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Please fill out the form below for graduation. Thanks.


Final Exam Review

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Here are some review sheets from 4th period

Court Cases

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Current Event-Supreme Court

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You are to find a current event that deals with the Supreme Court.  It could be a current case that you find interesting.  It could be something about the justices, or a case that is on the docket for later this year. Use the form provided to complete the assignment.  A word version is included to be completed and emailed or a pdf version to print and turn in.

Current Event-PDF

Current Event-Word

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President Impeachment

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With all the talk about possible impeachment and President Trump, here are links that contains information on the Impeachment Project.  A link for the project is also below.  Be sure to answer the questions that are on the Impeachment link.  This is due at the end of the period in which it was assigned.


  1. What was the issue at the heart of the impeachment charges against President Clinton?
  2. Is lying about an illicit extra-marital relationship a “high Crime or Misdemeanor”? Is lying under oath a “high Crime or Misdemeanor”?
  3. Was Clinton guilty of “high Crimes or Misdemeanors”?
  4. Was Clinton impeached mostly for constitutional reasons or mostly for political reasons?

Impeachment Project-ppt

Impeachment Project-link

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Federalist #78 Analysis

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The last of the required documents. Federalist #78 deals with the Judiciary Branch.

Federalist #78
Federalist #78 Analysis

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Federalist #70 Analysis

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Federalist #70 is one of the nine documents. This deals with the Presidency and the power of the president.

Federalist #70
Federalist #70 analysis

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Current Event-President

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The current event for this week will be on the President.   The President has been in the news lately with his dealings with taxes, the Mueller Report and the upcoming election.  Be sure to follow the instructions for the current event.  

Current Event

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