US v Lopez

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United States v Lopez is the last court case to deal with Federalism. This one looks at the Commerce Clause. I have included a link to the case, a link for the Commerce Clause and a sheet on how to brief a court case. Your assignment is to create a brief for this case. This assignment will be due at the beginning of the next scheduled class meeting.

United States v Lopez

Commerce Clause-explained

How to Brief a Court Case

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Federalism Activity

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Here is the activity that was done in class dealing with Federalism.

Federalism Activity

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Federalism Lecture Notes

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Here are the notes from the Federalism lecture.

Federalism Lecture Notes (pdf)
Federalism Lecture Notes 2020 (pdf)

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Federalism Readings

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Answer the following questions and turn in at the end of the period.

The Merits of the Federal System

1. Bryce points out that none of these political mechanisms would be successful without moral and material influences: the love of self-government and a “sense of community in blood, in language, in habits and ideas, a common pride in the national history and the national flag.” Is he right? Are these factors more important than the mechanism established under the Constitution, and are they still important? Are they still realistic assessments of the American populace?

2. Bryce notes that federalism allows local governments to experiment in legislation and administration without risking the fate of the nation as a whole. Is this kind of separation necessarily good? Does Bryce overlook many of the costs of federalism?

Gonzales v Raich

1.  Who did the Supreme Court defer to?

2.  What two clauses were cited in this case?  Explain both clauses and how the court used the clauses in their ruling.

McCulloch v Maryland

1.  What were the principal arguments used by Chief Justice Marshall to justify the extension of congressional power to include the power to incorporate a bank, even though the words “bank” and “incorporation” are no where to be found in text of the Constitution itself?

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Current Event-Federalism

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During the semester we will be looking at the government and what they are doing right now to relate to the topics that we are discussing.  The current event is meant to be a thoughtful exec rise in seeing connections between lectures and readings and everyday life.  The events are to be typed and submitted via email to by the assigned due date.  There will be no late assignments accepted.

The  current event can be about anything in the government that relates to Federalism.  This involves states’ rights, federal mandates, policies that impact states, 10th Amendment issues, to name a few issues that can be researched.

Follow the instructions found on the attached sheet on how to complete the current event.  All current events must be in your own words.

Current Event-PDF

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