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We are focused on Arizona this week.  The question is very similar to the first one, what is the major problem facing Arizona today?  What do you propose that we do to fix the problem?  When you give your problem, you must cite an article from a source that relates to your problem.  azcentral.com, kjzz.org are two examples of sites that have Arizona news.

This post will close on Tuesday, December 4 at 5:00 P.M.  Be sure to review the rubric posted on how to earn points.

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  1. A big problem in Arizona is the wildlife protection laws and fossil fuels. I suggest that we need some laws and bills passed protecting more animals and there habitats. “The veterans delivered letters urging members to pass a package of bills aimed at protecting many of the nation’s forests, canyons, deserts and wild and scenic rivers”. This is what we need for Arizona and the rest of the nation.

    1. I totally agree because we all need it protect our wild life and animals because every they are a huge part of our ecosystem

    2. Yes I agree that wildlifes needs to be protected in Arizona and I also agree with the suggestion that you stated that the bills needed to be passed so we can do something right.

  2. I believe that education is a major problem in Arizona. We are ranked #47 in education right now which is awful. We have protests such as RedForEd and InvestinEd which are focused on becoming better when it comes to education and I think this is really important because not only do schools deserve to become better but teachers also deserve better pay and treatment. My mom is a teacher and I see the hours she puts in while working and I think that we need to be more respectful to educators in Arizona.

    1. I agree that the education system, at least in Arizona, is not well enough for the economy. The pay is bad and the teachers are unable to even care for themselves. I believe the RedforEd movement was a great step into making a change for the education system of Arizona.

    2. Yes, teachers are under appreciated. They help create and bring out the gifts of students yet they are under compensated. Educations needs to focus on bringing out the gifts of students and not passing standardized tests.

    3. I agree with this, without school and education, we all would be no offense but dumb. Free education is a huge opportunity and privilege and I believe the people who do the educating deserve a lot more than what they are recieving.

    4. I agree. People should care more about education and teachers basically put their lives on the line to educate us. There are so many great teachers out there who go above and beyond and to help their students yet they still struggle to make ends meet.

  3. An issue in Arizona that we are facing today is the multiple complaints of sexual harassment, misconduct or inappropriate behavior involving state lawmakers. Ducey said sexual harassment “has no place” in any workplace, be it the Legislature or corporate America. He said it is an issue that should be dealt with “directly and with urgency.” That’s how sexual harassment, misconduct, or inappropriate behavior problems.

    1. I agree. 2018 was a big year for the #Metoo movements and it should be taught that no means no and it is never okay to harass someone. Arizona has a pretty high rate of sexual assault and it’s so sad.

  4. I believe that our biggest problem in Arizona is the Mexican border and the recent complications that have been occurring with immigrants. They are wanting to come through the border through Arizona, but our government will not let them.

    1. I agree, young kids shouldn’t be taken by their families and immigrants should at least get an opportunity to get in legally.

  5. Scottsdale is a lot nicer than Guadalupe so I don’t understand why. There’s no money put towards their city and it’s very trashed. Enter Scottsdale and it’s super nice with a bunch wealthy people, specifically caucasians from what I’ve seen. While Guadalupe is filled with Mexicans. Interesting. Anyways I think it’s bogus, most likely racist, but what do I know. All in all, I feel like Guadalupe should get more support and help.

  6. A main problem that Arizona is facing right now is drought. I’m looking at places where there was water but there’s nothing there and I’m just confused as to where it went. In Arizona, “there are currently 2,791,000 residents in drought and 3,602,000 more in abnormally dry areas”. The act of wasting water is too common. People in Arizona and everywhere should make an effort to preserve their water. If there’s no water, we won’t last long.

    1. I agree and I think a lot of people don’t recognize the fact that we are in a drought because it’s not really talked about which I think needs to change.

    2. I agree that our some people in our state believe that the government is not paying enough attention on our economy. Our water levels and resources continue to decrease and our state government seems to be making no notice or acknowledgement of what’s going on.

  7. A big problem Arizona is facing right now is racism. Mainly having closed minded people in power who are barely okay with the minimum amount of diversity we have in Arizona and trying to keep it so that there is less diversity. “Among other remarks, the Prescott lawmaker can be heard saying “African-Americans and other racial groups don’t … blend in” after coming to the United States and that, unlike immigrants of European descent, they “always look different.”” a law maker in Prescott was heard saying some racist remarks and we should not have people who think in this manner in office.

  8. Something that has been going on in AZ lately is Wrong Way Drivers. Majority of them are linked to alcohol and with Texting. Arizona Department of Transportation have installed an thermal detection technology system on some major highway such as I-17 and so far they have detected about 15-20 wrong way drivers. Most of the drivers confirmed Alcohol in the system. ADOT is planning to install this detecting system on I-10, L-202, L-101 by late 2019. I think we need to stop DUI Crashes because it is super dangerous. In 2017, There were around 900+ wrong way fatalities reported. I suggest that if you leave a club or bar and you drink then you can’t drive. Someone should be in charge of that like having a checkpoint before leaving. He can order an Uber or Lyft and the person can be safe and not cause a crash or worse, because not only does he die but he takes a innocent family with him.

  9. A major problem that Arizona is facing is pricing and taxing on things. Especially places like homes. Housing is very expensive down here. Another problem is racism. This state is filled with a lot of closed minded people. Or people who just automatically think that certain people shouldn’t be here because of what color they are or what race they are.

  10. I think one of the important problems in arizona is opioid addicton. In 2017 almost 1000 people died from overdose.”Last year, Ducey declared a public-health emergency on the opioid crisis, seeking to bolster the state’s efforts to battle the epidemic, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of Arizonans.”. This is only a growing problem and we need to handle this before it effects more people.

    1. Yes I agree with this and society isn’t helping when they villianize people who have these addictions. It is an addiction, and people should provide support the individuals who are affected by it.

  11. I believe that a big problem in Arizona today is our immigration laws. I don’t agree with people coming here illegally but I do believe that less people would be here illegally if the process were easier. It takes seven+ years to be able to live here legally and people who have families here do not have seven years to wait to see their loved ones. I think we should make the process a little easier and shorter while still conducting background searches etc on the person trying to live in the United States.

    1. I agree. The process is too long and absurd. They test on ridiculous knowledge that current U.S citizens don’t even know.

  12. One of the problems that Arizona is facing is funding for education, we are one of the worst states when I comes to funding education for the teachers and students. An article in az central that is about keeping as education is saying a good start would be an overhaul of Arizona’s antiquated 35-year old education funding formula. I totally agree

  13. Immigration has always been a major topic in Az because it’s connected to Mexico. I believe that this could be solved better than how it’s been solved right now. By at least giving them a chance to come to the Us to prove themselves that they actually want a second chance. All immigrants should have the opportunity they deserve just like everyone else in the states.

  14. A problem that many people in Arizona are aware of is the education crisis. Education in this state is currently underfunded and teachers aren’t being paid enough. Overall there isn’t enough money going into education, so in this state has the worst school systems in the country. To solve this problem, Arizona’s money should be better budgeted in order to have more money going into education and also there should be more money for teachers. If education is better funded then Arizona students and teachers will benefit.

    1. I totally agree that AZ has a education crisis going on with low pay and a great campaign of RedForEd. Especially that there isn’t enough money going to the education fund that supports teachers and schools that need funds to educate children. I also agree with the solution you stated for budgeting funds and having money going to education fund. If enough schools and teachers are supported then students will be able to learn better and everyone has a benefit!

  15. A big problem that is facing Arizona right now is immigration. As a country we need to do a complete reform of the immigration system that allows visas to be more attainable. This would lower the amount of people that cross illegally and make it much safer to come to the US. This can also benefit the economy by having more workers and increase that amount of income tax the state makes.

    1. I agree with you, I believe that people coming from another country are simply coming here to benefit them and their family. They’re not trying to bring crime or anything, they are some of the hardest workers out there and are looked down upon simply for the fact that they are from another country. I think if people are going to get so upset of them coming into our country illegally then they should at least make it a whole lot easier and attainable for them to get into our country.

  16. I believe that One of Arizona’s biggest problems right now it’s education funding. We are one of the worse states in the US with educational funding. Teachers are paid extremely low and when they are promised a higher pay and more funding, they are cut short and given a fraction of what they were promised. The red for Ed protesting was a step in the right direction but definitely needs to be revisited by the government.

    1. Arizona needs to value their teachers more. It’s completely stupid to not get them the funding amongst other things. This state is literally scraping the bottom when in comes to education. Not only do they not get paid enough but because the pay is crap we usually get crappy teachers which sucks because they’re the ones educating the future people.

    2. I agree with you that education is a serious issue in Arizona right now. I also believe that the Red for Ed movement was helpful overall. The government should do more to help teachers and students by giving more funding to education.

  17. Arizona’s education system is amongst the worst in the united states. Last year america ranked 7th lowest when it came to funding for public school. A quality check of Az school last year states , “Quality Counts gave Arizona a cumulative grade of D, 7th lowest in the 50 states”. The way our education system is running is unacceptable and children deserve a proper education. We need to find a way to put more money into funding for public school to create smart and successful generations to come

  18. A big problem in arizona is that there is lead in the water from the drinking fountains and medical experts estimate that more than 24 million American kids will lose iq points due to lead exposure. And the plan for this is to convince state and local leaders to ensure safe drinking water for the kids.

  19. A big problem that the state of Arizona is facing would be the education system here. The classroom sizes are way too big causing some students to have a hard time focusing and concentrating in class like they would in smaller class room sizes. I believe if we receive the right funding that won’t cause more debt then we can be able to afford more teachers to hire, more supplies for teachers, etc.

    1. “Consider the reality that the state’s schools for many years have been sliding backward in several areas, including teacher salaries, school funding, teacher turnover, student achievement and the need for building renovations and repairs. All of these conditions have resulted in an exodus of teachers and major problems in teacher recruitment — causing the state to dramatically reduce requirements for teacher certification.”(azcentral).

  20. I believe that Arizona struggles with its education system. Our education system is currently underfunded and was given an overall grade of a D-plus. This D-plus grade puts our state in 46th place due to many factors. Our D-plus has remained consistent since 2015. The national average was a C, Arizona’s educational system lags far behind.

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