Political Parties-Reading

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Here is a  reading for Political Parties.  Answer the questions that proceed the reading and send your responses to lwaddell@tuhsd.k12.az.us

Two-Party System

1. According to APSA, weakened parties would result in what?
2. Discuss the consequences of the decline of political parties in America.
3. Explain what the party model envisions.

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Current Event-Political Parties

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Political Parties are in the news frequently. You are to find an article that relates to one of the five tasks of a political party. Be sure to review the changes to the current event project. This assignment is due at the next class meeting.

There is a new format for current events. One, they must be typed. Two, they are going to require a bit more thought and analysis on your part. Please read the attached guidelines to ensure that your current event is eligible for full credit.

AP Government Current Events Guidelines
AP Government Current Event Rubric

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Chapter 8-Study guide and notes

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Here is the study guide and note assignment for chapter 8. Both of these will be due on 3/22 at the beginning of class.

Chapter 8 Study Guide

AP Government Chapter Homework.

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