Discussion Post #6

Discussion Post #6 is open on the AP  Blog page.  You will be able to access the blog by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to read the rubric on how points are earned.  If you have any questions, be sure to ask.  The Post will close on February 28 at 5:00 pm.

Discussion Post #6


Feudalism Activity

Feudalism became the de facto government after the fall of the Roman Empire.  Your activity today is to illustrate life in feudal times.  Your illustrations need to fully explain the concepts without using words.  In a group no larger than four people, you will complete the following tasks.  This assignment will be due 11/7/17 at the end of the period.

  1.  Illustrate the structure of feudal society.
  2. Illustrate the manor life.
    1. buildings on the manor
    2. purpose
    3. farming
  3. Serfdom

Here are a few links and a video that may help with this task.

Medieval Life