Egyptian Readings

Here are two readings on Egypt.  Answer all questions for each reading and place the answers in the basket.

Egyptian Scribal Exercise Book

1. What specific examples does the teacher give of scribe’s place in Egypt’s political, religious, and economic life?
2. What sets the scribe apart from the other trades and professions identified in the document?
3. What does this document reveal about the structure of both the Egyptian economy and society at the time?

Book of the Dead

1.What were some of the main features of the Egyptian religion?  What kinds of gods did the Egyptian believe in?  What was the relationship between people and gods?
2. What  did Egyptian expect concerning judgement after death?  How might these expectations affect behavior?
3. What was the Egyptian concept of the afterlife?  How did it compare with views of heaven in other religions later on?  What powers might people have in the afterlife?  What was the purpose of special spells and incantations?
4. How did Egyptian views of religion and relationships of humans and gods compare with those in Mesopotamia, as suggested in The Gilgamesh Epic?