Here is information on the essays for European History.

The essay portion of the exam  begins with a mandatory 15-minute reading period followed by Part A, in which students are required to answer a document-based essay question (DBQ) in 45 minutes, and Parts B and C, in which students are asked to answer two thematic questions in 70 minutes. Students choose one essay from the three essays in Part B and one essay from the three in Part C; they are advised to spend 5 minutes planning and 30 minutes writing each of their thematic essays.  

Thematic questions are grouped to ensure that students consider a range of historical periods and approaches. Grouping is often not chronological. Students are instructed to spend the introductory 15-minute reading period of Section II analyzing the documents for the DBQ, outlining their answers, and considering the choices of questions offered in Parts B and C. 

Within the free-response section, the DBQ essay is weighted 45 percent and the two thematic essays together are weighted 55 percent. For the total exam score, the multiple-choice and the free-response sections are weighted equally.

This information is from AP Central-European History

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