Neolithic Video Questions

Homework: Khan Academy – The NAR & Early Agriculture

Directions: While watching the Khan Academy video (on YouTube) titled, “The Neolithic Revolution & Early Agriculture,” answer the following statements and questions below in complete sentences for credit.

  1. What age or period has most of pre-human, near pre-human or human history happened in?

  1. Around what time did the Neolithic period emerge?

  1. What series of events or innovation was the most important in all of human history?

  1. According to the video, what was the way people acquired for most of human history?

  1. Describe (in 4-5 sentences) the emergence of domestication & agriculture.
  1. What is the Earth’s carrying capacity for hunter gatherers?
  1. What happened to the world’s population density once agriculture was practiced?
  1. What are three profound impacts agriculture had on human society & development?

  1. Rice was first found in ______________; The potato was first found in the region of the  ____________.