Elections, Campaigns, and Voting Current Event

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The  current event can be about anything in the government that relates to elections, campaigns, and voting.  This involves upcoming elections, voting rights, voting districts (gerrymandering) are a few topics.

Follow the instructions found on the attached sheet on how to complete the current event.  All current events must be in your own words.

Current Event-PDF

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Elections and Campaigns-Court Cases

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Here are series of Supreme Court cases that will be helpful in your studies.  You will want to complete a summary in your own words of each case.  Include the outcome, the Constitutional point that is being argued and the impact of the case.  This assignment is due at the beginning of the next class period.

Buckley v Valeo (1976)
Bush v Gore (2000)
McConnell v FEC (2003)
Citizens United v FEC (2009)

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