Discussion Post #6

Discussion Post #6 is open on the AP  Blog page.  You will be able to access the blog by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to read the rubric on how points are earned.  If you have any questions, be sure to ask.  The Post will close on February 28 at 5:00 pm.

Discussion Post #6


The Islamic Empires Readings

For each of the following readings, answer the questions found at the end of each reading.  The answers will be due at the start of the next class period.

12.3-Women in Ottoman Society: Oigier de Busbecq

12.4-The Ottomans: Empire-builders at the Crossroads of Three Continents

12.6-Shah Abbas the Great: The Resurgence of the Persian Empire

Documents in World History
To use the documents, click on the one you want on the table of contents page.


Africa and Atlantic World Readings Recap

Here is the reading assignment for the Atlantic System.  Please complete the handout that accompanies the readings.

A Dutch Massacre of the Algonquins

Appeal to the King of Portugal

Slave Trader
What were the ways Bosman received slaves?  Which method does he prefer?  What are the comparisons of Dutch ships and those of other Europeans?

Enslaved Captive
How was slavery in Africa different from slavery in America?  What were the worst aspects of the Atlantic slave trades according to the author?  Why does Equiano address his audience as “nominal Christians”?