Social Policy Reading

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For the reading below answer the discussion questions found at the end of the reading and submit your responses to

Social Security Reform

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Current Event-Policy

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The current event for this week will be on Economic and Social Policy. This includes welfare, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy.    Be sure to follow the instructions for the current event.,  You may type or handwrite the event.  You need to do two current events, one must be either fiscal or monetary policy and the other is a social policy.  The social policy can be found in your textbook.  Use the book and the internet as a source.

Current Event

Supreme Court Reading Assignment

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Answer the following questions and submit your respones to

Federalist #78

1. Why do you feel Hamilton was so careful to point out the relative importance of the judiciary?
2. What was Hamilton’s position regarding the power of the judiciary to declare legislative acts contrary to the Constitution void?
3. Why does Hamilton consider the independence of the judiciary to be a vital component of constitutional government?

Marbury v Madison

1. Chief Justice Marshall recognized that all three branches of the government take oaths to uphold the Constitution. Why, then, did he feel that it is the responsibility of the courts to determine ultimately whether or not a law is unconstitutional when it is challenged in a case and controversy?
2. Why, according to Marshall, is the Constitution superior to any ordinary act of the legislature?

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Ch 14 Notes

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Since we won’t have time or paper to copy all the remaining chapters, I will post an outline of the chapter that contains all the information one needs to be successful.  Here is the first chapter-14.

Chapter 14 notes-pdf

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Current Event-Budget and Federal Agencies

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For this current event, you will be doing two.  One on the budget and another on a federal agency.  There are lots of stories about the budget, dealing with the wall,  boosting defense, cutting the EPA.  Speaking of the EPA, that is a federal agency that has been in the news a lot lately.

Current Event-pdf

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