To gain a better of understanding of any subject, one needs to discuss and listen to ideas.  In US/AZ Government we will be discussing a variety of topics.  Some of the topics you may know a great deal about, others your knowledge may be limited.  One thing that is expected of all students is their […]

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Discussion Post #2

To receive full credit, use the rubric provided.  This discussion post will close on Wednesday, January 23 at 5:00 PM. The Constitution was ratified in 1789.  Since 1791 it has been changed only 17 times.  Is the Constitution outdated?  Should it be changed?  Should it stay the same?  Is there anything that needs to be added?  What […]

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Welcome to the 2019 Spring Semester for US/AZ Government.  This blog will house the discussion posts for the class.  Be sure to review the rubric that explains how points are earned.  The intent of the blog is to discuss topics more in-depth than class will allow.  We will act like ladies and gentlemen and respect […]

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