Important Message about AP Exam

On April 1, 2020, in Information, by lwaddell

Hello AP Gov Testers and Families!

I am sure you’re heard by now that the AP Test will look very different this year! It will be 45 minutes online at home and only FRQs. I have been posting reviews and practices at so you can be 100% ready for it in May! 

I need all of the students to take this very short survey about the AP Test regarding technology access by Thursday:

If you no longer want to take the AP Test for any reason, they are issuing a full refund with no penalties! Please email Ms. Cassutt ( and she can help you with that process. 

Make sure you can get into the AP Classroom and check out what materials have been released from last year’s test. I’ll have plenty more for you soon!

Hope everyone is healthy and staying busy – keep washing those hands! 

Mr. Waddell
AP Unites States Government and Politics 
AP World History

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Supreme Court Essay Question

On January 29, 2020, in Information, by lwaddell

Here is information from the College Board on how to answer the Supreme Court essay question.

Free-response question 3: SCOTUS Comparison 

This question presents students with a description of a non-required Supreme Court Case and its holding. This question assesses students’ ability to do the following: 

§ Identify a similarity or difference between the non-required Supreme Court case and a specified Supreme Court case required in the course 

§ Describe the details, reasoning, or holding of the required Supreme Court case specified in the question 

§ Explain a similarity or difference in the reasoning or holding of the two Supreme Court cases 

§ Explain how the reasoning or holding in the non-required Supreme Court case demonstrates a political principle, institution, process, policy,
or behavior 

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