Congress Readings

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For the readings below answer the questions and email your responses to

The Federalist Papers 53, 56, 57, 58, 62, 63

1. How do the authors of The Federalist explain the different terms of office for the House and the Senate?

2. According to the theory of The Federalist,  how does the Constitution bring about a system of checks and balances between the House and the Senate?

3. What are the primary functions of the legislature to be according to The Federalist?

Congress: The Electoral Connection

 1. Define and give an example of advertising.

2. Define and give examples of credit claiming.

3. Define and give examples of position-taking.

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Current Event-Congress

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The current event today will be Congress.  You will be completing two current events, one for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate.  Both current events are due at the end of the class session.  They are to be handwritten.

Current Event Form

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Week in Review

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Here is the week in review podcast. The podcast covers chapters 2 and 3. This includes Federalism, Amending the Constitution, US v Lopez, McCulloch v Maryland, and Block Grants.

AP US Government-Week in Review (mp3)

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Unit 1 Exam Review

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Here is the Unit 1 Exam Review podcast. This podcast reviews chapters 1-3 including but not limited to the Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Federalist #10, Block Grants, Hyperpluralism.

AP US Government-Unit 1 Exam Review (mp3)

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Unit 1 Court Cases

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Here are the court cases for Unit 1

Marbury v Madison
McCulloch v Maryland
US v Lopez

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Please use this site to post questions. Any question that you have, no matter what it is, please post.

AP US Government Padlet

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Federalism Reading Questions

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Answer the following questions and turn in at the end of the period.

The Merits of the Federal System

1. Bryce points out that none of these political mechanisms would be successful without moral and material influences: the love of self-government and a “sense of community in blood, in language, in habits and ideas, a common pride in the national history and the national flag.” Is he right? Are these factors more important than the mechanism established under the Constitution, and are they still important? Are they still realistic assessments of the American populace?

2. Bryce notes that federalism allows local governments to experiment in legislation and administration without risking the fate of the nation as a whole. Is this kind of separation necessarily good? Does Bryce overlook many of the costs of federalism?

Gonzales v Raich

1.  Who did the Supreme Court defer to?

2.  What two clauses were cited in this case?  Explain both clauses and how the court used the clauses in their ruling.

McCulloch v Maryland

1.  What were the principal arguments used by Chief Justice Marshall to justify the extension of congressional power to include the power to incorporate a bank, even though the words “bank” and “incorporation” are no where to be found in text of the Constitution itself?

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Discussion Post #2

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Discussion Post #2 is open. This discussion post deals with the Constitution. The post will close on August 26 at 5:00 pm. Be sure to read the rubric for how points are earned.

AP Government Discussion Post #2

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Ratification of Constitution

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There was much debate when it came to ratification of the Constitution. Both Federalists and Anti-Federalists wrote essays to persuade people to either vote for or against ratification. We will look at two, Federalist #10 and Brutus #1. They are both talking about the same issues, this will give you a chance to compare the views of each group.

This assignment is due at the beginning of the next scheduled class meeting.

Federalist #10
Brutus #1

Federalist #10 and Brutus #1 Activity

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