A History of the World in Six Glasses, Part 2

Here are the next chapters for A History of the World in Six Glasses.  Read the chapter and answer the accompanying questions.  The questions will be due on Nov 21.  There will be a quiz on the two chapters at that time.

Chapter 3: The Delight of Wine

  1. What factors led to the possibility of producing wine in Greece?
  2. Where did wine become an important drink?
  3. How did the Greeks influence Western civilization?
  4. How did the Greeks judge how cultured a person was?
  5. What was the importance of the symposium? How did it influence Greek culture?
  6. What was Plato’s view of democracy? How did Plato’s symposium differ from others?
  7. What do archaeologists know about the influence of Greek culture?
  8. Explain the importance of wine in the transmission of Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean and 
Asia. This should be a longer summary response of 1-2 paragraphs, covering the material of the entire 


Chapter 4: The Imperial Wine

  1. How and in what ways did the Romans adopt the Greek culture?
  2. What other crops were sacrificed in order to produce wine?
  3. Compare the Roman convivium to the Greek symposium.
  4. Compare the ways in which Christianity and Islam viewed the drinking of wine.
  5. How was Europe divided over beer and wine drinking?
  6. What impact do the Greek and Roman cultures have on modern American and European cultures? This should be a longer summary response of 1-2 paragraphs, covering the material of the entire chapter.

Middle Ages Readings

Here is a packet of readings on the Middle Ages.  Select any 5 documents, read the document and then answer the questions that are at the beginning of the document.  When finished place your answers in the basket.  This assignment is due at the end of the class period it was assigned.

Middle Ages Reading Packet.


Religion Project

You will create a Religion Matrix. This matrix will give you a quick overview of the main religions as you study for the religion exam and the AP exam. The matrix may be done in any fashion; the only requirement is that it be on one sheet of 8 1⁄2 x 11 paper. You may create the matrix by hand or by computer, the choice is your. This assignment is due on September 14, at the end of the class period.

Here are the criteria for the matrix:


Religions to use in matrix:


The following must be included for all religions:
Creation Myth / Narratives / Stories
Relationship with God – Goal of Life
Sacred Texts
Rules for Moral Conduct
Religious Holidays
Rituals Particular Dress / Clothing
Hierarchy / Organization