Civil Liberties and Rights Court Case Project

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General Criteria:

Groups of 2-3 students
A 7-12 minute multimedia presentation with lasting value (i.e., something that I can show to classes in future years)

The best presentations will combine video clips, narrations over still images, and on-screen text when necessary.

You should consider the following when researching:

  1. Facts of the Case (Background)
  2. Constitutional Questions
  3. Stare decisis
  4. Lower Court Decision(s)
  • The Court’s Decision:
  • Majority Opinion
  • Concurring Opinion(s)
  • Dissenting Opinion(s)

*** NOTE:    You are not required to consider all concurring or dissenting opinions, but only the ones that make significant arguments that add something to the understanding of the central constitutional questions and/or inform later decisions.

  • Respect for Precedent / Activism (to what extent were each present?)
  • Judicial Philosophies (originalism, textualism, activism, strict/loose construction, international law, “living constitution”)
  • Public Opinion (any relevant polling data you can find – if any exists for your case)
  • What’s happened as a result?
  • How has the ruling influenced American society?
  • How has this ruling influenced subsequent rulings?
  • Are there any “tests” that are employed now as a result of the ruling?


Cornell University Legal Information Institute (LII)

Landmark Cases at Street Law

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Letter from Birmingham Jail

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Here is an assignment on Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Read part one for a historical background and the questions that need to be answered.  Then read the actual letter.  This assignment is due at the end of the period in which it was assigned.

Letter Part 1

Letter from Birmingham Jail

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