority of candidates for the presidency promise lofty goals that are either not realistic or they cannot accomplish. They do this to gain support as people believe in their unrealistic goals. The expectations of a president are almost always under delivered because their promises either don’t go through congress or they just never pursue them. I believe that before the capital incident, Trump’s expectations as the president would’ve remained the same as they were 8 years ago. But because of how he handled stepping down as president by contesting the election and the capital riot being trump supporters, the expectation of the president has been lowered because people now just want a peaceful president.

    • I agree, I think that presidents always promise more than they can ever deliver on, whether this a good or a bad thing I’m not sure. On the one hand it demonstrates to the public what kind of values a candidate has, but why would you vote for someone who might not deliver on things that you find important?

    • I agree. The goals presidents promise while campaigning are only to gain votes, and are usually unrealistic. Although most presidents try and accomplish their goals, it is almost impossible for them to complete everything.

    • I agree, in the process of campaigning, the candidates make a lot of promises. Most of these are obviously not going to realistic to accomplish in a single President’s time in office. Because most people take these promises at face value, they expect them to be followed through completely, when in reality it simply is not possible.

  10. I think that during Trump’s presidency he lowered the standards and raised them. Because of the drama, he caused anyone can say that anyone can become president at this point because of the way he handled himself and the low expectations but at the same time the new president Joe BIden will have to do better than Trump thus raising the standards

  11. I think Trump promised a lot of things to the American people in which he never delivered on. I think this does not really raise the standard as a President, because he didn’t do half of the things he said he did, but, because he promised so many things I think that the average citizen is going to expect a lot of promises from their Presidential candidates, even if they never bother to check if they delivered on them. I do think that as society has progressed it has become less possible for a president to do a large amount of legislation and changes in their terms, but in order to please the public they still will promise many things to ensure election.

    • I agree that he didn’t raise the standard at all as president. I also believe that president probably won’t be able to fully please the public, and the expectations have become unrealistic.

  12. I believe that often Americans expectations of presidency rely on what the have stated to accomplish. If not what they have said to do, then what a former president said and did not do. They may expect too much from presidents, but when there is so much to be done how can you not. President Trump did not raise the expectations on his presidency because many of his promises were not met.

  13. The American people put too much faith into the president they elect to enact the policies on which they run. Our political system is too complex to hold presidents accountable for every promise they do not fulfill. Whether it is blocked by one of the chambers of Congress, or the president does not have the constitutional authority to enact his agenda, roadblocks will come up. President Trump made bold and far-fetched claims that excited his people, yet he never followed through on most of what he had promised.

    • I agree that the American people put too much faith in a president. And roadblocks do come up, more than citizens think.

  14. I think that Americans will constantly be displeased by whoever is president. The expectations are too high and society is bound to find things that are wrong with them. To add on to this presidents make large promises during their campaign so that they are elected but realistically there is no way that they will accomplish everything they say they will. President Trump made many empty promises in his campaign and throughout his presidency. He did not raise the expectations through his presidency because he fell below the bar.

    • I agree with your statement about Trump not raising expectations but instead lowering them. And also I like how you said that there is no way, in 4 years that the president can accomplish everything they say.

    • I totally agree in the candidates adding large promises to the campaigns when they know it is never a sure thing to get things done. I also fully agree with you in regard to President Trump, he never upheld many of his promises and never raised the expectations of his presidency.

  15. The expectations placed on the President for the fulfillment of their constituents desires has perhaps exceeded the possible capability for their execution. Many campaign promises are usually made during the election that are quickly disposed of as soon as the President elect enters office. Sometimes it is because those promises could only have been fulfilled by another federal branch, but usually they are made to appear more appealing without the actual intention of accomplishing them later. For instance, Biden ran on slogans calling for $2,000 relief checks but he has already made it clear that amount will be $1,400 at most. While sometimes incomplete vows are not extremely detrimental, currently many people are suffering without stimulus checks and further delay from the government is disastrous. Donald Trump has certainly lowered the expectations of a president. While some of his lesser promises were fulfilled, more punchy and appealing ones to his voter base were not. The very prominent “drain the swamp” claim remains evidently broken, simply noting the level of nepotism and number of convicted persons in his cabinets. The events of the capitol riot along with his denial of losing the election is disgraceful and sets a dangerous precedent. It seems that the idea of a president should be tempered both by the American people and by the party representatives themselves, as dishonesty to their pledges becomes more rampant.

  16. I believe that American’s expectations about the presidency have definitely exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in our complex society. During their campaign, presidential candidates make insanely lofty promises and statements that are great to listen to but are practically nearly impossible to complete in four years in office. These candidates do this to gain as many votes as possible because they want to be elected in the first place, and then if they are elected they continue to make these promises in order to keep their supporters while they are President. The promises that candidates make are realistically not plausible to complete in one term with the insane number of issues and topics that Presidents must cover while they are in office. Also, the American system of checks and balances works so that he President does not have absolute power over everything, which means it is most likely impossible for the President to actually follow through with every one of his promises. I would say that President Trump lowered the expectations of the presidency, especially after his actions surrounding the breaking into of the Capitol building. After Trump’s presidency, the American people have definitely lowered their expectations as people just want unity.

    • I like the point you made regarding the amount false promises candidates make regarding their acts as president. I feel like there should definitely be more emphasis on the motive behind these lies, rather than candidates aiming to help their voters, they see their candidacy as a popularity contest.

  17. The expectations of some men and women surpass the ability of a president to govern.Since Donald Trump has been president the expectation of the president has probably lowered due to the raid on the capital in addition to his impeachment trial.The promises the presidents make could help society but are used for an advantage to gain more votes during the election.

  18. I think many citizens have realized to not believe everything that the president has to offer or that the president promises. When trying to win the race of becoming president and earning everyones’ vote, candidates will lie and create promises that will most likely not happen throughout their presidency. This is shown through our previous president, Trump. he promised the United states many things, some good and some bad, either way the majority of them ended up being broken promises. Most of the stuff that he promised to get into office never truly happened. People also put a lot of pressure on the president to make all of these things happen when in reality the president does not have as much power as the people realize. With that being said, if a president knows there is a chance they might not be able to change something, then they should promise it to the people.

    • I agree. Politicians make empty promises all the time to get into office. We also cannot expect one person to do everything and the president does not have as much power as some people think he does.

  19. I agree. It seems that no matter how many republicans Donald Trump satisfied, his failures have definitely been shown to the public and these failures made him unstable for a presidential candidate.

  20. The expectations of the people definitely exceed the President’s ability to govern a society. Americans do not take into consideration of how long the process of making something can happen, and Americans tend to want it instant. It is hard to make sure all the people are being heard and that problems are being solved, especially if it is major problems. But in Donald Trump’s case, he set up all these promises in the beginning but never seemed to do much of anything. Some might think he won just because of what he was going to do during his presidency. But he unfortunately did not commit. Trump did raise the expectations of his presidency just because he stated he was doing all these things that never got done. Obama did the same thing as well, about making promises and not committing to it, but he completed his promise of Obamacare but Trump did not build his wall.

  21. Previously, I felt that the people’s expectations for president were pretty outrageous, however, currently, the expectations seemed to have been extremely lowered because of Trump. After failing to keep numerous of his promises, I feel that many Americans have the mentality of, “If he can be President, anyone can.” So, I would say our expectations have been lowered. However, I don’t believe he should totally be at fault, many candidates make false promises in order to gain votes. Elections are not what the people need, they have become popularity contests full of candidates spewing lies in order to gain attention and votes.

    • I agree with you that many candidates make empty promises during their campaign in order to sway public opinion about them. More often than not, the promises go unfulfilled, leading to public disappointment and loss of expectations for a better candidate. I like your point about Trump. The public perception of the executive office has deteriorated a lot in the past few years, and it can likely be attributed to Trump’s administration. Many were unsatisfied with his performance, and it has set the bar low for good presidential candidates.

  22. I think that the general American’s expectations of the presidency has exceeded one person’s ability to govern the country, simply because of the expectations of the people. It feels like everything is becoming increasingly partisan as time goes on, and you can’t please the whole country at once all the time. Part of the difficulty of the presidency is having the strength to make a decision that you think is right knowing that the decision you made will be hated by half the country. The most general expectation of a President is no matter what you do, you have to look good while you’re doing it, and that’s just not possible for half of the country right now, regardless of which half it is. President Trump didn’t do himself any favors in that regard at all, and it seemed like it was a regular occurrence to make a fool of himself by saying or doing the unprofessional thing, but the game was already slightly rigged from the start. I found that the whole nation rarely talked about a policy that President Trump implemented rather than a comment he made, regardless of how good or bad the comment was.

  23. America’s expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society because the solutions to America’s major issues expand for years beyond a presidential term. It is going to take many years and lots of money to fix things such as climate change, immigration, and a beneficial welfare system. There is always going to be people who are displeased with anything, so it is hard for a president to be favored by the whole country, but actions will always speak louder than words. President Trump did not raise expectations on his presidency because even though he fulfilled most of his promises, some of his efforts seemed selfish and not beneficial for the people in need.

    • I agree with you Christian. No matter how promising a candidate is or how hard they work during their presidency, they simply don’t have enough time, money, or let alone enough power, to fix all of the major issues of America that people expect them to. In our current society, it would be an incredible achievement to accomplish a single, major, all around improvement to our country.

  24. I think that the people’s expectations for the President most definitely exceed their ability to govern. People have such drastic and life-changing expectations for the President, and they expect them to be able to do much more than they are truly capable of. While, yes, the President does hold a massive amount of power, and can cause some drastic changes, they aren’t dictators. A main reason for this is because of all of the promises the Presidents’ make in their campaigns. The people expect them to follow through with all of them, but in reality, it simply isn’t possible. In the specific case of Donald Trump however, I believe the people have actually lowered their expectations. During his time in office, Trump made several actions that were very unprofessional and unexpected of the leader of the United States. He also failed to carry through with many of his campaign promises.

    • I agree with this statement. Especially when you said ” People have such drastic and life changing expectations for the President, and they expect them to be able to do much more than they are truly capable”. Most of the time the expectations are not realistic in such a short amount of time.

    • I agree with you. Presidents are people too and they can’t make everything happen because their powers are limited.

  25. The expectations that people have about the presidency have exceeded a person’s ability to govern. Americans are constantly displeasured when a president doesn’t reach a goal in a short amount of time. Plus, Americans always have their expectations too high. There a many unfulfilled promises made by the people that run for presidency, and that is what gets them into office. Trump made promises and didn’t do half of the things he said he’ll complete. Trump lowered the standard, but overall he did raise the expectations during his presidency.

  26. I feel that many people have high expectations for the president that can be unrealistic. This could be because many presidents make unrealistic promises during their campaign that cannot possibly be fulfilled. Politicians do this to increase their likelihood of winning. These promises make people expect more from that candidate, even though the promises were unreasonable from the start. The expectations for the president, however, have definitely lowered over the past couple of years because of the Trump administration. Trump did not uphold many of his campaign promises, among other things, and this has caused many people to adopt lower expectations for the president. For example, many people have adopted a “lesser of two evils” mindset when it comes to a presidential election, and this is because of the low expectations people have currently.

    • I agree with your beginning point in regards to people having extremely unrealistic and high expectations for the president. I also agree with the reason for that point being the unrealistic claims that candidates make in order to gain voters. Overall, I agree with everything you’ve said, however, I feel there should be a stronger emphasis on the responsibilities of presidential candidates to tell the truth.

    • I have to agree with you on the first point, I believe that many of the expectations are based on promises and goals that candidates set for the people. Considering many people aren’t that involved in politics it is easy to believe what they are saying. I have seen a “lesser of two evils” these past few years in elections, and it has become a problem because many of these candidates aren’t fit for the crucial skills it takes to be president.

  27. Americans have always had large expectations in relation to the presidency, it doesn’t help that candidates often make boastful promises and sugar coat their speeches in order to be voted into office. So in most ways, whoever our president happens to be at the time has a lot to live up to that they cannot achieve within their power and therefore are constantly making at least one group of people angry with any action performed.

    • I like what you are saying. The American public always has high expectations for presidents no matter what, even if these expectations are unrealistic in the modern political landscape. This is not their fault though, as many candidates make unrealistic promises, as you say. The expectations for the president have certainly lowered over the years, but it is still high overall.

  28. I think that American expect a lot from our presidents which eventually leads us to putting them on some type of pedestal. Presidents realize this and therefore try to win over our votes by telling us what we want to hear regardless of what they are actually going to do while in office. Trump did exactly that. He did not stand by the things he said he would do before being elected. So I think he has lowered the expectations of Americans.

  29. The country’s expectations have drastically exceeded any individual’s capabilities as president. Many candidates also have extremely lofty goals and promises, which just helps to add to the expectations of citizens. President Trump, like other presidents, fulfilled some, but not all of his promises. President Trump did not change expectation during his presidency because he did a similar job of fulfilling his promises as other presidents in the past.

  30. I believe that Trump lowered the expectations of his presidency, mostly by the way he behaved and the stupidity that he often spoke. Like all politicians, he made promises that were unfulfilled. I believe one of the few things he did well kept us out of war and fulfilled some of his promises.

  31. I think that American’s expectations of the presidency has exceeded one person’s ability to govern the country, mainly due to our own expectations as the people. Many of our candidates are promising goals that just fuel these expectations. This makes it difficult for the president to make a decision, because it may not always be right for everyone. President Trump raised a lot of expectations for his presidency, but it seemed like many of these decisions were done in an unprofessional manner. I’ve seen that rather than talk about the policies Trump has established they focus on the twitter comments he posts or the crude behavior he gives off to other politicians.

  32. No he did not raise expectations because he had so many controversies throughout his term and had so many issues.

  33. In my opinion, Trump lowered America’s expectations of the American presidency. Between his delayed and insufficient reaction to COVID-19, open xenophobia, and inability to accept the recent election results his presidency brings to attention the lowered–or at least vastly different–expectations many Americans hold the presidency to today.

  34. Yes, American’s expectations about the presidency exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern in an increasingly complex society. No, Trump never raised the expectations on his presidency.

  35. Yes, I believe that American’s expectations about the presidency have exceeded one man’s or woman’s ability to govern and no, I believe that Trump never raised the expectations on his presidency.

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