Here is some information on the exam for AP World History.

The AP World History Exam is 3 hours and 5 minutes long and includes both a 55-minute multiple-choice section and a 130-minute free-response section.

The multiple-choice section of the examination accounts for half of the student’s exam grade, and the free-response section for the other half.   Section I consists of 70 multiple-choice questions designed to measure the student’s knowledge of world history from Period 1 to the present. Multiple-choice questions will also measure various geographical regions, with no more than 20 percent of multiple-choice questions focusing solely on Europe.

The information above comes from AP Central

Our in-class inquires will mirror the AP exam.  All unit exams will be 70 mulitple choice questions and contain information from Period 1 to the present.  Students will also be given 55 minutes to complete all unit exams.  Reading quizzes will be multiple choice and short answer.