Religion Project

You will create a Religion Matrix. This matrix will give you a quick overview of the main religions as you study for the religion exam and the AP exam. The matrix may be done in any fashion; the only requirement is that it be on one sheet of 8 1⁄2 x 11 paper. You may create the matrix by hand or by computer, the choice is your. This assignment is due on September 14, at the end of the class period.

Here are the criteria for the matrix:


Religions to use in matrix:


The following must be included for all religions:
Creation Myth / Narratives / Stories
Relationship with God – Goal of Life
Sacred Texts
Rules for Moral Conduct
Religious Holidays
Rituals Particular Dress / Clothing
Hierarchy / Organization


Rome Project

Here a quick project on Rome.  The purpose is to see how Rome has changed from a Republic (507 BCE to 27 BCE) to an Empire ( 27 BCE to 476 CE).  Be sure to read the sheet for the complete instructions.  This assignment will be turned in on Sept 7 by the end of the class period.

Rome Project


China Readings

Here are three readings on China.  The questions for each reading is below and are due at the end of your class period.  They may be written out or sent in email. If emailed, send to lwaddell@tempeunion.org


Mencius’s argument that the king has failed to be a kind ruler; why a change in the king’s attitude would be good for all the people, including the king?

Salt Mining

Why would salt be a good commodity for taxes? How does salt mining relate to the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized government?

Chinese Houses

Discuss the contradiction between the sense of seclusion of such a dwelling, with its encompassing perimeter walls, and the openness of its interior.