Discussion Post #1

What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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14 thoughts on “Discussion Post #1

  1. The problem that we are having now with our government is controlling the police brutality that is happening around the world. We can change this by actually starting to put in afford to change the situation, maybe like new people in office or new people who can actually punish the police that does police brutality. Termination from your job Isn’t a punishment to me when some police officers have beaten or killed an innocent person while on the job. Even if the person isn’t innocent nobody needs to be beaten while in handcuffs. BLACK or white.

  2. A big problem with the government right now is border control and the families being torn apart. People want to come into this country to make a better life for themselves and their families and it’s very hard to get into this country, even if you’re rich or famous and it’s a very long process.

  3. A big problem with the government in my opinion is gun control. I feel like the government should limit the amount of people who have guns and have more strict rules for guns. I don’t think they should take time away fully I just think that they can try to do something to help prevent school shootings and murders around the country.

  4. A big problem in our government today is immigration issues. These have become more popular and troubling after the civil war in the Middle East and how a influx of refugees are coming in. This has sparked a large uproar on both sides one saying let them all in while the other is to close off the borders after a certain amount come to this country. All in all immigration is a big issue in this country.

  5. I think a major problem in government is deportation. Not only are families being torn apart, but people who have lived here since they were infants and small children are too. The problem with that is that the people who have lived here since being a small is that they know nothing about their “home” country and are being ripped away from the only life they’ve ever known.

  6. The problem with the government right now is how decisive both parties are and that neither side is willing to compromise to get something done. This could be corrected if both side would listen to the other and realize that they both want to accomplish the same things but just in different ways and that maybe if they meet in the middle they could actually accomplish something.

  7. A big problem facing the government right now would the regulations that protect the environment. For example, a problem like climate change. There is only one Earth and if we can’t take care of our home, we can’t solve our other problems.

  8. The biggest problem with our government is Donald Trump! To me his whole build the wall is just waste of money and useless. People come to US to have better life or have a job to provide his/her family. When he was separating families at the border that wasn’t the smartest decision he made like his other bad choices he has made since he became president.

  9. One of the problems we are having right now is how trump is ruining relationships with other countries. He is also reverting a lot of environmental protection policies. By him doing this he could very possibly destroy our economy and the environment.

  10. One major problem facing America today would be poverty. I find poverty to be a very important issue that a big chunk of us Americams have to live through. Approximately 14.8% of the US population that is, 46.7 million people live below the poverty line and are currently living an impoverished life. I think no one should have to suffer and live this way it is just truly devastating.

  11. One big problem we are having with the government is not having free Medicare. This is important because the United Staes health care system is the most expensive in the world by a long shot. Health care system are also treated more like business because most of the money hospitals make goes towards overhead costs in order to keep the “business” going.

  12. A big problem in the government is equal pay rights. Even though women have come a long way with rights women still get paid unequally to men for the same job. Any career from acting all the way to national sport leagues. Women should get paid equally to men for doing the same job.

  13. I believe that the main problem in our government right now is people in government do respect others opinions. I think that there is too much division and no one is willing to hear or consider someone else’s opinion on the other problems going on right now. We constantly hear of Democrats and Republicans arguing over a topic and none of them are open to accepting or considering what someone else has to say. I think if we are open minded and not so dead set that our opinion is always right then we could actually get somewhere as a country and then we would have problems like the government shutting down because no one can agree with each other.

  14. The key problem facing the government right now is the National Debt Crisis. This problem is something that the government does not seem to be too concerned about, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Since our national debt is rapidly increasing, at this point there is not an end to it in sight. Our country’s debt could turn into a much larger economic crisis, which could impact us all. If it isn’t solved, the government could lose funds to spend on other programs of more importance. A way to solve this problem could be to increase taxes or to reduce the amount of money we give to other countries.

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