Griswold Assignment

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Griswold v Connecticut
1.Can a right be fundamental yet not enumerated in the Constitution?
2. Should the state ever have an interest in the relationships and actions between consenting adults?  In what instances?

Supreme Court Brief of Griswold-oral arguments are available to listen to.

PBS Landmark Cases

Heritage Foundation-be sure to read this.  It looks at Justice Stewart’s dissent.

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Readings

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Here are the readings for Civil Liberties and Rights.  Please email your responses to

Anti-Federalist 84

  1. Brutus argues that states have something that the federal government does not, what is it?
  2. What is seen as the major failure of the federal Constitution?

Justice Holmes

  1. Explain the clear and present danger test.
  2. What did Holmes do in Abrams v United States that differed in Schenck v United States?

Plessy v Ferguson

  1. Explain the separate but equal doctrine.
  2.  Discuss the impact of this decision on society in the early 1900’s.