Week of April 20

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Here is the work for the week of April 20. All the work assigned below will be due by April 26 at 11:59 PM. The reading quiz for week will be found on schoology. The quiz is also due on April 26 by 11:59 PM.

Read chapter 7. Pages 214-243
Ch 7 Lecture

Ch 7 Reading Assignment
Maureen Dowd

After reading answer the following questions.
1. Does Mrs. Dowd paint an accurate picture of the president?  

2. Are her views bias?  If so, does she lean to the left or to the right of the political spectrum?

Ch 7 Mass Media Project Answer EITHER question 1 or 2.

To help gain an understanding of how the media may be biased, we will examine three sources; one liberal, one conservative, one moderate and see how they portray the president.  Be consistent with your theme.  One example would be the climate deal signed by the president.  You would look for that theme in all three of your sources.  This project will be due the next time class meets.
1. Find three editorials from three different sources that talk about  President Trump. There should be a liberal source, a conservative source and one independent source.  There are links at the bottom to assist your search.  Summarize in your own words how the editorials portray the president, what type of tone are they taking, and how could this editorial influence voter.

2. Find three political cartoons from three sources. These three sources need to be different than the three selected in question 1. The cartoons need to portray the President. The cartoons may be on any topic as long as the President is in the cartoon. Summarize each cartoon using the questions from question 1.

3. Analyze how the President is portrayed. Is the President popular? Is he well received in certain countries, but not others? Is there any general feelings that you can gather about the President?

List of Liberal and Conservative Media Outlets

Ch 7 Reading Quiz-found on Schoology

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