SAQ #4

Answer each part of the question using complete sentences and specific examples when needed. Please email your response to lwaddell@tempeunion.org.

Compare the growth of the networks of exchange along the Silk Roads and the Indian Ocean trade network. 

a) Identify ONE similarity between the economic factors that encouraged trade on the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade networks in the period from 1200 to 1450 CE.

b) Identify ONE difference between the technologies used to expand trade on the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade networks in the period from 1200 to 1450 CE.

c) Identify ONE similarity between the cultural effects of the development of trade on the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade networks in the period from 1200 to 1450 CE.


Unit 1 Project

To wrap up Unit 1 we will be completing a Unit 1 project. All the information for the project will be found in the directions link. Each of you have been randomly assigned to a group, check the group link below. There is also a link for terms and questions that you need for your project. This project will be due and presented on Thursday, Sept 17.

Directions for Unit 1 Project
Groups for Unit 1 Project
Terms and Questions for Unit 1 Project

Group 3 Reading


Feudalism Activity

Feudalism became the de facto government after the fall of the Roman Empire.  Your activity today is to illustrate life in feudal times.  Your illustrations need to fully explain the concepts without using words. You will complete the following tasks.  This assignment will be due 9/10 at the start of the period.

  1.  Illustrate the structure of feudal society.
  2. Illustrate the manor life.
    a.buildings on the manor
    b. purpose
    c. farming
  3. Serfdom

Here are a few links and a video that may help with this task.

Medieval Life



Middle Ages Readings

Here is a packet of readings on the Middle Ages.  Select any 5 documents, read the document and then answer the questions that are at the beginning of the document.  When finished place your answers in the basket.  This assignment is due at the end of the class period it was assigned.

Middle Ages Reading Packet.


State Building in Africa Activities

Click on the link below and read 11.1.  Answer the questions at the end of each reading.  Email all responses to lwaddell@tuhsd.k12.az.us

World History Documents

11.1 Mansa Musa: The “King who sits on a Mountain of Gold”
1. What light does Al’ Umari’s account shed on the Malian army?  On treatment of the corpses of the dead?

2. In what way was Musa’s conduct found to be contrary to Muslim law, and how did the Emperor react upon being informed of this?

3. According to Musa, what happened to his predecessor, and under what circumstances did Musa himself come to the throne?
4. What economic and/or other effects did Musa’s pilgrimage have in Egypt?

Great Zimbabwe Reading

Please read the above reading on the Great Zimbabwe and write a half page summary on the reading. Be sure to discuss the importance of Great Zimbabwe in trade.


Dar al-Islam Activity

For this activity you will select THREE of the people listed below and create a trading card for them. The trading card will include a picture of the person, you may copy and paste today. Be sure to include the following: name, dates, accomplishments, contributions to society, influence on others, and anything that may be a really off beat. This assignment is due at the end of the period in which it is assigned.

People for the Dar al-Islam Trading Card activity.
Al Razi
A’ishah Bint Yusuf Al-Bayniyyah
Ibn Khaldun
Ibn Battuta
Ibn Sina
Nasir Din Tusi


HIPP Practice #2

Using the document below answer HIPP. (Historical Context, Intended Audience, Purpose, and Point of View)