Civil Liberties Quiz

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Here is the Civil Liberties quiz. Please email me the answers. Be sure to label your email and answers correctly.

Civil Liberties Reading Quiz

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Civil Liberties Lecture

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Here are the lecture notes for ch 4. I will be holding an online chat on Wednesday that is open to everyone. Check your remind texts for the exact time and login information.

Civil Liberties Lecture Notes

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Civil Liberties Readings

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Here are the readings for Civil Liberties.  Please answer the following questions and email the responses to This assignment is due by April 5, at 11:59 pm.

Anti-Federalist 84
1. Brutus argues that states have something that the federal government does not, what is it?
2. What is seen is a the major failure of the federal Constitution?

Justice Holmes
1. Explain the clear and present danger test.
2. What did Holmes do in Abrams v United States that differed in Schenck v United States?

Griswold v Connecticut
1.Can a right be fundamental yet not enumerated in the Constitution?
2. Should the state ever have an interest in the relationships and actions between consenting adults?  In what instances?

The Bill of Rights
For the Bill of Rights, have a basic understanding of each amendment.

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Civil Liberties-Study Guide

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Here is a study guide for ch 4-Civil Liberties. This study guide will cover everything you need to understand Civil Liberties. The study guide also has the court cases that you need to know for the AP Exam and possible final exam. This study guide is for your use.

Civil Liberties Prep

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Week of 3/30

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This week we will be covering Ch 4. The chapter deals with Civil Liberties and public policy. This chapter covers pages 98 to 143. During the week there will be several assignments posted along with a quick quiz. All the work along with the quiz will be due on Sunday, April 5 at 11:59 pm.

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