Ch 23 Work

Ch 23 Lecture Notes

Read pages 520-544 of the textbook. 

If you do not want to sit down and read the 24 pages at one time, read 9 pages per night (Monday – Wednesday) this will get the reading done by Wednesday night. In time for the weekly reading quiz on Friday. Reading the book is IMPORTANT. Not reading the book will result in low quiz/test/homework grades and will make passing the AP exam more difficult. 

Essential Questions Ch. 23

These questions are designed to help students gain comprehension while reading the chapter. Answers should be handwritten and put in their own words (not plagiarized – points will be deducted for answers that have been copied from other students/sources)

Ch 23 Flashcards

These flashcard terms are designed to help students study for essays/chapter tests/reading quizzes/flashcard quizzes.
Flashcards must be handwritten on 4×6 cards (they provide students more space than 3×5 cards). These flashcards will become useful study tools at the end of the class when preparing for the AP Exam in May.