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World War I and Russian Revolution Readings

Here are the readings for World War I and the Russian Revolution.  Please email your responses to Battle of Verdun Provisional Government Russian Revolution Russian Propaganda For the Provisional Government, there are three readings; Program of the Provisional, April Theses, and  Speech to the Petrograd Soviet.  Answer the consider questions for all three.

Reformation Readings

We are now moving into the Reformation.  The Reformation was a disagreement between individuals and the Church.  The answers are due at the period in which the questions were assigned. Erasmus Luther Church of England

Renaissance Readings

Here are four readings on the Renaissance.  You are to answer the questions at the end of each reading and turn them in at the end of the period. Petrach Erasmus Pizan Prince

Readings on Medieval Church

The Church and the Pope were in conflict with the rulers of Europe over power.  Here are a few articles that reflect each side in the debate. Pope John XII Petrach critizing the Avignon Papacy Pope Gregory XI-Condemation of Wycliffe and Wycliffe’s reply For each reading create questions based on the Elaborate chart.