Legislative Leadership

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Congress. Senate. Upper House. House of Representatives. Lower House. President of Senate. VP of USA. Speaker of House. Majority Leader. President Pro Tempore. Senior Ranking Member Of the Majority Party. House Majority. Floor Leader. House Minority. Leader. Senate Majority. Leader. Senate Minority. Leader. House Majority. Whip. House Minority. Whip. Senate Majority. Whip. Senate Minority. Whip. 100 Senators. 2 from each State. 435 Representatives. Elected by Population.
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Congress Lecture Notes

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Here are the congress lecture notes.


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Congress Project

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The instructions for the project are below.  You will need to find a committee that interests you such as education, veteran’s affairs or the budget.  You will use this committee to answer several  questions.  Your final product will be in paper form.    Email your final product to lwaddell@tempeunion.org  The Congress project is due on September 21 by the end of class.

Congress Project

Congress Rubric

List of Congress Committees

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Congress Readings

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For the readings below answer the questions and email your responses to Mr. Waddell by September 14.

The Federalist Papers 53, 56, 57, 58, 62, 63

1. How do the authors of The Federalist explain the different terms of office for the House and the Senate?

2. According to the theory of The Federalist,  how does the Constitution bring about a system of checks and balances between the House and the Senate?

3. What are the primary functions of the legislature to be according to The Federalist?

Congress: The Electoral Connection

 1. Define and give an example of advertising.

2. Define and give examples of credit claiming.

3. Define and give examples of position-taking.

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Current Event-Congress

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The current event today will be Congress.  You will be completing two current events, one for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate.  Both current events are due at the end of the class session.  They may be handwritten or typed.

Current Event Form

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