Discussion Post #4

Discussion Post #4 is now open.  The post looks at the impact of the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution.  This post will close on Friday, October 6 at 5:00 pm.

AP European Discussion Post #4

European State Consolidation Readings

Here are readings for European State Consolidation Readings.  There are questions at end of each reading.  These questions are due at the end of the class period in which the questions were assigned.

Divine Right of Kings

English Bill of Rights

Peter the Great

European State Consolidation

To help us better understand the material, I have posted a “road map”  to help with the topics covered in this chapter.  I have also included a PowerPoint of lecture notes, and another PowerPoint of art work from the chapter.  This should clearly aid in class discussion and overall understanding.

Road Map



Reformation Project

To help better understand the Reformation and all the people involved, you need to create a chart, mind map, flash, something that will help you remember the players.  Names to include: Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, Henry VIII, Anabaptists, Charles V and the Melchiorites.  Items to include are but not limited to; location, dates, beliefs, outcome of religion, outcome of leader (some died, some died in battle).

Reformation Readings

We are now moving into the Reformation.  The Reformation was a disagreement between individuals and the Church.  The answers are due at the period in which the questions were assigned.



Church of England

Renaissance Activity

Here are pictures to be used for the Renaissance Activity.

Renaissance Activity

Renaissance Music

Middle Ages Music

Renaissance Readings

Here are four readings on the Renaissance.  You are to answer the questions at the end of each reading and turn them in at the end of the period.





Ch 9 Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes from ch. 9.

Chapter 9 lecture notes