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The federal government has stepped up surveillance of citizens in the name of combating a terrorist threat, many issues regarding civil liberties and civil rights are brought to the foreground of American politics.  How much information should the federal government have about the private lives of American citizens?

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  1. The government should have everything but financial records and tendency’s of the person. Everything else outside there own home is free game because if you got nothing to hide there’s no need to worry about the survialence and the government.

    1. I agree of what you said Cole. If the citizens have not anything illegal going on then they should not worry about being watched. They are doing their Job finding information to prevent any future incidents.

  2. I believe that the government should have everything from a citizens plane ticket information to house or car payments. The few things I believe should be kept private from government surveillance is social media information. Though at the same time, the government should not have hardcore surveillance all the time. An annual or monthly check would be less controlling.

    1. It is a hard thing to be able to balance privacy and protection but I believe that protection is more important because without it we are vulnerable to anything.

  3. I think that the government should put out everything about people. The reason being if you have been a model citizen in your life there’s no need to hide information. There should be some limitations to it though. Which includes their home and work address also financial records should not under any circumstance be put out to the public.

    1. I agree of what you said Ariza. Government should have tabs of everyone. If you are an model citizen then you’re perfectly fine. Financial records and address should be private for safety reasons and to protect themselves.

  4. How much surveillance does the government actually need. The vast majority of Americans don’t commit seriously crimes. Why should everyone lose their privacy so that the few people who would possibly commit a crime can be surveilled. The truth is that if you don’t have anything to hide it should affect you but at the same time if you have nothing why are you being treated like you have done something wrong.

    1. I agree there should be a line between what is okay for the government to obtain and look at if you have nothing to hide and our rights to privacy . just because you’re a good person doesn’t mean you should lose you’re right to privacy.

      1. I agree because I feel like some things are just moral. The government should have enough sense to know what should be kept private and what shouldn’t. Harassment should not be a thing that becomes normal just because the government does it.

  5. Honestly, the government should have only the necessary information needed to protect te US from Terrorism. Too much information is a violation of privacy and the government should be more focused on things other than what a person is doing everyday.

    1. I understand this point but I feel that it is the everyday knowledge like socoal media that shows the world the warning signs.

  6. It’s a sad reality that the government should even have to up their surveillance in order to ‘protect’ us. They already have so much of our information already. It would be ideal to live our lives without being watched but that would be chaos. Surveillance cameras are okay because their used for reassurance. They shouldn’t have information dealing with every move we make.

  7. I believe that the government should do what is necessary to protect our country from terrorism. Monitoring streets and suspicious accounts. Since terroism is a rising threat I think it is important right now that the government remain aware of the things that are going on, but I don’t think they should take so far that they start invading citizens homes.

    1. I agree I believe it is taken to far when the government chooses to tap into our personal lives. At that point do we even have privacy at all as citizens

  8. I believe that the government has every right to monitor the public eye but when it comes to monitor the public eye but when it comes to someone’s personal lives such as tapping into phone and computer cameras is when an invasion to our right of privacy has been made. I’m all for preventing terriost attacks but there is a fine line between what is right to monitor and what is not. No one should live with the fear of being watched constantly by the government.

    1. I agree that the government shouldn’t be able to get into our phones and computers without distinct probable cause.

    2. I agree with what you believe about the government moinitoring us. There are many things that they shouldn’t know and the people should have a right to privacy and what they want others to know.

  9. I believe that the government should have a decent amount of control over their knowledge of the daily citizen in order to do what is necessary for the common good. Although some may feel invaded, the government interest shouldn’t be in the actual information itself but to make sure thereally isn’t any threat to any other.

    1. I agree that the government should have a decent amount of information becuase overall it’s for the safety of our country.

  10. I believe that the government should know everything about the people that lives here and etc but i don’t think they should know certain things about us social media accounts, what people are doing right now and etc. because i feel like that nobodies business unless that person is doing some type of crime.

  11. I believe that the government should not have information on the personal lives of American citizens. What people want to do is up to themselves, and the government should not watch what people do. The only time I would agree with the government having any surveillance on someone is if they are a known criminal and are suspected of committing a crime. Otherwise, the government should not have information on the majority of people.

  12. Like Katie said above^^ the government shouldn’t have hardcore surveillance on us at all times. Also like Sadie said; The gov. Should be focusing on threats not what we are doing in our everyday lives.

  13. I believe that the protection of the citizens is very important but so is their privacy. I feel like surveillance cameras will invade privacy but might be a key measure to take when trying to obtain private information that could potentially save lives. I do believe however, that the government definitely does not need to keep watch on everyone but the people who are suspicious.

  14. I believe the federal government should have very little surveillance over its citizens. As the privacy of individuals is garunteed under the fourth amendment. If an individual is suspected of a specific crime, a warrant should be obtained in order to breach the privacy of American citizens.

    1. I also believe that our right to privacy is protected under the constitution, which is something that the government cannot interfere with. The government cannot investigate people without their consent.

    2. I agree that the fourth amendment protects us, but if the government wants our information for national safety then they should be allowed as much information.

  15. I believe with all the terrorism around the world that the U.S. should keep watch on the citizens and make sure everyone is safe. This does invade our privacy but I’d rather be watched and safe then the government not watch anything.

  16. I think the government should have some sort of a tab on us to see what we are doing because it will the government find out if someone is doing something illegal or something that could cause harm. I also agree what Cole said, If you have nothing to hide then you should be fine and it won’t harm you.

  17. I agree with most of this, citizens still deserve privacy but it’s better safe than sorry for the government, sure it’s not fun knowing that some random FBI agent well randomly check on our phone without us noticing but they do it to keep us safe for attack’s that might be planned.

  18. I believe that the government has every right to monitor the public by what ever needs necessary. The only thing I don’t think that the government should be able to do is tap into any ones phone at any given time. I believe that they should be able to access our phones because important information can discovered, but only if they have probable cause or a “warrant”. An important time the government got a warrant to look into someones phone was a few months back when Jenna Folwell killed her baby. She googled how to drown a baby and reasons parents kill their babies. I think that the government should have access to everything they need to monitor us given probable cause.

  19. I think that the government has the right to put up surveillance cameras for the protection of American citizens. Such as in for stores and neighborhood watch surveillance. But I do not think that it should go any further than that. I don’t think that the government should have access to hack into our phones or computers or any of that I find it very creepy and displeasing.

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