Here is some information on the multiple choice portion of the exam.

The multiple-choice section consists of 80 questions designed to measure the student’s knowledge of European history from the High Renaissance to the present. Approximately one-half of the questions deal with the period from 1450 to the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic era and one-half from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic era to the present. The questions covering the nineteenth century and the twentieth century are divided evenly (approximately 25 percent of the total number of questions for each century). 

Approximately one-third of the questions focus on cultural and intellectual themes, one-third on political and diplomatic themes, and one-third on social and economic themes. Of course, many questions draw on knowledge of more than one chronological period or theme. A student is not expected to be familiar with all the material covered.

This information is from AP Central-European History

For our in-class inquiries the midterm and final will be 80 multiple choice questions.  The reading quizzes in class will be a combination of essay and multiple choice.

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